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Astrology - Libra

Aries – Your sign now enjoys some well-deserved and positive momentum after a long period of frustration. This offers an important opportunity to draw a line and make a fresh start. Collaborations and mentors can be especially helpful.

Taurus – Women in your life will be especially supportive this week. The New Moon brings you opportunities to share any health concerns in order to make things better. This is a great time to recruit the kids to help organize things at home. Volunteer in your community. Work you do to make things more fair or beautiful will have a positive influence on others as well.

Gemini – Women in your family can be supportive, but don’t expect them to share your point of view. This New Moon begins a lovely month for doing more of the things you most enjoy. Artistic projects or work on behalf of the interests of children can see you shine.

Cancer – This New Moon can bring an important adjustment in the way you approach home, family, and those things that make you feel most secure. Some committed relationships may end in the face of a need for greater personal freedom of expression. Do your homework to capitalize on a financial opportunity. Resolve to pay off debts and make a habit of saving.

Leo – Expect your social life to rev up in a big way. This is an important point for a fresh start with brothers and sisters. Take time to get out and explore the neighborhood. Casual conversations can bring surprising opportunities. Share your dreams and take action in support of positive change.

Virgo – This week can bring an important focus on the questions “what is important to me?” and “what contacts in my life make me feel better about myself?” Continue to take care of yourself as well as others. Take time for quiet reflection in a place of beauty and simplicity.

Libra – The New Moon in Libra encourages any fresh start. Those born near September 23 are especially blessed. Embrace this important opportunity to reset your long-term plans. While money or confidence may seem lacking, ultimately you’ll see results concerning any plan you visualize and put into concrete form. Big changes or seeming losses concerning your family or emotional comfort zone are ultimately beneficial.

Scorpio – It’s important to step up and express your opinions. The only criticism you need to pay attention to is your own inner guide. Consider leaving a job where you are not appreciated. This is an ideal time for travel or training in pursuit of a better future. Spend some time alone or close to nature. Avoid toxic, high drama people and situations.

Sagittarius – It’s time to be even more active than usual! You are entering a period where making pleasant social contacts supports your original creative interests. While your financial situation and personal confidence can occasionally take a hit from unexpected circumstances, you are in a strong position to land on your feet. A loving heart and willingness to try new things will be rewarded.

Capricorn – Some will experience a major shift concerning your career or place in the community. Hard work and attention to detail support your best interests. Do research to improve your health and overall fitness. This New Moon presents a crossroads time for those born near December 23. Those born near January 2 will finally see some forward motion on ambitious plans for a very different future.

Aquarius – Except for extra responsibilities or frustrations concerning your work, in many ways you have been out of the astrological spotlight for much of the year. This week’s New Moon offers you an opportunity to shake of the dust of the past and move in a new and more satisfying direction. Travel and higher education is favored. Get out and mix more with others.

Pisces – This New Moon encourages you to make some important adjustments in a sexual relationship or financial agreement. How do you get to the deep truth of a matter in a way that is balanced and most fair for all? The more you talk about your feelings and needs, the clearer the next step will become. Refuse to indulge the automatic reactions of old hurts. Be courageous and fly free.

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The Autumnal Equinox or Fall Equinox is honored in many different ways throughout the world. To the ancient Greeks, the arrival of the autumn is when the goddess, Persephone, returned to the underworld to spend the next six months with Hades, her husband below. The Buddhists in Japan mark both Spring and Fall Equinoxes as a time of Higan (Higan-e) when spirits of the departed arrive at Nirvana. Wiccans celebrate Mabon, the second harvest and the start of winter preparations. Both Native Americans and the early European settlers recognized the importance of gathering the bounty they had nurtured and to being preparing for the season of short days and long cold nights.

Fall 2014 will arrive on September 23, 2014. With all of the events that have borne fruits during the previous eight months of the year, this Fall Equinox certainly marks a time to gather that which has been sown and, more importantly, beginning preparations for the what promises to be a dynamic and eventful several months.

This has certainly been a summer of discontent, both here and worldwide, and the “fruits” of those seeds are coming home to roost as the air turns colder. It is important to remember that the forces put in motion by these macro events do have an impact on the “micro” scale; specifically our relationship and our own belief structures. If you have wondered why it seems that your own patience is being tested, and communications are discordant even with those closest to you, the amount of negative energy being released at this time will have an effect. In a real sense, all of these appear to be making for a bitter harvest indeed.

Perhaps the best way to celebrate this Autumn’s arrival is to take time to make an accounting of all that is positive in your life. After all, this is ultimately what a “harvest” is; a gathering of the results of seeds planted (agricultural and otherwise) following a time of germination and tending so that the blooms and fruit can appear. I know that in today’s hyper-tech, 24/7/365 world that such a suggestion may seem trite or naïve. Yet there are times that returning to the proverbial “root” of things can help remind us not only of where we are but of what we need to do to prepare for the potential of the gathering storms of winter.

This will not be an easy fall nor a comfortable one, yet by celebrating another turn of the Great Wheel and taking its lessons to heart, we can be assured that, even as the cold of winter approaches, there will be a time to plant anew once again.

Go Well.

Lou Raedwulfe

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Lou Raedwulfe

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Astrology - Virgo

ARIES Romantic relationships are in for a rough time this week. Pushing your own agenda interferes with achieving the very intimacy that you believe is lacking. By the middle of the week, you’re willing to risk it all for a moment’s pleasure with disastrous results. This could mark a period of major change in the path you had imagined. Believe it or not, this is all part of a larger karmic issue that you now must face-ready or not.

TAURUS Taking a realistic approach to your current career/financial situation, while somewhat dull, is exactly what is required now. The start of the week finds you finally being able to catch your breath (spiritually speaking) and look towards the longer term view of who and what you want to be. Travel away from home base may be needed now-if only to get an arm’s length perspective of what steps need to be taken next.

GEMINI This week may find you having to deal with the classic paradox; getting exactly what you wished for, externally, only to discover that it is not truly what you need. Relationships, especially those that are “out front” fall far short of providing the intellectual and emotional sustenance you need. By week’s end, letting go of the superficial aspects will seem an easy choice. It’s not, really, but it is for the karmic best.

CANCER Love, romance and friendship (and figuring out which is which) is going to be your task this week. Wanting something and actually receiving it are two different things; a lesson that the middle of the week will bring to you. Passion, though intense, can be misdirected. Others are watching to see how you manage this time. There can be strength in numbers but sometimes that number is one-never forget that.

LEO Strong emotional undercurrents are going to move personal relationships in unpredictable fashion right from the beginning of the week. Dwelling too much on the recent past could blind you from seeing much more important issues that are waiting in the wings. Friends and associates offer contradictory messages. The better course is to find some quiet time to try and sort out fact from fiction. The truth is out there.

VIRGO Standing on your own two feet, emotionally and spiritually, is the lesson this week. This does not mean forcing your own agenda on your romantic partner; rather this refers to holding up your end of this relationship. Recent external stresses have been hard on both of you. Take an unexpected break mid-week to reconnect and remember that each has a part to play. Two hearts are certainly better than one.

LIBRA The muddiness of some financial issues finally begins to clear and you can begin to get a handle on exactly what is needed to rebalance the books, both the check and karmic variety. Small advances are made during the latter part of the week. It may not be as much as you hoped, but, at least, it is on the plus side of the ledger. Importantly, you have gained a new understanding and that is a very good thing indeed.

SCORPIO Career matters come into sharp focus the early part of the week. You feel driven to get things moving and, as a result, are liable to speak and act much more aggressively than you intend. The real challenge is not to let yourself take things so personally. Finding a balance between being assertiveness and combativeness is what is needed. Be careful about bridge burning because you may need to cross back some day.

SAGITTARIUS Power struggles, both external and internal, are going to test your flexibility and patience. Some of the issues facing you now are actually long-standing matters that have never quite been resolved. The middle of the week could be especially tense as some kind of irresistible force collides head on with an immovable object. Time to reexamine what exactly “home” means. There are karmic implications in the answer.

CAPRICORN Caution where money is concerned, while ordinarily a good thing, may cause you to miss out on an opportunity at the start of the week. Do your due diligence but keep in mind that often a risk is needed in order to gain any kind of positive results. Fear is the mind killer. Confusing that emotion with mere uncertainty as to a given outcome can block growth and actually cause a greater loss.

AQUARIUS Creative juices are flowing. The problem is that they’re flowing in all directions making concentrating all the energy difficult. Work issues are going to pop up as a result of not being able to finish what you started or missing deadlines. The resulting stress makes you want to push yourself unreasonably the latter part of the week. Step back, breathe, reorganize and then move forward. You can get it done.

PISCES Romantic situations are tenuous at best this week. It seems that falling in and out of intense situations happens so fast that you barely have time to breathe. The middle of the week is especially prone to emotional chaos. Trying to maintain your individuality while working towards building a romantic partnership is the task that faces you. It’s going to be a bumpy ride, so buckle in and hang on. Stormy weather ahead.

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Astrology - Virgo

ARIES Impatience coupled with an aggressive approach, particularly where money is involved could spell trouble right from the start of the week. You want to run the show but really don’t have sufficient information to make the correct decisions. As much as you want a confrontation, this is not a battle that can be won by force. The changes now are part of a much larger picture whose outline is not yet clear. Tread softly.

TAURUS Romantic entanglements are complicated by heightened emotionalism this week. Trying to sort out what is and isn’t real makes it difficult to reach any kind of compromise. The middle of week is especially tricky and care has to be taken not to take unnecessary risks, particularly with new encounters. Give yourself some space to get your bearings before charting a course on waters with uncertain depths.

GEMINI With the focus on work/career matters being high this week. Particular attention should be paid on how you present yourself to the outside world. There are more eyes on you than might realize and, as a result, what you say and how you say it could have a much larger impact than you might imagine. The end of the week may hold a pleasant surprise/opportunity. Make sure it’s a good fit before signing on the line.

CANCER There is a sense of insecurity this week that has you second and third guessing yourself where long term plans are involved. What is required is to get some external opinions-friends, relatives, even casual associates all are sources for information. Some recent disappointments have made you reluctant to dream; ironically, that is exactly what you need to do. Dreams can come true if you are willing to believe.

LEO Financial strain puts you in the unenviable position of having to make choices on what is and isn’t sustainable at the start of the week. Accepting that all options are not possible, while challenging, is actually a step towards positive growth. Rather than collapsing your emotions regretting on that which can’t be, focus instead on that which awaits you. This is a karmic moment, embrace it, own it and follow it.

VIRGO This is a good week to focus on business matters; that means both “personal” business and work/career/school issues. Getting down to the basics is important and, by midweek, you should have a good idea of what that will involve. There is a lot of internal pressure to get everything done “first thing yesterday”. Caution is needed as there is a potential for conflicting interests that could throw you off course.

LIBRA Questions about your responsibilities in a personal/romantic relationship are the focus this week. There is a concern that you are being taken for granted although, at this point, there is nothing concrete to support these feelings. It is important to address these concerns rather than let them fester and become a kind of self fulfilling prophecy. By the end of the week, the answers you seek will become apparent.

SCORPIO Love and romance are under stress right from the start of this week. There is a real confusion whether you are in love or lust; as a result the temptation to through caution to the winds is strong. The real danger is that you are hearing only what you want to hear and not necessarily the truth. Anyone who tries to tell you different could meet with anger. Remember, that which glitters, even love, is not always gold.

SAGITTARIUS It’s back to the grindstone this week with money and work being heavily emphasized. As driven as you can be, there is a real concern midweek that you could be too heavy-handed. Some issue involving property that you believed was resolved could come back into the picture. While all this is going on, there is a family member who needs assistance. Do without doing and you’ll get it all done.

CAPRICORN This promises to be a difficult week where love and romance are concerned. There are times that overthinking a situation can actually do more harm than good. Sometimes things ARE exactly as they seem. Rather than risking everything on an assumption, the better course is to simply ask for clarification. Later in the week there will be enough time to decide what direction you should go in. No rush is needed.

AQUARIUS Emotional vulnerability is a problem this week particularly where love and money are intertwined. Instead of focusing on the “need to do” items, you are easily distracted. You find yourself fantasizing and concentration is hard. The best course of action for most of the week is to hold off on any major decisions where the heart or the wallet are concerned. There is no need to take action until the fog blows away.

PISCES Partnerships, especially those involving work/finance are important but difficult to manage this week. At the beginning, you are asked to make a commitment that you are uncertain about; the underlying issue is your fear about being able to hold up your end. Looking forward and not dwelling on the past is what is required now. This is the opportunity to make the kind of advancement you had sought. So go for it.

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Astrology - Virgo

Aries – Get moving early in the week! It’s an ideal time for teamwork and discovering helpful contacts. Challenges on the job or in close partnerships continue to push you in ways that will not always be welcome. Do all you can to keep the peace.

Taurus – Enjoy happy times at home. Information and ideas are coming at a fast and furious pace. Do all you can to be organized. Unexpected news may help you feel more stable financially. Doing things you most enjoy attracts helpful energy. Don’t be too stubborn or reserved to ask others for help.

Gemini – You may be feeling rather emotional or resentful early this week. Partners can be opinionated, critical, evasive or some combination of all three. These sorts of frustrations are temporary. The more active you are, the better you’ll feel. Accept invitations to get out in the community and have fun with friends.

Cancer – You’ll likely want to spend much of this week as close to home as possible. Other people’s drama can be unnecessarily stressful. If possible, avoid taking sides. This is a powerful time to be of service to others through putting your faith into action.

Leo – You’ll feel more comfortable in your own skin. This will attract potentially significant opportunities supporting pet projects or a new romantic interest. Responsibilities for home and family continue to be challenging. It’s best not to take another’s sharp comment personally.

Virgo – Many are feeling a wave of gratitude for all the many blessings of your life. Getting together with friends can be especially rewarding. People will be affectionate and helpful. There can be unexpected financial demands. Limit spending on luxury or beauty items.

Libra – Mercury in your sign increases the number of contacts you’ll be making. Innovative technologies promise to open doors in unexpected ways. Those born near October may experience a continued crisis pushing you out of your comfort zone. Be patient. In-laws, strong minded women, and sympathetic teachers could improve your perspective, especially early this week.

Scorpio – Be confident about your skills. You have permission to focus on money making in a big way. Certain “heavy” conversations may lead to a job opportunity. You’ll find friends or interest groups especially helpful addressing any area that needs improving.

Sagittarius – This is a crossroads time for you. Your energy is high and grows in strength as the month progresses. Collaborative projects, the interests of children, and physical challenges you enjoy will be especially rewarding. New possibilities are yours to embrace. Travel, children, and long distance communication are areas working in your favor.

Capricorn – Expect a “three steps forward and two steps back” week. The less ruthless and more service oriented you can be, the easier your path. This remains a season both challenging and slowly opening vistas of a better future. Friends and groups who share an interest in renewal or getting to the bottom of a question can be important allies.

Serious Saturn at odds with your sign continues to show up as ongoing frustrations and limitations. You’re allowed to choose what works and what doesn’t. Be prepared to surrender established methods of coping. Friends help you expand your horizons: if you have the grace to listen.

Pisces – Neptune, co-ruler of Pisces, is in your sign through 2025. It can bring transcendent insight or a strong desire to escape reality. Your considerable sensitivity to the environment around you is enhanced. Don’t let critical people or believing something is wrong undermine your confidence. You perceive more than most folks.

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Astrology - Virgo

Aries – Be willing to listen. You’ll learn more about where you stand through conversations with others. This may feel like unwelcome criticism or power tripping, especially where your work is concerned. Do your best to find a balance between what you want and the perspective others share.

Taurus – Your ruling planet Venus enters Virgo, giving you welcome support, especially where children, sweethearts, and recognition for all your hard work is concerned. This can be an extremely romantic week. A love interest could point you in a visionary new direction.

Gemini – Your usually busy mind will be even more active. It’s a terrific time for sharing more of the things you most enjoy. Accept any last minute invitations to have fun with friends. Or be the one to organize a gathering.

Cancer – Tuesday’s Full Moon is a time to count your blessings. This is a very visionary time where you can combine your highest hopes with real opportunities for practical assistance. You can confidently share your creative interests with a wider audience.

Leo – Keep talking! Sharing your ideas, and collaborating with others continues to attract opportunities to get what you want. Keep your sense of humor dealing with tension at home. Pay close attention to the little details of personal or shared financial concerns.

Virgo - This is your season. Be good to yourself as well as others. Don’t expect to get everything done at once. Tuesday’s Full Moon is a point of completion, marking the maturity of some long standing dreams. Be grateful for what you have.

Libra – Mercury in your sign is going to amp up the number of contacts you make and receive each day. Do your best to stay organized. It’s important not to let worry or self-doubt slow you down. Trust that any sense that something is missing will eventually ease.

Scorpio – As usual, the energy offers some extremes for Scorpio natives. It’s an ideal time to travel, find better work, or receive recognition in your community. At the same time, you may be fighting mad over a situation where injured pride or the welfare of your children is concerned. Go back to your spiritual roots before making any major decisions.

Sagittarius – The energy is expansive and holds the seeds of a new beginning. Being proactive will continue to attract appreciation and support. Expect a great deal of information to be exchanged, especially on the topics of children, future plans, and team efforts.

Capricorn – For many this remains a crisis triggers opportunity period. You’ll be more effective if you are courageous and proactive while at the same time doing necessary research backed up by attention to small details.

Aquarius – This is a lucky time for travel and sharing ideas. Original thinking that takes into account multiple points of view can lead to inspired leaps. Tuesday’s Full Moon can see you both strongly influenced by your environment and possibly caught in a web of self-doubt.

Pisces – This week brings important feedback and support from partners, mentors, and possibly over legal matters. What appears to be criticism is likely well intended. Those born near March 6 will be experiencing some important life lessons early this week.

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Astrology - Virgo

ARIES Dramatic changes on several fronts could throw you for a loop this week. Things lie beneath the surface that you aren’t aware of that will have a major impact on some long cherished dreams. Mid-week care needs to be taken to avoid impulsive acts (emotional or physical) that could cause you unnecessary pain. Finish what you have started before taking on new tasks. Still waters run deep so dive in carefully.

TAURUS Work/school issues are your focus at the start of this week. You might be required to take a different approach than the one you’ve been following. This creates an internal “tug-of-war” between the tried and true and the new but unknown. It is important to remember that dealing with matters in the same way will, invariably, lead to the same results. The only way to know which is right is to take a leap of faith.

GEMINI Communications of all types, external and intuitive, are important this week especially where intimate personal matters are involved. Not everything you “pick up” should be taken at face value-particularly during the middle part of the week. Keep in mind that how and when you say something is just as critical as the content of your message. Timing is everything, and this week is a potent karmic example of just that.

CANCER Career and money matters will be a bit confounding this week. Where you wanted to be at this point is not where you are; which, in and of itself, is not a bad thing. Mid-week finds you struggling to keep your concentration and it completing assignments. Rather than trying to fake it, ask for help from those close to you. The response you receive is more positive than you might think or expect.

LEO Romantic matters could leave you feeling disappointed this week. The high expectations that you have aren’t being met. Discovering that your partner is only human can be a bit of shock (although it shouldn’t be). Late in the week is a good time for introspection and the realization that not everything has to happen right now. Sometimes the best things take a little longer. Karma is funny that way.

VIRGO Keeping your expectations realistic is the challenge right from the start of the week. Money issues can be compounded by your own doubts. Take the time to examine the situation in front of you rather than acting compulsively. You have the ability to figure things out but you will need the patience to do so. Don’t try imposing your will on those around you this week. If you build (or solve) it, they will come.

LIBRA Now is the time to assert yourself where money and material gains are involved. Do not rely on others but, rather, tap into your own internal wellspring of strength and ingenuity. The latter part of the week holds some surprises so keep an eye out for them. Keep in mind that self worth is equally as important as monetary gain. Don’t compromise your values for a temporary gain. The price paid is not worth the result.

SCORPIO Communications are confused during the week resulting in some conflicts among family members. This is not a time to try and assert your will; in point of fact, trying to do so will only make things worse. Mid-week may find you having to fight your own pessimism in order to make any headway. Stress related illness may also be present. Consider a short trip to get away and clear you head and spirit to ease things.

SAGITTARIUS Personal relationships take on a new intensity particularly during the middle park of the week. Trying to find an easy way to make things happen is not the way now. What is important now is to truly trust in your own process and recognize exactly how best to guide your energy. Information from a family member may provide additional options on how best to move forward. All things in time – be patient now.

CAPRICORN Take care where money is involved this week. That “deal” that looks too good to be true is exactly that: too good to be true. There is an underlying sense of urgency that you are having trouble defining. The best course is to hold off on committing physical or emotional resources until the picture clears on what is making you feel stressed. Late in the week, set some time aside to rest and reflect. You need it.

AQUARIUS Boredom is your enemy this week. Trying to keep you concentration on the tasks at hand-whether involving work or relationships- makes the start of this period rather stressful. The challenge now is to focus on seemingly unimportant details which are much more crucial that they might first appear. Avoid making any promises concerning deadlines now as it’s almost a certainty that you won’t be able to keep them.

PISCES Making yourself understood seems to be more difficult than usual during the early part of this week. There is a conflict of interests between cooperation and asserting your independence. You are more emotionally fragile than you realize and, as a result, can overreact to situations particularly in the work/career realm. This is all part of what is coming to be and that which has had its time. Be patient and wait on karma.

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Astrology - Virgo

Aries – There will be continued surprises and changes concerning your work or place in the world. In the midst of all this, give yourself permission to have a little fun. Explore your options where children, lovers, and creative projects are concerned. It will help to be as diplomatic as possible. Outside points of view can be revealing. Being receptive to feedback from others can help you feel more balanced.

Taurus – Partnerships and legal matters continue to demand patience and diplomacy. Focus on what works: which is likely to be things close to home you most enjoy. Not everyone will see things your way. Trust that any delay or setback that comes your way is part of a bigger picture. Don’t be so self reliant as to refuse help from others. Children and sweethearts can be surprisingly supportive.

Gemini – You can be a terrific host at any sort of party or gathering. The more you talk about what you enjoy, the more potential for positive change and helpful feedback you’ll attract. It’s a power week for turning on your favorite music and giving your living space a good cleaning. Refuse to let self-doubt slow your commitment to finding work that is truly satisfying.

Cancer – You have permission to be somewhat lazy. Spending time close to nature will improve your attitude and perspective. Take a good book or a good friend along for some well deserved “down time”. Don’t feel guilty for occasionally putting your own needs ahead of the family. You don’t have to manage everything! Research and cautious analysis supports the success of any new plan or project.

Leo – Venus and Jupiter in your sign continue to make this a happy season full of a sense of amazing possibilities. Feel free to be yourself in the most flamboyant way possible. It’s a great time to upgrade your wardrobe or try out a new look. Focus less on limitations or irritations arising around home or family. Simply do your best with what is. Identify reasons to feel grateful.

Virgo – The lives of your children and major creative projects are both areas where you may encounter transformative change. There is a lot going on. Research and the advice of good friends can help you feel more organized and in control. It’s not necessary or possible to make peace with everyone. Identify what you value. Be willing to surrender what no longer serves these values. Trust the process.

Libra – Mercury in your sign amps up your ability to organize people and share ideas. You are likely to make new friends and discover an expanded sense of what is possible through teamwork and shared interests. Spend more time thinking about the future you would like to create. Don’t be shy about communicating your dreams with others. Refuse to entertain fears about money or your ability to cope.

Scorpio – This week you’ll enjoy enormous positive opportunities and an expanded perspective on what is possible for your future. Travel with friends, or having fun with groups who share your interests will be especially rewarding. You can shine as a manager or organizer. Going it alone is not a good idea. Avoid letting injured feelings or a suspicion you are not appreciated to undermine your hopes.

Sagittarius – Your natural exuberance and faith in the future receive a big dose of positive energy. Put more time and attention in those areas that make you happiest. Social contacts are under a lucky star. The more you get out and mix with others, the more exciting possibilities you’ll discover. Reconsider family dynamics that may have locked you into ways of reacting that no longer serve your best interests.

Capricorn – Doors are opening! Hard work and attention to detail help you mix high hopes with practical research. For many, this will be a powerful week to build a foundation for a more satisfying and rewarding future. Don’t allow feelings of inadequacy or, worse, superiority, to cloud your vision. Teamwork in pursuit of long-term goals will attract rewards and see you shine.

Aquarius – It’s a powerful week! Realistic limitations and structure must be balanced with joyful opportunities arising from close relationships with others. The challenge is to find the right balance between discipline and frivolity. You are in a strong position to teach or to find mentors who encourage your love of progressive ideas. Sharing an appreciation of beauty and harmony will be especially satisfying.

Pisces – The energy continues to reward discipline and courage in pursuit of your dreams and ideals. Careful research can help you discover new avenues in support of long-term goals. Partners and mentors are likely to step up and be of real service. Be open to helpful suggestions. Critical comments should not be taken to heart. Protect yourself from other people’s negative mindsets. A loving attitude attracts what you need.

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Astrology - Virgo

ARIES Love and money are both under stress this week. There is a sense of dissatisfaction with your romantic situation although you can’t put your finger on exactly what troubles you. Similarly, you are having “buyer’s regret” over some recent spending decisions that now appear less appealing then they did. Taking ownership of these decisions is a first step to bringing things back into balance. Don’t be your own enemy.

TAURUS Personal beliefs, especially those involving romantic situations, come under a kind of spiritual microscope this week. Your definition of “commitment” is evolving and, with it a need to “get away” for a while. This doesn’t mean that things are ending, rather, there is a strong sense that examining matters from a more detached point of view might provide the information that you seek. Journey without to learn what lies within.

GEMINI Things are moving rapidly in the career/financial realms at the start of the week. Your recent efforts are being noticed and positive advancement is being made. The real challenge is not to get so far ahead of yourself that you overlook the fine points that truly add depth and color to the “big picture”. Managing your energy and spiritual resources now will reduce the possibility of becoming overwhelmed and burnt out later.

CANCER Friendship and romance can become confused this week. With all the social activities you’ve been caught up in recently, trying to keep an even emotional keel is difficult. Mid-week, a playful, longstanding flirtation could abruptly turn into an unexpected intense affair. What makes this challenging is that neither of you are exactly “available” (physically or emotionally). Things will get “interesting” going forward.

LEO Time for a strategic withdrawal at the start of the week. Being “out front” is not the best approach now in any kind of personal relationships. An unexpected money crunch is both frustrating and stress-filled. How you handle this will have a long term impact. Step back and gather your scattered energies so that you can see things more clearly. Fight the urge to act before thinking. It will pay dividends later.

VIRGO Getting back to basics, especially where romance is concerned, is very important this week. You can be direct without being harsh. The issues that have been troubling the both of you the last few weeks can now be addressed openly. Say what you mean and mean what you say is a great rule at this time. There is no need to make any drastic decisions. By week’s end you both will feel the cloud of stress beginning to lift.

LIBRA You are feeling off balance this week and aren’t sure why. There is a change taking place, particularly where work/school issues are involved that will mean both and ending and a beginning. Mid-week pay close attention to random encounters as they aren’t quite as “random” as you may think. As things crystallize, be willing to let the past go and be prepared to face the unknown. It may just be better than you might think.

SCORPIO Work/school matters seem to be moving at a crawl right from the start of the week. Recognizing that there are steps that cannot be skipped over will make this process seem less restrictive. The tried and true approach works so stay with it. Trivial communications may not be as trivial as they first seem. Make the most of any errands that need to be completed. You have to walk before you can expect to run or fly.

SAGITTARIUS The need to reassert or regain control over business/money matters is very strong at the start of the week. The sense that your wishes are being ignored does not sit well with you. Underlying these feelings is a fear that you’ve overlooked or ignored some vital piece of information. Be assured, you haven’t. What you are seeing is only now visible. Logic instead of emotions is what is required of you now.

CAPRICORN Romantic opportunities could be missed this week as you keep looking for ulterior motives where, frankly, none may exist. Sometimes what you are seeing is, exactly what is going on. Trying to read so much between the lines can cause you to actually miss the lines themselves especially during the middle of the week. This is no time for emotional power plays. You both are equals in this so don’t forget that.

AQUARIUS Money and work/school matters seem almost overwhelming at the start of the week. The real stressor here is your perception which could be making mountains out of molehills. The challenge is to not given in to the feeling of being out of control and try and sort out fact from fantasy. Some of the issues are real and those are the ones you need to focus on. Look beyond the traditional path to find resolution now.

PISCES Pay close attention to “casual” encounters this week as they contain important karmic information that you are going to need going forward. Some kind of power struggle (on an emotional level) needs to be resolved. This could involve your romantic interest or a close family member. An old stumbling block finally is rolled away at week’s end and what it concealed with surprise you. Synchronicity is on full display now.

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Astrology - Virgo

ARIES Lots of energy expended without a clear direction where money and career are concerned may be more detrimental than positive now. Mid-week there is a sense that you are, literally, riding off in all directions at once. Lots of twists and turns will make for unpredictable scenarios that will challenge your adaptability. The best course is to go with the flow and not make any major decisions. Buy the ticket, take the ride.

TAURUS Your views on finances may need to be re-examined early in the week. Are you trying to earn money for a specific goal or just to say that you have it? Having a true destination will make the pathway much clearer. You may have to take a long journey, in spirit and, possibly physically, in order to gain the insight as to how you arrived at this point and where to go from here. Your heart is your map-follow it.

GEMINI This week finds you “out front” particularly where long term career issues come into play. Communicating your ideas and, more importantly, your plans to make them reality is essential now. Mid-week is a great time to pause and check the progress that has (or hasn’t) been made. Take ownership of your dreams and the responsibility to bring them to life. Karma is truly in play now-look for signs and heed the messages.

CANCER There is a sense that you need to find a different rhythm to move to on several fronts this week. The sense that “there is something more” is particularly strong and has you looking beyond the security of your current situation towards an unknown, but possibly exciting, tomorrow. It is important to realize that no every door has to be opened. Be careful late in the week for wishing for excitement, you just may get it.

LEO Emotional volatility in general and especially in romantic issues are going to confront you this week. There is a sense that you and your partner(s) could be moving in opposite directions. Wants, needs, desires are jumbled. You could be your own worst enemy now. Pride will go before a fall and, near week’s end this ancient truth hits home in a way you won’t see coming. Karma must be served whether you like it or not.

VIRGO Career and work issues seem to be coming unraveled this week. The plan of action you had so carefully put together no longer fits the situation. Although the need to do “something” increases during the middle of the week, it is important to stop and consider: Is this truly the course of action that should be followed now? The best approach may be to do nothing drastic and wait upon karma to guide your steps.

LIBRA Meeting your material goals will be easier this week if you are willing to work with others. Being competitive and focused is a positive use of your energy but the challenge during the entire week will be to maintain a balance between competition and being combative. Make sure that your actions are not misconstrued to maximize the results. It is true, you do catch more “flies” with honey instead of vinegar.

SCORPIO Personal communications are very important this week, not only on the family front, but where career and financial matters are involved as well. Showing restraint at the start of the week can help maximize your efforts. Even if it seems that someone close just doesn’t “get it”, you cannot allow this shadow to dull the focus that you have. All and all, this could be a very beneficial seven days.

SAGITTARIUS Trying to get things organized, particularly where work and daily chores are involved could be difficult this week. You want a place for everything and everything in its place but some external distractions mid-week could stifle these efforts. The best approach is to accept that some matters may have to be but on the back burner. Concentrate on the most important and work forward from there. You’ll make it.

CAPRICORN Financial concerns have you moving cautiously at the beginning of the week. The risk versus reward scenario doesn’t feel positive so you hold back. Realization that things are in kind of a holding pattern may be frustrating. Since forward motion seems blocked, use the time to accumulate information and/or knowledge that you can use when the way clears. Taking time for reflection can also be a useful exercise.

AQUARIUS Romantic matters that have been under stress come to a head now. Things are going to change and the focus should be on salvaging the positive and finally releasing the negative. Finally airing the differences between the two of you should be “job one” now. While there is no guarantee as to the outcome, late in the week an opportunity to release the stress and remember the joy will appear. Use it wisely.

PISCES The intensity of the last few weeks involving relationships at work/school has left you feeling frayed and wondering you have taken on more than you can handle. There is confusion about how to proceed and some sudden opposition from a direction you hadn’t expected. The key is not to let your intuition become overwhelmed by the conflicting messages. Clarity of matters awaits at the end of the week. Hang in there.

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