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What is happening in the stars for the week of February 12-18, 2012?

Like the groundhog seeing his shadow, Saturn will be retrograde until the middle of June. This period of review and revision demands patience and extra diplomacy. Mercury meets Neptune in Pisces on Valentine’s Day. This powerful combination can cast doubt, fear, and confusion. It can also inspire romantic dreams and life changing creative visions. As ever: the choice is yours!

Aries Don’t doubt your inner psychic this week. That voice inside that sounds the alert is quite accurate. Be skeptical of anyone trying to convince you, who uses fear as a motivator. If you have a sweetheart, this is a powerful Valentine’s Day for grand gestures to take your relationship to a deeper level.

Taurus You may be feeling as if you have fought your way through some tough times lately. It’s important to be self-confident and not rely on others to save you. The good news is things are slowly becoming more stable. Your natural tendency to protect your own will guide you to wise choices.

Gemini This can be a lucky Valentine’s Day if you do your best to be a good listener. Those born near May 21 may feel lost at sea. Don’t let smooth talkers separate you from your money. Those born June 15-20 will find opportunities to build a more solid foundation for the future.

Cancer This is a great time for anything you enjoy that is also physically challenging. Make time to get outside and have fun. Those born June 21-24 can be energized by a deeply moving sense of being part of something greater than yourself. Dreams may also become more vivid and significant.

Leo This can be an extremely romantic Valentine’s Day. Do something unexpected for those you love. It’s a lucky week for travel plans, or to explore anything that expands your horizons. Your circle of friends and helpers will expand in proportion to your willingness to share those things you feel passionate about.

Virgo A certain nagging sense that something is wrong is simply not true. It’s your inner critic working overtime. Establishing regular habits will help support major breakthroughs in a few months. Those born near August 21 may fall in the grip of a romantic dream. Don’t refuse feedback from trusted friends.

Libra They say that tough times do not last. But you have been dealing with a lot lately and there is still more to come. The bright side of this is you are not alone. Do all you can to share all facets of your life, good and bad, with people you trust.

Scorpio It’s vital to get enough quality sleep. Do not allow stress to undercut your health and serenity. The more regular daily habits you establish, the easier things will be. Those born near October 24 have an opportunity to tap deep welling of intuition. Listen to your dreams and trust your “hunches”.

Sagittarius Perseverance will demand sticking with stubborn situations until they change. Take time over Valentine’s Day to appreciate special women in your life. This could include renewing old friendships. Those born near November 22 should think twice about anything that seems “too good to be true”: you can be fooled.

Capricorn When things are slow or there is still simply a mountain of unfinished work, all you can do is keep going. Other people will be supportive, so don’t isolate yourself. The December born continue to be both blessed with practical opportunities and occasionally tossed out of the nest. Just do your best.

Aquarius Many of you sense there is change in the air. At the same time, tangible results can be hard to find. Human nature is sometimes heartbreaking, with a two steps forward, one step back motion in the play of events. Refuse to quit. Examine your own heart. Set goals to be your personal best.

Pisces Speak your mind. You have an inner wisdom that needs sharing. Your ability to sense what other people feel and need can be both a gift and a curse. When in doubt, choose faith, hope, and love. Those born near February 20-21 will have profound experiences, both real and sometimes difficult to describe.

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