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Disruption is the theme for the week. There are times when our best intentions and plans are impacted by forces and fate that we cannot control. How we face the emotional confusion of such a time can ultimately dictate the outcomes of situations that seem out of control. Disruption can be positive as well as negative and can shake us awake in a spiritual sense. With this new awareness a new path can be taken.

Things could get interesting!

Read full horoscopes for this week for each sign and find out what’s happening in the next 7 days.

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Lou’s Radio Show Aug 23

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Aries – Many of you will still be struggling with major challenges that demand both innovation and a certain degree of surrender to circumstance. The good news is there are opportunities close to home. Family will be supportive. Don’t be afraid to do the things you love. Get out and be more social.

Taurus – This is a high energy time, most especially for those born near the last days of April and first days of May. Listen to your family. Each of you has the potential for healing and genuine practical transformation. Shared resources, intimacy, and honest conversations can help you become more stable and centered.

Gemini – Get out and mix with people. Asking others about their lives will build helpful bridges. Dinner parties can be especially successful. Think about what is good in your life, and be grateful. There is the potential for major and positive financial transformation. Be willing to listen to good advice from others.

Cancer – In the midst of a powerfully positive season, many of your sign face stressful but rewarding challenges. Your family or home situation is likely in some state of transformation. Remember that many an opportunity comes disguised as a crisis. Be ruthlessly honest about your feelings. Loans, grants, and real estate are favored.

Leo – Identify your dreams and then get out there and do something! It’s time to “think out of the box” or else be pushed out of the box. Original approaches and collaborative efforts demand the courage to fail. You may be called on to take sides in a family dispute. Do your best to be fair.

Virgo – Easy does it! There is a risk of injury if you do too much. Swimming or a massage would be helpful. If your birthday is this week, it’s time for a new start. Practical planning in pursuit of your ambitions will reveal where sacrifices must be made. Don’t be afraid of the future.

Libra – Making decisions is never your strong suit. There are so many considerations to resolve. You might experience what feels like “pressure” concerning home or family interests. This will demand a choice. Don’t give up too much just to make nice or keep the peace. The September born can be lucky in love.

Scorpio – You continue to enjoy a very positive energy concerning home and family. Your intuition remains strong. Listen to any inner voice that is not ruthlessly negative. This is a powerfully creative time. Those born the last of October/November 1 will undoubtedly feel challenged. Remember that is more important than pride.

Sagittarius – Think about your career, health, or service you give to others. It’s important not to let your own, or another’s criticism undermine your confidence. Friends and doing more of the things you most enjoy bring the greatest satisfaction. November – The November born may be feeling especially confused. If born near December 5, you face an important crossroads. Choose wisely.

Capricorn – You have so much support you can take advantage of. The challenge is being willing to move in new directions and surrender some things you thought were fixed points of reference. Take care of your health. Your family can be especially supportive so do not isolate yourself. Don’t expect instant results.

Aquarius – This is a strong week for reviewing personal or shared finances. Make or revise a budget. There can be some dramatic events that uncover difficult truths. Reconsider any area where you feel challenged. Do your best to see frustrating situations from multiple points of view. Good advice is all around you!

Pisces – Relationships are highlighted this week. Any criticism you hear should be interpreted as well meaning. You can be of great service to others by sharing your values or educational interests. Travel for a practical purpose is favored. Family ties will be pleasant and loving. Make time to enjoy any children in your life.

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This is certainly a week to take stock and think before you speak. Speaking without first thinking can have an greater impact this week on how other people react to you.

Read full horoscopes.

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As the last vestiges of summer pass, natives of the sign of Virgo enter their natal month in full stride. Practical, detail oriented, and precise Virgoans can also be high strung and fussy over details. As the mutable Earth sign, those born during this period often find themselves worrying too much over little things and, as a result, becoming indecisive and unsure. Being a sign that has an active polarity, Virgo natives are often restless and have difficulty learning to relax.

Virgo’s ruling planet, Mercury, is extremely active during the month. Just three days into Virgo, the Messenger goes opposite Neptune (still in retrograde by the way) on August 25th. Trying to distinguish what is reality and what is illusion is going to be challenging for everyone and children of Virgo in particular. This can (and most likely will) lead to misunderstandings, misinformation and deception (both internally and externally based).

Venus, too, is exerting a lot of influence during Virgo. On August 26-27, a trio of aspects could impact on romantic relationships in a big way. To begin with, Venus goes quincunx (inconjuct) with Chiron, the wounded healer. Emotional martyrdom is increased and, for natives of this sign, could result in you “hanging on a lover’s cross” for no good reason.

Adding to the emotional chaos is the Goddess of Love’s opposition with Uranus while being square to Jupiter at the same time as the Chiron aspect just mentioned. On one hand passions may sizzle and then, abruptly, turn to icy indifference without and discernable cause. Going to extremes (the Jupiter effect) can lead to overdoing both emotionally and financial. Snap decisions should be avoided-if possible. For the usually practical and grounded Virgoan, these disruptive energies are going to make looking beyond the immediate present even harder than usual.

While the effect of this Venus “triple play” are still echoing in the cosmos, the Messenger returns for his second act of the month. On August 29th-30th, Mercury goes in opposition to Chrion, ) quincunx Uranus and sextile Jupiter. Again, Virgo natives will be particularly impacted by these aspects involving their sign’s ruling planet Everything gets taken extremely personally which will lead to communication misunderstandings and a true sense of “shooting oneself in the foot”.

Much like the Venus-Uranus interaction, uncertainty, disorganization and impulsiveness will haunt personal relationships like a persistent specter. Fortunately, the sextile with Jupiter provides some relief in the form of new insights and a stabilizing effect on making judgments on all levels; with the chaos in communications already swirling around, this is a welcome influence indeed.

There is a fortnight of astrological respite from August 30th until September 15th. If this month of Virgo is viewed as a play, this period could almost be a kind of cosmic intermission permitting Virgos and non-Virgos alike a chance to catch their collective breaths, resettle their hearts, minds and psyches, and prepare for the astral curtain to rise on the next act.

The curtain rises on the Mercury’s third act on September 15th-17th. Mercury is inconjunct with Chirion, opposite Uranus and sextile Mars. Doubting what our senses tell us (including our intuitive sense) can lead to misunderstanding. Frequent changes of heart and mind also could add to the confusion in communications. Fortunately, some of this is balanced by being both alert and aware to the pitfalls.

The full moon during the month of Virgo 2013 occurs on September 19th. The moon itself resides in the sign of Pisces at this time. Called the Harvest or Signing Moon this full on display of lunar glory is the last full moon of the Summer Solstice season. Emotions are more easily expressed and sensitivity to the feelings of others is heightened. Virgo children need to take care not to “fall in love with love” as the potential for being taken advantage of is also increased at this time.

Venus makes her astrological “curtain call right after the Messenger leaves the stage on September 18th-20th. The Venus Saturn conjunction will stabilize existing relationships but will definitely make it more a challenge to start or find a new one. Finances are under stress as a result of the inconjunct with Uranus as well as creating restlessness and a fear of commitment. With feelings and perceptions heightened by the sextile with Pluto, Virgo natives could find themselves tossed on the seas of passion towards an unchartered shore.

Pluto, the Dark Lord finally goes direct again on September 20th. Though the potency of transformation will not be lessened, the changes that will occur will be more in the open and not lurking beneath the emotional surface. Being born in Virgo, the impact of this direct motion will be more precise and to the point and the transformations on all aspects will be more apparent. (Although everyone will feel the dynamic quality of this shift to forward motion as well!!).

Virgo 2013 will most certainly be a time when the transformation of the previous months begins to make an impact across the globe and across all of the signs of the Zodiac. For Virgoans this will manifest in the realm of interpersonal communications (verbal, non-verbal, written, and electronic) and emotional interactions. Being aware of when these forces are most active can provide a cosmic road map to navigating the twists and turns that await in this last month before the Autumn Equinox.

Leo Monthly Forecast

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Aries Some will be at a crossroads in a partnership or love affair. Kindness, even when stressed, eases the way. Just be yourself. There is no need to show off. A confident, but not conceited attitude is both attractive and influential. You’ll be a valued teammate or welcome guest at any social gathering.

Taurus Confrontations this week hold important lessons about the importance of personal integrity and self-respect. Areas of your life where you have been wounded do not have to define who you are. Making contacts will improve your career prospects. Network as much as possible if seeking a new, or better job.

Gemini This is a lucky time for both teaching and learning. If you have wanted to market your ideas, now is the time! Travel is favored, as is making arrangements to learn a new skill. Refuse to let people’s strong opinions undermine your confidence. Follow your heart. Siblings and cousins can be especially supportive.

Cancer The buildup to Wednesday’s Full Moon may include powerful lessons. This Moon can trigger insomnia or spark an emotional crisis. You may feel unappreciated or be stressed over how best to use personal and family resources. Hurt feelings stand in the way of any realistic assessment of your current situation.

Leo Wednesday’s Full Moon completes an important cycle of events. Lessons about giving and receiving love require the willingness to let someone else share the spotlight. If your birthday is this week, you may be feeling unusually ineffective. What you encounter requires the courage to be yourself. You have nothing to prove to others.

Virgo This is a wonderful week for bringing people together. The Sun enters your sign on Friday. You can expect to enjoy a growing sense of personal well-being. Old resolutions about changing your diet and exercise habits can be successfully revisited. There is still some risk of spending too much out of a sense of family obligation.

Libra As Venus enters your sign, give yourself permission to enjoy life! Good friends will help you have the courage to reconsider your current long-term goals. You can be lucky in love. Reach out with as few expectations as possible. The September born will find gentle support for decisions that cannot be avoided.

Scorpio It’s a crossroads time. Lessons from the past demand integration in the present. Home and family are a source of positive support. Those born after November 15 must dig deep to face any insecurity rooted in past relationships with men. Embrace your inner warrior. You are more powerful and competent than you initially believe.

Sagittarius This is an ideal week to reassess past gains with an eye toward protecting the future. Women friends can be especially encouraging. Your charm is strong. Those born after December 15 will happily enjoy the flow of events. You are in a powerful position to receive significant positive recognition for past efforts.

Capricorn The stage is set for continued unanticipated challenges. Don’t assume the worst in the face of apparent roadblocks. Personal and shared finances may need careful attention. The December born are encountering a crossroads that potentially will impact your love life and/or challenge core values. Challenges you accept tend to work out for the best.

Aquarius A high energy Full Moon in your sign on Wednesday makes this a powerful week for anything dear to your heart. Important spiritual insights are possible. Lessons may first appear in an area where you feel disempowered. Those born in mid-February must not be intimidated by important lessons concerning partnership or marriage.

Pisces Be prepared for increasing feedback and possibly criticism in close relationships. Practice careful listening and take a proactive approach crafting practical solutions. The February born enjoy a continued flow of positive energy. You’ll be more confident and secure about yourself and life in general. Embrace the role of valued advisor.

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Aries The more you talk about what is closest to your heart, the better your week will be. Give yourself permission to have fun. You might even be lucky in love! Family responsibilities remain a focus that demands patience. A positive attitude attracts exciting opportunities to expand your horizons.

Taurus Expect to be feeling optimistic. Practical opportunities are all around you. Laughter and good times are healing. Sharing family stories can bring important new insights. Invite people you like to share a meal. Put more creative energy into family projects. Find inexpensive ways to make your home more comfortable and inviting.

Gemini Be alert for money making opportunities close to home. This is a fortunate time for making new friends. You may be distracted by an unexpected romantic attraction. In this, and other areas, you may be tempted to color out of the lines. Just don’t compromise your personal integrity. Your family’s opinion matters.

Cancer The deep joy that comes from having fun with family is yours to embrace. Be willing to accept sincere compliments from others. The best use of your time and attention is where you feel most appreciated. Good money management, combined with trusting your dreams, opens doors of real possibility for a better future.

Leo It’s a great time for some much needed rest and relaxation. Travel with the family is especially favored. Even a “staycation” at home will be fun. It’s an especially exciting week for those born near August 5. Unexpected events tend to work in your favor. Unfamiliar settings introduce exciting new possibilities.

Virgo These are good days full of light and love. People you know best will be especially helpful and supportive. Don’t be too busy, or stubborn to make changes. This includes making adjustments to any long-term goals. Those born after September 17 can be lucky in love. Take action to follow your heart.

Libra Expect a bit of a break from your ongoing challenges. Continue to be patient and don’t doubt yourself. The change you desire is slow in coming. Get out with friends and give yourself permission to have more fun. There are still continued opportunities on the job or concerning volunteer positions supporting your community.

Scorpio It’s a happy week for travel and family gatherings. At very least contact more close family living far away. Activities on or near water can be especially rewarding. People at work can be especially demanding. It may be necessary to clarify your position or network about something you had assumed was already settled.

Sagittarius These are great times for having fun. Children’s projects and original creative projects will be especially rewarding. Romantic dinners with a sweetheart can spark a deeper intimacy. If you want to apply for a loan or grant, or simply review the budget of any sort of shared resources, now is the time.

Capricorn Hard work and attention to detail bring you positive recognition on the job. For some, it may be necessary to slow down to be most effective. Share your concerns. Your family can be surprisingly helpful. Those born in the first week of January have a powerful combination of planets supporting ongoing projects.

Aquarius Partnerships or legal matters demand extra time and attention. Be courageous, say what you think, and remain calm. Don’t underestimate the value of being flexible in your thinking. Allow others their own unique perspective. You can make a big difference in the health of your entire family through improved diet and exercise.

Pisces You may have some practical, possibly inspired ideas on how to make an ongoing situation better. This can be regarding your personal, professional, or home life. Break complex problems down into manageable tasks. The February-born can combine emotional and financial honesty with a strong focus on discovering opportunities for your family.

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Fall will be upon us before we know it, so, now is the time to take stock and review the past to clear the way into what is left of summer and will continue through the Fall.

This may be a bumpy ride with lots of changes coming your way, so, now is a time for contemplation to clear out and make room for the new things coming your way.

It will be especially important to take note of where you are spiritually with yourself and the world around you. It is in these external views that will help you make room for the good things coming as summer brings us the warmth and passion we all long for. Contemplation in nature, especially on or near the water will give you perspective on where you have been and where you are going.

For your full horoscope this week for each Sun sign, read Free Horoscopes in detail.

All of Lou’s books are available at Amazon.  Read here for book reviews.

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Neptune, astrologically speaking, has long been associated with mysticism, idealism and compassion. When affected by negative influences and aspects with other planets, these characteristics can change into delusion and deception as well as a lack of focus and confusion. It has power over weather, oil and gas, steam and steam power, (no matter how it is produced), mystery, secrecy, spiritualism as well as dreams, and imagination.

It seems that Neptune clearly is demanding our attention. With another Mercury retrograde looming in our future as well, one can only anticipate that there are going to be more dynamic events which may well alter the course of our day to day life. Perhaps the message here is to not to be lulled into a dream-like desire escape that is going on and to look more closely at what is around us.

Neptune also enhances our ability to create and solve problems. By allowing this potential to flow freely, we can face the battle of egos which currently seems to grid-lock the world at large and start to achieve real progress. Much like the words from Celine Dion’s song “My Heart Will Go On:” we can weather the storms by tapping these forces.

For whether on the world stage or in our own spheres of existence, this Neptune retrograde will definitely leave a mark on both the physical and psychical realms that will reach far beyond this six month event.

More about Neptune Retrograde

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As the cosmic wheel has moved once again into the Aquarius, this is a good time to look forward and see what your sign’s natal month has in store for you. Although Aquarius is symbolized by the water bearer, the element of the sign is air. All signs are grouped as cardinal, fixed, or mutable; Aquarius is a fixed sign. Signs also have polarities, active or masculine and passive or feminine. Aquarius has the active polarity.

While the astrological events during a given sign’s month will impact everyone in one way or another, natives of that sign, those born within the period that the sun resides within the sign, will feel the influence to an even greater degree. Knowing what the heavens hold during this time can help provide clarity and, when combined with a person’s individual chart, formulate a cosmic map to help chart your course.

The month of Aquarius began on January 21. The first major event that occurs during the month is the full Moon on the 28. Known as the Old Moon or Ice Moon, this full moon is the first of the three full moons that follow the Winter Solstice. Full moons mark a time of great power and influence. Projects begun earlier can now come to fruition. There is a heightened awareness of emotional and spiritual energies. Full moons also mark a time of change. It is well known that births and deaths increase during a full moon.

This full moon will have a particular impact on Aquarian natives as the moon is traversing Aquarius’ opposing sign of Leo during this time. The desire to be praised and recognized on emotional and material levels tends to clash with your usually cool and calculating manner. With this internal conflict, the most important thing to remember is that relying on your intuition (which will be heightened) will help you resolve the feelings of being pulled in opposing directions.

The next major event is Jupiter going direct on January 30. Having been in a retrograde movement since October, the planet of expansion once again moves forward and brings with it the potential for amplification and development across a broad range of human endeavors. Combined with the creative and independent nature that is a part of the Aquarian personality, this flow of energy could mark a time of new growth and exploration that may open new doors of opportunity, particularly in the career and education areas.

On February 1, Venus, Goddess of Love, enters the sign of the Water Bearer. This placement enhances the natural Aquarian need for independence, particularly in romantic settings. However, given the influence of the full Moon on the 28 and Jupiter going direct on the 30, the potential for a sudden and intense attraction occurring within a few days of Venus’ arrival could lead to passionate encounters that may end as quickly and unexpectedly as they began. Best to enjoy the time that is shared and not obsess about the where things could lead. You will find out soon enough.

A particularly intense period of Aquarius occurs between February 4 and February 8. To begin with, Mars conjuncts Neptune on February 4. Two days later, on February 6, Mercury, the Messenger conjuncts both Neptune and Mars. The impact of the double conjunction involving Mercury cannot be overstated. When combined with the intellect of a native Aquarian, the speed with which decisions are made will dramatically increase.  This is true for both personal/romantic matters and those involving business or finance. Speed, however, does not always mean the decision is the right one.

The Neptune effect is also going to be increased. Your natural ability to be detached, even in emotional situations, is going to come under fire as logic and illusion may become confused leading to difficulties in expression. The potential for setting up unrealistic goals or ideals, particularly in love related matters, can lead to disappointment. Avoid secrecy and become so detached that you miss key clues as to the true nature of things.

The last important event in Aquarius occurs on February 10 when Venus, which is still in Aquarius, squares Saturn. This is difficult time for personal relationships, romantic and otherwise. The challenge is to try and reduce the amount of anxiety and tension you are feeling and to recognize that this time will pass quickly. Financial matters could also be negatively impacted so committing to any new ventures in this area should be put off or avoided all together.

For natives of Aquarius, the month holds both positive and negative potentials. Recognizing where the highs and lows may lie can make this time before the warmth of the spring solstice comes once again an easier and more enlightened journey.

Lou Raedwulfe is the author of 2013 Stones and Stars and Psychical Soul Mate Maintence – Metaphsical Musings on Love and Relationships Today. Lou is an internationally publised astrologer, tarot and rune master, and clairvoyant.  He is available for reading on the weekend on the site.

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This week’s theme focuses on intent. When we intend an outcome, whether it is in the emotional, spiritual or physical realm, we take the first step in formulating a path for the reality that we would like to see come to past. Constructing this intent may mean opening ourselves to some risk, listening to that still small voice, or accepting that we may have to adapt in order to be on the path that calls to our deepest being.

ARIES This week is all about keeping the lines of communication open especially where relatives are concerned. Mental restlessness makes it difficult for you to focus or complete projects on time. Finish what you’ve started or promised to do before taking on anything else. Try to find some kind of physical outlet to help you release all that energy. A spark of inspiration late in the week can lead to some long term benefits.

TAURUS This is a good week to stay close to home and focus on putting your house in order, emotionally, psychically and physically. While there is some concern that things won’t get done unless you do them yourself, it is important to let those closest to you share the load. Be willing to move beyond the material realm and believe in your own destiny. Remember that price does not always equal value on many levels.

GEMINI Risk taking and romance are entwined this week. While you’re normally somewhat detached about love, late in the week you find yourself taking a real gamble with a stranger that could have some questionable consequences. Keep in mind that you could be deceived or end up deceiving others. Don’t allow your pride to get in the way of doing the right thing even if that means admitting you were wrong.

CANCER This week finds a dramatic increase in your emotional involvement at work. While much of this deals with making certain things are running smoothly, there is also a possibility that a workplace romance may also be a factor in all that emotion. Putting things in perspective becomes more important as you find yourself categorizing what truly does or doesn’t matter in the bigger scope of things.

LEO You find yourself drawn to a unique personality this week and this connection has a sense of destiny about it. Both of you will find the urge to make a bond almost irresistible. Whether this occurs in the context of a business relationship, romantic encounter, a friendship, or some combination of all of them, the mutual need for independence will remind both of you to give and share the balance of power.

VIRGO Change is coming and this week, particularly at the beginning, you find yourself being swept out of a out worn or out grown situation/relationship by a veritable tide of circumstance. Rather than try and hold onto the past, allow yourself to be carried by the momentum of the moment. Sometimes the best way to gain control of the future is to relinquish it to the hand of destiny. This is one of those times.

LIBRA Putting your beliefs into action is important this week. It is time once again to expand your horizons, physically as well as mentally. This may involve learning some new skills or updating existing ones. Reconnecting with the natural and primal world are also part of this development. By opening yourself to spiritual, emotional, and intellectual knowledge, a new approach to the future makes itself known.

SCORPIO You have a strong sense of purpose this week that seems to be driving you to reinvent yourself in how you appear in the public eye. Balancing personal responsibility with your view on authority is an important step in this process. There is an element of risk in moving away from your current situation to the unknown. However, discarding that which no longer has meaning will resolve a karmic issue.

SAGITTARIUS Social connections can have more of an impact this week than you might imagine. Mid-week is a good time to examine your alliances to make certain that they truly reflect your own dreams and ambitions, particularly in the career realm. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or support in finishing project; it will be given freely. Keep the lines of communication open. Those shared ideas could be profitable for all concerned.

CAPRICORN Matters involving love and romance color the entire week in a rose-colored shade. You see only what you want to see and are enamored as much with the idea of love as the actual relationship itself. The challenge, especially mid-week, is to keep at least one foot in the real world. Don’t try to force the issue, let things develop in their own time. If this is the real thing, you will find out soon enough.

AQUARIUS Your heart and mind are totally in alignment this week making it easy to move forward in a harmonious fashion both in the financial and romantic fronts. Although communication seems easy, care must be taken not to get so caught up in the emotions of the moment that you fail to use your intellect to examine the pluses and minuses. Your flexibility is the key to your success so keep all options open.

PISCES Being too casual with financial matters this week could cause you some emotional upset by week’s end. Rather than spending on dreams or schemes, take time to examine the fine print before signing on that dotted line. Listening to your intuition will help you avoid this potential monetary pitfall. Remember that being generous doesn’t mean being foolish or ignoring the obvious.

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Lou Raedwulfe is the author of his newest book, 2013 Stones and Stars just out and a must read.  The RuneChest. All books are available at Amazon for Kindle and Barnes & Noble for Nook from $12.99. He is also a psychic advisor, clairvoyant, tarot master and rune master.  Get a reading today on this site.

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