This article is mainly for all the lovely women. What? I heard a few of you snicker. You have to understand that no matter if you are short or tall, heavy or slender, inside of your body is a most lovely creature. Also you macho types might learn a little something from this post.

Before I write more, here is a little something about me. I was raised as a medicine man. I am Isanyati Dakoda (Santee Sioux) and a tribal member of the Santee Sioux Nation of SC. We are a matriarchal society. All women, in our traditional eyes are holy and special. Think of Mother Earth; we would all be in deep trouble if there was no third planet from Father Sun. Likewise, we could not exist without women—they are the givers of life.

What is this thing called love (don’t you just love clichés)? Pun intended. Well let me think. Love can be known as affection, adoration, deep feelings, and a host of other synonyms. What constitutes these various feelings?

Energy! That’s right. Each of us two-leggeds are walking and talking energy. According to quantum physics if we could see ourselves as we truly are, we would see many molecules of energy with many empty spaces where our body as we know it was supposed to be. This energy is neither positive nor negative in the law of attraction. The negativity and positivity in our lives is how we use this energy. In other words, we create our own individual environments. We can create joy and happiness or gloom and unhappiness.

Have you ever met a person, without even knowing their name, you did not like? Have you ever met a person, you felt drawn to, or felt an attraction for them? Well, dear soul, this was nothing more than an exchange of your energy and their energy.

Strawberries and garlic are not very tasty when eaten together. Strawberries and whipped cream are delicious for most of us. All things on this planet have energy. Some energies mix well and please us. Other energies repel each other. Picture two small magnets like some of us had in grade school. When turned one way the magnets had a strong bond. Turned another way, the magnets repelled each other.

That is exactly what happens when we humans meet other humans. We are either attracted to each other or not. Some of these attractions end up in long-term love relationships. The stronger the energy exchange the stronger the attraction. Remember this next time you meet someone. Do not try to force the “love of your life” into your arms for a relationship. Go with the flow and let events unfold as they will. Trust me you will know when you have met your life partner.

Finding Love Through The Law of Attraction

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  1. RettaB says:

    You have a very nice site. I enjoyed Randy’s article on adoration – makes a lot of sense. So many people jump in with both feet and never stop to think that they really don’t know the person. Infatuation and adoration are really hot – but also should be slowed down until you get to know each other more. Good article from you Mr Randy!

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