I have noticed that since the Economy has been so hard on so many people, we, as advisers, are more than just readers. It seems we are here for moral support and moral boosting as well as for giving readings. I have learned to wear many hats during any given day, be more open-minded, and offer choices to clients, as well as present a reading.

People need to feel hopeful, not hear more doom and gloom. Even if a reading shows obstacles, I always try to present ways to overcome or circumvent the obstacles. I definitely feel that more people are seeking advice from advisers, searching for hope during hard times. I feel that we are more needed than ever to not only read for our clients, but to offer them hope and choices, to help them get through these hard economic times.

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  1. Natalie says:

    I agree with you- its our job really to find the solutions!

  2. CardsR says:

    What you are saying is Very True! You are more than a reader, you are your clients’ friend.

  3. DeborahJ says:

    As a reader myself – I couldn’t agree more. Every time there is some major disaster, I get alot more calls. The thing that is different the last couple of years is that this time, we cannot see an end in site. Sheanne – this was good and very realistic.

  4. broe says:

    I know I get upset by this whole economic stuff. I have been so concerned about my job and wondering if I will loose it. I called Sheanne to find out and she was great! Gave me hope that I will not be affected by all of this. It was a very good article. Sheanne is an excellent writer and I hope she posts more!

  5. Spooner08 says:

    I know that people every where are nervous about the future of the economy. I don’t believe anything that the media says anymore. Really Gr8 ! Thanks For sharing..

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