Looks like Dansefir’s predictions for 2013 are coming true. He predicted transportation accidents for this year including trains, busses, air and ships travel. Turns out he was correct as yet another passenger train accident happened this morning in New York City injuring 63 people with 4 fatalities so far.

Earlier this year in July, a high-speed passenger train derailed in Santiago de Compostela killing 80 and over-turned cars bursting into flames. In October of this year a migrant boat capsized killing at least 300 people on an island off the Italian coast.

Most of what Dansefir predictions for 2013 came to him in a dream which he later posted on the blog.

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  1. KD Sinclaire says:

    Dansefir’s predictions are right on the money! Good post on ‘predictions for 2013′!

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