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Although the Mayan Long Count Calendar may have ended on December 21, the amount of unfinished business from the old cycle that is carrying over to 2013 makes understanding what may lie ahead, astrologically speaking, in the next twelve months even more important that usual. Financial, social and political cans can only be kicked so far down the proverbial road before a conclusion, of one form or another, results. With this in mind, what follows is a brief overview of the cosmic energies that will be impacting us all in the months ahead.

The first quarter of the year seems to feature a lot of smoke and mirrors and precious little substance. Lots of posturing, politically and financially, on a global scale with no real sense of what direction to move in. This uncertainty will be compounded by Saturn, the Great Leveler, going in reverse on February 18, followed five days later by the first Mercury retrograde of the year.

Expect some revelations/whistle blowing during this time that could upset some highly placed individuals. The skewing of communications combined with the limitations of options for positive action of any sort set the stage for an event of karmic importance. Although March is supposed to “come in like a lion and go out like a lamb” the period from March 22-31 promises to be anything but gentle and serene. Expect a significant event during that time whose repercussions could have a world-wide impact. The realism of our situation may be brought home in a historically dramatic fashion.

The second and third quarters of the year promise to be the most dynamic, dramatic and, yes, traumatic of the entire twelve month cycle. Beginning with Pluto’s return to a retrograde motion on April 12, will again mark a period of unrest, possibly violent in nature, in various locales around the globe. Greece, Spain and the Middle East are prime candidates however, unlikely locales such as Southeast Asia or even in the southern United States could also be featured.

In addition, during a thirty day period from April 25 – May 25, there will be three eclipses; a partial Lunar eclipse (April 25), a Solar eclipse (May 9) and Lunar Eclipse (May24-25). The power of Eclipses, both Lunar and Solar, has been known to humankind for eons. With the eclipse effect during this time, expecting the unexpected should be the watchword for everyone.

Weather related events (and yes, that could mean an unexpected hurricane or two) are likely, especially after June 7 when Neptune goes retrograde. As the planet whose predominant influence is the oceans, Neptune’s impact cannot be overstated. For example, the Gulf Oil Spill of 2010 occurred during a Neptune retrograde. Neptune is also the planet of illusion and escapism. It is important not to mistake “pie in the sky” for an astrological pie in the face.

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On April 15th 1912, the world will mark the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. Coincidentally (or not), Neptune-The Sea King- also returns “home” in 2012. On February 3rd, Neptune enters Pisces-the sign that it rules-and all of its dynamic traits will be emphasized. Astrologers and psychics like those found on Psychic are paying close attention to the Sea King’s passage along with the centennial date which added the irony of the word “unsinkable” to the language lexicon of the globe.

The Sea King’s domain is the ocean, all water-related activities and all bodies of water. It also reigns over illusion, dreams, and the mystic realms. Deception (both that which is practiced externally and that which we choose internally) imagination, symbolism, prophecy and myths of all kinds bow to the Sea King’s rule. Neptune also oversees oil and gas, chemicals, steam and steam power. Deceptions, scandals, mental confusion are all hallmarks of Neptunian power.

Pisces-the last sign in the Zodiac-is the Sea King’s home port. It is a water sign and has long been viewed as the sign of karmic balance. Like its rule, Pisces is associated with dreams and nightmares, highlighting compassion and forgiveness on one hand and betrayal and hypocrisy on the other. It becomes clear that Neptune in this sign, above all others, will carry far more potency than at any other time.

The sinking of the Titanic certainly provides an allegory for the world situation today. A century ago, the ship was trumpeted as the symbol of human domination over the primal elements of the planet; how quickly the dream turned to nightmare has become the stuff of legend, myth and countless media reenactments. The Costa Concordia disaster, so close to the Neptunian move to Pisces, certainly mirrors the untimely end of its famous predecessor a century ago. There, as here, human delusion has led to the sea claiming what it sought.

So what else can we expect from the Sea King during this Titanic Centennial Year? There may well be some late spring storms bringing a nasty combination of moisture-frozen and otherwise-to the Eastern part of the country-probably in later part of March. The possibility of an earthquake/volcanic event mid April will shock the Western Hemisphere and add to the collective chaos started by the impact of the Mercury retrograde in on March 12th.

With Pluto-the Dark Lord-going in reverse April 10th, still in Capricorn, the natural onslaught of the Sea King’s wrath (see above) will be compounded and fueled by a financial market crisis which, in turn, could lead to the collapse (possibly violently) of one or more governments. Given that this retrograde occurs a scant two days before Titanic’s anniversary, it makes one want to peer into the mists in search of metaphorical icebergs-both literally and figuratively.

Neptune follows Pluto in reverse on June 4th. A major hurricane (or two) could remind the Gulf States of the power of the ruler of the waves. A possible oil shortage or environmental issue could further complicate an already unsettled situation. Between the Dark Lord and the Sea King, expect a major scandal that could transcend not only the upcoming election but the power dynamics both here and abroad mid-July.

I have previously discussed the impact of the Mercury retrograde on Election Day, November 6th. The Sea King will also make an impact as it turns direct on November 10th followed by a total Solar Eclipse on November 13th. Needless to say, the massed energies involved in these events will result in a major shift of the reality that we have come to know. As the year unfolds, the patterns of karma will make themselves known. For now, let us keep a watch through the fog of illusion in hopes of avoiding the impact of the “celestial iceberg” floating just off our bow.

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The summer months are usually a time of relaxation, renewal and recreation. But in this year of 2012 there is a fourth element that must be considered; reckoning. The heavens are going to be a hotbed of astrological activity that is going to have profound impacts here on Earth and its denizens from a period beginning June 3 and running through July 26. From July 3 through July 26, the planetary dance reaches a frenzied pace. Astrologers and psychics will be focusing their skills in order to help forecast the events which may occur during this cosmic chaos.

There are several highlights that occur and will have great significance during that period. To begin with, the amount of retrograde action increases dramatically. Neptune, The Sea King, goes into reverse on June 4 with Chiron, the Wounded Healer, following suit on June 11. Adding to the mix is Uranus, the Sky Lord, heading rearward on July 13. To top everything off, the second Mercury retrograde of the year starts a day later on July 14.

The Neptune retrograde portends water related issues. The chance for a potent hurricane during that time is dramatically increased. Since Neptune also controls oil and gas, expect for a problem with shortages during the height of the summer travel season. Dreams and delusions will be squaring off with realty adding tension across the board. Chiron is following a similar course and will bring up old hurts, both politically and personally. These will need to be addressed and ‘healed’ or at least acknowledged.

Uranus moving backward is going to further enhance the spirit of revolution against the old orders world wide. When added to Neptune and Chiron, the chance for social and political upheavals is exacerbated as existing power centers totter against the weight of time and change is amplified. Protests, confrontations and the possibility of armed conflict is likely both internationally and domestically as Uranus’ position in Aries raises the emotional temperature to a boiling point.

If all of this weren’t enough, the Mercury retrograde will add to the confusion, uncertainty and frustration of communications issues, mental lapses and breakdowns, and a failure to maintain order. Main stream sources of news may be less than reliable and, on personal levels, break-ups and break-downs could occur with a greater frequency. Mercury retrogrades are challenging during a quiet period, however, this one could be devastating.

There are other major astrological events during this shortened period. The total eclipse of the moon on June 4 falls in Sagittarius. Eclipses in fire signs highlight discontent in society, a realization that essential resources are scarce and increased military activity. Even as a search for “the truth” continues, more summer fireworks than usual can be expected. The Summer Solstice itself occurs on June 20. As with any seasonal change, energies will be in flux. There is also a unique event with Venus transiting across the Sun for only the second time since 1882 and will not occur again until 2117.

Between the heat of Old Sol and the passion of Venus, the Goddess of Love, the emphasis is on what classic astrologers call ‘The Divine Feminine’. Expect an important woman (or women) to have a major impact during that time.

As mentioned before, the period from July 3 through the 26 is extremely active, particularly for the Messenger and Mars, God of War. Mercury has seven aspects during that three week period and Mars has six. Communications and aggression will blend with the other planets impacted further ramping up the tensions on all fronts.

While all the emphasis of prediction and prophecy has been placed on December 21, 2012, the real focus should be on the summer months. The energies swirling above will be reflected on us below and may well leave us trying to catch our collective and spiritual breaths well before the Mayan Long Count ends.

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Anyone who has been listening knows there is a lot of talk this year about 2012 being the end of the time according to the Mayan calendar. Certainly popular media is going to be dog piling in on this theme in the next few months.

As an astrologer, I can tell you change IS coming. It’s already in the air. We sense it. We crave it. Fearing it does no good. The build up to this year has been in the works since the transformative energy of Pluto entered the hardnosed, pragmatic sign of Capricorn in 2008.

Pluto’s message is one of decay, followed by new life. It knocks down anything that no longer serves the evolution of the species. It is the destroyer, the phoenix rising from the ashes.

Pluto energy is generational, changing signs about 24 years. It’s big, powerful, and impersonal. It does not care who gets injured in the process. The financial collapse, social unrest, and environmental events of 2008-2011 are just the start of big changes ahead. This energy will be active until 2024. Whatever area Pluto shines it’s light on, has nowhere to hide. And now it has Capricorn to transform.

Capricorn energy is about ambition, stability, structure, power, and, power brokers. With Pluto in the mix, expect challenge and change within financial, political, management, patriarchal, and corporate systems.

It gets worse. Pluto is not the only elephant in the room. The planet Uranus brings a demand to break with tradition and sweeps away old structures. Uranus thinks out of the box, demands flexibility and innovation, and sparks sudden, revolutionary events. People behave in unexpected ways, the weather is unpredictable, and the need for something new and better is tangible. Life as we know it is about to end: out with the old, in with the new. This is why the idea of the world ending in 2012 rings true.

In June 2010 Uranus entered the first degree of Aries to begin another eighty-four year trip around the zodiac. In Aries, Uranus becomes active, physical, confident, pioneering, courageous, and maybe a bit naive. We have already seen it in the Arab Spring and Occupy movements. Everything gets redefined. Uranus last entered Aries in April 1927. Looking back will do you no good. Uranian energy is from the future and points the way forward.

In the last ten days of June 2012 we see the energy of Uranus and Pluto come to a point of crisis in relationship to each other. The last time humanity faced this sort of crossroads was in April 1932, after a five year run up with imbalances of power and wealth that spawned the Great Depression and the rise of Nazi Germany. This time the stakes are higher, the methods equally cutthroat, and the price possibly our survival as a species.

The message is clear: humanity must surrender anything of the past that no longer serves our highest good. Organizational structures much change. It’s like the house of a compulsive hoarder catching fire; deep psychological forces are at work. Truth must be told to power. Aries demands courage in the face of fear. How we manage things will be transformed – whether we like it or not. This is an evolutionary earthquake designed to release built up tensions that can no longer stand the strain. The forces here seem beyond anyone’s control, and yet we are all in this together.

June is only the first of three crisis points that will be active through September 2013. How it will manifest I am not entirely sure. The lesson of this time demands a choice. Every individual, family, country, and the planet as a whole has a choice. To the degree that we surrender the past, and face the present with courage and a willingness to innovate, we have an opportunity to redefine and restructure a better future.

Fasten your seat belts and be open, true, honest, and compassionate: it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

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Last, but by no means least, we come to the 4th Quarter of the year. This period not only marks the conclusion of 2012, but as has been well documented, the Long Calendar (also known as the Long Count) of the Mayans ends on December 21 which is also the beginning of the Winter Solstice. I will comment more on this at the conclusion of these astrological forecasts. There are several major events which need attention during this time: To begin, Jupiter-King of the Gods goes into reverse on Oct 4th while Saturn-The Ringed One-enters the sign of the Scorpion on Oct 5th.

Daylight savings ends on Nov. 4 followed two days later by the Messenger’s final rearward dance on Nov. 6. On Nov. 13, a major Solar Eclipse coincides with the New Moon, both in Scorpio. Two week later, on Nov. 28, a penumbral Lunar Eclipse joins the Full Moon. This is the type of eclipse where Luna passes through the Earth’s shadow which is called the penumbra. Finally, as stated previously, the Winter Solstice occurs on Dec. 21 marking the last significant astrological event of the year.

The reverse motion of the King of Gods will add frustration to long distance travel and long term plans. Unexpected delays, quite possibly in the form of freak storms in unlikely places, will snarl travel during the remainder of the year adding the already bleak mood most of us are feeling. With this as a backdrop, close attention has to be paid to the Messenger’s final voyage backward on Nov 6.

It is not coincidence that this Mercury retrograde will occur on Election Day. Already confused, conflicted and confounded in its own right, the exercise of the “patriotic duty” is going to be strongly impacted by the Messenger. Communication of ideas, important information, and policy are going to be muddled and quite possibly “lost”. The possibility of wide-scale “irregularities” is quite high and the idea that the selection of a President and Congress could be delayed or subject to challenges and recounts is very real.

While the country (and the world as a whole) is mired in this communication nightmare, the Ringed One enters Scorpio and adds an entirely different set of energies to the mix. Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn will enter what is known as a “mutual reception”. Simply put, the energies of the one will work to support the energies of the other and vice versa. Given the fragility of the financial markets, expect another implosion quite possibly giving Black Friday a meaning closer to the one of Great Depression fame than for door-buster shopping specials.

The power of the two eclipses so close together, will also heighten tension and dynamic energy. The Solar Eclipse in Scorpio coupled with the New Moon is of particular concern. A seismic shift (both metaphorically and literally) could result in a major catastrophe during the week of Nov. 13th that the world is not prepared to deal with. Quite possibly this event could occur in the continental U.S. although at this juncture the location remains unclear. Follow up articles will address this in greater detail.

December 21, 2012, in addition to being the date of the Winter Solstice has received much attention because of the end of the Long Calendar of the Mayans. Much speculation as to the meaning of this event has already been done and, as such, I will not belabor the point here except to say that with each ending there is a new beginning. One particular and striking event does occur in the heavens on that day, however. It is called the ‘Yod’ or as it is sometimes known: the Finger of God.

Astrologically speaking, the Yod is a unique and rare event when one planet quincunxes, that is 150°, two other planets that are separated by only a sextile of 60°. What makes this event so potent and important, are the planets involved. Jupiter is the planet in quincunx to both Pluto and Saturn. We have already seen the mutual reception between the Ringed One and Dark Lord. This will have a profound effect on the world economy and with it power struggles between nations and the “haves” and “have nots” of those nations.

The Yod can produce either powerful energy or a deep blocking action focused on the planet at the apex: in the case, the King of the Gods, Jupiter. Given the retrograde motion, we can anticipate that positive activity will be limited and expansion, whether on the personal, financial, emotional, political or world-wide level, will be brought to a standstill.

Whether this is what the Mayans saw as the end of their calendar cannot be known. What can be said, however, is that this time is what we make of it and how we respond will mark our course in the days and weeks to follow.

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With the start of what promises to be a significant year both here and worldwide, I have consulted the Runic Oracle to obtain guidance on what the path of destiny holds for us. While the most common spread is the Three Rune Spread, given the energies and the importance of the coming year, I have used the One Year Spread to forecast what may be on the horizon.

Theme Rune – Laguz Reversed – This is the rune of Water which can both give and take life. The overall theme that this Rune brings is a warning that a tempest is coming –which seems to be mirrored throughout the runes for the year. Much negative energy on all levels, personal, financial, international which will require each one of us to find our safe harbor, drop anchor, and ride out the storm.

January through March – Nauthiz Reversed

This shows the limited choices that we have in solving our issues during this time. Barriers and delays are abundant on all levels particularly in the battle between “wants” and “needs”. Real danger exists in excess; going to extremes in world affairs? It is important that we actually identify what is needed to bring things into balance rather than believing that there is some magic bullet to make things right.

April – June – Othila

This is a time to truly take stock of what we possess, as a nation, as people, and as world citizens both in terms of material and spiritual value. During this time I see many people taking a long look at those things which are permanent such as personal values, relationships, etc. and those which are fleeting. This could mean that many of the illusions that have been put forth about what should matter (political ideology, national or international supremacy, a perceived threat from abroad) may be seen for the straw men that they are. How we choose to use this knowledge will vary from person to person and nation to nation.

1st Six Months Bridge – Sowelo – This is the rune of wholeness and clarity and is both appropriate and timely as it also denotes the end of winter and the start of the warmth of the year. During these first six months, we may get a chance to see “the funny old man behind the curtain” (figuratively and, possibly, literally) as some scandals/revelations are going to illuminate exactly how the financial crisis occurred on a global scale and who or what stands to profit by keeping things unsettled. Failures in governments will also come to light-perhaps with some shocking results.

July – September – Thurisaz Reversed

Things will be unsettled as past, present and future seem to be piling up on each other. The way forward is not clear, the path is painful and chaos is likely. Between violent weather, geological upheavals, possible civil unrest turning violent, and the specter of an international issue, it certainly could be a long, hot summer. Avoid obsessions and remember the gateway between past and future is the present.

October – December – Algiz Reversed

Though traditionally a rune for protection, reversed Algiz indicates our vulnerability to all the negative energies swirling around us such as political attack adds, continued financial stress, and even the worry about the Mayan Calendar. Sadly, this may also make a period of decline across the globe. Emotions will be on edge, projects will fail, and a general sense of malaise could lead to some rather desperate actions.

2nd Six Months Bridge – W unjo Reversed

Not surprisingly, the theme for the second half of the year can be summed up in one word: frustration. Yet, if we are willing to look at the past and see where the blockages to growth began it is possible to gain some insight on some of the issues. However, there is a sense of a karmic debt that needs to be resolved and it is likely to occur during these later months.

Ultimately, though, it is for each us to take this knowledge of what may be and find our own light to create what CAN be.

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As 2012 starts to unfold, the increasing tensions between the United States and Iran seem to occupy an ever-increasing amount of space in electronic, print, and internet media formats. Much like star-crossed lovers, the two countries seem caught up in a kind of cosmic dance with no clear outcome or ending in sight. Astrologers and psychics, like those on Psychic, are paying a great deal of attention to this combustible situation in the hopes of gaining a clearer picture of the destiny ahead.

In looking for astrological guidance, I have chosen to use a combined or “Davidson” horoscope which is also known as the Relationship Horoscope. This chart provides a view of things that tend to happen in the “relationship”. For “birthdates” I have chosen July 4th, 1776 (U.S.) and February 1, 1979 (when Khomeini actually returned to Teheran-the symbolic start of the Iran we know today). Not surprisingly, the “natal” sun which is in the sign of Libra, resides in the Ninth House. This is the house of long distance travel, foreign countries (which both the U.S. and Iran would be to each other), philosophy and religion and beliefs.

Of particular importance are the many aspects involving Mars the God of War. Both the Moon and Saturn find themselves in conjunction with Mars. Emotional anxiety and impatience can come out with aggressive qualities. Driven by intense emotions (on both sides), this aspect certainly has a volatile potential for both countries; being blind to common sense, the more destructive and vindictive nature that this aspect provides could lead to a serious confrontation.

Mercury the Messenger has the difficult quincunx aspect with the God of War which will add fuel to the political fire. The potential for jumping to conclusions without facts could result in a crisis. Logic and passion will be at loggerheads; when you factor in the first Mercury Retrograde (which ironically occurs in the sign of Aries) of the year on March 12th, the potential for upheaval and chaos due to relationship/communication collapses is quite high.

Lastly, there is the square between the War God and the Goddess of Love, Venus. Emotional issues, jealousy and resentment could make a difficult situation even worse. Much like a fighting couple, the “dance” between Teheran and Washington will take on an emotional aspect that could cloud any semblance of logic with feelings not unlike that of a lover’s quarrel and with a similar potential for a real “break-up”.

Another important aspect of this combined chart is the Pluto the Dark Lord being squared to Uranus the Sky God. This aspect is one which reflects the global impact that the Iran-U.S. situation could have. Political and governmental systems could well be shaken during this time.

Given the fact that Pluto in Capricorn already brings the energy for transformation and change-often through destruction- of old and outmoded forms so that have ruled society at large for so long, adding the power of Uranus for the “unexpected” and drastic element of change, the merging of these two energies could bring an intensity that could remake the world as we know it.

I would also pay close attention to the time period from July 3rd through July 26th-particularly July 13th and 14th. In addition to the second Mercury Retrograde starting at this time, the Sky Lord also joins the march rearward. The God of War is heavily involved with the Dark Lord, the Sky God, Neptune-the Sea King, and even Jupiter. I will write more on these relationships in a future article.

Clearly, much lies beneath the surface of the association between Teheran and Washington. Set against the background of the heavens, this is clearly a time to pay close attention and perhaps gain more insight into the energies which seem to be propelling this conflict forward. I will be looking at other astrological aspects of this scenario in future articles. In closing, however, I find myself thinking of the ancient Chinese Curse: May you live in interesting times. And so, it appears, that we will.

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