Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 a Boeing 777-200 went missing about 1 p.m. EST today on route from Kuala Lampore bound for Bejing carrying 237 passengers from all over the world. It was supposed to be a very safe plane according to several aviation experts on CNN this evening.  It was a Boeing plane that has a good flight record.  The plane only had 7 hours of fuel and it is assumed the plane is down at this point in time.

I do not feel that the outcome of this is going to end in a good way. Let us hope that it was not foul play in some way, but, I predict there is foul play. It is a very dangerous area and the flight path went over several countries including Viet Nam airspace  on its way to Beijing.

What I predict in the near future is that this will just be the first this year and there will be several more plane related mishaps during March and April of this.  Astrologically we are in turbulent times and this is just the beginning of even more.  I predict that other planes will be in trouble within the next 6 weeks.  Let’s hope there was no foul play as we wait to here (if we do here the truth) what happened to this Boeing 777.

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  1. Fizzy says:

    Your title ‘Malaysia Airlines Plane Crash’ is very disturbing. Get your facts right, the plane went missing. DO NOT speculate, for the sake of the families anxiously waiting for news, this is very unsettling.

  2. Shari says:

    I’m equally disturbed and sad that families have to do through this. But, if you’ll read the article, it says in the first sentence (and I quote from the article), Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 a Boeing 777-200 went missing. Perhaps you think it is still flying around?

  3. Fizzy says:

    I am not saying that the plane is still flying around to this day. Any speculation of hope create uncertainty for the families concerned. I’m a Malaysian, you can’t imagine what is happening in this region at the moment, everyone is constantly praying & hoping, that’s all we can do for the families waiting endlessly with no available news.

    My gut feeling from day one was the possibility of a sabotage or hostage, but we’ll never know. Majority on that plans are China citizens, considering the recent attack in Kunming railway station by a minority separatist group. The group brutally knife attacked & killed several people while wounding over 100 people.

    Then there were a Russian & 2 Ukranians on board…what with the recent kaos in these regions.

    Anything is possible, but at this stage we’ll never know…

  4. rajalda says:

    Could be in southwest oceania the most enigmatic region on earth

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