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Some of you may have already felt the coming Mercury Retrograde over the past few days. Today, September 17 is the beginning and it will last until October 9 in Libra. While it may throw some of you off balance, it will also cause you to contemplate some past circumstances that have been bugging you!

If you have Mercury in your chart, like Gemini and Virgo, you will most likely feel it more than others.  It is a time to let go of things that are no longer useful to you.  This could mean ending a relationship, job or giving up some habit that you’ve literally out-grown.

While it is a time to look over your past and get to any unfinished business, it is not the time to sign any contracts to start that new job OR relationship.  Starting anything new at this time may cause some frustrations down the road.  It is best to wait until it ends plus about five days before signing anything important.

Mercury Retrograde is a wonderful time to re-connect with old friends and flames.  If you have wanted to re-connect with a by-gone love, now is your window of opportunity!

So, get busy and finish up those unfinished projects because new opportunities await you on the horizon!

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The pyrotechnical wonders that appear on the annual celebration of independence certainly serve as a metaphor for the hopes and wishes of would-be lovers everywhere. As the singular event of the summer season the July 4 is a great time to examine the potential for romantic connections made during these “lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer”.


Independence Day 2014 occurs during a powerful Neptune retrograde that began on June 9. As the planet of illusion and dreams, the Sea King’s impact on matters of the heart cannot be overstated. During retrograde cycles, we become more susceptible to delusions of what we want to see rather than the reality of what is before our eyes and hearts and fall prey to that love affair that seems almost too good to be true.

Significantly, both the Messenger (Mercury) and the Goddess of Love (Venus) reside in the 12th House of the Zodiac on July 4. The 12th House is known as “House of Undoing” and represents those areas of life where a clear view is obscured, either by things that are hidden or our own reluctance to examine the truth behind what appears to be a “pretty picture”. Planets in this house would be impacted by these astral dynamics.

Where communications (Mercury) are distorted through a romantic haze and the desire for intimacy and passion (Venus) reaches intensity where common sense can explode like a starburst in the night sky, the chance for a summer relationship is dramatically increased. On the flip side, however, the potential for such an encounter to bring confusion and heartbreak in a short amount of time is also enhanced.

Neptune’s influence can open subconscious doors that may have been closed either by circumstance or by choice. Dreams become more vivid and may well reveal what lies behind the emotional curtains facing us. Sensitivity on all levels is heighted that often requires putting on a brave external face as a defense. There can be “aha” moments but only if we are willing to accept that the metaphysical side of reality is just as important as what is viewed as “the real world”.

So does the 4th of July bring romantic fireworks or failures? The answer is: Both!! Knowing that love’s illusions may well be delusions and passionately spoken words may not have the promise of tomorrow that your heart may be hoping for, my recommendation is to allow yourself the joy of dreaming but keep in mind that real love is more than lights, explosions and expressions of delight on a hot summer night. Love is more than an illusion, keeping your heart open to the possibilities is a great start to finding that most enduring of treasures.

Go Well – Lou

Saturn’s Powerful Influence

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The first Mercury retrograde of the year begins officially on February 6 and ends on February 28.  This time it is in the sign of Pisces and can cause emotional confusion and misunderstandings all month.  We will be hardest hit at the beginning and end of it.  So, for reference, add five days to the beginning and five days to the end to get a grip on it as you feel its energy both a work and home.

This is not the time to start a new relationship or sign a contract.  Starting a new relationship under this highly-charged emotional influence may not last very long, however, it may feel very intense as Neptune, Pisces’ ruling planet and a water sign, can play havoc with your emotions.  You may be thinking strongly of a past relationship and have a good chance of reconnecting.  If you reconnect to something that was started in the past, this is a good sign and could reunite you with a good friend or a past romantic partner.

Because Pisces rules all things that have to do with liquid, expect to hear in the news about ships, fish, gas and oil type leaks. It is also a very good time to check anything to do with water in your home, such as hot water heaters, radiators in your car, faucets, washing machines and dishwashers.  Mercury in retrograde can play tricks on us, especially under the influence of a water sign like Pisces.

Things to be aware of at work:

Gossip could spark some unpleasantries at work could multiply.  Stay as far away from gossip as you can.  If you can’t get away from it, bury your nose and put it to the grindstone throughout the month of February.

Be aware of what you say to co-workers and bosses as you may be misunderstood. This is not the time to ask for a raise unless you have already begun that conversation before the Retrograde started.  If you have already begun that process, then, yes, by all means bring it up again and you might be pleasantly surprise.

Try not to sign a contract under this influence.  It would be better to wait to sign anything legal until we are officially past Mercury retrograde.  Try waiting until the end of the first week in March when things will begin to chug forward again.  You’ll have better luck if you delay the signing of anything legal if you wait until this retrograde is over.

This Mercury retrograde asks you to pay attention to travel on or near the water.  Because Pisces is a water sign and Mercury rules short-distance travel, if you can put it off until the second week in March, you won’t regret it.  This is definitely not the time for that vacation cruise as we have recently seen the outcome of what its like to travel on water as Mercury’s retrograde influence takes hole.  You wouldn’t want to get sick on board a cruise ship when Mercury is in retrograde in the sign of Pisces.

As CNN reported today, the Royal Caribbean Explorer cruise ship had roughly 700 sick passengers including crew members and had to abandon the vacation cruise and return to port.  This is one of the highest numbers of sick people aboard a ship in nearly 20 years.  So beware of a vacation that includes a vacation on a cruise ship.  It would be much better to wait until after this Mercury retrograde is well past the end of February.

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Scorpio 2013 may be the most aspect laden month of the year. Although it begins officially on October 22, the impact of the last Mercury retrograde of the year, beginning the day before on October 21, will carry over through the greater part of the month. While the world at large will be impacted from the Mercury retrograde, natives of the Scorpion can expect an even higher degree of mangled communications setting off emotional and possibly physical chaos in interpersonal matters.

The desire and pursuit of sensual pleasures is given an astral jolt with Jupiter entering the picture on October 26. Children of the Scorpion would do well to remember the old warning about “eyes being bigger than the stomach” in terms of putting the drive for pleasure ahead of obligations. With Pluto (one of Scorpio’s rulers) and Chiron also in the picture, the effect of making Scorpio natives catalysts for interactions which could be either really positive or darkly negative if desire is allowed to trump reason.

As the Wheel turns to Samhain/All Hallows/Hallowe’en, Halloween on October 30 and 31, the other ruler, Mars, makes its presence felt by being in opposition to Chiron, trine to Pluto, and quincunx (inconjunct) to Uranus. It should be noted that Chiron, the Wounded Healer has, itself, been retrograde since June, joining Mercury, Neptune, and, later in Scorpio, Jupiter.

When Mars and Chiron are opposed, running to obstacles (and people) that wish to derail plans for success in any endeavor becomes more likely for everyone. Natives of the sign of the Scorpio are particularly vulnerable and in effect, could become their own worst enemies at this time by over-reacting when a more measured approach is needed. Fortunately, the Mars Pluto trine mitigates this situation and provides support for alternative ways of solving problems.

Uranus, the planet of deviation, becomes a kind of astral segue with the quincunx to Mars (mentioned above) on October 31 and then, a day later, on November 1, squaring Scorpio’s other ruler, Pluto. Scorpios may discover that existing plans need to be changed (fitting with the trine) but finding that energy, emotional and physical, seems to be draining away leading to impatience (the Chiron effect).

However the global impact of the Uranus Pluto square could lead to profound upheavals in social structures, finances, political systems and beliefs. While the macro effects worldwide will be dramatic, the “micro” (personal) shocks to those born in the sign of Scorpio are likely to be equally dramatic. Relationships, finances, careers, could all be altered in unforeseen (both positive and negative) fashions.

Contemporaneous with the Uranus Pluto event, the Mercury retrograde adds its influence by being sextile to both Scorpio rulers, Mars and Pluto, and quincunx to Uranus also on November 1. Scorpio natives will discover that their mental and perceptual faculties are heightened but that their words could be more binding than intended. Expressing ideals and emotions will also be impacted harshly.

With the return of Standard time on November 3, the final Solar Eclipse of the year occurs in the sign of Scorpio. Natives of the sign will find themselves embroiled in emotional turmoil to a greater degree even as the rest of the world faces the possibility of an increase in conflicts around the globe. With Jupiter going retrograde on November 6, enthusiasm for life in general could be dulled as minor frustrations impact moods and feelings.

After such a tumultuous month, some relief appears in the form of Mercury going direct on November 10 and Neptune retrograde ending its long reverse run on the 13th. As communications slowly begin to straighten out, children of the Scorpion may feel that they are just waking up from a really bad nightmare. This emotional healing will also be aided by the Wounded Healer, Chiron, turning direct as well on the 19th.

The full moon occurs on November 17. Known as the Hunter’s, Dark, Frost, Mourning, Tree, Wolf and/or Beaver Moon this full showing of the Moon’s face marks a time to prepare body and spirit for the coming winter months and to make sure that all is fortified against the coming cold.

As might be expected, Scorpio 2013 will not go “quietly into this good night”. On November 14 and 15, Venus squares Uranus, Sextiles Chiron and conjuncts Pluto. For Scorpio natives impulsive attractions could lead to emotional disaster. The urge to go “all in” is powerful but care needs to be taken not to force the issue. Fortunately the chance to heal fractures in relationships is also increased and can mute the emotional instability.

Mercury (now moving forward) also interacts with the same three astral bodies on November 19 and 20. The trine with Chiron will enable Scorpios and non-Scorpios alike to be more sensitive to messages from others and importantly, more willing to listen. The sextile with Pluto adds insight and patience, two necessary components after such a dramatic month while the quincunx with Uranus cautions against impulsive decision making of any sort.

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This last lunar eclipse of the year really does pack a punch as it takes place in the fire sign of Aries. Whenever any eclipse happens in a fire sign there are sure to be sparks both good and not so good.

If you have a healthy relationship, things should go well. You may decide that this is the time to leave the old ways behind and take your relationship to the next level. If your relationship is on rocky territory, be aware that not only could sparks fly, but you could leave this love in the dust. This combined with an extra long Mercury retrograde starting on October 21 and lasting until November 10, could be a scorcher. Be aware that if things are not going well during this lunar eclipse, that things could go from bad to worse with the upcoming retrograde.

That being said, this eclipse will pack a punch mainly because of where it takes place; Aries, the god of war. So, it is a time when your words should be chosen carefully and keep your emotions in check, especially if your relationship is on shaky terrain.

If things at work are going fine then you have nothing to fear other than your co-workers emotions might get out of hand. Just stay cool, calm, collected and don’t get involved in it it especially during this lunar eclipse. This together with the Mercury retrograde coming up close behind could really infect the environment.

Just put your nose to the grindstone and be extra vigilant about what is going on and what is being said at work. You can listen, but you don’t have to respond. Responding could be taken (later on) by others that you agree with them when you really don’t. Just be aware of that because you don’t want to be in the line of fire and have comments come back to haunt you during late October or the first three weeks in November.

There is nothing really to worry about if things are going well for you at home, your relationship and job. Just be extra aware of what could happen should you decide to jump into the pile of other people’s emotions which could easily get out of control and in a hurry. This particular lunar eclipse is volatile, and will last only a few hours, however, what goes on during the eclipse should be guarded.

Make this a lunar eclipse that you can remember with joy in your heart. It is a good time to give up old habits as a full moon encourages you to bring things to fruition. Finish up those projects and wait a few days before starting something new. Now is the time to put things in order before a new phase and solar eclipse begins on November 3.

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Turning to Mercury the Messenger, all manner of communications, verbal, written, non-verbal, and physical are impacted by this fast moving cosmic traveler. When there are positive energies caused by Mercury’s position relative to the other planets at a given point in time, words flow easier, connections seem to happen with little or no planning, and even during those intimate moments when speaking would get in the way, expressing what you are feeling comes across loud and clear. On the flip side, when negative energies occur, the chance of being misunderstood, of messages being delayed or lost altogether and a general sense of confusion could make a night out on the town seem like an eternity.

The impact of Mercury retrogrades has been widely discussed across the globe especially when it comes to dating. The chaos brought about by the communication disruptions that occur during this aspect are the subject of countless articles including several that I’ve written. Needless to say, dating and romantic endeavors of all sorts are particularly impacted during these times. Break-ups and arguments due to missed, mixed, or misunderstood messages (on any level) increase dramatically. Since they can’t be avoided, knowing when these astro-events occur can, at the very least, allow you to be aware that this is definitely a fragile time and caution should be taken accordingly.

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During presidential election years, psychics and astrologers are often called on to make forecasts as to winners and losers. Just as political analysts and pollsters look at trends and demographics as a basis for their opinions, those who practice the predictive arts also must take into consideration cycles and relationships on various levels to form their results. For astrologers, this involves looking at the birth charts of the candidates and seeing how current planetary positions interrelate with their natal locations. Additionally, astrological events such as retrogrades must also be considered.

At the outset, it must be noted that the election is occurring just as the final Mercury Retrograde of the year begins on November 6th. Two days earlier, on November 4th, Daylight Savings time ends and, four days after the election, Neptune ends its long term in retrograde and goes direct. Just nine days post election, there is a total Solar Eclipse and a New Moon. The various cosmic energies of these important events are all in play as the polls open and serve as a dynamic astral backdrop for the selection of the President and Congress.

The Tenth House of the Horoscope is traditionally the House which deals with primary career goals, government and politics. With this in mind, the charts of both Romney and Obama were examined to see the impact of planetary movement on each of their Tenth Houses on November 6th, 2012 election.

For Romney, there is only one transit in his Tenth House; Neptune, the Sea King, still moving backward resides there. The impact of this is losing sight of career goals or being phased out are possible although service-related careers may prosper. Ambition and drive could be lacking. This would seem to indicate a less than positive outcome at the polls.

Parenthetically, it should also be noted that Neptune, the Sea King, governs among other things, the seas. The occurrences of hurricanes at both the Republican Convention and Hurricane Sandy, just days before the election, are stark reminders of the impact of the Neptune, The Ocean Ruler.

For Obama, his Tenth House contains two transits, Mercury Retrograde (which will be starting its retrograde) and Mars. The Messenger’s arrival in the Tenth House turns the mind to career and professional interests. It’s a good time to communicate with superiors and learn new job skills. The Mars impact stimulates ambition and career objectives. If ego energies are unrestrained, conflicts could arise with authorities or superiors. Work for recognition. These relationships would certainly seem to point to a successful reelection effort.

Romney’s Sixth House, the House of work (not career) and service (which does include politicians) has some important hints as well. Saturn, the first of two transits here, points out that work situations become more demanding. Be willing to serve and sacrifice now for opportunities in a few years. The Sun also highlights that this is a period of responsibility and service to others. Physical health will also be emphasized, and more positive regimes promote well-being.

Obama has only one transit in the Sixth House, the Moon. Luna’s impact shows that emotions may be depressed by the self-sacrificing nature of this placement. Avoid being critical or overly concerned with health. Regardless of who is in the White House, the self-sacrificing nature of the job of President is certainly an absolute.

The last comparison that is a good astrological barometer is the transits in the Eleventh House for both men. The Eleventh House is known as the House of Hopes and Dreams; without a doubt winning the Presidential Election is the dream of both Obama and Romney. It is also the House of bizarre occurrences and the unexpected.

Romney’s Eleventh House has a potent transit with Uranus. Friends, hopes and expectations are subject to sudden and revolutionary change. Peer pressure chafes. Be willing to alter plans and stay flexible. Obama, too, has a single but power interaction-this time with Pluto. Friendships and group activities will have a profoundly transforming effect. Hopes, wishes and goals undergo transitions. Avoid manipulators.

Based on the above at this juncture, Obama is narrowly favored astrologically. This seems to be supported by a powerful conjunction of the Moon and Sun. A time of monthly renewal when emotional and ego energies blend effectively. Associations are favored. It will not be without controversy however. Saturn in the Ninth House points to legal problems that may arise. Educational or travel plans will require hard work. Take care of unfinished business.

Regardless of the ultimate results of this election, the energies which have coalesced at this time will have an impact far beyond the 2012 elections on November 6th. Whether you follow the stars, the pundits, or your own internal voice, express your feelings and vote.

Lou Raedwulfe is the author of Stars and Stones – A Look Forward with Astrology and Runes, 2012 An Astrological Overview and The RuneChest. All books are available at Amazon for Kindle and Barnes & Noble for Nook from $12.99. He is also a psychic advisor, clairvoyant, tarot master and rune master.  Get a reading today on this site.

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Even as Mercury the Messenger, Saturn the Great Leveler and Mars the God of War right their paths once again on April 4th (Mercury), June 25th (Saturn) and April 13th (Mars), several new and equally significant astrological events come into play. On March 11th, Daylight Savings begins as a precursor to the Vernal Equinox on March 19th. With the influence of the Mercury retrograde just beginning at that time, the chronological shift and the start of a new season could add to the confusion surrounding the globe. An unexpected storm could add to the other tensions and serve as a harsh reminder of the old saying:

“March comes in like a lion…”

Of greater concern is that the Dark Lord, Pluto, goes into reverse on April 10th. Still in Capricorn, the Dark Lord’s energies are bent on transformation through the destruction of the old and outmoded. In retrograde, we must face the shadow side of things; a scandal, a realization that plans for the future were built on sand not rock, secrets which, in coming forth, will dramatically impact a major institution. Geologically speaking, the Earth, too, may let loose a ‘secret’ in the form of a volcano or major quake, especially during the early part of this retrograde from April through the end of June.

There is one particular date which bears close attention: June 4. On that day, three powerful events impose their energies on the planetary pallet which could leave a profound mark across the globe. First, a total Lunar Eclipse occurs during the Full Moon. Second, Venus squares Mars and, finally, Neptune, the Sea King, goes retrograde.

In a previous article, I have discussed the potency of the Neptune retrograde:

Neptune, astrologically speaking, has long been associated with mysticism, idealism and compassion. When affected by negative influences and aspects with other planets, these characteristics can change into delusion and deception as well as a lack of focus and confusion. During a Neptune retrograde, there is a heightened sensitivity to things that go wrong and logic is often replaced with dreams and delusions. These feelings often collide with the stark reality of the real world, i.e., ‘pie in the sky’ meets pie in the face.

Combined with Luna’s energy during an eclipse, the Neptune’s wrath may well make itself known in the form of a hurricane or other ocean-based catastrophe. Since Neptune also rules oil and natural gas, the possibility of a gas crisis (either from a natural or political event) is increased as well. This could well be the start of a long, hot summer-in many ways.

The square of Venus and Mars denotes a lot of emotional issues, particularly those involving the sexes. While more personal in nature, this stress could indirectly contribute to the overall sense of frustration, jealousy and resentment that could play a bigger role in political matters which are already front and center.

Finally there is one last event that must be acknowledged: The solar eclipse during the new moon on May 20. Eclipses have long been recognized as potent sources of energy. This particular eclipse occurs at the beginning of the sign of Gemini. Many ancient astrologers, such as Raphael, noted that an eclipse during an air sign, such as Gemini, was often a portent of ‘stormy winds hurtful to mankind’. In context, this could mean the political/financial storms brewing around the globe as well as actual meteorological events.

Raphael also noted that a solar eclipse during the first part of Gemini could denote ‘dissension and strife among clergy and religious denominations’. Viewed in today’s world setting, the warning here is all too obvious.

Shakespeare in Richard III wrote about the ‘winter of our discontent’. Will the spring of 2012 be even more tumultuous? Interesting times are ahead.

Go Well – Lou

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Lou Raedwulfe is the author of Stars and Stones – A Look Forward with Astrology and Runes, 2012 An Astrological Overview and The RuneChest. All books are available at Amazon for Kindle and Barnes & Noble for Nook. He is also a psychic advisor, clairvoyant, tarot master and rune master. Get a reading today from him at

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Those of us “of a certain age” remember knock-knock jokes as a staple of childhood humor. For you readers who learned humor from Beavis, Butthead, Bart Simpson, SpongeBob and other comedic symbols of the later 20th Century onward a “knock-knock” joke went something like this:


Who’s There?


Ima Who?

Ima Psychic.

Of course, after the “Who’s There?” response, you could reply with just about anything (and usually did) that could be the first part of a phrase, name, etc.  Today, however, I feel that there is a different kind of “knock-knock” joke just around the corner astrologically speaking and the joke may just be on us.

Many of us have felt the sense of something approaching on the horizon without being able to specifically put our psychic fingers on the pulse, so to speak. Astrologers, psychics, and other esoteric practitioners, are focusing their skills to try and clarify what this sense is revealing. In looking skyward, I find my attention being drawn to the next four months of the year as being particularly significant.

The influence of planetary retrogrades is going to be magnified in ways we haven’t seen for a while. Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Neptune all move in reverse during this four-month period. Mars, the God of War, began this rearward waltz on January 23. When moving in reverse, accidents, arguments, and anger all flare from impulsive actions and ill-timed decisions. With aggression and violence (emotional and physical) highlighted, what is needed (but often lacking) is a rethinking on how to move forward. The red planet resumes its forward motion on April 13.

Saturn retrograde, (Saturn also known as he Great Leveler), joins the dance on February 7  and stays that way until the end of June. Saturn Retrograde brings us face to face with our limitations, both individually and as a society, reminding us what we can and can’t do in the world. These are lessons that will be learned one way or another. Progress will be slowed and we find ourselves wanting to say “YES” to courses of action that really require a “NO”.

Compounding the difficulties, Mercury, The Messenger,  joins his planetary brethren moving backwards on March 12th and staying in that motion until April 4. I have written at length about the travails of a Mercury Retro previously and this one could be nasty to say the least. Communication snafus on all levels (personal, political, international, financial) will spark a lot of emotional flames and add to the Martian conflagration.

The energies of Mercury retrograde, Mars retrograde and Saturn retrograde will be magnified and reinforced by each other from March 12 through April 4. I believe we can expect a possible international conflict as the result of a missed message, impulsive action driven by a desire to enforce our will on a situation that, in truth, cannot be forced or allowing a deep-seeded anger to explode. While the financial crises worldwide deepening could be a possibility, it is an armed conflict that seems the most probable during this time.

On the political front, I believe that at least one prominent figure is going to learn his (or her) limitations in a rather dramatic fashion that will cause them to recalculate the future that they had planned for themselves. This could also be tied in with the world financial situation which, as a result of the conflict mentioned above, is going to be on extremely shaky ground.

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Lou Raedwulfe is the author of Stars and Stones – A Look Forward with Astrology and Runes, 2012 An Astrological Overview and The RuneChest. All books are available at Amazon for Kindle and Barnes & Noble for Nook. He is also a psychic advisor, clairvoyant, tarot master and rune master.  Get a reading today from him on this site.

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Mars, the God of War, is also active during these ‘lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer’. Much like the Messenger, Mars also has the quincunx aspect in play with Neptune and Chiron. Both the Sea King, Neptune, and the Wounded Healer, Chiron, are retrograde which further bring out their negative features. Disillusionment, frustration and anger at things which seem beyond control will all be heightened. Wrongs (real and imagined) are going to fester on the world stage which could lead to random acts of violence that could explode into a much larger political/economic conflict. This is particularly true during the last two weeks of the month.

The Mars, God of War, squares off literally with the Dark Lord, Pluto on July 17th. The visceral drive to eliminate that which is viewed as unacceptable or obsolete by force could lead to a reckless course of military action during that week. A day later, on July 18th, Mars opposes (again literally) the force of Uranus. The urge to through caution to the winds combined with the desire to revolt from real or perceived restrictions enhance the chance that a traditional power or authority is going to collapse without any clear alternative to replace it.

Personal relationships, too, are going to find themselves in the heat of the summer sun during July. Again, the difficult quincunx aspect between Venus and the Dark Lord on July 3rd, marks upheavals in matters of the heart and may leave many people feeling like they have boarded an emotional roller coaster of the e-ticket variety.

Chiron joins the party in a celestial cosmic ‘square dance with the Goddess of Love on July 7th sowing mistrust and doubt which cannot be conquered by and emotionally forcing matters. With all the other astral energies swirling during the month, to say that love is a battlefield could be an understatement.

One of the many features that makes this period so intense is the fact that there are five significant retrogrades occurring at the same time: Neptune, Mercury, Chiron, Pluto and Uranus. All will be moving in reverse and their combined retro-activity opens the door for upheaval and uncertainty. The fabric of what the world believes is ‘truth’ is going to be torn in ways that are both immediate and forceful. While the focus of 2012 was on the Mayan Prophecy of December 21st, far more powerful forces will interplay during the period from July 3rd though the 26th.

In a cosmic sense we all are being put on notice that there are some karmic debts coming due and the Universe will insure that they are paid both on a global and personal level. This could well be part of what the ancients saw as they peered into the night sky to cast the course of fate for those who follow. Perhaps seeking astral advice from those trained in the predictive arts may help find a course to follow even as the paths themselves are being reshaped.

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