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One of the most challenging questions I’ve faced as a psychic advisor is whether or not a relationship should be ended. Often a client has been fretting over making such an emotional and, yes, gut-wrenching decision for quite some time. Mixed messages, passion commingled with pessimism, self-doubt, and the feeling that there is a an emotional void that grows wider with each passing day all cloud the ultimate issue of whether this relationship is worth the trouble or whether it is time to move on.

Although speaking with a skilled psychic counselor is often the best way to place those tangled feelings “on the table” so that matters can be sorted out and a path forward identified, you can start the process to help make sense of what you are experiencing and to formulate the questions that need to be answered. This process involves three stages: Acknowledging the past, recognizing the present and projecting the future.

The first stage of evaluating the possible outcome of your love relationship is to acknowledge what has lead up to this point. The best way to do this is to find some quiet time when you can organize your thoughts and feelings. If you have a picture, a piece of jewelry or other gift/token from the other person, make certain that you have that handy as well. As with other personal rituals, candlelight is preferable to electric illumination, however if no candles are available, dim the lights so that you still can see but not be distracted by the glare.

Having prepared your space, make certain that you are relaxed and comfortable. Make sure you have paper and pen where you can use them. Taking that item (that will symbolize the other person in the relationship) set it in front you and, as you slow your breathing, allow your eyes to focus on the item and let the memories of your first meeting, first kiss, etc. to flow from you. As you recall the events, write them down in two columns. The first column should be titled “Stay” and the second “Go”. Be honest with your memories because the good and then bad need to be recorded and listed. There is no minimum or maximum number; it is what you recall, nothing more, nothing less.

When you have reached the present point in time, stop and set the list aside without looking at it. Take a moment to reconnect yourself to the present; stand and stretch, get something to drink (if needed) and let those memories flow serenely back to their place. Now, settle back into your comfortable place and, this time, focus on the way things are at present in the relationship. You will still focus on the object(s) as before and, again, you will make a list with the same two headings. Include your own actions and responses as well as those of your love relationship while leaving nothing out. As before, keep listing until you are done, however short or long that takes.

Try as best as you can to focus only on the present in your relationships. You’ve already reviewed the past and the future is not ready to be examined yet. When this list is completed, set it aside as well and again, take a break. You may want to consider stopping at this point and allowing heart and mind to recover from the journey that they have been on and then setting aside a separate time for the third stage of the process. Again, whatever is the easiest and most comfortable for you is all that matters. this is your journey and you are in charge of how it is taken.

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