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First of all, you couldn’t pay all of my expenses to go there – I just flat wouldn’t go. There is just too much negativity around where it is taking place. Sochi is just not prepared to hold something like this even if you gave them another six months.

There had to be something going on behind the scenes to put the Sochi Winter Olympics 850 miles south of Moscow with bad roads and no decent airport not to mention what is happening to journalists who are daily reporting the totally unsatisfactory hotel conditions.

They just are not prepared. I feel that there has been lots of pilfering of the money that was supposed to be spent on construction over there.  Where the money went, I don’t know, but it didn’t land in the right hands for those trying to prepare for the games.  It’s like handing a 7 year old child the keys to your new car; you’re just asking for trouble.

There is another thing that really bothers me and it is that why would anyone put it so far south in known bad news territory full of thugs, thieves and dangerous people.

The second thing that makes no sense at all is that there is more snow in California right now than there ever will be at the new ‘resort’ over there.  Sochi games are going to fight the snow battle throughout the games. People will complain, get hurt and/or pull out of events.  It won’t be worth the risk.

They just don’t get that much snow in the region they are claiming is fit for a huge world event like the Winter Olympics. And, the fact that they spent more money on this event than all of the other Olympics combined. Maybe they are just really needing the money from what the crowds generate and needing it badly. And their tapping of everyone’s phones and computers not to mention the hacking going on.

If feels to me that this whole thing is out of their scope of the ability to put on safe events for the public to supposedly enjoy. If you’re not used to hosting big events, then get someone who knows what to do in the planning stages.

I also feel that more Olympics athletes are going to pull out of some events because they are just not up to scale and are dangerous for the participants.

I feel that people are in danger over there, especially if they are going to use the transportation systems, like trains, buses and airports. I feel that they are particularly dangerous.  There is going to be trouble over there and it doesn’t look good.  I see explosions, fire and people running for their lives.  People are going to get hurt.

I hope no one has to call 911 over there. How could you even tell them where you are – oh – I forgot – they already have all of that info right from the phone you are calling them from.  That is just too dangerous for your own safety and well-being.

If they clocked yogurt into the country, how about bottled water, since you can’t drink theirs (or even take a shower for that matter). You can’t trust the water, either. But, maybe it’s supposed to be so cool just to be over there that you don’t mind not having a door to your hotel room.

I just don’t see this turning out as an Olympics to remember positively. And I see lots of political choices for the medals against people who are not from that country.

I think there are going to be disruptions over there from thugs and I feel that people in general are not safe at all. Why didn’t they clean the place of undesirable and

dangerous people for their own people who live there. I don’t see them as having much control over anything and won’t in the foreseeable future.

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  1. Gary Silva says:

    The sad part is going to be the aftermath when everyone leaves. Good insight, Kit

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