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Aries – Your desire to take change or work through something unresolved can lead to conflicts and estrangement. Be more diplomatic or patient to create the best outcome. If born near March 31, expect a burst of helpful energy to push forward an opportunity that appeared some months back. Magic happens if you are willing to break new ground.

Taurus – It’s important to be logical and thorough. This can help you get better organized at home or on the job. Don’t be shy about expressing your opinions. Stay on point and don’t stop communicating in a stressful or challenging relationship. Women born nearmid-May can be feeling emotionally isolated or considering a major break.

Gemini – It’s a positive week for getting out to mix and mingle. Reaching out to others can help you resolve an issue or get ahead. Trust your intuition: generally your first impulse will be correct. Quick thinking and courage support your best interests. At the same time, be on guard against a fast talking charmer.

Cancer – You have permission to be a little lazy. Indulge your favorite creature comforts. A gentle and relaxed attitude will help things go most smoothly. Those born in July are about to experience a big boost of positive energy. Changes you dreamed about in August 2013 are now within your grasp.

Leo – This can be a very romantic week. Do something special for one you love. Partnerships and creative collaborations of all sorts attract admiration and a sense of belonging. If financial matters have you feeling uncertain or confused, now is the time to consult an expert. Those born near August 16 should be patient with an ongoing limitation.

Virgo – In some ways a new chapter is about to begin, but not until some necessary healing or integration of past experiences is accomplished. Doing more to improve your physical health can make a big difference in your overall attitude. It ‘s easier to take care of your body with friends or a group supporting your efforts.

Libra – It’s a great time for having a party! Throw your exuberant energy into having fun with those you love best. Be generous in expressing tender feelings. Accept any invitation to go out. Networking, even online, can help attract opportunities to improve your career prospects or social position. You can shine volunteering in your community.

Scorpio – Help is on the way in an emotionally stressful situation. Even if you do nothing, things are going to change for the better. Find reasons for gratitude and then share your positive feelings. Those born in early November will enjoy an easy flow that begins to open doors after a period of limitation and extra responsibility.

Sagittarius – This is a great time to meet with friends for coffer or a chat.  Your creative imagination is strong. Let your curiosity come out to play. Give yourself permission to dust off old dreams. Pay closer attention to the energy around your home. Toxic feelings or situations need to be faced honestly so that healing can begin.

Capricorn – Group projects can boost your self-confidence. Explore innovative methods in how you manage your personal resources. Big changes are coming concerning home and family.  Lay the groundwork now. Those born in early January are about to enjoy a burst of opportunities and general good fortune concerning ideas or projects first born in the middle of 2013.

Aquarius – A romantic relationship, or the desire to have a romantic relationship, may be strongly on your mind. It’s important to be open and vulnerable. Let other people share their interests with you.  Those born near February 16 are in a great position to market your ideas or make travel plans. Have the courage to expand your horizons.

Pisces – Powerful and positive forces begin to move in support of your best interests. Trust that even stressful events hold hidden blessings. A relaxed approach is best. Naps and simple pleasures around the house will help you feel more balanced. What is going on around you will help you better identify your mission and purpose in this lifetime.

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Aries – Unexpected opportunities may require a high level of adaptability in order to embrace their potential. Action in the face of uncertainty will be rewarded. Focus less on outcomes and more on doing your best within the process you find yourself moving through. Find a way to be sympathetic toward others as you follow your own agenda.

Taurus – Trust your intuition. Simply being true to yourself can make a big difference in the lives of others who are struggling. Roadblocks and delays begin to show signs of improvement. Humor becomes a useful tool. Those born near May 16 can find support and encouragement in any area where organization or leadership is needed.

Gemini – Fantasy, music, and putting yourself in another’s shoes are positive expressions of an energy that can at times have you feeling confused or fearful. You may have an especially strong window into the thinking of others in your community…for good or ill. It’s best to be gentle with yourself and go with the flow. Avoid jumping to conclusions.

Cancer – Trust your intuition. Now is the time to expand your horizons. Join with others who share your spiritual or philosophical interests. Lectures, films, concerts, or travel plans can improve your perspective. Saturday is lucky for any fresh start. Those born near July 2 will find benefits emerging from unexpected offers or flashes of inspiration.

Leo – There is a strong focus on collaborating with others to make the best use of shared resources. A close family member may be facing a challenge that demands a serious reassessment. You are in a unique position to be of service. Greater intimacy is possible in a close relationship to the degree you let yourself be honest and vulnerable.

Virgo – Close relationships may be feeling strained or unusually complicated. A person you feel in conflict with may actually be bringing important lessons. Don’t overthink what is going on. Look within, relax, and go with the flow. This is about you, not someone else. Service to others can improve your perspective in surprising ways.

Libra – You’ll find a great deal of satisfaction throwing yourself into creative projects. This is especially true when it comes to unfinished plans concerning home and family. Identify those things you truly enjoy, have meant to “get to”, and are staring you in the face. Better organization this week will bring rewards soon.

Scorpio – A bittersweet flow of mostly positive energy comes your way as the week progresses. It’s an ideal time to draw a line and move in a new direction where lovers, children, and creative projects are concerned. Those born near November 3 are in a particularly fortunate position to seek support for any plan or project.

Sagittarius – Do your best not to obsess or be disempowered by any stress or complication that comes your way. Events and people in your life are likely to uncover old wounds, fears, or unresolved issues that stand in the way of your own true life path. People may simply be behaving in unaccountable ways. View them as teachers.

Capricorn – This is a powerfully positive week to make resolutions. Be alert and sensitive to the mood in your immediate environment. There are spiritual lessons in ordinary things. Do what you can to see things from another’s perspective. You may be in a unique position to speak for those who are injured or disempowered in some way.

Aquarius – These are busy days. Financial worries should not undermine your confidence. Things will have a way of working themselves out. You may have your own unique set of spiritual values, born of pain and lessons in the past. These values can help you make a fresh start…if you are willing to trade old dreams for new.

Pisces – You are likely to be feeling energized. At the same time, a certain disquiet can haunt even the most joyous moments. It’s important to trust that even very worrisome events you have a guardian angel and the potential to overcome insecurity or pain. Your family will be supportive. Saturday’s New Moon is a lucky day for any new beginning. If your birthday is this week, you are starting a power year.

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Intuition is this week’s focus. Sometimes the best way to make sense of all of the information that we are bombarded with on a daily basis is to make a conscious effort to step back from trying to process it all with logic and listen to our “still small voices” for the insight and clarity that we need. Intuitive knowledge can, and frequently does, eclipse that which our conscious selves obtain.

It will be important to listen to your intuition as the week flies by because you will need it when dealing with others.  It will be important to be aware of your gut feelings.  If you get that ‘pang’ in your stomach, that is your intuition coming through.  You may also have dreams that will give you clues on how to handle situations so have a pen and paper by your bed so you can write them down.  As the week moves forward, you will then have the information you need to deal with circumstances that light up during the week at home or work.

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Receptivity is the keynote for the week. By allowing ourselves to be open to receive information on both physical and spiritual plains, we can gain greater insight in how to meet the challenges that seem to be coming at a much faster rate than ever before. Receptivity is both a conscious and sub-conscious choice. As we receive through interactions and intuit through senses, our perspective and perceptions are broadened.

Some will have to watch what they say and do as the week progresses to avoid confrontation and arguments both at home and work.  Using your own intuition this week will keep you from any pitfalls that may be in the way.  This before you speak and try not to get involved in gossip or any type of rumors that will be floating around.  Bite you tongue and you won’t regret it.

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Aries – Be extra sensitive to other people’s feelings early this week. As the Sun enters Pisces, many of you will see your natural intuition or an uncharacteristic self-doubt. Let your imagination fly as you visualize yourself breaking through long standing frustrations. Spending time with groups who share your interests will improve your perspective.

Taurus – Personal ambition can be the fire that keeps you moving forward. Concentration and seriousness will help you slowly push forward your own agenda. Love relationships can be stressful. You are on your own, as far as having the power to take change. Avoid any temptation to sneak around or manipulate behind the scenes.

Gemini – Think with your heart this week. It’s a lucky time to get better organized at home. Marketing yourself, seeking additional training, or developing working teams will help expand your horizons. As a teacher, you can be especially influential. Feeling fearful or confused where your career or reputation in the community is concerned? This will pass.

Cancer - Expect to be popular! Your vulnerable and shy self will take a back seat in the face of a wave of well-deserved admiration and support from those around you. It’s a great week for artistic or home improvement projects to make your environment more beautiful and welcoming. Don’t be afraid to give things away.

Leo – Your usual optimism may be colored by the realities of certain limitations. Some will seriously consider making a break with a longstanding relationship orsituation. As ever, with Leo, it’s important to be loving and follow your heart. Take time to dust off and review previous plans. The more innovative you can be, the better!

Virgo – This can be a confusing time. Less is more right now. Pay attention to what your partners say. Sensitivity to others opens the door to deeper bonds of love and trust. Any pain you are experiencing is a necessary step. Do all you can to calm your mind: worry about the future is pointless.

Libra – The week begins with a focus on home arts, women’s interests, and wanting to nurture and protect what you have. It’s an exciting time: especially for those born after October 15. Don’t be afraid to speak the unvarnished truth. The give and take of conversation can lead to helpful breakthroughs. Drink lots of water to protect your health.

Scorpio – The interests of or advice from older women may be a strong focus of your thinking and concern this week. It’s a good time for a serious appraisal of your responsibilities to home and family. Trust your intuition where children are concerned. At the same time do not sacrifice too much of what nurtures your spirit.

Sagittarius – A certain amount of unfinished business continues to require good sense and patience. Your best course is to relax and spend more time following your own natural curiosity. Get in touch with siblings and go out more for fun with friends. The November born may feel they are moving through quicksand. When in doubt do nothing.

Capricorn – Love is in the air! Shake loose and accept invitations that come your way. You may find yourself making impulsive choices…or promises. Some will experience a strong need for self-indulgence. Dust off old dreams. Review and revise your commitments. Be open as life offers you a richer perspective on what is possible.

Aquarius – Expect to be recovering old ground again this week. You may be feeling restless. Arguments are possible and long standing resentments threated to upset your serenity. Quiet time, where your inner voice can be heard will help. Those born after February 10 are in a unique position to take a stand supporting transformation in your community.

Pisces – Your acute sensitivity and perceptiveness is on steroids this week. If you are willing to be honest, even about dark and difficult subjects, you can find an unanticipated level of healing and opportunity. Love affairs can blossom and deepen to the degree you are willing to focus your attention and open your heart.

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As February 14 appears on calendars once again, we are reminded of the importance of love and the pursuit of that “forever relationship”. The emotional and psychical impact of this day that honors the heat and passion of romance, even amidst the chill of winter, is going to be enhanced even more by the appearance of a full moon on Valentine’s night. With the moon’s astral energies adding to the mix, this may well be one of the most intense Valentine’s Days in recent memory.

The ancient Roman fertility celebration of Lupercalia on February 13 may well be the basis for much of the association between this February event and finding a love connection. Single women put their names in a special urn. The eligible bachelors would then draw a name and the “couples” would be paired for a year. As might be expected, many of these pairings became permanent. In many ways, this is not too different than the 21st century practice of choosing names from the many dating sites that can be found on the internet today.

And what of Cupid, that cherubic archer whose image has become synonymous with Valentine’s Day? Again, the ancient Romans provide the answer. Cupid, according to myth, was the son of Venus, the Goddess of Love. His power to make mortals fall in love, usually through his potent arrows, did not render him immune to the primal potency of attraction and romance. As a result, he fell hard and fast for a mortal woman names Psyche.

As might be expected of a powerful Goddess, Venus was less than pleased that her son had found such a beauty to marry and, as a result, forbid Psyche to even look at her husband. Needless to say, Psyche ignored her mother-in-law and, as a result, Venus commanded her to perform three tasks, the last of which was fatal. Cupid used his powers to revive his bride and the Elder Gods, moved by the love between god and mortal, gave Psyche the gift of eternal life. The myth teaches us that Cupid represents the heart and emotion and his bride, Psyche, the human soul and the struggles it endures to find true love.

With all of this myth and magic behind Valentine’s Day, the addition of a potent full moon can only increase the emotional, sexual, and psychical energies of the day. This lunar showing is known as the Snow or Hunger Moon. Tradition holds that it is a time to focus on home and hearth, to draw closer to those you care for, and to plan for the future even as the howling winds of winter make spring seem like a distant dream.

Yet when the moon is full, emotional responses are enhanced and inner natures take control of actions. This powerful spiritual cocktail can intoxicate and blur the lines of what is with what we wish to see. Added to emphasis on love and romance of Valentine’s Day and there are infinite possibilities for glorious victories and glorious defeats of the heart.

Cupid, Psyche , Venus and Luna all weave their spells on hearts, passions, and spirits during this celebration of romance, finding that “special someone” and the special emotion that we call love. There is always a risk but, without taking the chance, there can be no reward.

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Aries – Don’t be headstrong when it comes to accepting advice and support from others. Partners, friends, and social connections can help you de-stress and see things from a more helpful perspective. An old love interest or discarded personal passion may be on your mind. The Valentine’s Day Full Moon is lucky for love, especially for those born after April 16.

Taurus – Do your best when it comes to home and family. Your natural stubbornness and love of routine is a kind of protective cloak this week. Stressful scenarios, especially generated by others, are your call to keep things simple. If born after May 15, the Valentine’s Day Full Moon can bring you to a crossroads that demands a choice.

Gemini – Let the good times roll! The more you are willing to get out and have fun, the happier you will be. Reach out to old friends far away. By sharing love and gratitude, you can be more influential than you might imagine. If you have a sweetheart, plan a Valentine’s Day surprise.

Cancer – Refuse to surrender your self-confidence. This is a critical week to stay the course in any area where you have given yourself permission to follow your heart. Don’t overthink what is already in place. The same is true about ongoing financial challenges. Don’t hide under the covers. Music, meditation, and finding your spiritual center will help you cope.

Leo – You may be feeling especially emotional early this week. A Full Moon in your sign on Valentine’s Day is an invitation and a challenge to do something creative and generous for those you love. Those born after August 16 may be feeling limited or discouraged in some way. There’s no reason to place blame.

Virgo – You may seem to be wallowing in a great deal of unfinished business. Make lists, do what you can, revise the list. It’s easy to absorb other people’s problems and tragedies. Polish your skills and spend more time enjoying the beauty of nature. Longstanding health issues will benefit from collaboration and a fresh perspective.

Libra – You may feel as if you are beginning to master, or at least acclimate yourself to a long, drawn out source of personal stress and challenge. The cosmic energy is offering you a way through in the form of friendships, creative projects and romantic interests. Your Valentine’s Day can be very special.

Scorpio – Anything you are not talking about may come to the surface this week. Valentines Day holds the potential to be heaven or hell especially for those born after November 15. Be willing to share your heart’s desire. Quiet time close to home, or focusing on children’s activities can help recharge your batteries.

Sagittarius – Avoid impulsive investments or letting financial worries undermine your confidence. A busy social calendar helps you feel more balanced and can bring a fresh perspective. The Valentine’s Day Full Moon is Lucky. It can put you in the public eye in a surprisingly positive way. Reach out and share the things you most enjoy.

Capricorn – Be clear about what you value, present yourself with confidence and diplomacy. Make contacts and set up systems of support that help your career. Your foundation is being restructured. Be prepared to change your habits to budget both time and money. Longstanding challenges are still active. This will not undermine your potential for success.

Aquarius – Creative partnerships can be under greater scrutiny this week. Your ability to be emotionally forthcoming might be challenged. There can also be career issues that may require some necessary cutbacks. The bright spots come via travel and using charm to market your thoughts. Accept any invitation to do something exciting that expands your horizons.

Pisces – When in doubt, do nothing. Be patient: your day will come! Set boundaries to protect your serenity. Spend more time reviewing, revising, and reconsidering what is already in play. If you have a sweetheart, you have the potential to make this a joyous and memorable Valentine’s Day. Let your imagination come out to play.

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Patience is the theme this week. While is seems to be a matter of common sense, there are times that our desire to make things happen immediately overshadows both the emotional and spiritual cost of trying to go where we are not yet equipped to venture. Patience is a tool to help prepare us for the road ahead and to remember a major tenant of karma: All things in their time.

It will be important to keep your cool as you navigate the emotional waters of this week.  There could be breakthroughs in romance this week, however, be careful starting a new romance as Mercury retrograde begins February 6 and lasts through the end of the month.  Be sure to add five days to either side of this retrograde as it starts and ends. This is going to be interesting because it is happening in the sign of Pisces, a water sign.

Pay particular attention to what you say and how you say it.  What you say may be mis-heard or misunderstood.

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Now that we are in the sign of Aquarius, read what is in store for your sun sign and February forecast.

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Lou’s horoscopes for the week of Feb 16-22.

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The first Mercury retrograde of the year begins officially on February 6 and ends on February 28.  This time it is in the sign of Pisces and can cause emotional confusion and misunderstandings all month.  We will be hardest hit at the beginning and end of it.  So, for reference, add five days to the beginning and five days to the end to get a grip on it as you feel its energy both a work and home.

This is not the time to start a new relationship or sign a contract.  Starting a new relationship under this highly-charged emotional influence may not last very long, however, it may feel very intense as Neptune, Pisces’ ruling planet and a water sign, can play havoc with your emotions.  You may be thinking strongly of a past relationship and have a good chance of reconnecting.  If you reconnect to something that was started in the past, this is a good sign and could reunite you with a good friend or a past romantic partner.

Because Pisces rules all things that have to do with liquid, expect to hear in the news about ships, fish, gas and oil type leaks. It is also a very good time to check anything to do with water in your home, such as hot water heaters, radiators in your car, faucets, washing machines and dishwashers.  Mercury in retrograde can play tricks on us, especially under the influence of a water sign like Pisces.

Things to be aware of at work:

Gossip could spark some unpleasantries at work could multiply.  Stay as far away from gossip as you can.  If you can’t get away from it, bury your nose and put it to the grindstone throughout the month of February.

Be aware of what you say to co-workers and bosses as you may be misunderstood. This is not the time to ask for a raise unless you have already begun that conversation before the Retrograde started.  If you have already begun that process, then, yes, by all means bring it up again and you might be pleasantly surprise.

Try not to sign a contract under this influence.  It would be better to wait to sign anything legal until we are officially past Mercury retrograde.  Try waiting until the end of the first week in March when things will begin to chug forward again.  You’ll have better luck if you delay the signing of anything legal if you wait until this retrograde is over.

This Mercury retrograde asks you to pay attention to travel on or near the water.  Because Pisces is a water sign and Mercury rules short-distance travel, if you can put it off until the second week in March, you won’t regret it.  This is definitely not the time for that vacation cruise as we have recently seen the outcome of what its like to travel on water as Mercury’s retrograde influence takes hole.  You wouldn’t want to get sick on board a cruise ship when Mercury is in retrograde in the sign of Pisces.

As CNN reported today, the Royal Caribbean Explorer cruise ship had roughly 700 sick passengers including crew members and had to abandon the vacation cruise and return to port.  This is one of the highest numbers of sick people aboard a ship in nearly 20 years.  So beware of a vacation that includes a vacation on a cruise ship.  It would be much better to wait until after this Mercury retrograde is well past the end of February.

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Aries – You may experience an emotionally charged week. Concerns about work or family may continue to put pressure on your confidence and faith in the future. Sort out things at home. An opportunity that may seem to have stalled still holds potential for growth. Be open to compromise in necessary confrontations: especially if born near April 15.

Taurus – Karmic chickens may be coming home to roost this week. Be willing to trust that expansion can be a good thing. This is the gateway to engineer important breakthroughs for you personally and your family as well. Those born the first week of May can tap a strong creative power or experience a soul shaking love.

Gemini – You can be full of wild ideas. Some will be in the strong grip of a vision that does not have its feet planted firmly in reality. You could be deceived or be tempted to be less than honest yourself. Spend time focusing on your inner life. Meditation, naps and listening to music will help.

Cancer – This remains a magical time. Trust your creative passions. Share the love. Your generosity of spirit matters more to others than you might realize. Some may experience a powerful romantic attraction. The energy is expansive which can lead to overindulgence or overspending. Be sensible about rich food and adding to your collections.

Leo – You’re likely to feel impatient for the dawning of a new and brighter day. Tensions, setbacks and unexpected turns of fortune will reveal a silver lining. With the Sun in Aquarius opposite you, expect lessons in relationships. This will be especially challenging for those born in the first ten days of August. Keep your sense of humor!

Virgo - There is a certain amount of uncertainty in the mix. The August born will most easily feel confused. Be patient. Drink lots of water. Your ability to fight off illness can be compromised. It’s an ideal week for hands-on creative projects. Love relationships with deep roots in the past may trigger a transforming choice.

Libra – It’s an exciting time!You’ll enjoy an easy flow in collaborative efforts. Thoughtful action will be rewarded. Focus on building your body, but don’t overdo at the beginning. The energy encourages accepting physical challenges and becoming more active to improve your health or simply to get out with friends and have fun.

Scorpio – Trust your intuition. Your faith or philosophy of life can lead to necessary sacrifices for the benefit of children or lovers. It’s also a positive time to market your creative interests or anything you most enjoy. Your willingness to revisit emotionally difficult events rooted in the past, can help free others in profound ways.

Sagittarius – Your energy level can be lower than you would like. There can be accidents if you push too hard. Relax more and go with the flow. A conflict between friends or children may see you stepping in. Distraction can be an effective strategy. You might want to upgrade or reconsider the technology you use at home.

Capricorn – Love is the answer. Courage and charm are the way. Continue to pursue your dreams. Know what you value, for it is in embracing this that you will change the world. The energy supports developing a more social and universal application for your personal ambitions. Simplify social plans in order to stay within a budget.

Aquarius – The limitations you are facing can trigger a burst of courageous innovation. Dark emotional states you might rather ignore, can slow the necessary process of finding new methods to make your world more fair and balanced. Don’t hide yourself away. A busy social life with charming, artistic friends will help you keep things in perspective.

Pisces – Get as much done as possible early in the week. Mercury retrograde in your sign on Thursday points to the importance of patience through the end of the month. Review, revise, and reconsider. Less is more right now. Be gentle with yourself. The February born may be especially confused and can be fooled by someone more confident.

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