The true recognition of someone as your soul partner is a knowing at an almost cellular level that this person completes you. This acknowledgement transcends your own definition of “self” as you realize that your partner is an intrinsic part of your essence and, likewise, you are an intrinsic part of theirs. This mutual and transcendental recognition often happens simultaneously and, in that instant, the both of you realize that you have been “reunited” as a unique and loving single entity from time out of mind.

There is a simple way to know if what you are feeling is an indication that you have encountered your soul mate. True love relationships are difficult to find, but, when they come together, nothing could pull them apart.

Pick a time when you are relaxed and calm and stand before a mirror. Close your eyes and envision your lover standing next to you. When the image in your mind is clear, open your eyes to the reflection in front of you. If you feel or (in rare cases) see the presence of your lover next to your reflection, you are being shown that they share a part of your spiritual essence.

This ritual can also be used if you aren’t currently in a relationship. Again, using the mirror, close your eyes and clear your mind of any images. When you are internally still and unfocused formulate your request: “Show me an image of my soul mate.” At this point open your eyes and look in the mirror to see what is reflected there.

While it may actually be a face or an image of a person, you might also see a something of a more symbolic nature i.e. an animal, object etc. In that case what you are being shown is a spiritual representation of a quality that your soul mate possesses. Don’t be concerned about understanding the precise meaning at this time; by placing your question into the realm of spirit you can be assured that when you meet that special person the symbol will be recalled and its meaning unmistakable.

If your lover shares your interest in spirituality, ask them to perform the same ritual when you aren’t present. Try to keep the request as vague as possible so that what they experience will not be influenced by what you have discovered. If, as expected, they have a similar result, then the two of you can confirm that you have been shown, in dramatic fashion, that the loving and emotional connection you share transcends mere attraction and promises something deeper and more intense as you draw nearer to your perfect soul mate.

To discover the spiritual and psychical “other half” of oneself can be one of the most profound experiences that two people can share. Is there a magic formula to call one’s soul mate to their side? Unfortunately, not, yet knowing that there is that person who completes you as you will complete them is more than enough reason to open psyche, mind, and heart to call to the universe for that which makes the two of you whole.

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