The Malaysia Airlines Flt 370 could have easily been prevented if they had tapped into the Interpol Data base which has information on stolen passports. I still feel that there is something fishy going on here. What I mean by that is I feel there was a plot to cause the ‘missing plane’ which obviously isn’t flying around now.

I read a comment this morning on the blog in response to Kit’s post, about the missing Malaysia Airliner Flt 370.  Apparently, one comment thinks it is still flying around and it isn’t a crash?  If it didn’t land at an airport, it is down somewhere.  I feel the same way the commentor does in that I feel terrible about all of the people who are ‘missing’ on flight along with their families.

When I said in a post  on March 8, there is something fishy going on here, it turns out I was correct.  At least 2 stolen passport counterfeits were used according to news reports yesterday and today.  Now, there may be more passports that were used in someone else’s names to board the plane.  You can use your own extrapolation to figure it out.  But, to have a plane disintegrate in midair with no trace is also highly unusual.

There are some very interesting things posted in a comment this morning under Kit’s article the other day.  Worth a read.

Any which way you spin this, it doesn’t smell good to me and I’ll stick with my original comment, that something fishy is going on here and we may never find out the whole truth.

It turns out that five people who checked into the flight were not on the plane. So, the passport issue continues.

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