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Social unrest is so rampant in so many places around the world that it saddens me. It is a contagion that has spread like wildfire. This is taking Venezuela, Taiwan, London, Ukraine, Nigeria – just too many to mention. In Paris, they only report in the news if over 1000 cars PER NIGHT are set on fire. That has been going on now for quite a while.

I am predicting way more civil unrest around the world. There aren’t enough jobs to go around and this makes people hungry. When people get hungry, they storm the Bastille and that is what I see more of this year and next. You will be hearing more and more of this from now on.

It is almost a global unconscious reaction around the world and it is getting more volatile at a rapidly increasing pace. It is spreading and telepathically transported energy that is turning in to anger at a dangerous pace. It seems that people are fed up with the way their governments are treating their people. People without a democratic government cannot legally protest and so they are looked at as dissident extremists and are beginning to be mowed down by their own governments.

There is just so much hatred in the world and all people want is freedom and peace to live their lives they way they want to. Just existing is not thriving and it is incredibly stressful to not know if you can feed your family the next day or week.

But, my feeling is that no society that has corrupt leaders lasts forever. And the bigger they are the harder they will fall and take the country’s wealth with it. I’m seeing that this is not going to end well for the people that want to live peacefully in that country which is most of them.  The Ukraine is not a wealthy country to begin with and now they are faced with some wanting to be a a self-governed nation.  They have been through so much turmoil since the fall of the empire over there and now they are having to once again fight for what they feel is rightfully theirs while others want to remain the part of the biggest country that they once were.

I feel that the country will split meaning that a large part of it will go back to their ‘mother country’ while the other part will want to remain their own free nation.  I think it will get much worse over there in the coming year and yes, I said year.  There will be a lot of bloodshed before it is all decided.  But, the problem remains, who is to do the deciding?  The other problem and the biggest one is that the people who are doing the actual protesting don’t have any real and experienced leadership to take over if they were ‘given’ that choice. This social unrest and anger will not end soon until the Ukraine is completely taken over.

I am seeing this involving other countries around Ukraine and this cannot be good at all.  These other countries just don’t have the means to fight for their independence.  They don’t have the money!  None of them do.  It is very hard to defend yourself if you don’t have any money to do it with.

This is very, very sad and I’m praying that it will all calm down, but, that is not what I see. Social unrest of this magnitude will spread – mark my words.

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The riots and social unrest that are currently happening, are not something new. Whenever a population, no matter where they are, is hungry, out of work and is facing poverty, they will become frenzied, and angry with their governments or any entity they feel oppressed by. Unless, they are so weak they cannot defend themselves at all as is the case in N Korea.

This is part of the scene around the world. France, and in particular, Paris doesn’t even report to the media if under 1000 cars are burned each night which has been happening for several years now.  When Arab Spring happened in 2013 it spread like a contagion throughout the middle east and north Africa and included countries as well.  Protests, demonstrations and riots have spread to Tunisia, Bahrain, Sudan, Egypt, the Western Sahara, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Syria, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Jordan, Oman, Yemen and Morocco and Spain.  And don’t forget about Occupy Wall Street in New York city.  There will be another uprising and while it may have a different name, it will be much the same as this protest.

Protests and riots in the Ukraine.  My prediction is that eventually it is coming to a town near you and I.  The situation in the Ukraine protests is going to really escalate which makes it right for a takeover of some sort.  It won’t surprise me if they once again come under a government they broke from years ago.  Drought and other severe weather extremes such as unusually cold and frozen winters will play a significant role in the world’s food supply over the next several years.

The entire world is hurting for money, food and shelter and poverty is spreading like wildfire.  This type of social unrest is not going to stop any time soon and will continue on for at least two or three more years.  I feel that 2016 is really going to experience an events or a series of events that will cause similar behavior here in the US, the effects of which will ring around the world.

There are going to be more mysterious bank official ’suicides’ around the world. This along with some major financial news that won’t be good which is the underlying cause of these men’s deaths.  This has the eerie feeling that somehow they are connected. Even more interesting that several of them all work for the same company, albeit, from different cities and countries.

More public shootings will take place in schools and malls around the country where it is dense with people.  This includes anywhere there are many people packed into an area such a night clubs.  The less populated areas such as Alaska, Idaho, North and South Dakota and Montana will fare pretty well.

As Lou says in his article on social unrest, things are “coming apart at the seams”.  The general public doesn’t really have the time to care. The average family is just trying to keep a job and put food on the table.  And for the million plus people who cannot find work, the stress that they are under is blatantly clear and unconscionable.

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That Ukrainian situation is starting to come apart at the seams. I was just looking at my most recent book, 2014 Stones and Stars and found this excerpt:

“Social unrest, whether passive or violent, will continue to spread across Europe, Africa and the Middle East. New “hotspots” such as Asia, Eastern Europe and even South America may also flare up. The illusion of American Unity continues to unravel as the disparity between haves and have-nots adds pressure in addition to seemingly irreconcilable views on morality and social issues. All of which may result in dramatic confrontations.”

The BBC news confirms what is really happening over there in the Ukraine as I write this.

I find it fascinating just how accurate and predictive astrology can really be.

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The Day of Rage had protesters gathered on Sept 17, 2011 on Wall Street in a nonviolent demonstration.  Wade Rathke, , the former the head organizer of ACORN, is an Arab Spring Movement sympathizer of the social unrest that took place in Cairo, Egypt spreading through the middle east.

On March 11th, the demonstration was announced and the original plan involved the SEIU, and the entire left wing including the Marxists and Anarchists.  Their plan was a gathering of 100,000.  Their webpage, #OccupyWallStreet, Facebook and Twitter were used to accomplish the ‘gathering’. The plan, however, was foiled when barely 1000 people showed up.

Sadly, social unrest has come and this is going to get tons of people involved.  Occupy Wall Street organizers want 20,000 people as they prepare to put up tents and demonstrate around the Chase Manhattan Plaza in New York City. Their plan is to stay in tents for a few months.

So, here is the beginning of our own social unrest and it does not surprise me that it is starting in NYC. As Lou Raedwulfe said in a previous article, “The reality that we will see will be marked with a lot of negative energy in the near term.”

Lou continues in another articles, Astrology as Predicted is Happening, and states that, “The financial world is still shaky and even if a debt ceiling agreement is reached, the ramifications of the debate will echo loudly both here and abroad.”

Nostradamus has predicted unrest in London which is already happening and is on the rise.  Lou continues the same theme of social unrest in his article, Summer 2011 Predictions, and he is right on target by saying, “What is on the political horizon? The unrest and uncertainty of the last few months is going to dramatically escalate.”

In 2009, Randy stated, “I predicted that we were heading for some very ugly times.” Not only is he correct, but, as we have all been reading in the news, socially, politically, earthquakes and storms are all escalating.  He continues, “I predicted this back in 2009 and as stated before, I sense this is just a dry run for more serious things in the future.”  Randy’s Predictions for 2011.

Lou had more to say about the government officials in his Summer 2011 Astrology Predictions:  “For much of the year, politics will flood the media and TV.  Two people may be the focal point.  There will be major public figures in the lime light.  If they thought their secrets were safe, they are mistaken.”  Perhaps he forecast the Solyndra issues with the administration which is now under investigation.

Maybe Kay Rivers says it best in her article titled, Social Unrest Around the World and On The Rise.  In the article she says, “The USA will face similar problems as Cairo, Egypt and other countries in the Middle East; we are the next ones to face social unrest, the bulk of which will start to unravel in 2012.”

I could not agree more.  Our own social unrest has just begun in New York City, Sept 17, 2011.  Mark my words that this is just the beginning and this contagion will be felt in many major cities in the USA.  Peaceful demonstrations will lead to more social unrest.

We will very soon be facing very similar circumstances as many other countries around the world are going through right now.  I don’t see an end to any of this for a very long time and I don’t see ‘peaceful’ demonstrations as the only method of social unrest.  Things are going to get a lot uglier before long. 2012 should get very interesting indeed.

Lou Raewulfe just published his new book:  The Runechest available now at Amazon.

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These are trying times for the world we live in and I feel strongly that this is a trend that will continue for quite some time. My prediction is that social unrest will keep spreading and things will not quiet down for years, especially in the middle east.

Conditions in Europe will continue to deteriorate as well through 2012 with growing unrest on the rise.

I predict that it will get worse during the last half of the year in 2011 due to the rising cost of food, rising unemployment and the financial woes of the government which will have to consider spending cuts for bills it cannot afford to keep paying.  Their government employees will take a firm stand against wage cuts and possible layoffs.

People do not gather in crowds demanding new leaders if everything is OK. They do it when unemployment is very high and food gets scarce. The unemployed start depending on their friends and relatives for food and shelter. These circumstances will begin to financially distress the people trying to help others and relationships will deteriorate the longer these conditions persist with continuing social unrest around the world.

I feel that these conditions in Europe will continue to cause social unrest through 2011 and probably continue into 2012.  The longer it goes, the worse the public demand will be for financial problems to be solved.  The public in these regions is akin to what is also happening here in the USA.

As the job market shrinks and rising consumer prices increase, the will become obvious to those in need that a radical transformation will become necessary to calm the fears and financial problems that the majority of people face in these regions.  The USA will face similar problems as Cairo, Egypt and other countries in the Middle East; we are the next ones to face social unrest, the bulk of which will start to unravel in 2012.

The public will become more aware that they are being lied to about an economic recovery and they are not getting any benefit from the billions of tax payer dollars being spent.  The longer people go without new employment in site, the more angry the public sector will become.  2012 will be an election year like no other and the arguments will ignite people to get out and vote in record numbers.

The public in the USA will become more and more out-spoken on the radical government spending and seeing nothing in return for their hard-earned tax dollars accomplishing nothing.  Expect food, gas and oil prices to rise to unprecedented levels into the winter of 2012.  I feel the dollar will continue to weaken and will not buy the amount of groceries it used to.  This is a warning that something must be done.

I feel that we will be in a position before too long that may be too late to recover from this downward spiral that the world is now experiencing.  If there is no turn around soon, the Great Depression will pale in comparison.

Kay Rivers is a psychic clairvoyant who has been in the media for her world predictions.  She is available for psychic readings daily on the site.

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