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Articles Home - Four keys to tune up Psychic abilities  

Psychics have the ability to focus and re-direct their concious energy through time and space in order to 'pick up' information. It is the first and foremost way to develop and fine-tune the 'psychic mind'. Any good psychic has spent many hours in meditation in order to hone their abilities.

A good psychic has the ability to re-focus on different frequencies just like getting tuned to a new radio station. For a highly tuned psychic or psychic medium, it is quite simple to re-focus on any frequency, but it can also become simple for you if you learn the art of getting focused through meditation.

Once you succeed through meditation on focusing your energy toward the desired 'station', you begin to 'listen', 'hear' and 'feel' deeply with your mind, body and spirit. The following four keys can be very useful when learning to tune into your higher mind and universal forces or energy. With practice, this will become second nature and you will be able to pick up information quite easily at will. You will become quite sharp at hearing, listening and interpreting the information you receive.

1. Develop the Habit of Meditation

Meditate, meditate, meditate! Develop a habit of daily meditation privately in a quiet room. When first starting to learn the art of mediatation, it is beneficial to have a mentor or teacher. However, there are many good articles or books on the market today that can easily teach you in the privacy of your own home. Almost all well-known psychics practice meditation which is sometimes combined with prayer. Most professional psychics make meditation a part of their daily routine as it helps to clear any negative energy that accumulates because of daily stresses and work pressure.

2. The Use of Tools

Some psychics use tools to enhance the information they are seeking. Some psychics use tools such as Tarot, the I Ching, a crystal ball or a pendulum. Using these methods can become an effective way to activate your psychic self. Other psychics become proficient in the use of astrology, numerology and even lucid dreaming. Not all tools are used by all psychics, and some psychics do not use any tools. You may find that by learning to use one or more of these tools, this can be a more effective way of developing and using your psychic ability. You can explore and experiment with psychic tools for yourself. Since there is no standard way to learn, try a few of these tools until you find one that is right for you!

3. Practice with Play

Most of the time when people first begin developing their psychic ability, they can feel psychically blocked. This is actually quite normal! But with time and practice, you will begin to understand and feel when information is coming to you. People tend to expect too much during this phase.

Psychic information is very easy to pick up once a person has learned to distinguish the difference between the concious 'thinking mind' from the 'higher mind'. They actually make it seem harder than it really is! They sometimes begin by trying too hard and take developing psychic ability too seriously. In almost every good psychic development program, a playful, light-hearted attitude and a sense of humor are considered very essential elements in the learning process. Just enjoy practicing and allow your abilities to unfold naturally.

4. Keep a Journal

There are many good books, tapes and videos in the marketpace today. It is best to pick an area that interests you, such as meditation or Tarot cards and learn as much as you can on one subject at a time. Try to get suggestions from someone who is well versed in the metaphysical world as they can point you in a direction about which authors are best to begin your studies. This will speed up the learning process.

It is very important to write in a journal your own impressions of things you will be learning. This will facilitate the learning process and become an invaluable tool to you as time goes on. Journaling is also 'the record' of not only what you are learning, but also it keeps track of your psychic development as you progress on your journey toward empowering your higher psychic self.

Journaling is also the best method of keeping track of your questions and experiences and will also be beneficial in helping you gain better insight into the world of psychic development. It is also important to review these journals regularly as it will be a barometer as to how far you have come.

These four tips can tune you easily to listen deeply with your heart, with your body and even with your soul.

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