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Astrology - Cancer

There is a strong emphasis on communication this week. You and a partner can have terrific talks. This is a great time to say what you think about emotionally charged issues you tend to avoid. Saturday’s Full Moon will be an important date for those born near April 10. Be receptive to any challenges that come your way, especially from women in your life.

Speak up with confidence and expect to find a sympathetic audience. Garden projects and getting out to be of service in your neighborhood can take you to your happy place. This is a good time to consult experts on money management. Those born in mid-May are in a strong position to market ideas or travel for pleasure.

This can be a busy and very happy week. Those born June 8-14 can find a new love interest or enjoy a great deal of positive recognition for your creative efforts. Get out and have fun. What you have to say will be appreciated. Saturday’s Full Moon brings lessons about how best to use family resources to build a more secure future.

Any Full Moon can be intense, and this one puts a special emphasis on committed relationships. Those having a birthday this week are likely to be rather moody. Arguments can break out over what’s not fair at home. Create better balance between your needs and the needs of those you care about. Be fair to yourself as well as everyone else. Speak your mind before things deteriorate.

This is a great week for getting in touch with siblings, or planning parties with friends. Any travel that includes excitement and broadening your horizons is recommended. Be especially patient at home early in the week. Some limitations cannot be avoided. Saturday’s Full Moon promises opportunities and extra support for improving your health or getting organized around the house. You can shine getting involved in community service projects.

Compassion for the pain of simply being human will help you make lemonade out of those lemons life has handed you. Don’t sacrifice too much out of a misplaced sense of responsibility to the past. Those born in mid-September will encounter powerful and positive energy concerning lovers, children, creative plans, and finding people who support your interests in all these areas.

This week’s Full Moon can bring into high relief the subject of how to balance home/family and work/ambition. Check in with old friends to improve your perspective. Travel, educational, and spiritual interests can be a bright spot. Be flexible and let your natural curiosity take the lead. It’s important to be very straightforward and choose action over indecision, especially if your birthday is near October 15.

This week holds the potential for making excellent progress in areas that may have been painful or emotionally difficult in the past. The emphasis is on communicating in such as way that things work out for the greatest number of people possible. Stay in close touch with family living far away. You are in a strong position to act as a teacher or mediator.

You’ll see a strong and positive emphasis on communication and planning: especially in close relationships. There are expanding opportunities to protect and grow personal and shared financial resources. It’s still a very exciting time for original artwork, encouraging children to follow their own unique path, or getting out to do anything that gets your adrenalin flowing. Talk more about an unresolved hurt if born near December 9. Healing is possible.

You are likely to experience a flurry of requests coming from multiple sources, all demanding your time and attention. Having already established teams can help you delegate where possible. Set priorities and stay in communication about what you can and cannot do. Saturday is YOUR Full Moon, especially if born near January 11. One big question is how to balance personal ambition with the needs of others. Be prepared to compromise.

A lovely flow of energy that makes this a great week for getting out with people. You are in a strong position to share your most original and creative ideas. Accept invitations to get out with friends and enjoy what the neighborhood has to offer. The interests of children can be especially rewarding. Work hard and be patient where your job or career is concerned. Breakthroughs are coming soon.

You can be in a particularly strong position to make a difference in the life of a child or someone you love dearly, although may not know well. Trust your considerable intuition. There is a lot that is not be said that you will sense clearly. Saturday’s Full Moon is especially significant for those born near March 11. Your family can be instrumental in helping you set new long-term goals.

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Astrology - Cancer

Aries – Family concerns and resources shared in common are slowly moving in a more positive direction. The challenge is to find balance between conflicting interests. Be prepared to compromise. Those born near April 7 may be forced to modify certain choices in light of legal requirements or a need to keep the peace with others. This can be quite stressful, as you don’t want to be told what to do.

Taurus – Let your natural curiosity take the lead. Casual conversations can introduce moneymaking opportunities. “Stay-cations” enjoying simple pleasures close to home can be the highlight of your week. Do your best to be grateful for what you have. Those born near May 6 need patience until the middle of July. There can be breakthroughs in partnerships or legal matters at that time.

Gemini – You love to talk and people are listening! It’s time to have fun. Be conservative with money. Generosity with family can set you back. Do research to upgrade the technology you use every day. Creative or romantic interests will be especially rewarding. Only those born May 22-31 need extra caution chasing a romantic dream that may not be as it appears.

Cancer – Yes things are stressful. Trust this process is ultimately going to work for the best. Do your best to keep things simple. Have fun on or near water. This is no time to save the world. Those with birthdays this week are experiencing an extremely intense and potentially transformative time of life. Be very clear about what you value and uncompromising when it comes to your personal integrity.

Leo – Your assignment is to spend more time wherever you feel most at home. You will benefit from any sort of retreat that allows you time to be honest with yourself about your feelings. Less technology and more face to fact time will be helpful. Team projects and your many f casual friends and admirers could offer a fresh perspective. They may be the ones facilitating some original approaches you had not yet considered.

Virgo – These are busy days. Work related concerns can be stressful, or simply have you feeling scattered. Keep sharing what you think. This remains a positive time for long term planning and making connections to make your future more safe and secure. Be open to unexpected opportunities, but let them develop slowly. Avoid impulsive choices where money or the needs of children are concerned.

Libra – It’s a mixed bag this week. You’re in a strong position to market your ideas or make education and travel plans. Short trips close to home can be great fun. You may be unusually feisty or even slightly passive-aggressive. There is the potential of saying something you will later regret. Family and relationship issues won’t improve overnight so continue to do your best. Courage and action will be rewarded.

Scorpio – Don’t underestimate the power you have to speak for your interests and the interests of your family. Some major changes, including coping with limitations or facing a change of residence may be more difficult than you expect. Patience and good humor support your interests. It’s a particularly good time to contact family living far away. Travel for pleasure is also favored.

Sagittarius – There is a strong emphasis on sharing ideas with mates and partners. Advisors you trust and creative groups you enjoy are both sources of satisfaction and opportunity. Accept invitations to get out with people you enjoy. Be cautious and sensible where money is concerned. Gambling can be both tempting and a big mistake. It’s vital to get a good night’s sleep. Music can have an important and positive influence.

Capricorn – Many of you are up to the biggest challenges of your life. This is especially so for those born in early January. Don’t isolate from others. This is no time for self-doubt or dark thoughts. You have the support of friends and family. Trust your intuition and keep your commitments. Rely most on skills it has taken years to master. Continue to pay close attention to little details. Delegate what you can.

Aquarius – Your first order of business is getting out and having fun close to home. Conversations at the local café can be the high point of the week. Consider making changes at home that help support your overall health and fitness. There can be unnecessary arguments if you insist on being right at another’s expense. Much of what we perceive in life is a matter of perspective. You can be a great force for good helping a friend or volunteering in the community.

Pisces – This continues to be a time where most of the progress you make is slower than you would like. Don’t be discouraged. Creative projects concerning housing, children, or food can bring both satisfaction and rewards. This is a period where you sense many people are stressed and going through enormous challenges. Be as loving and encouraging as you can. This is real gift you have to share.

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The pyrotechnical wonders that appear on the annual celebration of independence certainly serve as a metaphor for the hopes and wishes of would-be lovers everywhere. As the singular event of the summer season the July 4 is a great time to examine the potential for romantic connections made during these “lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer”.


Independence Day 2014 occurs during a powerful Neptune retrograde that began on June 9. As the planet of illusion and dreams, the Sea King’s impact on matters of the heart cannot be overstated. During retrograde cycles, we become more susceptible to delusions of what we want to see rather than the reality of what is before our eyes and hearts and fall prey to that love affair that seems almost too good to be true.

Significantly, both the Messenger (Mercury) and the Goddess of Love (Venus) reside in the 12th House of the Zodiac on July 4. The 12th House is known as “House of Undoing” and represents those areas of life where a clear view is obscured, either by things that are hidden or our own reluctance to examine the truth behind what appears to be a “pretty picture”. Planets in this house would be impacted by these astral dynamics.

Where communications (Mercury) are distorted through a romantic haze and the desire for intimacy and passion (Venus) reaches intensity where common sense can explode like a starburst in the night sky, the chance for a summer relationship is dramatically increased. On the flip side, however, the potential for such an encounter to bring confusion and heartbreak in a short amount of time is also enhanced.

Neptune’s influence can open subconscious doors that may have been closed either by circumstance or by choice. Dreams become more vivid and may well reveal what lies behind the emotional curtains facing us. Sensitivity on all levels is heighted that often requires putting on a brave external face as a defense. There can be “aha” moments but only if we are willing to accept that the metaphysical side of reality is just as important as what is viewed as “the real world”.

So does the 4th of July bring romantic fireworks or failures? The answer is: Both!! Knowing that love’s illusions may well be delusions and passionately spoken words may not have the promise of tomorrow that your heart may be hoping for, my recommendation is to allow yourself the joy of dreaming but keep in mind that real love is more than lights, explosions and expressions of delight on a hot summer night. Love is more than an illusion, keeping your heart open to the possibilities is a great start to finding that most enduring of treasures.

Go Well – Lou

Saturn’s Powerful Influence

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The rings you see are what is left of a moon that disintegrated long ago. If you had a bathtub big enough, you could float Saturn in that tub…It’s lighter than earth! Ironic in astrology the archetype of Saturn represents all that is heavy, hidebound, and responsible.

The function of Saturn is to define and limit, It describes the skeleton, the underpinning structure of any form or entity. Saturn in a person’s chart is their foundation, their core life structure. June through August 2014 Saturn moves slowly through the middle degrees of Scorpio, putting an emphasis on shared resources and being honest about your feelings…both positive and negative.

For the most intuitive souls, things are so fluid it is difficult to even guess where to find the next sense of stability and foundation. Old habits do not serve and there are no new habits just yet. You may feel you are shadowboxing in the dark. All you can do is make your best guess and realize you are not alone. For those of faith, at least there is a sense of purpose. For others, things are in such flux that it’s difficult to find one’s self in all the communal chatter.

This is the astrological reference, bear with me…
Saturn is retrograde until July 20. Stationed at 16 Scorpio all of July through 10 August.

Saturn in Scorpio builds foundations through self-reliance and a willingness to examine or uncover unresolved secrets and dark emotional states. It’s fixed, stubborn, unyielding. Scorpio also emphasizes the importance and value of friendship. It’s the changes that happen to your perspective when you merge with another.

2013-2015, those with planets in the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius can expect challenges in the form of roadblocks or choices that will lock things in place. March-July 2014 can be especially frustrating. It may seem as if nothing is moving, nothing is working. “Hurry up and wait” seems the order of the day. Your lesson is to just keep chopping wood and carrying water. Just live your day to day life with compassion and good humor. The good news is that after July 20, things at last begin to move forward.

There is more in the mix in the form of an outer planet showdown between Uranus and Pluto. 2011-2015 showcases the revolutionary energy of Uranus in Aries, acting as warrior and pioneer as it drags us into the future. This is in stressful aspect to Pluto in Capricorn, bringing transformation, sometimes out of destruction to everything ruled by this ambitious, practical, managerial sign. You see the news full of the generational power struggles between large organizations, publicly traded business, and personal attempts to take charge and manipulate others. These great Titans, Uranus and Pluto, are in the middle of an epic duel. Power struggles and radical approaches are breaking out all over and on all levels.

An inevitable slide into a future we cannot control and will not recognize is upon us. This is the state of things when the energy for inspired and innovative breakthrough pushes headlong into the energy of ambition, pragmatism, organization, power. The generational perspective on what power is and means to us is being challenged. We will look back on these years, before the slide accelerated, and see a certain inevitability. Right now this change is more unconscious. Warriors and Money Brokers are at odds in a kabuki cat fight of feints and poses.

Many people personally sense they are at a critical crossroads. Those with planets in the first half of Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn, have been and will continue to experience life lessons as intense, unavoidable, challenges. Things you had long relied upon may be stripped away. Courage and action will be rewarded. Don’t think you are alone. This energy is active in the lives of just about everyone of the Boomer and early 1990’s generations. We haven’t seen something quite this intense since the mid 1960’s. Don’t think your particular challenges are yours alone, they are part of a much larger societal shift.

Get your house in order. Stop whining. Suck it up. Stubborn determination is your tool of choice. Be good to your friends and take their council. Be accepting that major lessons are not easy. Progress is often two steps forward, one back, and one sideways. By August, everyone will find it easier to shake off the sludge and begin to feel more effective and invigorated.

In the next few years, the need for simplicity, greater harmony with nature, and an innovative approach to social organization will emerge as the the next step. What we do now is critical to what we will face in 2019-2025.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn.

Capricorn January Forecast

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Astrology - Gemini

Aries – Is it ever going to be less intense? Not for awhile. Be as diplomatic as possible. Focus on making your environment more peaceful and beautiful. Most especially for those born in the first week of April, there can be unexpected confrontations and potential power struggles. Pretending nothing is wrong, or your feelings are hurt, can upset the energy to the point where accidents are possible.

Taurus – This can be a very happy time. People will see you in a positive light. While you still are facing certain long term limitations, you also have the opportunity to do more research to build a better foundation in those areas you most value. It’s a great week for family gatherings where good food and conversation are the focus of attention.

Gemini – Your desire to put your plans into action can hit a few snags. Don’t take it too personally. Habitual ways of thinking, unfinished personal business, or unexpected delays can end up keeping you stuck. The challenge is to be cooperative and original. A positive attitude, determination, and a willingness to pay attention to the needs of others close to you, will help you find your way.

Cancer – It’s important to keep things in perspective. Feeling dissatisfied can lead you in all sorts of unfortunate conclusions. Don’t make whatever is going on about you, or even another, being wrong. Quiet time alone can help you feel better and see things most clearly. Sympathetic women can help point you in the right direction.

Leo – Family and work responsibilities can include a certain amount of delays and do-overs. Be sure everyone is on the same page where future projects and sales oriented contacts are concerned. Expect a kind of two steps forward, one step back, and one step sideways sort of energy. Get out socially. Physical challenges, travel, and collaborative projects will help you feel more energized.

Virgo – Stay focused and on task when it comes to a job or situation that puts you in the public eye. This is not the best time to start anything new. Focus on doing your best with what you have already begun. Future plans can be challenging. The trick is not to stress about what is coming up next. The pieces of the puzzle will be filled in with time.

Libra – You can be angry or feeling pressured, especially on the home front, there can be issues about who is boss. Be especially patient if born October 8-12. The best use of this energy is to realize you have the opportunity to be brave and sweep away the past. It can seem against your peace loving nature, but something better can rise from the ashes.

Scorpio – You still have unfinished business. Children or a lost love can be a source of pain. It’s not all negative. There are spiritual lessons that can open the door to a way of being that will help you feel more safe and secure. Where close relationships are concerned, keep things simple. It’s a lucky time for travel and expanding your horizons.

Sagittarius – Get out and have fun! This is a great time for going to an amusement park or dong something exciting with friends. You may have to repeat some conversations or issues with a partner. Legal matters may also face delays or need revision. Family finances are under a positive star. You may find it easier to get a loan at this time. This is still a time of potential upheavals with personal money. Do what you can to feel more safe and secure.

Capricorn – Spend more time polishing the skills necessary to support any ambitious plan. Those born in the first week of January will be in the midst of major challenges, some of which are due to forces beyond your control. This can be a highly romantic time, especially for those born in late January. You have an opportunity right now to establish positive habits with a sweetheart.

Aquarius – Collaborative projects can be very rewarding. Work issues may limit your options or require a repetition of things you had hopes would be complete by now. You can feel unusually restless or at odds with someone who has equally strong opinions. Do your best to be diplomatic, even though you clearly see your own path as the right way to go. Anger can spark an accident.

Pisces – Travel or educational plans can bring an extra helping of responsibility. This shouldn’t be a problem if you remain optimistic. Doing more of the things you most enjoy around the house will help you feel more comfortable and secure. It’s a great time to garden or spend more time enjoying the beauty of nature. Children can be a source of great pleasure, and potential opportunity.

Last week’s horoscopes, June 8-14, 2014.

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Astrology - Cancer

ARIES Trying to figure out who is the boss will make this a challenging week where personal relationships are concerned. Viewing success in romantic matters as a kind of achievement distorts the reality of the situation, particularly in the middle of the week. While freedom may just be another word for nothing left to lose, that which you seek may not be that which you need. Have the courage to break from past patterns now.

TAURUS Love and money could be a toxic mix this week. You expect so much from yourself and when you fall short, the guilt sets in causing you to emotionally overcompensate. Fortunately, your general enthusiasm for your life and those in it help you keep those negative impulses in check. By the end of the week the drama begins to ebb and you are able to integrate the past with a renewed vision for the future.

GEMINI Money matters require a lot of introspection this week. The issues are far more complex than they appear on the surface. There is something that is working at cross purposes with your short term goals. The challenge by the middle of the week is to identify what exactly is causing the blockage. Care must be taken to make your decisions on facts rather than feelings. This will be a hard but necessary step to take.

CANCER Personal relationships are highlighted this week, both where the heart and the mind are involved. There are times when it may feel like you are caught in a tug-of-war. Fortunately you have funded the emotional stamina to resolve these disputes without creating fractures. The key is not to “shoot from the lip” in responding as this could have the opposite effect of what you intended especially as the week draws to a close.

LEO Finding the distinction between “value” and “worth” is going to be the lesson of the week. All the emphasis that you’ve been placing on the financial and material aspects of life recently has caused you to neglect or overlook the personal side of things. Mid-week you’ll be shown of just how important those relationships are. Numbers are for counting – the heart knows where the true “gold” resides.

VIRGO Concerns about the future, especially where work/school is involved, has you on edge this week. Some recent information has come your way that is causing you to worry that a change may have to be made in some long term plans. This may be a time to use your communication skills to network and see what possibilities are out there. You may also learn by week’s end that your fears were unfounded or not.

LIBRA Trying to be over-protective of your emotions during this week can make you appear cold and uncaring when nothing could be further from the truth. You need to discover (or rediscover) those elements make you feel grounded and stable. During the middle of the week, something involving your home base will help you reassess this anchorless feeling. Remembering who and what you are is a critical step now.

SCORPIO Taking yourself too seriously especially where love and romance are concerned at the start of the week causes you to become moody and can cause some unnecessary arguments. The emotional risk is that excessive jealousy or possessiveness can and will work against your best interests. As hard as it may be, what is needed now is for you to take a lighter approach and remember that love is supposed to be fun too.

SAGITTARIUS Boredom is the real enemy this week. Trying to deal with what seems like an endless stream of issues where business is concerned has become tedious at best and fatiguing at worst. The question you find yourself asking mid-week is whether it’s all worth it. What is needed now is to realize that some of this routine is a necessary evil. As for things getting exciting, just be careful what you wish for. You may get it.

CAPRICORN There is an inner drama being played out this week career/work matters are involved. As a result there is a sense that some of the external circumstances could be undermining some long-held plans. However, rather than being backed into a corner, this is a time to discover some hidden resources to meet these karmic tests. The end of the week will provide some new insight into some old motivations. You will be amazed.

AQUARIUS A sudden but not surprising turn of events in the realm of finances at the start of the week throws you into a bit off kilter. This is just a gentle (well, maybe not so gentle) karmic wake up call to understand and accept the limits of what you can and cannot accomplish right now. Take this opportunity to examine the real message that is being given here. The answer to that query will give you a fresh perspective.

PISCES You have a philosophical outlook where finances are concerned this week-which is probably a good thing as there could be a serious of ups and downs that otherwise would throw you for an emotional loop. Viewing these shifts as mere “changes in the weather” can also help you calm the fears of those around you. There is an “aha!” moment coming late in the week that changes your course. Be ready for it.

Last week’s horoscopes June 22-28, 2014

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On June 9, the Sea King, Neptune, began a six month journey in reverse. Twelve days later, as everyone is well aware, the Summer Solstice arrived on June 21, bringing with it the promise of hot and passionate nights and the blooming of summer relationships. Yet the influence of Neptune in retrograde may cloud those days of summer love and bring on veritable emotional thunderstorms that could wash away those romantic dreams.

While Neptune’s rulership over the oceans and waterways of this frail blue orb are well known, the Sea King also reigns over significant elements of the human psyche that can profoundly impact our abilities to relate and interact with others. One of the major areas ruled by Neptune is perception. This includes visual perception and, more importantly, mental and emotional perception.

During this Neptune retrograde, we tend to see only those things that we wish to see. As a result, it becomes far too easy to fall prey to our illusions to the point that the warning signs that a romance may be headed for a collapse may not only be missed, but consciously ignored. We may want this time to be “the one” so badly that we fall prey to the dream at the peril of losing sight of the reality. Remember, wishing doesn’t always make it so and during a Neptune retrograde this is certainly the case.

Another important area that Neptune controls is secrecy and deception along with their emotional first cousin, temptation. Summer is traditionally the time of green grass and high tides (another Neptunian area). However, those romantic greener pastures can, and often do, contain emotional sinkholes that can swallow us whole. That casual fling may not be so casual and the distance you might be feeling with your partner could be the result of a romantic fence being jumped. Where secrecy, deception and temptation collide with passion, love and romance are often the unwitting victims of the results.

Not surprisingly, Neptune also controls the urge to withdraw or escape often with the help of legal or illegal substances. The retrograde period magnifies these feelings which, if acted, upon can certainly negatively impact romantic relationships in a host of ways. Trying to avoid difficult issues in a relationship (or lack thereof) by becoming “comfortably numb” can magnify the very problems that were trying to be avoided.

One area of rulership of the Sea King that is often overlooked by astrologers and non-astrologers alike is that of ghosts and apparitions. Given Neptune’s control over the realm of dreams, imagination and the astral world as a whole, it should not be surprising that appearances of the departed are also within the Neptune’s domain. Yet, as any lover could tell you, there are all kinds of “ghosts”. Issues from past relationships or the return of an ex-lover could certain wreak chaos on a new romance. As might be expected, the retrograde period only enhances the impact of these emotional “hauntings” causing hurt and confusion to all involved.

The Sea King and the summer months are a dynamic pair in terms of passion, potential and peril for romantic relationships old and new. The Neptune retrograde this time can be viewed much like the ever-changing tides tossing hearts and minds to and fro. My words of advice are simple: Love carefully.

Go Well.


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Astrology - Cancer


With the arrival of the Summer Solstice on June 21, the cardinal water sign of Cancer begins what could well be an emotional and tempestuous season. In a very real sense, the sign of the Crab could herald a period of very hot water on both the world and the personal stages. With the ongoing Mercury retrograde that lasts until July 1, the messages that we receive will be convoluted at best and duplicitous at worst. Though this is a season traditionally associated with love and romance, conflict and confusion are more likely to be the personal themes putting pressure on our closest relationships. Technology may also come under a cosmic cloud as hacking, disruptions, etc., are all likely occurrences.

The most profound astrological aspect in play during the Crab’s natal month , and for several months after, is the Neptune retrograde that began on June 9. The Sea King’s reach covers areas as vast as the oceans he rules over; oil and gas, perceptions, the power of illusion, disillution, chaos and confusion, clairvoyance and clouds, and of course all things water related. The Neptune heightens our sensitivity and our susceptibility to illusions and a sense of surrealism.

A world leader or two may fall from power during Cancer. The ramifications of which could reverberate far beyond the borders of the country or countries involved. This may not involve one of the “usual suspects” and, as a result, the shock waves will be even more profound. To pour additional astral fuel on the fire, Mars, the God of War, goes opposite Uranus, the planet of deviation and distruption. Expect freedom(s) to be questioned and the source of conflicts, the real issue, however, is whether it is really “freedom” that is being fought for or some other agenda.

These societal disruptions will not go quietly as existing and traditional power structures push back against what they view as a threat to their status quo. What form this reaction will take is unclear. What is clear is that a growing number of people particularly on the East Coast of the U.S. feel uncomfortable with the directions things are going and may result in some kind of event or eruption over what, at first glance, was a minor episode. The Boston, NYC, D.C., Richmond megalopolis is a focal point although the midwest shouldn’t be overlooked.

Weather occurrences continue to be a major issue and food shortages could be a result in the southern part of Asia. Pay close attention to the Ring of Fire, a not so gentle prod of Neptune, the Sea King’s trident could bring an unexpected and unwelcome eruption, both geologically and meteorologically as the month of the Crab scuttles to a close. The Thunder Moon, the Cancer full moon on July 13 is a time to pay close attention. Emotional eruptions can rival those of the volcanic variety.

This is the start of the rising curtain for a key period that may leave us all breathless and wondering what comes with the rising tide. As the mariners of ancient times would advise: keep one eye on the waves, one on the heavens, and let the winds of fate fill your sails. The ocean will provide.

Leo August Forecast

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Astrology - Gemini

What is happening in the stars for the week of June 22-28, 2014.

Aries Events this week may be building to a confrontation that transforms your perspective and possibly your family or living situation. Do your best to address any unfinished business early in the week. Friday’s New Moon brings a powerful fresh start, especially for the March born. Those in sales or marketing may encounter some delays or complications. Just keep moving forward.

Taurus Ideas are flying. You may be feeling unusually restless. This is a great time to follow your natural curiosity. Take short trips with the family. It’s a great week to enjoy simple pleasures close to home. Take some time to examine your personal finances. Working from a detailed budget can help you feel more stable and in control. Friday’s New Moon can bring an important conversation concerning a close partnership or legal matter. Be patient with complicated issues.

Gemini Astrologers sometimes see this week’s “retrograde” Mercury as a period of trouble. I tend not to take it so seriously. The state of your ruling Mercury is best handled with patience, humor, and a willingness to do a few things over. Joint finances can spark a power struggle. It’s a good time to set boundaries. Friday’s New Moon holds the seeds of an important fresh start for your self-confidence or those things that make you feel most safe and secure.

Cancer You’ll be feeling Friday’s New Moon quite strongly. If your birthday is this week, especially Friday, you’re in a wonderfully powerful position to draw a line and make a fresh start. Have the courage to be your own best friend. Keep your sense of humor. Work, partnerships, and the home front can all offer a big helping of irritation or challenge. This will help you clarify what is truly important.

Leo Your own personal inner child needs some “me” time. If possible, take a holiday. Time spent on or near water would be especially healing. This is a powerful week to visit a retreat center or any place you identify as your spiritual home. Accomplish as much as you can before Friday’s New Moon. This lucky day is best for a fresh start or very personal spiritual resolution. You also have permission to sleep in!

Virgo Dreams of the future are in the mix. Friends who feel like family can be part of a redefinition of what love and family mean to you. Friday is a lucky day for bringing a group of special people together. This could lead to a meaningful conversation about what WE value and how WE are going to take steps to get it. Those born near September 17 can be feeling especially scattered. Make lists and stay organized.

Libra The September born are in the crosshairs of Friday’s New Moon. You might be challenged to step out of your comfort zone and make a fresh start concerning your career or place in the world. Courage and a willingness to choose one thing over another will help you navigate through any confusion you may experience. Review travel plans. Put extra study into any subject of interest.

Scorpio Your perspective is opening up in unexpected ways. This is a powerful time to reconsider your options. It’s a great week to visit family far away or move out of your comfort zone in order to create a stronger sense of personal security. Siblings or neighbors can be confrontational. Be patient with ongoing limitations and frustrations. Things are going to loosen up in about four weeks.

Sagittarius Joint financial issues are up for reexamination this week. It is a great time to make a new plan or fresh start that helps you feel safer or more secure. You may be able to secure a loan, although there can be delays until the middle of July. On the lighter side, this continues to be a great time for having fun with friends and doing anything that is fun and gets your adrenalin flowing.

Capricorn If your birthday is near December 25, this week may bring you to a critical crossroads concerning a close relationship or legal matter. Friday is a powerful day to make a fresh start concerning, home, family, or a partnership agreement, especially it concerns food or housing. How are you feeling? Learning and following the basics of healthy eating supports your best ambitions. Be open to reconsidering any resolutions about health and fitness.

Aquarius You have an opportunity to do extra work or be of service in a way that can have a profound and positive influence. Friday’s New Moon is your power day to make a fresh start at home or in your community. Consider a job hunt, which may not be your first choice, but connected with food, housing, or something that nurtures or protects others. Don’t assume you know everything. Paying attention to small details to support your best interests.

Pisces There is a lovely flow of energy supporting your dreams and ideas. It’s a fabulous time for a holiday with a lover or children in your life. Find a pleasant home you can share and enjoy yourselves. Even a “stay-cation” around the house will be enjoyable. Gratitude for what you have is the foundation for a host of important spiritual lessons. Friday is ideal for starting a home improvement or creative project.

Jeanne’s horoscopes last week, June 15-22, 2014.

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Astrology - Gemini

ARIES Career and money matters are definitely in flux this week. Looking for the next big thing has you bouncing from one decision to the next. Take care in throwing caution to the winds where spending is concerned as the blow-back could, literally sweep you off your feet. Late in the week you may discover that trying to win accolades from your peers is not as important as actually succeeding. It’s okay to follow your own voice now.

TAURUS Emotional situations involving friends and lovers make this an exciting but uneven seven days. There is an air of competitiveness that adds some excitement mid-week. The key is not to let passion cloud reason. You now have the ability to shed those habits that may have held you back from the progress you’ve been seeking. Remember your limits and know that you can’t be forced in actions you don’t wish to take now.

GEMINI Romantic matters intensify this week to the point that the best course of action might be a strategic retreat to collect your thoughts and emotions. There is more to this situation that is currently visible and, as a result, making any sort of decision now could be costly on several levels. The best course is to keep your own counsel until the end of the week when things become clearer. Look within before speaking without.

CANCER The emphasis is definitely on finance this week. Lots of energy this week but it is best utilized at your own pace which is something which may disconcert those around you. Strong intuitive hunches mid-week could turn in a profitable move. The only drawback is being able to maintain your focus if things don’t happen immediately. What may appear as stressful to others is something that you can use to your advantage now.

LEO Doubts about your ability to deal with some current financial issues could make this a difficult week. Your sense of self-worth is what is actually being tested as you relate your earning capacity to your value as a person. What you are being shown is the shadow side of possessions and the importance of keeping your perspective in uncertain times. New possibilities will show themselves at week’s end when you least expect them.

VIRGO Rehashing old issues involving the family is counter-productive even though the need to talk about them is a driving force this week. Your time will be better spent on formulating where you wish to go rather than where you have already been. Mid-week a small side trip could lead to an interesting connection. Focus your efforts on gathering as much information as you can. It will make a difference in the near future.

LIBRA Issues with family members must be confronted this week. The underlying cause may well be your own ambiguity over what your role is. The key is to gain an understanding between “nurturing” and “controlling”. There is also an issue involving property that manifests during the latter part of the week. More information is going to be needed before taking action. Take the time to gather it before responding.

SCORPIO Financial frustrations right at the start of the week really limit your ability to see beyond the current crisis to the bigger picture. When you close off your creative side, you unconsciously restrict the choices that you have to help resolve the situation. Even though it’s easy to feel discouraged, remember that negative energies are also time wasters. Try to keep your emotional balance and wait until the clouds lift.

SAGITTARIUS Trying to mitigate stress in the areas of business and finance should be your focus this week. There are lots of issues at the start of the week that will require your discernment in order to properly categorize them in order of importance. Keep in mind that the most obvious problems may not turn out to be the ones that are the most crucial so take care as to how you allocate your resources and energy during the week.

CAPRICORN Partnerships, passions and power plays impact your emotions and judgment this week. Hidden agendas and jealousies, both real and imagined, are magnified by your concern about losing something or someone mid-week and, as a result, appear more of a issue than they actually are. The key is to focus on what is visible and deal with those situations now. All things will make themselves known in the right time.

AQUARIUS You weren’t expecting an intense intimate encounter but that is exactly what the start of this week is going to bring you. There is more to this than just passion. A fundamental change in how you view your karmic path is revealed whether you’re ready for it or not. There are certain events and life shifts that can surprise even the most prepared. That is exactly where you find yourself. Hang on and wonder.

PISCES Being in the right place at the right time comes easy this week where money is concerned. The real challenge is to recognize that you have actually arrived at that point. Normal channels of communication may be somewhat cloudy so rely on your intuitive abilities to help chart your course. Late in the week the potential for some kind of journey, physical or spiritual, may present itself. Buy the ticket and enjoy the ride.

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