I finally found the radar video of the missing Malaysia flt 370 plane. It is very interesting to watch and raises some concerns, especially with another plane shooting off at warp speed faster than any other plane on the screen.  It is very clear when it goes off the radar.  However, after listening to the news, there is ground radar that performs even when the high-tech radar does not.

There is foul play at work here and this video raised my hackles. I’m convinced, as I was from the first time I heard it on the news that something isn’t as it seems. And, no, I’m not a conspiracy theorist. The whole missing plane thing was fishy from the beginning and now it is three days later.

Once you watch this video of Malaysia’s missing plane, you can make up your own mind.  Watch the plane that skates off to the right rather quickly (that would be an understatement).

Malaysia Flt 370 radar video.

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  1. LuvMiCat says:

    This really makes you wonder about ever flying in a foreign country. I was shocked at the plane that took of at a high speed off the radar screen to the right. Unbelievable. Makes you wonder if that was the plane that dropped that oil slick and life raft.

  2. TimTom says:

    Think that plane was forced to make the turn by another plane. Just maybe the object speeding off was forcing the plane down and out of control. TimTom

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