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Astrology - Leo

ARIES Romantic independence can lead to passionate entanglements all week long. The need to feel emotionally free could cause you to pull back from a seemingly stable relationship to see what is beyond the horizon. Unconventional encounters appeal to you including some that have an element of risk. Caution needs to be taken later in the week not to get into situations that are more than they seem. There is always a cost.

TAURUS There is a strong desire to work towards a long term career or life goal this week. How you present yourself is more important than you realize. Allow your artistic side to come to the fore. As the end of the week approaches, how you handle authority, both using it and delegating it, is both a challenge and a karmic test that will help shape your path. You have the inner fortitude to make this task look easier than it is.

GEMINI Personal connections are more important than ever this week. You have the sense that you are different than the norm and, in a karmic sense, you are right. This individuality can play an important role in making a romantic wish come true. Mid-week a group event that could be work related, may be the catalyst that your heart has been longing for. Make certain that reality isn’t totally ignored as it plays an important part.

CANCER Financial issues combined with a lack of focus will make this a difficult week right from the beginning. You’d rather not be bothered with the details, but that is precisely where you will need to look. Wishing that things will just magically resolve is not going to help. Rather than shut off lines of communication, reaching out to those who can look at things less emotionally may provide the information you need now.

LEO This is a great week to advance in the realm of finances and career. Lots of energy and focus but, at times, these dynamic forces may be a bit difficult to control. Mid-week you may discover that you’ve taken on more projects than you should. Fortunately, your emotional and spiritual vitality will help get you through until time becomes more manageable. Start focusing on the long term and making the preparations to get there.

VIRGO Money matters are your focus right from the start this week. As careful as you try to be in allocating your resources, there is a real risk that trying to cut corners and save pennies could actually cost you more than you thought. At the same time, it is important that you don’t become so money-centric that you overlook a personal situation that has the potential to cause some emotional havoc when you least need it.

LIBRA Trying to “fit in” where work or school is involved is going to be a difficult chore this week. As these seven days begin, there is a growing sense of impatience that everything needs to be done “first thing yesterday” that translates into possible communications conflicts with associates. Whether you like it or not, this is a time that teamwork does matter. Share the load and everyone will get the benefits.

SCORPIO Domestic concerns, especially those involving finances are going to take a lot of energy to work through this week. Having to actually say “no” could be a lot harder than you might have thought. The important thing to remember is that sound judgment has to trump emotional responses in order to keep everything in balance. By the end of the week you will see some positive return of your efforts and you can relax a little.

SAGITTARIUS There is a real desire to take some time off and play this week. This is more important than you may realize as the stress that you’ve been under for the last few weeks has taken more of a toll than you realize. Mid-week your creative energy starts to return and help you come up with some fresh ideas for advancing your agenda on the business/career front. Use the will that you have funded to make things happen.

CAPRICORN Dealing with work/financial issues to the total exclusion of all else makes the start of the week intense and troubling. Relationships in this realm are magnified and the interactions that surround them could lead to power struggles and the desire to act first and think later. This is an “all-or-nothing” time that could yield some tremendous gains or losses. Pay attention to those “alarm bells” and move cautiously.

AQUARIUS Defining your role in your romantic relationship is difficult now. You insist on your independence while, at the same time, keeping a close watch on your partner. This “my way or the highway” approach is extremely detrimental to both of you and could cause everything to collapse by the end of the week. The key is to remember that sharing control isn’t weakness, it is trust; something you need to rediscover inside.

PISCES Romantic situations are definitely cloudy this week. A sudden collapse or radical change in an existing relationship at the start of these seven days takes you by surprise. What is needed now is to examine whether your energy and emotions are being directed in an unrealistic fashion. Keep your intuitive sensitivities front and center in order to determine truth from delusion. Hold off on final decisions at this time.

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Astrology - Leo

Aries – Love is in the air! Trust your intuition. This is a positive time for sharing creative projects, having fun, and making things more beautiful close to home. The March born especially will find opportunities in all these areas. Those born near April 5-6 are challenged to focus carefully on shared resources and courageously uncovering even difficult emotional truths. Friends can be especially helpful.

Taurus – Pay close attention to the feedback you get from others, and most particularly mentors and partners. Expect to get a lot done close to home that will be both fun and rewarding. This does not mean you will not encounter a certain amount of push-back from family members. Casual conversations can spark confrontations over who is boss. Speak up protecting the interests of your family and community.

Gemini – Personal and family finances can be a both a challenge and an opportunity. This is a great time to explore your roots or the history of where you live. The energy supports improving relationships with brothers and sisters: possibly a fresh start. Take time to consider how relationships within your family have impacted your sense of self-esteem. Be open to any sincere appreciation that comes your way.

Cancer – This week brings a window of opportunity. Trust you have all you need to make lemonade out of lemons. Your gift for nurturing and protecting home and family gets a boost of creative energy, informed and powered by your faith in yourself and also powers beyond and above human understanding. Doing things closest to your heart will reveal growing opportunities to make money and secure your future.

Leo – Ta Da! The Sun and Jupiter in your sign promises the start of a memorable, positive, joyful season of opportunity and fun. Share with confidence anything that inspires your enthusiasm. Conflicts at home should not be allowed to deteriorate into negative sparing. What you are seeking is creative transformation. Creative projects, children, and sweethearts will expand your horizons.

Virgo – The week begins with a call to do a thorough house cleaning. You have the potential to work with your family and community in pursuit of an ideal situation that works for everyone. Be very sensitive to the feelings and dreams of those closest to you. Having the courage to talk things out opens doors for creative transformation. There is more going on right now than you imagine.

Libra – A positive flow supports career interests and your role as a leader in your family or community. The potential for sudden shifts of fortune demands a flexible, proactive, and ultimately trusting approach. Certain legal or relationship concerns need the courage of your convictions and patience to recover old ground. Creative friends and groups whose interests make you happy will be sources of opportunity, support, and inspiration.

Scorpio – Action lead by intuition will be rewarded. “Family values” is not a cliché, but rather a compass for making choices about the future. It’s a good time for family travel. You can be rolling out your feisty side, but ultimately this will be for the good. The October born are moving into a position to find new creative or career opportunities. This can include positive public recognition.

Sagittarius – These are happy days. The November born can expect the first wave of opportunity in a season encouraging simple pleasures and creative inspiration. If you’ve wanted to travel, gain higher-level training, broadcast your ideas or creative efforts, now is the time. People will be listening. Personal and family finances can be stabilized through a combination of research, family support, and expert advice.

Capricorn – Longstanding visions of the relationship, family or community you would like to have are now within your grasp. There is still a great deal of review and revision in the mix so be patient. Do your homework if interested in a grant, loan, or joint financial venture. Things are flowing in your favor now. Some frustrating emotional situations at last begin to ease.

Aquarius – Finally! Certain delays and roadblocks influencing your career begin to ease. The sun shines bright on all forms of partnership and social interaction. Seek out wise teachers and creative mentors. The January born can move forward with confidence concerning any legal matter. This is a very positive time to reconsider your diet and family history in relationship to your health. Changes made now have lasting consequences.

Pisces – You’re in the zone now to make positive adjustments to potentially transform your future. Certain roadblocks concerning travel, training, or a thwarted desire to do more in any area, at last begin to ease. It’s a rewarding time to focus on the homes, meals, or family interests of children and sweethearts. You’ll attract significant opportunities through creative service to others and doing something you most enjoy.

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Astrology - Leo

ARIES There is a strong streak of pessimism this week that is going to make any forward progress where career/financial matters are involved. You are more than ready to fight for your place in the sun but this kind of aggressive approach may be counter-productive. Later in the week you may need to dial it back a bit and choose contemplation over confrontation. There is information there that you need to discover.

TAURUS A renewed interest in group activities especially those that may involve work/school are front and center at the start of the week. There is a hidden potential for important social or external gains at this time that are best achieved by working with others. Remember that dreams DO matter and that, by helping others work towards achieving their dreams, you are paying it forward to help make your own come true.

GEMINI Lots of mental tension this week. You have become the unwitting recipient of some damaging information that could hurt a close friend or relative. Mid-week the decision on whether or not to reveal this knowledge becomes urgent. Like it or not, this is not something that you can hide from. The key is to look within to answer the question: What is the greater harm? The response from spirit will guide your path.

CANCER Romantic enthusiasm abounds during these seven days. With all that passion, you are literally wearing your heart on your sleeve. However you could be over-estimating your position and what you think should be happening as opposed to the reality of things. These waters are deeper than you think and jumping in without considering the depth could be costly on several levels. Impatience is your enemy now.

LEO There is an insecurity that is preying on your self-esteem this week particularly where love and romance are concerned. It seems that recent material events have you doubting your ability to find the romantic connection you want so desperately. Keep in mind that your worth is not measured by the size of your wallet but the size of your heart. The end of the week will prove this karmic truth to you in dramatic fashion.

VIRGO Over analyzing situations involving close personal relationships could make this an uneven week. Disconnecting or ignoring intuitive insight may make you appear to be emotionally inconsistent, impulsive or extreme mid-week, even if that is not truly the case. Yet this focused energy can be a positive force if you are willing to make the effort to direct it. Listen to the voice within and allow yourself to rediscover your karmic path.

LIBRA Romantic entanglements are going to make this a difficult week right from the start. Passions and affections seem to have cooled and there is an emotional distance that is shaking your confidence and building on your level of anxiety about where things are going and what is your role in this situation. You cannot make your influence felt now so let feelings become more settled before making a decision you could regret.

SCORPIO This week could find you sweeping someone off their feet-or being swept off yours by them. What starts as a playful flirtation could burst into a blaze of passion. Mid-week it comes down to a question of risk versus reward and love versus lust. Play the game and see where it goes. Just remember that there are always karmic consequences –good or bad-in our choices and emotions are a powerful coin to spend.

SAGITTARIUS Getting to the bottom of things, especially where money/business finances are involved, is almost an obsession this week. The start of the week finds you really “dialed in” emotionally which is good as you will need this focus in order to untangle some of the knots you discover. The key is to keep a dispassionate perspective (not an easy task) as this will help keep out the clutter and let you get things done.

CAPRICORN Time to get things out in the open. There are some long simmering issues that need to see the light of day. Early on you discover that there has been a kind of power struggle going on in a romantic situation. As a result, the two of you have actually been opponents rather than partners. Facing the problem now can bring a resolution. Regardless of the outcome, this is the time to bring this stress to an end.

AQUARIUS Just when you those financial ends could finally meet, something moves the ends and you are thrust into uncharted waters. The middle of the week could be especially stormy. This is a time to truly examine your own motivations for recent actions. Are you placing your own wants before others’ needs? The answer to this may startle you awake. Remember that easy fixes aren’t always the best ones to choose.

PISCES Boredom with your current work situation has reached a peak and the desire to go in search of something different is strong. Not everyone close to you is supportive of this decision, however. It is important to remember that you cannot force your philosophy on others; the best you can hope for is that a measure of understanding can be reached. This is a true karmic moment-believe in your path and follow it.

Lou’s horoscopes last week, July 13-19.

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Astrology - Leo

Aries – Outward circumstances support creativity and personal empowerment. Be prepared for continued challenge and compromise with others. Trust this is ultimately for the best. Some stubborn financial challenges or a stressful emotional issue begins to ease. You’re on the down side of some transformative experiences that have not always been easy. Identify what brings a sense of joy and invite your inner child to come out and play.

Taurus – Expect happy times in the neighborhood or running around with family. An expansive and lucky period brings potential opportunities across a wide area of interests. This includes your relationship with a parent, home improvements, personal history, food preparation, or anything that makes you feel more safe and secure. It’s likely events will continue to push you out of your comfort zone. Trust this is all to the good.

Gemini – Focus on making necessary changes to feel more at home in your own skin. This can mean standing firm in a confrontation over who is boss. Set clear boundaries. This is no time to allow externals to fuel doubts about your ability to make your dreams come true. Those born after June 15 can be lucky in love or make a big splash socially sharing creative interests.

Cancer – There is a sense of sweetness and good feeling just being around family. It’s possible to have fun and feel hopeful, even in the midst of a major transformation. Faith, and a willingness to be ruthlessly honest with yourself, become powerful tools to help shape your future. Relationships are challenging and you may be feeling particularly rebellious or frustrated. You decide. You take steps to make things happen.

Leo – Events in your life support a growing sense of sense of expansiveness and well being. You will be discovering opportunities for both personal recognition and achieving ambitious goals. For now, relationships can be stressful, and confrontations not easily avoided. Some stubborn issues concerning home or family begin to show signs of progress. Saturday’s New Moon is a powerful and lucky day for a resolution or any new beginning.

Virgo – Positive energy radiates from friends, family, and your community. You might be challenged to step up and better organize a practical expression for your most creative dreams. Some long standing problem or concern begin to open up in a big way. Trust the process. Saturday’s New Moon brings a burst of good fortune and optimism that impacts home, family, or your dreams for the future.

Libra – Circumstances begin to allow greater freedom of choice and more permission to follow your heart. Financially things may begin to ease. Feel confident about your choices. On Saturday, especially for those born near September 23, an era of good feeling and a sense of renewed possibility about the future begins. Write down some ambitious goals. Post these where you see them daily.

Scorpio – After a long season of two steps forward and three steps back, a sense of renewal and real breakthrough is possible. A very positive energy brings the potential to make important changes concerning home or family. Managing resources in order to feel safer and more secure is important. Challenges on the job may open the door to doing more of what you truly enjoy.

Sagittarius – You love travel and adventure. Things begin to line up in your favor. For the next year, expect amazing opportunities to expand your horizons and do more of the things you love. Be confident and market your creative ideas. Financial concerns benefit from a thoughtful, practical, and well researched approach. Especially for the November-born, resolutions made under Saturday’s New Moon, are likely to bring lasting benefits.

Capricorn – The world is facilitating your intentions in a big way. Do not be undermined by challenges to your authority. Stay organized and continue to make the care and well being of others a priority along your path to success. Any long term plans, for which you have done your homework and laid a good foundation, will at last begin to show results. Saturday is your day for passionate romance.

Aquarius – Breathe a big sigh of relief! The frustrations of the last six months will begin to fade. This week also begins a year that is fabulous for marriage, creative partnerships, finding helpful mentors, and just generally discovering a sense of romance, joy, and wonder in close relationships. Get started! Go out and have fun with people you admire. Legal matters will move in your favor.

Pisces – Look for ways to be of service to others and have fun in the process. Creative cooking projects, campouts with children, or taking steps to make loved ones more safe and secure will see you shine. If you have ever wanted to learn more about healing, or develop a skill that will take years to master, this is great time to make that first step.

Jeanne’s horoscopes last week, July 13-19, 2014.

Jeanne’s horoscopes next week July 27 – August 2, 2014.

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Astrology - Leo

The heat of the summer continues to serve as a backdrop for financial, political and emotional fires as Leo 2014 arrives. The continuing impact of the Neptune Retrograde makes itself known in dramatic fashion as intense and bizarre meteorological events continue to plague the globe as a whole. Added to the Sea King’s rearward waltz, Uranus, planet of deviation, also goes retrograde right at the beginning of Leo, on July 21st.

Explosive emotions will make this a month of attractions, break-ups, and general emotional chaos. Even those relationships that appear on the surface as stable, will come under a lot of pressure from external and unexpected directions. That “innocent flirtation” may not be so innocent and could open some doors that are best left closed.

It seems that the proverbial “wheels on the bus” are no longer going “round and round” but, instead, are falling off and causing conflict, confusion and crises both on the global and the personal stages. A real concern is that an oil/gas/energy related issue could flare up, figuratively and/or literally in the early part of August that could have far reaching consequences. The earthquakes that have been popping up randomly recently may only be the opening act on a much larger event (earthquake or volcano) that could come roaring in during the month of the Lion.

The full moon of August 10 known as the Lightning or Dispute Full Moon, will add to the uneven energies at work now. This last full moon of the traditional summer season will illuminate some important and uncomfortable truths in relationships. Those emotional seeds that were planted at the start of summer are now ready for the harvest. Whether that harvest is bountiful or bitter remains to be seen.

Politically, the silly season seems to be in full force as one or more governments in central/southern Europe crumble under the weight of their own hubris. Lots of finger pointing, lots of “righteous indignation” and precious little constructive action. There is something going in the southern half of the East Coast (think Charlotte, S.C, or the Florida Panhandle) that bears watching. The period from August 8 through the 15 is particularly critical as the full moon, the retrogrades and the arrival of Lammas, also known as Lughnasadh, on August 1, reminds us that all of the seeds of turmoil that were sown early in the year are now on the verge of bearing some potent fruit that may leave more than just a bitter taste in the mouths and hearts of many.

Go Well.


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In case you missed it, the first Super Moon of 2014 was visible this weekend and still is. According to NASA scientists the moon appears almost 15% bigger than it usually does when it is full. It is also much brighter than normal and is the first Super Moon of this year.

Here is a video explaining this weekend’s Super Moon:

There are three Supermoons this summer.  The first was July 12, the second will be August 10, and the third will occur on September 9.  The scientific term for a Supermoon is called a Perigee moon. The moon has an oval shaped orbit around the earth and when the moon reaches its closest point to the earth in its orbit, it is called a Supermoon or Perigee moon.

When the moon is closest to the earth when traveling on its orbit, it is about 50,000 KL closer to the earth than when it is the on the furthest (Apogee) and opposite side of it’s journey around the earth.  It is really closer and therefore, brighter and appears much bigger because of it closest distance to us.  When full moons happen on the Perigee side of the moon’s orbit, the moon seems extra big and much brighter because it actually is.

Extreme high and low tides are often seen during a Supermoon. Major events are also associated with Supermoons such as Hurricane Katrina and the earthquake that occurred just off the coast of Japan in March 2011 damaging the nuclear plant at Fukushima.  Big earthquakes are also common plus-minus a few days of a Supermoon.  On July 11, 2014 a 6.5 earthquake struck just off the coast of Honshu, Japan in the same area that triggered the Tsunami causing loss of thousands of lives and severe damage along the east coast of Japan.

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Astrology - Cancer

ARIES Being in the spotlight, either where money or love is concerned, is not as important as the spiritual bigger picture this week. By the middle of this period you may have the answer to a very important question: Is what I want really what I need? The results may actually free you from some inner straitjacket that has been holding you back. Don’t try to force the issue, all things come in their time. Karma makes it so.

TAURUS Reconnecting with friends could be more important than you know this week. As focused as you’ve been on material matters, you may have been neglecting the more personal aspects of things. Believe it or not, this has been causing a bit of a spiritual drain. Set aside some time before the end of the week to send that email, make that call, or have a night out. The revitalization that results will amaze and restore you.

GEMINI Finances are your overriding concern now. A family member could be making demands that you are not in a position to meet. The real challenge will come in the middle of the week as your frustration reaches the boiling point. It is important that you keep your thoughts to yourself now. Sharing your feelings could result in additional emotional conflict that won’t help things. Find some quiet time now. You need it.

CANCER Information overload is a real issue at the start of the week. Misunderstandings in the realm of work/school are likely as your ego could interfere with your ability to function as part of the team. The key is to pay closer attention not only to what is being communicated but the context in which you receive it. Before beginning anything new, make sure that you’ve finished what you started, hard as that might be.

LEO There is a not so subtle shift in the financial winds this week. A project or potential additional source of income fails to materialize and, as a result, you discover that there is too much month left at the end of the money. Rather than collapse in on feelings of inadequacy, use the middle of the week to gather in your scattered focus. There are options available that may surprise. It is for you to discover what they are.

VIRGO Perceptions and practicality are entwined right from the start of the week. Trying to balance your time between the personal (relatives and/or close friends) and the professional (work/school) can be challenging. Remember that what is practical may not be perceived that way by those around you. This is a time when how you come across and communicate your thoughts can be more important than the content itself.

LIBRA An emotionally charged situation on the home front will have a far reaching impact this week. The energies released now underscore some basic needs that have been languishing for a quite a while. Some details that had been overlooked or ignored in the past now must faced and dealt with. By the end of the week a much clearer picture of what is required emerges. The question is: Are you ready to accept it?

SCORPIO The desire for change is a powerful force this week. The only problem is that all this energy lacks direction as to exactly who or what should be changed. Mid-week a risk is presented that seems irresistible, romantic or financial or both. Is taking it worth the “reward” or is this just for “the lovin’ of the game”? You need to find the answer to that question first. Still waters can be much deeper than you imagine.

SAGITTARIUS This could be a great week to make progress on the work front. The cloud that seems to have fogged things over is finally lifting and some real inspiration about how to get things done is coming to the fore. The only caution is not to through yourself so thoroughly into your projects that you neglect the “little” things like eating and sleeping. By the end of the week, you’ll be able to see the progress you’ve made.

CAPRICORN There is a real reluctance to commitment in relationships, both personal and otherwise this week. Right at the beginning, it seems that things are following an all too familiar pattern from the past that left you feeling used and burnt out. The real challenge is to not let past disappointments become present-day self-fulfilling prophecies. Be cautious but not closed. This could be a tough but necessary spiritual balancing act.

AQUARIUS Desires are difficult to manage now. As a result keeping emotional commitments, spiritually or physically, is going to be difficult this week. It’s not a question of willpower but, rather a question of “won’t” power, as in ‘I won’t be tempted by an intense attraction mid-week’. Turning everything into a battle of wills is a no-win scenario all round. Stay flexible and don’t become hooked on a fantasy.

PISCES Originality clashes with practicality where finances are concerned. The beginning of the week finds you so caught up in your own plans that you ignore some warning signs that could lead to a minor mishap. The desire to travel is very strong but, again, the timing may not be right and the chance for a wrong turn is high. The important thing to remember is that we must walk before we can hope to run.

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Astrology - Cancer

Aries – You are entering a long, and potentially fruitful year that gives you permission to trust your inner child and follow your heart. Creative breakthroughs of all kinds are on the way! A recent question about your work or place in the community may come to a highly emotional point where you see your choice to be true to yourself or make some very uncomfortable sacrifices.

Taurus – This is a great time for developing contacts and sharing interests close to home. Especially for the April born, family members will be more encouraging and supportive. Unfinished business, especially concerning legal and relationship issues is about to find a resolution. Most especially for those born near May 7, the seemingly endless wait for things to start moving in your favor is changing.

Gemini – Slightly risky adventures and doing more things you enjoy encourages optimism and confidence. Score big points with a child or love interest by paying attention to little details that make life for them more secure or comfortable. Expressing affection with food fits into this theme quite well. Those born mid-June will be wise to share more about what you need to feel appreciated or protected.

Cancer – You’ll experience a strong drive to get out socially. Working from home, or home improvement projects can be more stressful than you anticipate. At work, it’s important to be proactive in protecting your own interests. The June born will be especially sensitive to the emotional environments around you. There is a real potential for mutual healing around a long-standing family conflict.

Leo – It’s a powerful week to expand your network of support including contacts and venues to market your ideas. With little effort you’ll help others feel more secure and balanced. This Thursday, expansive and fortunate Jupiter enters Leo for a yearlong visit. Those born in July are the first to enjoy this optimism and positive potential. Good things will come your way. Believe it and reach out!

Virgo – Likely you’ll be considering how best to use your resources to help others feel more safe and nurtured. The more you get out socially, the more you’ll discover potential paths to improve your own life than the lives of those you love. Share more meals with friends and if you like to cook, invite people in for conversation and some quality eats.

Libra – You are about to enter a year long process promising fun with friends and holding the potential for creating an entirely new set of long term goals. Team building and making coworkers comfortable brings benefits. You may help someone move. Those born near October 18 are challenged to nurture themselves and others by creating beautiful, harmonious environments.

Scorpio – Get in touch with family far away. You can support others needing to break out of the usual routines or considering travel or educational opportunities. Be sure to reserve some down time to indulge your own favorite creature comforts. It’s the last of a long slow period of indecision and delay. Organize outstanding projects as the winds of change begin pushing you forward.

Sagittarius – A supportive Jupiter slowly, over the next year, brings significant opportunities to travel, market your ideas, or expand your horizons in any area of interest. Trust your heart in deciding what to do. Unresolved emotional issues, or longstanding restrictions begin to ease. Initiate family talks concerning shared resources or household expenses. You’re in a strong position to support friends looking for a more secure and sustainable life.

Capricorn – Conversations with the family and in domestic partnerships cannot be avoided. Be prepared to do things differently. The social aspect of your work is highlighted. You are in a position to identify ways to help coworkers feel more secure and supported at an emotional level. Changes you put in place now can have lasting positive repercussions. Creating harmony and balance supports your personal agenda.

Aquarius – That nailed to the floor feeling begins to ease. Put some effort into making things cleaner and more organized at home. Venues that combine food and brilliant ideas will see you shine. Jupiter’s entrance into Leo promises you a year long period of enjoyment and expanding opportunities concerning partners, legal matters, and finding creative mentors. This first wave of positive potential graces the January born until late September.

Pisces – It’s going to be increasingly easy to talk about your feelings. This is a wonderful time for family fun, creative projects at home, or snuggling with your sweetheart. A strong focus on shared resources can help you find cooperative ways to make everyone feel more safe and secure. Those born near March 6 will finally see progress in a situation that brought a frustrating lesson in patience.

Jeanne’s horoscopes last week July 6-12, 2014.

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Astrology - Cancer

There is a strong emphasis on communication this week. You and a partner can have terrific talks. This is a great time to say what you think about emotionally charged issues you tend to avoid. Saturday’s Full Moon will be an important date for those born near April 10. Be receptive to any challenges that come your way, especially from women in your life.

Speak up with confidence and expect to find a sympathetic audience. Garden projects and getting out to be of service in your neighborhood can take you to your happy place. This is a good time to consult experts on money management. Those born in mid-May are in a strong position to market ideas or travel for pleasure.

This can be a busy and very happy week. Those born June 8-14 can find a new love interest or enjoy a great deal of positive recognition for your creative efforts. Get out and have fun. What you have to say will be appreciated. Saturday’s Full Moon brings lessons about how best to use family resources to build a more secure future.

Any Full Moon can be intense, and this one puts a special emphasis on committed relationships. Those having a birthday this week are likely to be rather moody. Arguments can break out over what’s not fair at home. Create better balance between your needs and the needs of those you care about. Be fair to yourself as well as everyone else. Speak your mind before things deteriorate.

This is a great week for getting in touch with siblings, or planning parties with friends. Any travel that includes excitement and broadening your horizons is recommended. Be especially patient at home early in the week. Some limitations cannot be avoided. Saturday’s Full Moon promises opportunities and extra support for improving your health or getting organized around the house. You can shine getting involved in community service projects.

Compassion for the pain of simply being human will help you make lemonade out of those lemons life has handed you. Don’t sacrifice too much out of a misplaced sense of responsibility to the past. Those born in mid-September will encounter powerful and positive energy concerning lovers, children, creative plans, and finding people who support your interests in all these areas.

This week’s Full Moon can bring into high relief the subject of how to balance home/family and work/ambition. Check in with old friends to improve your perspective. Travel, educational, and spiritual interests can be a bright spot. Be flexible and let your natural curiosity take the lead. It’s important to be very straightforward and choose action over indecision, especially if your birthday is near October 15.

This week holds the potential for making excellent progress in areas that may have been painful or emotionally difficult in the past. The emphasis is on communicating in such as way that things work out for the greatest number of people possible. Stay in close touch with family living far away. You are in a strong position to act as a teacher or mediator.

You’ll see a strong and positive emphasis on communication and planning: especially in close relationships. There are expanding opportunities to protect and grow personal and shared financial resources. It’s still a very exciting time for original artwork, encouraging children to follow their own unique path, or getting out to do anything that gets your adrenalin flowing. Talk more about an unresolved hurt if born near December 9. Healing is possible.

You are likely to experience a flurry of requests coming from multiple sources, all demanding your time and attention. Having already established teams can help you delegate where possible. Set priorities and stay in communication about what you can and cannot do. Saturday is YOUR Full Moon, especially if born near January 11. One big question is how to balance personal ambition with the needs of others. Be prepared to compromise.

A lovely flow of energy that makes this a great week for getting out with people. You are in a strong position to share your most original and creative ideas. Accept invitations to get out with friends and enjoy what the neighborhood has to offer. The interests of children can be especially rewarding. Work hard and be patient where your job or career is concerned. Breakthroughs are coming soon.

You can be in a particularly strong position to make a difference in the life of a child or someone you love dearly, although may not know well. Trust your considerable intuition. There is a lot that is not be said that you will sense clearly. Saturday’s Full Moon is especially significant for those born near March 11. Your family can be instrumental in helping you set new long-term goals.

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Astrology - Cancer

Aries – Family concerns and resources shared in common are slowly moving in a more positive direction. The challenge is to find balance between conflicting interests. Be prepared to compromise. Those born near April 7 may be forced to modify certain choices in light of legal requirements or a need to keep the peace with others. This can be quite stressful, as you don’t want to be told what to do.

Taurus – Let your natural curiosity take the lead. Casual conversations can introduce moneymaking opportunities. “Stay-cations” enjoying simple pleasures close to home can be the highlight of your week. Do your best to be grateful for what you have. Those born near May 6 need patience until the middle of July. There can be breakthroughs in partnerships or legal matters at that time.

Gemini – You love to talk and people are listening! It’s time to have fun. Be conservative with money. Generosity with family can set you back. Do research to upgrade the technology you use every day. Creative or romantic interests will be especially rewarding. Only those born May 22-31 need extra caution chasing a romantic dream that may not be as it appears.

Cancer – Yes things are stressful. Trust this process is ultimately going to work for the best. Do your best to keep things simple. Have fun on or near water. This is no time to save the world. Those with birthdays this week are experiencing an extremely intense and potentially transformative time of life. Be very clear about what you value and uncompromising when it comes to your personal integrity.

Leo – Your assignment is to spend more time wherever you feel most at home. You will benefit from any sort of retreat that allows you time to be honest with yourself about your feelings. Less technology and more face to fact time will be helpful. Team projects and your many f casual friends and admirers could offer a fresh perspective. They may be the ones facilitating some original approaches you had not yet considered.

Virgo – These are busy days. Work related concerns can be stressful, or simply have you feeling scattered. Keep sharing what you think. This remains a positive time for long term planning and making connections to make your future more safe and secure. Be open to unexpected opportunities, but let them develop slowly. Avoid impulsive choices where money or the needs of children are concerned.

Libra – It’s a mixed bag this week. You’re in a strong position to market your ideas or make education and travel plans. Short trips close to home can be great fun. You may be unusually feisty or even slightly passive-aggressive. There is the potential of saying something you will later regret. Family and relationship issues won’t improve overnight so continue to do your best. Courage and action will be rewarded.

Scorpio – Don’t underestimate the power you have to speak for your interests and the interests of your family. Some major changes, including coping with limitations or facing a change of residence may be more difficult than you expect. Patience and good humor support your interests. It’s a particularly good time to contact family living far away. Travel for pleasure is also favored.

Sagittarius – There is a strong emphasis on sharing ideas with mates and partners. Advisors you trust and creative groups you enjoy are both sources of satisfaction and opportunity. Accept invitations to get out with people you enjoy. Be cautious and sensible where money is concerned. Gambling can be both tempting and a big mistake. It’s vital to get a good night’s sleep. Music can have an important and positive influence.

Capricorn – Many of you are up to the biggest challenges of your life. This is especially so for those born in early January. Don’t isolate from others. This is no time for self-doubt or dark thoughts. You have the support of friends and family. Trust your intuition and keep your commitments. Rely most on skills it has taken years to master. Continue to pay close attention to little details. Delegate what you can.

Aquarius – Your first order of business is getting out and having fun close to home. Conversations at the local café can be the high point of the week. Consider making changes at home that help support your overall health and fitness. There can be unnecessary arguments if you insist on being right at another’s expense. Much of what we perceive in life is a matter of perspective. You can be a great force for good helping a friend or volunteering in the community.

Pisces – This continues to be a time where most of the progress you make is slower than you would like. Don’t be discouraged. Creative projects concerning housing, children, or food can bring both satisfaction and rewards. This is a period where you sense many people are stressed and going through enormous challenges. Be as loving and encouraging as you can. This is real gift you have to share.

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