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Astrology - Gemini

ARIES Lots of energy devoted to social activities this week. The one concern you should have, however, is whether some of these encounters could lead to less than desirable results-particularly where money is involved. Being generous is one thing, trying to buy happiness is something else. Towards the end of the week, a casual fling adds some spice. Just make sure that you keep your perspective and enjoy the moment.

TAURUS Trying to make sense of things where career/financial matters are concerned is a real challenge this week. There is something-or someone that is impacting your ability to move ahead. The key is to try and look beyond the obvious and consider the impact of past decisions without becoming obsessed by them. You may have to wait until near the end of the week before things become clearer. Patience is needed now.

GEMINI Your ability to handle stress will be tested right from the start of the week where work and finances are concerned. An anticipated resource or partnership comes up short. The question that needs to be answered is whether your disillusionment is the result of unrealistic expectations on your part or some external source. Your true strength is your ability to solve problems. Remember, there’s nothing you can’t fix.

CANCER Love and money often make a volatile blend and that is the case this week.  Right from the start a romantic partner seems to be requiring more from you into terms of emotional expenditures. At the same time, there is stress as a result of a financial reversal-this could be in the form of an unexpected expense or a bill finally coming due. All you can do is try to smile and believe that these clouds will soon part. They will.

LEO What is not being communicated is more important than what is this week. There are some business/career opportunities that seem to manifest mid-week but careful analysis will be required before you commit yourself.  The better course might be to collect the information and then examine it at your leisure; maybe a short getaway is in order. Don’t worry about missing a chance-there’s no rush to make this decision.

VIRGO Work and home collide this week draining your physical and emotional energies. The beginning of the week has echoes of last week’s general dissatisfaction that makes maintaining focus a real challenge. The temptation to act on impulse needs to be contained in order to avoid unnecessary arguments. Ironically, constructive confrontations can be beneficial for all concerned. You need to recognize the difference.

LIBRA Communications between yourself and your romantic partner are difficult this week. You find yourself pulling back emotionally mid-week although you’re not exactly certain what is causing these negative feelings. What is called for now is a conscious effort to work through these self-imposed constraints and to recognize that love is not an obligation but an adventure to be shared together. Rediscover that sense of magic.

SCORPIO The focus is on the facts this week especially where problems with romantic relationships are causing a lot of stress. The situation is a lot like an onion-you are going to have to peel away some layers to get to the heart of the matter.  Finding out the cause of the issue will also reveal that which needs to be nurtured and that which is only superficial. Late in the week, a decision will need to be made. The choice is yours.

SAGITTARIUS You are definitely in a “take charge” mode this week. There seems to be a lot external issues involving finances that will require you to take a very directed approach particularly during the middle part of the week. Your challenge is how to measure your response to others so that they understand that you are committed to results but not necessarily at their expense-a kind of emotional high-wire act to be sure.

CAPRICORN Issues of trust in relationships are featured this week. You have to be an equal partner which may mean giving up what you perceive as the “leadership” role. There is also the added complication of reading too much (or not enough) into verbal and non-verbal communications mid-week. The key now is to separate fact from fiction in what you perceive. The truth lies in between and, once discovered, will clear the air.

AQUARIUS This is a good week to explore new pathways and, more importantly, break some old patterns that have been holding you back in terms of career and life choices. Use the beginning of the week to set up some short term goals and maybe plan a trip. There is a sense of “something” coming over the horizon that fills you with some misgivings. Remember that change, of any sort, can be scary. Time to face those fears.

PISCES Schedules and plans of all sorts-especially where love and career tend to overlap are going to be subject to abrupt chances this week. You want to do the “the right thing” but can’t really identify what that is. There will be snafus towards the end of the week but these are minor so don’t make too much of them. The key is to balance conventional with creative responses. Decision making will be challenging, however.

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Courtesy of NASA

With the Sun in the active phase of its eleven year pattern, Phase 24, to those who study the weather cycles of Old Sol. The increase of solar flares during the last couple of years is not really news. Yet there is another side to these dramatic cosmic events which is the interaction and impact with human behavior can be both profound and intense. Astrologers have paid particular attention as the astral patterns that are in place will also be affected by these geomagnetic phenomena. With three major solar flares happening this week, we here on this frail blue orb can anticipate that this energy release will not go unnoticed.

Not surprisingly, communications are affected during solar flares. Feeling of distraction, losing track of thoughts, even in the middle of conversations, and a general loss of focus are all common. What makes this situation even more profound is the fact that Mercury the Messenger, that rules all forms of communications went retrograde on June 7. The disruptive forces of a Mercury retrograde have been well documented. Add in the potency of a trio of solar flares and one can certainly anticipate that global issues will suffer from mixed and confusing messages and the resulting reactions or over reactions on both political and financial fronts.


Solar flare energy also breaks down the internal barriers between the higher, spiritual energy and lower level, emotional responses. Some commentators have noted that that the photons that bathe the Earth during solar flares are a higher frequency that acts as a kind of magnet pulling up deeper, primal emotions. As a result, thought and deed tend to be simultaneous which is not necessarily a good thing when you are dealing with potential political upheavals or armed conflicts.

The second major astrological force interacting with these solar storms is the retrograde of the Sea King, Neptune. A Neptune retrograde can often lead to unrealistic evaluations of current events. To quote myself from an earlier article on the effect of Neptune in Retrograde:

“During a Neptune retrograde, there is a heightened sensitivity to things that go wrong and logic is often replaced with dreams and delusions. These feelings often collide with the stark reality of the real world, i.e., “pie in the sky” meets pie in the face.”

The temptation to take action, even if there is no real urgency, can and often does lead to hasty and ill-timed decisions. In truth, the major concern is that the mistakes of the past will continue to be repeated until we are ready to finally acknowledge them and then release them. Only then can progress be made.
Keeping a “weather eye” on the heavens can be as important as checking the daily forecast here on planet Earth. In this way we can carry a spiritual equivalent of an umbrella until cosmic calm returns. Until then, hang on to your hat.

Go well.

Lou Raedwulfe

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Almost every child in the English speaking world has heard at least part of Edward Lear’s classic poem “The Owl and the Pussycat”. For those who may have forgotten here are a couple of lines:

“The Owl and the Pussy-cat went to sea
In a beautiful pea-green boat,
They took some honey, and plenty of money,
Wrapped up in a five-pound note….

And hand in hand, on the edge of the sand,
They danced by the light of the moon,
The moon,
The moon,
They danced by the light of the moon.”

The words of this rhyme carry a special astrological weight as the full moon in June known as the Honey Moon and this year also falls on the only Friday the 13th in 2014. Combined with the dual rearward dances of both the Messenger, Mercury and the Sea King, Neptune that began on June 7 and the 9 respectively, both fowl and feline would do well to pay attention to the message in the stars.

The various origin stories surrounding Friday the 13th are well known; the fall of the Knights Templar occurred on Friday the 13th, 1307; biblical stories relate that Judas was the 13th guest at the Last Supper and even the Norse Sagas tell of the uninvited Loki appearing at a banquet in Valhalla as the 13th arrival causing an ensuing chaos. While the Egyptians felt that the number was actually lucky because it related to the 13th level of existence and in the afterlife, this, too, changed as the old ways gave way to the new and the connection with death was now viewed with fear rather than excitement.

The association of the June full moon with fruit, flowers and honey seems to be nearly universal from Native Americans to European colonists. This full-faced appearance of the moon was both a time to celebrate the arrival of summer, and also a time to reflect on what had been accomplished so far in the year. Many Native American groups call this the Strawberry Moon as this marks the first arrival of this fresh fruit. Colonial America marked this celestial event as the Rose Moon, again, celebrating the blooms of color that would mark the warmth of summer.

Yet it is the Honey Moon that has carried the greatest cultural clout. June has become the time for lovers and marriage and the celebration of those nuptials now commonly referred to as the “honeymoon”. It is also fitting to note that mead, a honey based wine in northern Europe was also supposed to be used to mark the period before the vows were shared. Hence the name Mead Moon is also referenced to Luna’s June arrival. The obvious connections of roses, marriage, celebrations, and, yes, alcoholic beverage consumption to the June full moon certainly frame our modern day picture of weddings and Honey Moons.

This particular astral arrival must be viewed with a different, more sober light however. With Mercury’s impact on communications and connections, ruptures, both personal and global, are more likely than rapture and the weather and the oceans may have an unexpected impact on financial decisions. Oil and gas, too, may feel the points of Neptune’s trident as matters continue to froth as the oceans do at high tide.

Combine all this with the psychical energy generated by the arrival of a Friday the 13th and the stage may be set for some dramatic events. The Bard did have the right of it, however:

“The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in our stars,
But in ourselves”

Go well.

Lou Raedwulfe

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Astrology - Gemini

Aries – Relationships with others may be pushing your buttons this week. There is a good measure of “don’t tell me what to do” in the mix. Financial obligations demand continued patience. Do what you can to simplify and cut expenses. Simple pleasures close to home can help calm any frayed nerves. It’s a positive time for getting in touch with family far away and also making travel plans.

Taurus – Less is more this week. Focus on unfinished business. It’s a great time to go through your house and give way or sell what you no longer use. Someone you love may have trouble talking about old hurts. Your kindness can draw them out. Those born near May 8 may be reconsidering an old love interest or pet project.

Gemini – Your hopes and dreams about your children or your mate may be of particular focus. If you have a sweetheart, do something special that honors the intimacy you share. It’s important to make choices that reflect your family’s own unique values and interests. Friday’s Full Moon brings many things to completion, especially for those having a birthday this week.

Cancer – This week’s Full Moon encourages following your natural curiosity and expanding your horizons. Hard work and attention to detail make you a winner. Those born near July 15 are under a lucky star. Be alert and embrace any opportunity that comes your way. This is a time for celebration; this is a time for gratitude and joy.

Leo – What an adventurous week this can be! Friends, children, lovers, and just people you meet on the street seem to carry important lessons. You may begin to reconsider the plans you have made in light of recent changes. Don’t be afraid to expand your horizons and follow your heart. The home front demands patience in the face of unfinished business. Do what you can to keep things simple.

Virgo – Events this week are building to a crossroads, especially for those born near September 15. Questions about those things that make you feel most secure and your place in the world are up for analysis. It may not yet be easy to talk about all that you are feeling. Be prepared to consider an expanded definition of home and family.

Libra – What you want to do may continue to be at odds with the powers that be or the situations you continue to work through. Conserve and protect your resources. Be open to innovative suggestions from partners or mentors. Travel and training can help you improve your current situation. It’s an ideal time for mixing with as wide a variety of people as possible.

Scorpio – You may find it difficult to speak your mind to a partner or mate. The more you can express your feelings, the less chance of an unfortunate reaction to seemingly insignificant events. Some financial issues are coming to maturity. The more clear you are about what you really value, the better choices you will make. Family gatherings can be great fun.

Sagittarius – Friday’s full moon in your sign makes this a particularly powerful week. Many things you have been involved are coming to maturity. It’s important to trust your feelings. Family financial concerns will enjoy wave of positive opportunity, particularly for those born near December 15. You have the potential for making a big splash socially. Dress your best and let people see you!

Capricorn – It’s easy to become scattered. You may be pulled in several directions at once, trying to be all things to all people. Do what you can to keep things simple. Those born January 8-15 are under an especially positive energy that supports creativity, relationships, and carefully reconsidering long-term goals. Surrender what isn’t working and move forward with confidence.

Aquarius – Family and work responsibilities continue to demand patience and a willingness to revisit old ground. You may be thinking about a change of residence, or simply making changes to the way things are done around the house. It’s a positive week to spend more time talking with your sweetheart about where you have been and where things are going.

Pisces – Many, especially those born near March 13 will have reached a crossroads concerning parents, career, or living situation. Decisions you make now will work out best if you trust your heart and keep everyone’s welfare in mind. IF born near March 8, be open to revisiting old hurts with greater willingness to be honest about your feelings.

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Astrology - Gemini

ARIES The concern that you have about how others view you, especially at work/school could lead you take on responsibilities that really aren’t yours. The challenge mid-week is to clearly understand what your role is and to be more demanding (but tactful) about what you want to achieve. You can be a contributing member of the group without sacrificing your own unique and important identity.

TAURUS An old emotional ghost comes back to haunt you this week. While you really didn’t want to look behind the proverbial curtain before, this time you need to look into the mirror within and face the truth that you will find there. The important lesson to that you will discover by the end of the week is to forgive yourself for what you’ve viewed as a failure. In truth, it was the only choice to make. Karma supported it then and now.

GEMINI Right from the outset, you feel emotionally bogged down this week. Relationships, particularly close and/or romantic ones, seem to leave you feeling drained although you aren’t able to put your finger on exactly why. The best way forward is to reexamine your priorities to make certain that those that are most important are handled first. This should help you “unclog” and reconnect heart, mind and spirit.

CANCER Over-extending yourself both in terms of resources and energy will make progress in the near term a bit of a challenge. Making snap decisions or indulging the whims of others without considering the consequences muddy the waters mid-week. Your adaptability and intuitive skills could make this a very profitable time as long as you are able to keep in balance and remember to pay your good fortune forward.

LEO Your gift of gab could get the better of you this week particularly where business or career matters are involved. At the start of this period, style trumps substance and could place you into the uncomfortable possession of having to acknowledge that you might not be able to do complete everything you that you thought you could in the time frame you believed in. Listen more, speak less and things should start to clear up.

VIRGO This promises to be a difficult week where domestic/romantic matters are involved. That inner restlessness you’ve been feeling finally bubbles to the surface and could cause some arguments during the middle of the week. The question that needs to be answered is what the true origin of these feelings is. Once you are able to answer that honestly, you can begin to work on finding internal and external solutions.

LIBRA Love and romance are out of balance and this week presents the chance to bring things back in alignment. While relationships do require effort to keep them alive, forgetting (or ignoring) the fact that being in love should also be pleasurable should not be ignored. Tapping into your emotional creativity late in the week, you can rediscover (or find) that “magic” that is needed. Yes, you CAN make loving fun.

SCORPIO There is a general feeling of dissatisfaction in the realm of work/career this week. Much of this results from a lack of faith in yourself and life in general. In spite of these feelings, this can be a period of positive accomplish. Mid-week the key is to look for pleasure in the simple things first. In a real sense, this is a spiritual return to being more “you” and remembering that karma can, and does, work for the best. So let it.

SAGITTARIUS You find that partnerships-especially those involving any kind of long term commitment –are making you feel creatively restricted this week. At the beginning of these seven days, a long standing arrangement will need a reevaluation and, possibly, a change or conclusion of this direction. This is not a time to expect cooperation from external sources-keeping your own counsel will serve you best.

CAPRICORN A financial situation with roots in the past comes to life again this week. This may require some investigation on your part during the middle of the week to fully get a grasp on what needs to be done. What seems like an obstacle may actually be a chance to take a different path. Don’t be afraid to consider the possibility that this may be the moment to reinvent yourself. Karma is funny like that-but it’s never wrong.

AQUARIUS Family natters, large and small, will be featured throughout the week. Even though there is liable to be lots of superficial distractions at the early start of the week, you will be able to concentrate on the important matters. You are in the right place at the right time. The key is to use your intuitive gifts to identify how best to use this fortuitous position. There may a passionate interlude in on the horizon so be ready for it.

PISCES It seems like there is a cloud overhead where work/school is involved. As a result of this negative outlook, you tend to be rather abrupt with others. It seems that you’re taking two steps back for every step forward. Keep the practical considerations of the current situation in mind and realize that sometimes positive accomplishment does grind to a halt. Review things by week end and see where you stand.

Last week’s horoscopes by Lou, June 1-7, 2014.

Next week’s horoscopes by Lou, June 15-21, 2014.

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Astrology - Gemini

Confrontations about what you are doing will benefit from a practical and analytical approach. Less is more this week. Spend more time working with what you have already begun. Simple solutions and simple pleasures are best. You are in a strong position to make a big splash with creative or romantic interests.

Certain challenges are likely to push you out of your comfort zone. Money worries can undermine your confidence or serenity. Things will have a way of working in your favor. You’ll feel better if you share your feelings. The April born enjoy a wave of positive energy supporting your plans and interests. This is a good time to look for work. Don’t be afraid to share your ideas.

You may feel pulled in a number of directions at once: especially if your birthday is this week. Mixing with friends and creative projects can help you ignore any vague fears that undermine your confidence. It’s best to avoid impulsive purchases. Hardworking friends with a proven record of reliability can be your best advisors.

You may be feel you have to do something you don’t want to just to keep the peace. Trust your intuition. Your inner voice is giving you good advice. Pleasures, children, or a pet project may end up being more expensive than you expect. Look for ways to recycle or use found objects.

Family responsibilities may require extra expense or some personal sacrifice. This can see you feeling unusually moody. The urge is to continue to break free and fly above ordinary reality. This can leave you with the stress of unfinished business at home. Pay close attention to the little details concerning any joint finances or shared resources.

Focus on getting things done around the house. There is the potential for making helpful new contacts that will support your status in the community or personal career interests. Be especially sensitive to your partner’s feelings. A lack of diplomacy can create unnecessary confusion. The August born will find opportunities for travel and self-promotion.

Self-talk can create all kinds of problems. Don’t allow nagging little fears or insecurity to dominate your agenda. Resentment or jealousy will not help. It’s a complex time for everyone. Do your best and keep your sense of humor. Don’t make power struggles at home bigger than necessary. Network with friends to improve your perspective.

Some things are just unsettled right now. Continued patience in the face of frustration is really the wisest choice. There can be unexpected issues concerning your health or a job you have offered to do for others. Identify reasons to feel grateful for what you have. You can take charge by sharing your gratitude.

You might feel you are standing on the sidelines when all you want to do is jump in and play. You may also notice others around you may seem to be unusually stressed or confused. Do what you can to make your own environment more pleasant and welcoming. Accept invitations to go out with friends.

In the midst of the ongoing transformation in your life, you are likely to encounter both personal support and practical advice. Use this to further your current agenda. You are still building a foundation for a big push later in the year. Balance work and play. It’s a lucky time for having fun with children, sweethearts, or finishing creative projects.

You have permission to have fun! Helpful friends who share your skill set can be a source of inspiration. Consider inviting people in to share a meal. The lure of travel or a desire to market your inventions can undermine your intentions to save for the future. Keep things simple at home. Spend more time close to nature.

There may be something going on that really doesn’t seem fair. The February born may be experiencing a certain amount of what could be termed “psychic discomfort”. Take a step back from any high-energy drama. Simple, sensual, pleasures, quiet conversations, and people who feel like family will all contribute to your overall health and serenity.

Jeanne’s horoscopes for last week, May 25-31, 2014.

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Astrology - Gemini

ARIES Lovers, friends, and connections intertwine this week right from day one. A lover may decide that friendship is the better course and, conversely, you and a friend, even a casual one, may become intensely entangled in passion. The thing to keep in mind, however, is this may be timely for the moment but not necessarily a promise of a tomorrow. Hold on loosely, appreciate the gifts given and let the future reveal itself.

TAURUS Some old behavior patterns rise up and cause problems in the realm of finances this week. These past occurrences are the source of the insecurity that you have been dealing with recently. The challenge is to finally face these issues head on. You may just discover that they aren’t as daunting as you feared. By the end of the week a strategy will begin to make itself known. It won’t be easy but it can be done.

GEMINI There is a sense that things have ground to a halt where work/finances are concerned. At the start of the week this sense of restlessness and frustration makes concentration difficult. The desire to break away from your current routine is strong and could result in you making a move that is premature at best. It is important to keep the lines of communication open now in order to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

CANCER Your immediate environment and those in it are particularly important this week. Discovering what truly has value and what is merely window dressing make developing a long term plan to maximize security from both financial and monetary perspectives. Later in the week, you are reminded that there are no short cuts on the karmic path. Measure you steps and enjoy the journey. That is the purpose now.

LEO The power of persuasion is a potent force especially where love and romance are involved. Your love of the dramatic and a good sense of timing can go a long way towards making that connection you’ve been hoping for. Mid-week what you don’t say could be even more important that what you do say. Don’t be so fixed on your point of view as to ignore timely advice or hints. Little things do matter now more than you know.

VIRGO Practical idealism mixed with intuitive knowledge will serve you well right from the start of the week where material matters are involved. The key to using this energy is not to obsess over insignificant details but to keep your focus on the larger picture. You have all the tools you need to make the changes that are needed now. Close family members may provide unique perspectives, even if they aren’t conscious that they are.

LIBRA Trying to maximize your creativity in work/school situations is particularly challenging as it may mean actively working with others to in order achieve this goal. This is not a time to put your ego ahead of teamwork even thought that runs counter to your usual method of problem solving. By the end of the week you will see positive results that, in the longer sense, will help you move down your karmic path.

SCORPIO Emotional red tape tangles you p at the start of the week. The true challenge is to avoid treating romantic and personal matters like they were work/business. Being serious and committed doesn’t mean that you have to disconnect your emotions from the situation. Using your feelings as a tool to look beneath the surface of these issues can help unravel the mysteries that are causing strife.

SAGITTARIUS This week’s focus is on external relationships. The line between competitors and allies gets blurred and, at the start of things, you feel the need to consolidate or take back control. Fortunately you never lose sight of your personal code of ethics and that makes getting cooperation from associates and casual business acquaintances much easier. Keep your options open – there’s no rush to commit now.

CAPRICORN Relationship issues must be faced now. You can no longer ignore the situation as much as you would like to. There may be an ending this week, particularly during the middle part. Rather than reacting with anger, accept (even if grudgingly) that this is all part of what has been and what is coming to be and not that which abides. Time and karma are in play now. Take a deep breath and go with the tides.

AQUARIUS Money matters involving projects with other people are the focus this week. Having an inflated or unrealistic expectation at the beginning of the week can leave you vulnerable to disappointment and disillusionment. At the same time, inspiration for a new path may accompany all this seeming negativity. Use this insight to creatively visualize the outcome you desire. If you can see it, you can be it.

PISCES There is real confusion between wants and needs in romantic relationships this week. You have this ideal of what characteristics your “perfect match” should have but they may not be grounded in reality. Early on, there is a risk of overlooking something/someone that could provide the answers you are seeking. There are no perfect people-but there can be matches that are a perfect karmic blend.

Lou’s horoscopes for last week May 25-31, 2014.

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Astrology - Gemini

ARIES Unexpected or unusual connections promise to make this an interesting seven days. There are immediate career/financial benefits from these encounters however, care must be taken not to push your position too hard as this could cause unnecessary conflicts mid-week. The associations made now may end as rapidly as they begin; this is part of a larger karmic cycle. You will encounter them again in the near future.

TAURUS Your emotions are all over the karmic map this week. Trying to focus on an ongoing financial matter only seems to complicate things. Communication stumbles during the latter part of the week have you second guessing your judgment. What is called for now is a tactical retreat until your feelings settle. This should not be viewed as a defeat, however, but a chance for your spirit to again find solid ground.

GEMINI Emotional and romantic issues that have been festering for a while can finally be resolved this week. Right from the outset, you find yourself feeling much more connected to those closest to you with an increased level of sensitivity. In spite of this energy, there is still some ambiguity as to the correct course of action. The key is to remember you have plenty of time to put things back into balance. No need to rush.

CANCER Financial gains are likely this week if you are willing to make the decisions necessary to further your growth. This doesn’t mean change just for the sake of change but, rather a considered course of action. Mid-week you may be faced with taking responsibility for a project that you are uncertain about. This is all part of adopting a new way of thinking that will align with the path that karma has set out for you.

LEO There’s a stubborn streak where money is involved that makes you somewhat difficult to deal with this week. A recent decision concerning spending is set in stone, at least from your perspective. This could cause a conflict with a family member or close associate mid-week. The key may be in examining how you are expressing your views rather than their content. Remember the old saying about flies and honey.

VIRGO Getting back to basics, both in terms personal relationships and in self-awareness, is important this week. Recently, events have left you somewhat disconnected from those fundamentals that are cornerstones of who you are and who you want to become. Later in the week, a romantic partner or someone who could become one reminds you that nurturing is a two-way street. Take the lesson to heart.

LIBRA A change of plans where love and romance is involved could lead to some poor decision making early on. This is not a time to be playing games or giving the impression that you aren’t taking things seriously. Don’t trust technology as this could come back to haunt you in ways that you couldn’t foresee. Remember that the “green grass” on the other side could conceal an emotional morass that could leave you stuck.

SCORPIO Heavy emphasis on works and schedules is putting you under a lot of stress that could impact your health especially during the middle of the week. Trying to compare your efforts to what you think others are doing can be counter-productive and distracting since you tend to be your own worst critic. The key is to maintain your practical approach to problem solving and remain comfortable in your process. It works.

SAGITTARIUS Feeling hemmed in by a business relationship or agreement is causing you to rethink your involvement this week. Keep in mind that relationships and commitments in the external world are a reflection of your internal perspective on sharing control. During the later part of these seven days you will need cooperation from others who may need to be persuaded to give it. Tact is a powerful tool now.

CAPRICORN Carefully made plans come unraveled quickly at the start of the week. Lots of emotional energy, yours and others, makes trying to navigate a course a real challenge. Work/school issues seem to top the list although romantic problems aren’t far behind. What may be required is a reset or reinvention of an existing plan or course of action. Transformation is never easy but often timely. This is one of those moments.

AQUARIUS A week for exploration particularly where love and romance is involved. You get inspiration from an unlikely source early in the week that prompts you to seek out the new and unusual. If you are in a relationship this could mean going on an adventure with your partner. If you are looking for a connection, a trip (mental or physical) this may lead you to the destination that heart, mind and body are all seeking.

PISCES Making career/school/work decisions is a real challenge right from the start of the week. You have lots of ideas but not clear concept of how to move from the drawing board to reality. The key is to try and balance your natural idealism with some practicality. Ultimately you will need to take ownership of your dreams and the ways and means to make them happen. Listen to the inner spirit and heed the advice you find.

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Astrology - Gemini

Aries – This is likely to be a busy week. You may feel especially restless or be on the move more than usual. Pay close attention to the day-to-day communication you have with others. Take time to really listen to what other people are saying. Sometimes the most important truth lies in what is NOT said. Self-confidence and asking for what you want can put you on the winning side in financial negotiations.

Taurus – This week is ideal for making personal and financial resolutions. Think more about what matters most to you. Wanting to be secure is important, but does this limit what you believe is possible? Venus enters your sign on Thursday, marking a very positive shift in the energy. You are likely to feel more social, more relaxed, and cooperative. Have fun, do more of the things you most enjoy.

Gemini – Wednesday’s new moon is the perfect time for any fresh start, especially if your birthday is this week. Parties and play dates will see you shine. Many will be feeling a little confused or insecure, especially where your career or reputation is concerned. It may be difficult to choose between multiple options. The only standards you need to measure up to are your own.

Cancer – As much as you might like to throw yourself into something new, you can expect to be in a holding pattern until mid-July. This is the best time for getting things organized around the house. Any unfinished family business can be talked out. Brothers and sisters may be more helpful than you expect.

Leo – This new moon can bring a burst of creative energy that supports any team effort and your own long-term goals as well. It’s a good time to reconsider your current plans and resolutions. Be open to making adjustments to whatever is not serving your purposes. Social gatherings and casual conversations can bring new friends and potential opportunities.

Virgo – You may experience some stress with people who hold positions of authority. Any conflicts you have now will benefit from patience and determination. You may see some new things to do just on horizon. For now, work to finish what you have already started. The August born have special permission to do more of the things you most enjoy. Schedule more time for creative projects.

Libra – It’s a high-energy week. Arguments and accidents are possible but can be avoided if you know you are prone to impulsiveness. For many, things begin to balance out in a way that is more than welcome after all the challenges of the past year. Disappointments hold the potential for making a fresh start. Don’t blame yourself for past missteps. Study, travel, and making new contacts will improve your perspective.

Scorpio – How are your personal finances? Are you giving enough time and attention to the things that make you feel most stable and secure? Have the confidence to stand up for what you value. To best cope with the challenges you face, first look within. Your dark clouds do have a silver lining. Spend time walking close to nature. Those born near November 11 need continued patience.

Sagittarius – Some choices aren’t working out and others are coming to fruition. Having a “know it all” attitude can trigger unnecessary complications. Pay attention to the feedback you get from others. A feeling of uncertainty can have you second-guessing yourself, especially for those born near November 30. It’s no time to take risks. Take good care of yourself and do your best to get lots of uninterrupted sleep.

Capricorn – Being on the front lines of personal and collective transformation can be exhausting. Don’t expect a break any time soon. You may encounter someone who pushes you to do some soul searching. If this combines with a focus on shared resources, all the better. Keep your promises to yourself and others. Simple pleasures or focusing on your love life will keep you energized and moving in the right direction.

Aquarius – Shake off any doldrums, pull out all the stops and have a good time! Say yes to any invitation to get out with friends. It’s an ideal for running around with friends or making a romantic connection. Those near January 28 can experience a wave of love, creativity and appreciation for your ideas. The limitations those born the first week of February now face require continued patience.

Pisces – A very benign energy creates a positive flow in your life. Projects concerning your home or community are a great area to focus both practical and creative interests. Your relationship with any children in your life should continue to improve. Plan family gatherings or pleasure trips. What you learn now and the positive relationships you are developing will help you build a better foundation for the future.

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Astrology - Gemini

As the second quarter of 2014 draws to a close with the astrological month of the Twins, Gemini, communications become confounded. As a result continued fractures in an already tenuous world situation may resonate down to the personal level impacting matters of the heart and finances.
While the first week of Gemini is relatively benign, with the possible exception of some meteorological issues, the action really picks up around June 1 leading up to the second Mercury retrograde of the year o June 7.

Some of the recent mining disasters like Turkey and W. Virginia, and ocean related problems like the S. Korean ferry like the Bangladesh ferry, may well be precursors of the upcoming Neptune retrograde, the Sea King and after the Mercury retrograde beginning on June 7 (plus or minus 5 days). While retrogrades can have a “preview” impact, the Neptune’s reach seems to be magnified now possibly as a result of the Grand Cardinal Cross that occurred on April 23.

Lots of noise from the usual talking heads may obscure truths that could dramatically shift the dynamics in world financial markets. Expect contradictory statements without any real substance that will serve only to add emotional fuel to the fires that are burning. Hurricane season is likely to start early and often. Other weather issues could stretch already thin resources to the breaking point.

Neptune’s influence may also be felt in the form of a major gas/oil disaster. The recent “minor” issues involving pipelines and railcars during the last couple of months illustrate the “preview” aspect discussed above. There is a political element involving the ocean(s) that could erupt due to the Neptune and Mercury retrograde combination. Talk may be cheap but the cost of an off-the-cuff comment may be more expensive that anyone might imagine.
The full moon of Gemini that occurs on June 13 is known as the Strawberry, Mead or Honey Moon (and yes, that is where the martial celebration comes from). This lluminates the frailty of relationships on a personal level.The external spiritual tensions on the world stage do impact our most personal and intimate interactions, even if we aren’t aware of it. Care needs to be taken to make certain that mixed signals don’t result in emotional collisions.

Power, political and electrical, also seem to be hitting critical mass as the Summer Solstice arrives on of June 21 marking the end of the Twins’ month. An unexpected blackout on the East or Southeast may catch everyone off guard. At the same time, a leader may decide it’s time to leave the scene and abruptly exit stage left (no political reference meant as stage right could just as easily be chosen). This could be the last month before a long, hot season. Look beyond the superficial and listen to that still small voice within.

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