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With the Sign of the Fish on the horizon, those who claim Pisces as their natal sign look forward to see what their “home” month may hold for them. As might be expected, Pisces is right at home in its element of water. Being the mutable one of the water group, native Pisceans are both adaptable and yet given to quick changes of emotion. This flexibility should not, however, be mistaken for instability. Pisces has the passive polarity that certainly makes children of this sign a prime example of the saying: “Still waters run deep”.

Even beyond the effect that planetary aspects have during a given astrological month on the world in general, those born to that particular sign will be more profoundly impacted than others. Similarly, planets that are transiting through that sign will assert their influence to a greater degree on those whose birth occurred there, as well. Using one’s birth chart with an eye to what occurs above can provide guidance on events below.

When the month of Pisces begins on February 18, two existing cosmic influences will already make their presence known. Neptune, the planetary ruler of Pisces, has been in the Sign of the Pisces since February 12, 2012 and will remain there until 2025. Additionally, Pisces, the Sea King, will be joined for the first eight years of this astral journey by Chiron, (also known as asteroid 2060 and Comet 95P/Chiron) the Wounded Healer. Discovered in 1977, modern day astrologers have noted that Chiron’s interaction with the planets is important in casting horoscopes and so it is included more often as part of astral forecasts.

Neptune in its home base of Pisces could lead to a true spiritual awakening or mass delusion. When it last visited Pisces, in 1848, the spiritualist movement had just begun and the start of the gold rush in California brought the mass hysteria of “gold fever” to much of the world. Combined with Chiron’s energies, Pisceans may find themselves having to battle internally between the desire to escape the seemingly increasing chaos around us with the awareness of what has gone wrong and needs repair. This is the backdrop of Pisces 2013.

A scant five days into your natal month, the first Mercury retrograde of the year arrives on February 23. Two days later, February 25, Mercury the Messenger, Venus and Mars all join Neptune and Chiron in Pisces as well. With communications thrown into the typical retrograde chaos, tempers will flare up and emotional issues will blur rational thought and discourse. Natives of the sign will have to be careful not to get caught up in deception; either being the instigator or the victim.

All of this planetary energy could well leave Pisces people feeling almost helpless to act against what may be perceived as the tides of fate. Adding to the sense that destiny is in charge, this month’s full moon also arrives on February 25. Known as the Wolf Moon or Storm Moon, the lunar energies blend with the celestial quintet that has arrived in Pisces to make a potent mixture. Children of Pisces would be well advised to stay close to home base as the psychical high tides of Luna could flood an already intense period.

The intense planetary interplay continues right through February and into the first week of March. Mercury conjuncts Mars on February 26 and Venus on March 6 (both in Pisces) while Venus conjuncts Neptune of February 28 and Chiron on March 9 (also Pisces). For native Pisceans, the combination of the conjunctions and the Mercury retrograde will make it a challenge to tell fact from fantasy and reality from illusion. Take care with your hearts and your wallets since what you see (or think you see) may not be what you get.

We all spring ahead to Daylight savings time on March 10. Given the celestial energies abounding, even this seasonal chronological adjustment will impact natives of the Sign of the Fish to a greater degree than others. Fortunately, the Mercury retrograde ends on March 17 and three days later, March 20, the Vernal Equinox returns to warm body and soul and heralds the arrival of the Taurus the Ram, Aries.

It is said that Pisces is the culmination of all the signs of the zodiac. In the natal month in 2013, it seems that the Sign of the Fishes is also the repository for most of the planets, as well. Those born under this sign will find this an eventful month. Rather than fight the tides, let them carry you onward towards the path of Fate.

Pisces starts 2/18. Mercury Retrograde 2/23, ends 3/17 Full Moon 2/25, Daylight Savings 3/10 Neptune in Pisces; Neptune and Chiron both in Pisces; Venus , Mercury and Mars all in Pisces 2/25.

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