This video has put together some possible scenarios of the missing Malaysia flt 370 carrying 227 passengers that simply vanished on March 7.

Conspiracy theories are running rampant on the Internet. Everything from the plane was flown to some unused leftover base in Viet Nam, left behind in the war over there.

Other possible scenarios include that the plane was hijacked, the plane just disintegrated into thin air with no trace, the oil slicks are from the plane (even thought it is being reported that they were not from the plane and if they were not from the plane, then what were they from?).  It would be highly unusual for a plane to vanish into thin air, unless you might be flying over the Bermuda Triangle.  I am of the belief that nothing is impossible.  However, one does need to consider that Malaysia has a highly concentrated population of Al Quaeda.

So, as the conspiracy theories spin out on the Malaysia missing flt 370, the facts that are being reported (or the ones that we are allowed to know), are simply put in the following video that is well put together. What they don’t show in the video is the that the radar (if it is real) shows another plane on the same screen, up and off to the right traveling at an enormous speed and actually passing other planes on its way off the screen on the right.

Watch video and make up your own mind with what information we, the people, have so far.

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