The minute I heard that the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 was missing with 239 (reports here are also that the jet had 237 passengers) I had a feeling that something wasn’t right and there was foul play somehow involved here.  And it turns out, I’m probably right.  In other words, Flight MH370 definitely had failures but, as you will see, it was probably man-made.

Malaysia Airline officials had lost contact with before it reached Vietnamese airspace. No May-Day, no distress calls (at least that anyone picked up) – the plane  just flat disappeared somewhere in the Viet Nam area without a trace.  No trace until search planes spotted oil slicks at the southern tip of Viet Nam and they are thought to be from Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

But, there is one more very disturbing thing. There were two passports stolen according to nbcnews in Thailand and those two passports were said to be on Flight MH370 carried by other than their rightful owners. The passports were from Austria and Italy.  Both owners of those passports had reported them stolen.  One was reported stolen two years ago!  After this story came out, I’m a firm believer that ’something isn’t adding up’ on this plane crash.

You’d think, in this modern day and age that a stolen passport would be shared with all airlines in countries they fly to so that this type of thing could be diverted and innocent people wouldn’t have to die.  Even if the countries don’t really see eye-to-eye, they could at least click a mouse to put stolen passports into a shared data base so that these people wouldn’t be allowed to fly anywhere.

More and more of this type of thing is going to be happening.  The airlines are a prime target for those who want to kill and invoke fear into the rest of the world.  I should say, those that are not like ‘them’.  Flying used to be something to look forward to.  Now, no one is safe because you don’t know if you’ll ever see your loved ones again every time you step foot on a plane.

The problem is that we place our trust in the airlines to make it safe for us to fly, and not one of them is fool-proof.  But stolen passports able to be used by others to fly and cause us harm is unforgivable.  Airlines should do more to make countries report stolen passports to them so that they don’t lose airplanes and lives.  All of this could have been prevented – all of it and Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 would have made it to its destination in Beijing.

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  1. Alan G. says:

    There is even more bizarre evidence coming forward: Many of the passengers’ cellphones are still working, according to MAINLINE news agencies:

    Video: Watch eerie moment family of missing Malaysia Airlines passenger successfully ring his phone – but nobody answers
    The sister of Chinese man among the 239 people feared dead on flight MH370 rang his phone live on TV

    The family of a passenger on the missing Malaysia Airlines flight successfully rang his mobile phone – but nobody answered.

    This video shows the moment relatives of a Chinese man among the 239 people feared dead after the passenger jet mysteriously disappeared rang his phone live on state television.

    The call connected, but then rang out.

    Chinese media reports that a number of families have been able to ring mobile phones of their missing loved ones but no one answers.

    The development raises even more questions about what has happened to flight MH370.

    The flight is presumed to have crashed off the Vietnamese coast on Saturday, after losing contact with air traffic controllers off the eastern Malaysia coast.

    Fears terrorists are to blame are growing as it emerged two passengers were using stolen passports.

    An Italian and an Austrian were feared to be among the 239 victims presumed dead after the Boeing 777 crashed into the South China Sea.

    Bizarre: missing Malaysia Airlines passengers’ phones ring, but no one answers
    2014-03-10 15:07

    Beijing – The mystery surrounding the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 has thickened somewhat as family members of passengers have reported mobile phones ringing, but nobody answering.

    International Business Times reports that 19 families have signed a joint statement saying that passengers’ cell phones connected after the flight had been reported missing. In each case, the phone would ring, but the call would be hung up.

    The sister of one of the Chinese passengers among the 239 people on board the missing flight rang his phone live on TV twice at 11:40 on Sunday morning and heard it ringing. She called again later that afternoon and heard it ring once more.

    The Mirror reports that she expressed her hope that if the call went through, police could locate the position.

    A man from Beijing also called his missing brother, and reported to the airline that the phone connected three times and rang before appearing to hang up.

    Relatives who signed the joint statement have asked Malaysia Airlines to reveal any information they may have been hiding.

    The airline has not released any further details regarding the aircraft, however Malaysian Minister of Transport Hishammuddin Hussein said they were doing everything in their power to locate the plane and that they hope people understand that they are being as transparent as they can.

    In the mean time, it has also been reported that the large oil slick spotted in the South China Sea, was found to be bunker fuel and not that of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

    These eerie happenings have, of course, given rise to a number of conspiracy theories, one of which purports that the aircraft may have been hijacked by terrorists bearing fake passports and is now secretly stationed at an abandoned Vietnamese airport at this very moment.

    According to ‘citizen news’ site, the aircraft may have been landed safely by terrorists/hijackers to later be used as a ‘weapon of mass destruction’ with passengers and crew now being held as hostages.

    The following video explains their view:

  2. whatif says:

    what if the plane didn’t crash at all, but was hijacked to an undisclosed location after having the radar detection disabled. could prove quite a weapon for an unsavory group planning harm on others. neither crash or hijacking scenario bodes well for the passengers, but seems to me there would some kind of debris if it crashed or experienced some kind of failure.

  3. dhan says:

    Possibility 1 Some UFO could have sucked the aircraft and taken the plane to alien world
    Possibility 2, China to snoop through out of the territory could have magically vanished the aircraft using sophisticated equipment and hidden the aircraft
    Possibility 3, Malaysia and USA, joining hands together, could have done this mysterious disappearance of the aircraft to test the capabilities of the China, satellite power and other strength of china


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  5. aquachange2015 says:

    I am not a professional psychic like many others. All humans have certain psychic abilities naturally. Some do not pay attention to the stuff that we cannot see physically. What we see is not always that is real and exists, what we cannot see with a physical eye and are able to see through imagination can also be true at times.

    I believe that the baby and I do not know which baby that was on flight had the slightest clue when the baby was not comfortable at that moment. Her mother most likely detected that something not right with the child’s behavior and thought that child may not be breathing properly in the flight. While that may be true, other thing was children have a way of sensing sudden changes or sudden dangers intuitively and so her other not knowing most likely walked back and forth to contact someone in charge to help her child. She did not get any help right away either because the person in charge either knew something was going on at the cock pit or with the failures or he might have went to check on certain failures himself. There was a struggle for him trying to help her and trying to work on failures or something else. I also visioning that if that person would have communicated to this women then things would have been out of danger but that did not happen due to lack of communication due to hurry. I also sense that there was a angry struggle and frustration trying to block someone from doing something abruptly. i do not know if this person was trying to be helpful or trying to destroy? Guessing trying to be helpful to land it safe.

    The women with a red jacket was the one who asked for help and who also noticed that something is not right at that moment. She was scared. she wanted to communicate with her friends on phone but i do not know why she did not? may be not enough confidence and trying to find out more. The flight is now at a place island where the pilot was able to see coconut trees before the plane dropped down and he thought that would be a safe thing to do at that moment. it is buried in the sand all the way due to speed and just the tail sticking up in the sand. But there is some water also.

    People are still alive as of now but nobody dares to break open and come out due to water. Yes no communication is possible at that place and at that situation. Fishermen have a slight chance of seeing it the first when water goes back and forth. They are not in a deep sea area. It is almost like the plane is in the beach area buried in water waves. It is like if fishermen try to get into water by a ship first thing they will they will bump into the plane which is unusual because they know there are no bumps or rocks at that area.

  6. chinjl88 says:

    Read article online that a Malaysian woman coming back from Mecca saw a plane with its tail & wings sticking out above the water near an island – one of the Andaman isles. Could this be the one??? Nothing seems to hav been done although article says she had made police reports.

  7. Kay R says:

    The news showed the woman you are speaking of yesterday and also reported that they are searching that area, as well. Kay R

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