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With over forty years of experience as a psychic adviser, esoteric practitioner and astrologer, Lou Raedwulfe has provided guidance, insight, and perspective to those who have sought out his wisdom and kindness in dealing with the intensely emotional matters of love, romance, and the issues that confront so many modern relationships.

In his new book, Psychical Soulmate Maintenance-Metaphysical Musings on Love and Relationships Today Lou has assembled a collection of articles that examine romance from an intuitive, astrological, psychical and metaphysical points of view that may help to untangle the emotional web that so many of us get caught in while trying to find “our perfect match”.

The book provides new points of view on such widely diverse issues as the best times of the year to look for love, maximizing your love potential through the laws of attraction, dealing with communication issues in love and relationships, and even how to survive the pain of a break-up.

Using astrological tools, metaphysical techniques, and providing a gentle reminder that we aren’t powerless in dealing with our emotions and in our efforts to find true love, Psychical Soulmate Maintenance is both easy to understand and yet deeply personal as it applies to each person who reads it. It is available for all Kindle e-readers at Amazon.

About the author:

Lou Raedwulfe is also the author of several other books including Psychic Soulmate Maintenace second edition, 2013 Stones and Stars and The RuneChest all available at Amazon.com. He is a practicing clairvoyant, tarot and rune master, astrologer.

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  1. Helena says:

    i sense great positive energy in this book,i recommend reading it.

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