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First of all, you couldn’t pay all of my expenses to go there – I just flat wouldn’t go. There is just too much negativity around where it is taking place. Sochi is just not prepared to hold something like this even if you gave them another six months.

There had to be something going on behind the scenes to put the Sochi Winter Olympics 850 miles south of Moscow with bad roads and no decent airport not to mention what is happening to journalists who are daily reporting the totally unsatisfactory hotel conditions.

They just are not prepared. I feel that there has been lots of pilfering of the money that was supposed to be spent on construction over there.  Where the money went, I don’t know, but it didn’t land in the right hands for those trying to prepare for the games.  It’s like handing a 7 year old child the keys to your new car; you’re just asking for trouble.

There is another thing that really bothers me and it is that why would anyone put it so far south in known bad news territory full of thugs, thieves and dangerous people.

The second thing that makes no sense at all is that there is more snow in California right now than there ever will be at the new ‘resort’ over there.  Sochi games are going to fight the snow battle throughout the games. People will complain, get hurt and/or pull out of events.  It won’t be worth the risk.

They just don’t get that much snow in the region they are claiming is fit for a huge world event like the Winter Olympics. And, the fact that they spent more money on this event than all of the other Olympics combined. Maybe they are just really needing the money from what the crowds generate and needing it badly. And their tapping of everyone’s phones and computers not to mention the hacking going on.

If feels to me that this whole thing is out of their scope of the ability to put on safe events for the public to supposedly enjoy. If you’re not used to hosting big events, then get someone who knows what to do in the planning stages.

I also feel that more Olympics athletes are going to pull out of some events because they are just not up to scale and are dangerous for the participants.

I feel that people are in danger over there, especially if they are going to use the transportation systems, like trains, buses and airports. I feel that they are particularly dangerous.  There is going to be trouble over there and it doesn’t look good.  I see explosions, fire and people running for their lives.  People are going to get hurt.

I hope no one has to call 911 over there. How could you even tell them where you are – oh – I forgot – they already have all of that info right from the phone you are calling them from.  That is just too dangerous for your own safety and well-being.

If they clocked yogurt into the country, how about bottled water, since you can’t drink theirs (or even take a shower for that matter). You can’t trust the water, either. But, maybe it’s supposed to be so cool just to be over there that you don’t mind not having a door to your hotel room.

I just don’t see this turning out as an Olympics to remember positively. And I see lots of political choices for the medals against people who are not from that country.

I think there are going to be disruptions over there from thugs and I feel that people in general are not safe at all. Why didn’t they clean the place of undesirable and

dangerous people for their own people who live there. I don’t see them as having much control over anything and won’t in the foreseeable future.

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The Haab, as I have pointed out previously, is the Mayan calendar we would most recognize as being similar to our own. Below is a list of the months and their meanings/symbols. Please note that since the dates “shift” in reference to our Gregorian calendar, I have not referenced a specific date range for the months; checking any number of online resources, however, can help you calculate what Mayan month is your birth month.

(NOTE: The actual spelling and pronunciation of the Mayan names is a subject of debate among scholars of many disciplines. The list below reflects what I believe are the generally accepted names for the Haab months).

Month 01 Pop –This was the first month of the Haab calendar.The glyph symbolized a mat, or soft earth. Often referred to as a chief or jaguar sign, those born here have the ability to lead others and keep everything grounded. Balancing vision with sensitivity is your greatest asset.

Month 02 Uo//Wo –Symbolizing the power of the night, the imagery is of the black sky or conjunction and, curiously, frogs. Similar to the signs of Sec and Ch’en, the transformation of the frog from tadpole to adult represents the ability to shift from one level of consciousness to another in a mystical search for truth.

Month 03 Zip//Sip –Represents a red storm/sky and has the deer/stag as its totem creature. Fiery in temperament and nature, natives of this sign have both the grace and agility of these forest dwellers combined with the nobility of spirit and purpose as well as a symbiotic relationship to the forests.

Month 04 Zotz//Sotz –This sign is unique in that it has two totems: the bat and the fish. Representing both air and water, these two creatures move unfettered through their respective realms. Just as the bat relies on its “internal radar” to guide it through the night, so too, do those under this sign use their intuition. As the fish plumbs the depths for nourishment, Sotz natives look within their subconscious to discover the path ahead.

Month 05 Zec/Sec – This sign relates to earth and sky(air). The image is that of a skull which represents the intellectual and mental energies that those born in this sign have in abundance and yet are grounded by the practicalities of life. Some commentators also identify this sign as a symbol for death/rebirth.

Month 06 Xul –This is the sign of the Dog god. The Mayan believed that the Dog would guide souls as they transited from this realm to the next. Loyalty, strength and dedication are highlighted in natives of this sign. There is also a strong connection to the afterlife that enables those born under this sign to help others who fear the beyond.

Month 07 Yaxkin/ Yaxk’in –Those born under this sign have a strong connection with the energy of the sun. Referred to “solar flow”, or new green sun, the Mayan sun god, Ah Kin is identified here. With the ability to illuminate the darkness, natives of this sign are natural healers, both in the physical and spiritual realms.

Month 08 Mol – This month is ruled by the cardinal sign of water. Those born under this sign were believed to have the ability to make rain come. With the jaguar as the animal totem, Mol natives have the potential to excel as leaders or explore the mysteries of the spirit realm like the shamans of old.

Month 09 Chen/Ch’en-Meaning Black Storn/Black sky, natives of this sign are people of the night. You have the ability to draw on the powers and energies of the moon to your advantage. Being both demonstrative and clever, your ability to tap into the emotional realm is truly beneficial in relationships.

Month 10 Yax-Green storm is the meaning here and there is a strong connection to natives born under Yaxk’in. Yax is a life sign and is often identified with Venus. Having the gift of harmony, those born under this sign can truly be said to be peace-keepers who are in balance with the world around them.

Month 11 Zac/Sak/Sac –Sign of the frog, this month is also known as White Storm. Strong connection to the daylight hours. The Frog is the totem for this sign. Those born here are adaptable and comfortable with change. Like your totem, you can make the jump from one level of consciousness to the next with ease.

Month 12 Ceh/Keh- This is the sign of the Red Storm and the Deer is the totem animal. Those born here can draw on their affinity for natural balance and the natural world to provide order out of chaos. Though represented by Deer, there is a fiery and determined nature to succeed within the self-effacing exterior.

Month 13 Mac/Mak –This is the sign of mystery. Born under this influence, you keep yourself closed and are given to deep reflection. So mysterious was this sign that even the Mayans found it an astrological puzzle. The key word is “enclosed” in spirit and in actions.

Month 14 K’ank’in –Earth and sun are your influences here. Known to the Mayan as the Yellow Sun, you can find both wisdom and strength from the earth and spiritual warmth from Sol. The dog is also your totem representing that inner core of strength.

Month 15 Muan -The Owl is your totem and those born here have the ability to see with clarity the truth of things around them. Fire and water are elements that strengthen your gifts. Storms are times of power for you, mixing thunder, rain and lightening.

Month 16 Pax –This sign represented the time to plant new seeds. With the jaguar as a totem, the straightforward nature of pursuing a goal is a powerful force. Your element is steam-mixing the powers of earth, fire and water into a dynamic force of action.

Month 17 K’ayab – This is the sign of the turtle. Ancient wisdom and the deeper meanings of daily life are your gifts. Used with discretion, these gifts can be potent tools for good.

Month 18 Cumku/Kumk’u –Your totem is the crocodile. As a symbol of longevity and stability, you are graced with both timing and patience, allowing you to see the duality of situations and to survive regardless of the changes around you.

Month 19 Uayeb/Wayeb (the nameless one- only 5 days long) – This short month was the Mayan equivalent of Samhain/Halloween. During this period the boundaries between the worlds was open and spirits could cross from their realm to this. These days are nameless and were considered to be a dangerous time. Those born during this time are connected to the spirit realm and harbingers of renewal or resurgence.

Find your Mayan sun sign

Mayan astrology – what’s your sign?

Mayan sun signs

Mayans had more than one calendar

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As we come ever closer to December 21, 2012, the end of the Mayan Long Count calendar that has spawned so much discussion and countless articles on what it means, more attention is being paid to Mayan astrology. Given how accurate the Mayan were in forecasting other astronomical and chronological events, there is growing interest in whether Mayan astrology could be useful in finding a new romantic partner.

The Mayan culture actually used a number of interacting calendars to mark the passage of time. The best known, because of the December 21 date, is the Long Count calendar. Starting at a fixed point in the past (either August 11, 3114 B.C.E. Gregorian or September 6, Julian) this calendar could be used to calculate any date in the past or future. Made up of cycles called B’ak’tun, the current cycle will be completed on December 21, 2012.

A second calendar, called Tzolk’in was known as the count of days and was used to determine times for important events such as religious or ceremonial celebrations. Being 260 days in length, it has also become known as the Sacred Round. Each day of a twenty day sequence is given a unique name.

The calendar that more closely resembles our own twelve month calendar is called Haab’. The Maya used it to identify eighteen months of twenty days each plus a period of five days at the end of the year to complete the year. There are several other calendars that were used to calculate specific items, such as Lords of the Night, Short Count and the Venus cycle. However, it is the Haab’ that will be used to answer that time honored (and often ridiculed) pick-up line: “What’s your sign?”

The Haab’ is known to those who study Mayan culture as the “vague year”. Much like it’s Western counterpart, the Julian calendar, the Haab’ does not add in a “leap day” every four years to maintain the connection with the 365.24 day solar year. As a consequence, the days have drifted from their original position. Think of the first day of the New Year occurring on April 13, for example, instead of its original date of January 1 and you can get the idea of what calendar drift is.

While we cannot be sure of what the original “day one” of this ancient calendar was, using information learned from studying the other Mayan calendars, we know that January 1, 2012 is 13 Kankin. This “drift” can be best illustrated when you look at that the same day in 1984 and find that it corresponds to 6 Kankin, in the Haab. Going even farther back and looking at New Year’s Day in 1864, the corresponding date would be 17 Ceh.

Obviously, two people born on the same day in different years (Gregorian) would not necessarily be the same Mayan astrological sign. Finding help in the heavens to know if “he is the one” was even more complex for the ancient Maya than those of us in the 21st century.

Mayan sun signs

Mayans had more than one calendar

Venus retrograde – Mayan point of view

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The Mayan calendar that most closely mirrors our modern model is called the Haab. Most scholars feel that the Habb was first used sometime in the Fifth Century B.C.E; an arbitrary starting point is often set at December 21st 550 B.C.E. Where our version has twelve months of 30, 31 and 28/29 days, the Haab has 18 months of twenty days each and a short month of 5 days. Since the Mayans did not use the concept of a leap year the correlation to our Gregorian system has shifted so that the starting point (which would be the first day of POP, the first month in the Haab cycle) no longer coincides with Winter Solstice. This is also why Haab is referred to as the “vague year”.

Many contemporary writers feel that the Mayan used the Tzolk’in 260 day calendar for their astrological calculations. Made up of a group of twenty days, each with their own unique “day name”, this group was then combined with a second collection of thirteen numbers to produce a total of 260 unique days; for those mathematically inclined, 13 X 20=260. Given the ceremonial and religious application of this particular calendar, it certainly is reasonable to surmise that Mayan priests may have used the Tzolk’in for astrological purposes as well.

However, as the Haab was the secular and solar timekeeper for the Mayan, applying the characteristic of the nineteen unique months may also have been a valid way of casting astrological charts. It is also possible that ancient Mayan astrologers calculated two sets of natal charts (after all they had multiple calendars!!). One calendar focused on the spiritual and religious aspects and one emphasized day-to-day living, much like the horoscopes that are in abundance both in print and news media.

Fortunately for astrologers and non-astrologers alike, there are numerous websites that have free converters so you can find exactly what Mayan sign you were born under. Whether you chose to follow the Tzolk’in or the Haab calendar in learning what your Mayan astrological sign and natal chart holds, you are bridging a gap between past and present even as you seek guidance on the path to the future.

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During presidential election years, psychics and astrologers are often called on to make forecasts as to winners and losers. Just as political analysts and pollsters look at trends and demographics as a basis for their opinions, those who practice the predictive arts also must take into consideration cycles and relationships on various levels to form their results. For astrologers, this involves looking at the birth charts of the candidates and seeing how current planetary positions interrelate with their natal locations. Additionally, astrological events such as retrogrades must also be considered.

At the outset, it must be noted that the election is occurring just as the final Mercury Retrograde of the year begins on November 6th. Two days earlier, on November 4th, Daylight Savings time ends and, four days after the election, Neptune ends its long term in retrograde and goes direct. Just nine days post election, there is a total Solar Eclipse and a New Moon. The various cosmic energies of these important events are all in play as the polls open and serve as a dynamic astral backdrop for the selection of the President and Congress.

The Tenth House of the Horoscope is traditionally the House which deals with primary career goals, government and politics. With this in mind, the charts of both Romney and Obama were examined to see the impact of planetary movement on each of their Tenth Houses on November 6th, 2012 election.

For Romney, there is only one transit in his Tenth House; Neptune, the Sea King, still moving backward resides there. The impact of this is losing sight of career goals or being phased out are possible although service-related careers may prosper. Ambition and drive could be lacking. This would seem to indicate a less than positive outcome at the polls.

Parenthetically, it should also be noted that Neptune, the Sea King, governs among other things, the seas. The occurrences of hurricanes at both the Republican Convention and Hurricane Sandy, just days before the election, are stark reminders of the impact of the Neptune, The Ocean Ruler.

For Obama, his Tenth House contains two transits, Mercury Retrograde (which will be starting its retrograde) and Mars. The Messenger’s arrival in the Tenth House turns the mind to career and professional interests. It’s a good time to communicate with superiors and learn new job skills. The Mars impact stimulates ambition and career objectives. If ego energies are unrestrained, conflicts could arise with authorities or superiors. Work for recognition. These relationships would certainly seem to point to a successful reelection effort.

Romney’s Sixth House, the House of work (not career) and service (which does include politicians) has some important hints as well. Saturn, the first of two transits here, points out that work situations become more demanding. Be willing to serve and sacrifice now for opportunities in a few years. The Sun also highlights that this is a period of responsibility and service to others. Physical health will also be emphasized, and more positive regimes promote well-being.

Obama has only one transit in the Sixth House, the Moon. Luna’s impact shows that emotions may be depressed by the self-sacrificing nature of this placement. Avoid being critical or overly concerned with health. Regardless of who is in the White House, the self-sacrificing nature of the job of President is certainly an absolute.

The last comparison that is a good astrological barometer is the transits in the Eleventh House for both men. The Eleventh House is known as the House of Hopes and Dreams; without a doubt winning the Presidential Election is the dream of both Obama and Romney. It is also the House of bizarre occurrences and the unexpected.

Romney’s Eleventh House has a potent transit with Uranus. Friends, hopes and expectations are subject to sudden and revolutionary change. Peer pressure chafes. Be willing to alter plans and stay flexible. Obama, too, has a single but power interaction-this time with Pluto. Friendships and group activities will have a profoundly transforming effect. Hopes, wishes and goals undergo transitions. Avoid manipulators.

Based on the above at this juncture, Obama is narrowly favored astrologically. This seems to be supported by a powerful conjunction of the Moon and Sun. A time of monthly renewal when emotional and ego energies blend effectively. Associations are favored. It will not be without controversy however. Saturn in the Ninth House points to legal problems that may arise. Educational or travel plans will require hard work. Take care of unfinished business.

Regardless of the ultimate results of this election, the energies which have coalesced at this time will have an impact far beyond the 2012 elections on November 6th. Whether you follow the stars, the pundits, or your own internal voice, express your feelings and vote.

Lou Raedwulfe is the author of Stars and Stones – A Look Forward with Astrology and Runes, 2012 An Astrological Overview and The RuneChest. All books are available at Amazon for Kindle and Barnes & Noble for Nook from $12.99. He is also a psychic advisor, clairvoyant, tarot master and rune master.  Get a reading today on this site.

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Uranus, the planet of revolution, also has some dramatic transits that will further open the floodgates of change. The Uranus square to Pluto denotes a time when existing political structures are shaken so that new forms can take their place. Also square to Mars, this Uranus transit reflects the desire for freedom to act with any restraint. This type of frenetic energy is filled with accidents waiting to happen; the likelihood of some transportation accident during this Olympic cycle is greatly increased.

The opposition with Venus and the quincunx with Mercury retrograde highlighting the emotional volatility and communications confusion that will play out especially during the first two weeks of the games. Misunderstanding the message could cause emotions to boil over regardless of the consequences. Expect some kind of political blunder obscuring the actual content of what was being said and which leads to an over-wrought emotional response by a much larger audience than expected.

Mercury the Messenger has a unique role to play during the games beyond the synastry of the two charts. For the great majority of the time, the Messenger continues to run in reverse; it does not go direct until August 7th. During this time, both Neptune and Pluto will form quincunxes with the Messenger. This most difficult of aspects will definitely be under affliction from the Mercury retrograde.

Expect lots of time to be wasted on planning things which are not realistic or obtainable. The continued interference with communications will only add to this problem. Promises, particularly from those “in charge” will be hollow and will not be able to be kept. Trying to keep track of the correct order of things will also result in some political missteps and possibly add to an international problem that currently exists.
Mixed messages from the realm of finance will only serve to confuse and anger those trying to make sense of what is going wrong.

Even the weather will seem as if it is out of control. Expect an unusual meteorological event to take center stage right in the heart of the Olympic Games; possibly even affecting them. There is also the chance of an earthquake along the Ring of Fire that could catch everyone by surprise.

In ancient times, the Games were a time to measure the athletic talents of competing cities or regions to see which one would triumph. Later, this event expanded to nations and became as much of a political statement as an athletic one. In this year of 2012, with so much in flux and so much uncertainty, this series of athletic trials has become a focal point for attention across the globe. With that kind of focus, the energies of the astral bodies also becomes magnified and lends an enhanced meaning to the phrase: Let the Games Begin and hopefully end on a good note.

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With the start of the XXX Olympic Games in London, the latest installment of athletic (and yes, political) competition continues a tradition that began over 2700 years ago at the ancient Greek site of Olympia. The echoes of those past games still resonate today both in the heavens as well as on the field of competition. Comparing the chart of those first games with the “natal” chart of the 2012 London Olympics reveals a powerful synastry reaching across the mists of time and space with the potential to impact far more than who will win a gold medal.

The term “synastry” describes the analysis of the interaction between two or more astrological charts in order to predict how their relationships will affect events in the future. When a planet aligns with another at a moment in time, this is known as a “transit”. In this case, I have looked at the chart for the date of the first Olympic Games August 22, 776 B. C. at Olympia in relation to the chart for the opening ceremonies in London on July 27th, 2012. There are several profound aspects and transits that could impact not only the Games but the world at large.

Perhaps the most significant aspect is the Pluto Opposition Pluto Transit. This is not a normal time and there is a true sense that what is occurring is, in fact, fated. . With this transit, we all are extremely vulnerable to the impact of deep and profound change. This is a time of endings and new beginnings. Authority and existing power structures will be challenged-and will not give up willingly.

The location of the Pluto at the first Olympic Games was in the sign of Cancer. Its present day position resides in Capricorn. As mentioned in several of my previous articles, Pluto in Capricorn is dynamic and transformative on a global scale. In contrast the placement of Pluto in Cancer the emphasis is on radical changes on a personal or social level. The combination of internal and external transformation makes this a unique moment in time that could radically alter what we know as “reality”.

The conjunctions between Pluto and Mars, and Pluto and Uranus heighten this kinetic frenzy. As this intense energy ramps up, expect wild fluctuations in the world of finance which could lead to an upheaval on the existing status quo before the Torch is extinguished in London at the Olympic Games. Some of the existing political structures will collapse in dramatic and probably violent fashion, including some that are less expected than others.

On the personal side, the Pluto the Dark Lord finds itself squared to Venus. While this heightens intense physical relationships, it can also result in receiving what is believed to be wanted, but, in truth, not what is actually needed. As a result, scandals, both personal and political could make the beginning of August truly the start of “the dog days”.

The Moon, representing our emotions and the very tides of existence is also under duress. With squares to the Sun, Neptune, the Midheaven and the North Node, the battle between ego of certain leaders and emotions of their constituents could add a lot of tension. This could be a harbinger of the “have-nots” deciding to try and take matters from the “haves”. Again, this is more on global scale than one individual country.

Emotional excess and over-reaction will add to the confusion with the result being uniformly poor choices both on the home front and beyond. This can be a precursor to the Euro-crisis dissolving into a revolution, perhaps in Greece, but possibility elsewhere in Southern Europe within the next three weeks. The ripple effect could cause even more confusion with the common question being: Who is really in charge?

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Even as Mercury the Messenger, Saturn the Great Leveler and Mars the God of War right their paths once again on April 4th (Mercury), June 25th (Saturn) and April 13th (Mars), several new and equally significant astrological events come into play. On March 11th, Daylight Savings begins as a precursor to the Vernal Equinox on March 19th. With the influence of the Mercury retrograde just beginning at that time, the chronological shift and the start of a new season could add to the confusion surrounding the globe. An unexpected storm could add to the other tensions and serve as a harsh reminder of the old saying:

“March comes in like a lion…”

Of greater concern is that the Dark Lord, Pluto, goes into reverse on April 10th. Still in Capricorn, the Dark Lord’s energies are bent on transformation through the destruction of the old and outmoded. In retrograde, we must face the shadow side of things; a scandal, a realization that plans for the future were built on sand not rock, secrets which, in coming forth, will dramatically impact a major institution. Geologically speaking, the Earth, too, may let loose a ‘secret’ in the form of a volcano or major quake, especially during the early part of this retrograde from April through the end of June.

There is one particular date which bears close attention: June 4. On that day, three powerful events impose their energies on the planetary pallet which could leave a profound mark across the globe. First, a total Lunar Eclipse occurs during the Full Moon. Second, Venus squares Mars and, finally, Neptune, the Sea King, goes retrograde.

In a previous article, I have discussed the potency of the Neptune retrograde:

Neptune, astrologically speaking, has long been associated with mysticism, idealism and compassion. When affected by negative influences and aspects with other planets, these characteristics can change into delusion and deception as well as a lack of focus and confusion. During a Neptune retrograde, there is a heightened sensitivity to things that go wrong and logic is often replaced with dreams and delusions. These feelings often collide with the stark reality of the real world, i.e., ‘pie in the sky’ meets pie in the face.

Combined with Luna’s energy during an eclipse, the Neptune’s wrath may well make itself known in the form of a hurricane or other ocean-based catastrophe. Since Neptune also rules oil and natural gas, the possibility of a gas crisis (either from a natural or political event) is increased as well. This could well be the start of a long, hot summer-in many ways.

The square of Venus and Mars denotes a lot of emotional issues, particularly those involving the sexes. While more personal in nature, this stress could indirectly contribute to the overall sense of frustration, jealousy and resentment that could play a bigger role in political matters which are already front and center.

Finally there is one last event that must be acknowledged: The solar eclipse during the new moon on May 20. Eclipses have long been recognized as potent sources of energy. This particular eclipse occurs at the beginning of the sign of Gemini. Many ancient astrologers, such as Raphael, noted that an eclipse during an air sign, such as Gemini, was often a portent of ‘stormy winds hurtful to mankind’. In context, this could mean the political/financial storms brewing around the globe as well as actual meteorological events.

Raphael also noted that a solar eclipse during the first part of Gemini could denote ‘dissension and strife among clergy and religious denominations’. Viewed in today’s world setting, the warning here is all too obvious.

Shakespeare in Richard III wrote about the ‘winter of our discontent’. Will the spring of 2012 be even more tumultuous? Interesting times are ahead.

Go Well – Lou

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Lou Raedwulfe is the author of Stars and Stones – A Look Forward with Astrology and Runes, 2012 An Astrological Overview and The RuneChest. All books are available at Amazon for Kindle and Barnes & Noble for Nook. He is also a psychic advisor, clairvoyant, tarot master and rune master. Get a reading today from him at

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As a long time practicing astrologer and psychic I am routinely asked, by believers and skeptics, the same question: How accurate are these predictive arts using astrology? While I never claim that any method of metaphysical forecasting is flawless, I do point out that history has countless examples of practitioners of the mystic sciences being able ’see’ events in the future and to forecast trends of destiny.

Several times during the year, I will look back on prognostications that I have made and measure them against current events to examine my own accuracy. This is my way of reminding myself that, regardless of skills and gifts that I and other psychics and practitioners may possess, the Universe always has the first move. Even so, measuring what I have seen against what has occurred makes for an interesting tally on my astrological scorecard.

In December 2011, I released my 2012 Predictions on both Kindle and Nook websites and on January 22nd, revised and updated this collection and entitled it 2012 Stars and Stones. Both editions contained this observation:

“ (Pluto) The Dark Lord reverses course on April 10th still in the sign of the Sea Goat. The intensity of this position, coupled with the force of the retrograde is going to make the spring very interesting, to say the least. Pluto Retrograde highlights weakness while Capricorn deals with power and hierarchies. Expect more revelations about how “hollow” the current system is that could cause a major crisis involving a government official sometime between April 10th and the 19th.”

On Saturday, April 14, 2012, the scandal involving the Secret Service hiring prostitutes in Columbia ahead of a major conference to by attended by the President.  The story has grown and now DEA agents are also being investigated on similar charges as well as member of the military who were part of the advance contingent.

Also in 2012 Stars and Stones was the following excerpt from the rune casting portion of the book:

“1st Six Months Bridge – Sowelo – This is the rune of wholeness and clarity and is both appropriate and timely as it also denotes the end of winter and the start of the warmth of the year. During these first six months, we may get a chance to see “the funny old man behind the curtain” (figuratively and, possibly, literally) as some scandals/revelations are going to illuminate exactly how the financial crisis occurred on a global scale and who or what stands to profit by keeping things unsettled. Failures in governments will also come to light-perhaps with some shocking results.”

The ongoing failure of Greece to even form a government certainly is the most glaring aspect of this prediction but, by no means, the only one:

February 17, 2012 – German President Christian Wulff resigns as the result of a financial scandal where he was accepting ‘favors’ to influence policy.

February 21, 2012 – A top executive at Olympus commits suicide in the midst of a major accounting scandal and investigation at the company.

March 14, 2012 – An op-ed article by Greg Smith, a former executive at Goldman Sachs, explains in detail how clients’ interests are routinely ignored in the name of making a profit for the firm.

While the revelation on May 11, 2012, that J.P. Morgan Chase suffered a minimum of a $2 Billion dollar loss through risky investment activities, not unlike those which crashed the world economy in 2008 is most certainly a part of this list. It is also important that this singular event (whose total impact may not yet be felt) was also referenced in a subsequent article The Financial Future that I wrote on April 30th. Referencing the impact of the Pluto retrograde in Capricorn that began on April 10th:

“In the sign of Capricorn, the structural aspects of our world such as our financial and banking systems will receive the full brunt of the Dark Lord’s focus. Things hidden will be brought to light; given that Pluto governs big business, crime and the underworld and also the Great Depression… As Pluto’s 160 day rearward dance progresses, and some of these hidden truths become revealed, karmic balance is going to make hit those who have taken advantage of the system the hardest; regrettably since they are also in control, the trickle-down to the rest of us will also be significant.”

The political arena also appears to have made it to my astrological radar. On January 16th in my article entitled: Mercury Retrograde Affects 2012 Elections this observation was made:

“Clearly, what comes out of Super Tuesday may have a far different slant than anyone may have believed going in. With the Messenger staying reversed until April 4th, the communications chaos will not lessen even as the ‘winners’ (who ultimately may not be) and the ‘losers’ (who may not be done) try to spin their way out of Mercury’s Web.”

The war of words between Romney, Gingrich, Santorum and the rest certainly continued unabated for a significant period of time beyond Super Tuesday with echoes still reverberating through present day. For one candidate, however, my words of Feb 22nd in the article Knock Knock certainly projected his future course:

“The retrograde energies of Mercury, Mars and Saturn will be magnified and reinforced by each other from March 12th through April 4th On the political front, I believe that at least one prominent figure is going to learn his (or her) limitations in a rather dramatic fashion that will cause them to recalculate the future that they had planned for themselves.”

Gingrich ended his campaign for the nomination roughly two weeks later.

This also extends to politics beyond our borders as mentioned in my article Dark Side of the Moon written on May 2nd:

“Since the holiday is a celebration of the defeat of the French on May 5th, 1862 by Mexican forces, it would not be surprising if France and or Mexico again were illuminated by this ‘Super Moon’ as part of the sesquicentennial anniversary. Given that the second round run-off of the Presidential Election is also scheduled for May 5th and 6th, there could be a literal turning of the tides that could shape not only the political but financial landscape of the Eurozone as well.”

As is well known, Francois Hollande, a socialist, won the French presidency and, in doing so, has completed shaken the political landscape of Europe leaving many to wonder whether the Euro Union will survive much longer.

The astrological impact on Earth itself was something that I felt strongly about and expressed in the previously mentioned February 22nd Knock Knock article:

“Geologically speaking, the Earth, too, may let loose a “secret” in the form of a volcano or major earthquake especially during  he early part of this retro-from April through the end of June.”

And on May 2nd in Dark Side of the Moon:

“The Moon’s impact on weather and the oceans should not be discounted either. With Neptune – the Sea King – also going retrograde during this eclipse, seismic, meteorological or volcanic activity may come within that week”

The earthquakes in Italy on May 20th, the day of the eclipse, has shocked seismologists around the world by how shallow it was and that it occurred in a low risk area. Damage to some of the ancient treasures of Italy is still being assessed but officials in the region feel that it could be “significant”. And just today, May 22nd, Bulgaria has been impacted by a 5.2 tremor with damages yet to be assessed.

Yet these two events were not the only ones which have occurred between April and June. Here is a short list of some of the other events:

April 11-An 8.6 earthquake with an 8.2 after shock near Sumatra
May 14- a 6.2 earthquake near the Bolivian Peru border
May 19-6.1 earthquake off of northern Chile

Totally dwarfed in the news cycle by the Italian quakes, the 6.4 occurrence off of Honshu, Japan seems almost like an afterthought.

So, do astrologers and psychics truly have a window on the future? The answer to this question will continue to be debated with no resolution. Believers believe and doubters doubt. At the end of the day, all I can do is look at my “scorecard” and continue to provide counsel and guidance where I can.

Go Well.


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On July 27th, at 9:00 p.m. (BST), the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games will commence in London. All the pomp and pageantry will begin the latest installment of a ritual that began nearly 3000 years ago in Olympia, Greece. In a real sense, this event is both a mirror of the past and a reflection of things to come. The stars in play here are not only on the tracks, fields, and pavilions of the various venues but also those that reside in the heavens and whose paths will impact us here on Earth long after the last gold medal has been given and the final anthem has been played.

Astrologically speaking, there are several ways that the Games of the XXX Olympiad can be examined. In this article, I am going to focus on the “natal” chart for the opening ceremonies; were the Olympics a “baby” this date and time could certainly qualify as the basis for casting a natal horoscope. Much as a birth chart can map out a course of events, influences and behaviors for a person, the calculations here can be said to influence that entire “lifespan” of this latest installment of athletic competition.

Of particular interest is the cosmic activity of Pluto, the Dark Lord. As I have noted in a number of articles, Pluto in Capricorn manifests potent energies of transformation and destruction of the old and outmoded on a global scale. We have seen many examples of this in the last few months in financial matters, upheavals in many countries involving ending existing power structures, and even transformative meteorological events. With the eyes of the world focused on London, Pluto’s aspects take on an even greater importance.

Perhaps the most noticeable of these planetary connections are the three quincunxes (or inconjucts) that will be occurring during the start of the Games. This aspect is one of the most difficult to deal with since the planets involved are of different elements and the signs in which they reside are of different natures. This is the aspect of synchronicity where one thing occurs triggering a second occurrence that is related but whose connection is not readily apparent. Diversion, challenge and redirection are all features of the quincunx; with Pluto as one of the “partners” these elements will be magnified.

On July 27th, the Sun and the Pluto form a quincunx. Although the games may be a diversion, the world is going to have to focus on those items and events that everyone would prefer to ignore. The events in Syria, the growing Libor scandal and the increased saber-rattling involving Iran would all qualify on potential transformative events that cannot be denied.

Mercury also in involved in a Pluto quincunx. With the ongoing Mercury Retrograde and the Pluto Retrograde also in reverse, a major communication snafu with life-altering potential is highly likely. Lack of control (governments, banks??) could cause a house of cards to topple even as world records are shattered by the athletes who are striving for medals and glory.

The third quincunx involves Jupiter. Here, latent insecurities about the future will cause distrust and fear of the unknown that could lead to a knee-jerk reaction leading to a failure or collapse of an existing system. There is a sense that this could involve southern Europe although North Africa continues to be a concern.

Another important aspect involving Pluto, the Dark Lord, is the square. There are two of these plus a semisquare which are important to examine. The semisquare involved the Moon. A lot of emotions will be brought to the forefront in external events or demonstrations which, in reality are a reflection of an emotion or truth that is deeply blocked.

This could well be a singular event that, for a brief moment in time, transcends the boundaries of different world views, and reminds us that we are all part of the proverbial human family. Unfortunately, this can also lead to impulsive actions or decisions that could radically change the face of the globe.

The square between Mars and Pluto is of particular concern since it magnifies reckless actions and given Pluto’s transformative nature, a change could come whether we are ready or not. This could be a precursor to some kind of event or occurrence during the ceremonies that have ripples far beyond what anyone could have foreseen.

Then, there is the generation influence of the square between the Pluto and Uranus. This is a generational effect which directly impacts existing power structures both in government and finance. A further revelation concerning the ongoing monetary crisis that is sweeping the globe could overshadow pomp and circumstance. Again, the potential of a singular event occurring within the sphere of the opening ceremonies is likely. How we respond to it and the changes it could bring are still in flux.

As such, watching the Olympics unfold on the 27th of July could carry a far greater meaning than the “passing of the torch”. What new flame will be lit remains for us to bear witness to and to record for those who follow.

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Lou Raedwulfe is the author of Stars and Stones – A Look Forward with Astrology and Runes, 2012 An Astrological Overview and The RuneChest. All books are available at Amazon for Kindle and Barnes & Noble for Nook. He is also a psychic advisor, clairvoyant, tarot master and rune master.  Get a reading today from him at

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