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Tarot Reading - Forming Questions

Tarot – Forming Questions

If you would like insight into a specific situation, it is imperative that you have a good question in mind before the reading begins. A good question will get a more specific answer. The outcome of a Tarot reading is dependent upon a question that is precise and specific; if you ask vague questions, you will undoubtedly receive vague answers.

First, to answer the following question: Is there a "yes" and "no" when forming your question using the Tarot?

The answer is....yes and no! There are always indications, influences and paths you may or may not choose to take. The Tarot does not take away ones free will and right to choose. The Tarot will give you an overview of a situation and let you know what will happen if you choose to either do nothing and continue the way you are going, or take another path. Either choice could be a positive one or a negative one. Keep in mind that there are always challenges and obstacles and the Tarot never gives an inevitable outcome but, rather, a possible one based on the circumstances presently surrounding your question.  

"Is it good idea to start this new project?"

"What is happening behind the scenes that I should be aware of?"

"Why do I find group activities so difficult?"

Questions that ask the Tarot to unearth hidden energies or talents, shed light on situations, or give you insight into the foundations of problems are all good questions to ask.

Try to avoid questions that limit the Tarot. Questions like: "When will I get a new boy/girlfriend?"... "Where will I be moving to?” or "How many children will I have?" These are closed-ended questions and do not really fit into the category of questions that the Tarot is equipped to deal with. The Tarot is more about insight than black and white answers.  They help shed the light on a situation you are concerned about.  They do not give names, places, or dates, althought time frames can be sought with a very skilled Tarot reader.

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