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When you think about the weather issues, that fall of Ramadi, the oil spill in CA and the social unrest going on around the world….. this small section from a very profound literary work (2015 Stones and Stars… is eerie. As I”ve said here before, there are times that I hate being right….and the number of those times is increasing.

The Mars, the God of War opposes Saturn, the Ringed One on the May 15th leading to a continued frustration on social issues in the US. More sound than fury but tension is building. Elsewhere it will seem like one step forward and two steps back in terms of trying to resolve conflicts. An ally, or someone who should be, steps away from the game in the Mideast.

As the Goddess of Love, Venus, trines the Sea King, Pisces, on May 16th, a time of romance and “magic” blossoms for lovers, and would-be lovers. Increased psychic energy helps connects spirits and hearts. While this may seem at odds with the larger world events, this period should be embraced and enjoyed as living proof that love can and does exist even during storms. Passion may be a bit overwrought but still pleasurable.

On the 19th, the Mercury the Messenger begins a twenty-three day retrograde. The respite of the last couple of week is over and things start to get very interesting. The disruptive and confusing effects of this aspect will profoundly noticed in the ten-day period immediately following the start of the retrograde. Added to the Pluto retrograde that began in April, there is a strong likelihood of a major conflict as the result of a missed or deliberately incorrect message. South or Central America could be impacted as there is a possibility of a geological event (volcano, earthquake, tsunami) that disrupts communications of all sorts.

The Venus/Pluto opposition on the 22nd will impact world financial markets. A major announcement or event could trigger a market sell-off of significant proportions. Whether this is the start of a longer situation is uncertain; one thing that will result are cries for greater oversight and a stronger push back to prevent that from occurring. Energy will be added by the Sun opposing Saturn on the 23rd. There is a growing sense that time is growing short and anxiety, particularly in larger cities such as Atlanta, Miami, and Boston increases. An early tropical storm could make an appearance during the upcoming holiday weekend.

There is a critical period from 25th to the 31st will have an impact on the rest of the year. A major event in a West Coast or Southwest city could stun the world. Venus squares Uranus and Mars Squares Neptune, both, on the 25th. The Messenger, still in retrograde, also squares the Sea King on the 29th. Issues with oil and gas, perhaps involving supply, start to rumble in Europe but could quickly spread elsewhere. The chance of armed conflict (perhaps several) is high as lots of repressed emotions boil to the surface. A sex scandal, while nothing new, could be a kind of intended distraction from a larger, more serious matter. Words matter and the wrong ones will be said in plenty (thank the Mercury retrograde) now.

All I can say is:

“It’s not dark yet, but it’s gettin’ there” (thank you Mr. Dylan)


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