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PiscesPisces is the twelfth sign in the Zodiac which makes them a little bit of everyone! You usually won’t find a Pisces in the suit of a CEO because they don’t do well right out front, unless they are in the acting profession or one of the fine arts, such as music, art, poetry or writing. They will gravitate to festive events, especially unusual ones where there is plenty to drink.

They are not ‘attached’ to money and rarely make it a life-long professional to obtain lots of it. They love the night life as long as the lights are not too bright. They tend to come out at night where they function the best.

You will find them at the top of the ladder when it comes to fishing. Many a boat captain is a Pisces. They love the water and have to be near it. Some of them are also found in deep sea diving where they really feel comfortable.

If they are not the captain of your cruise ship, you may find them in the spotlight of the theater. Since they are just a little bit of all other signs, they can pull from any of them like a chameleon and really steal the show.

It is not hard for a Piscean to conjure up emotion. This is very natural to people born under this water sign. They can be very peculiar to try and figure out sometimes. Liz Taylor and Michael Jackson are two very good examples of Pisces drawn to the night lights of the entertainment world.

Pisces are known for taking the easy way because they are not good a confrontation or aggression. They are like there fish partners and can easily take the bait if it is right in front of them, unaware of the consequences of the hook that hides underneath. They are not overly ambitious about much of anything. The upside of this quality is that they are generally very good natured and well liked. The sky could fall down and it wouldn’t really bother the Pisces male or female. Not easily excitable and always willing to go with the flow, they are easy to get along with and not very well understood by those close to them, unless you can live on dreams.

The Pisces lives in their own world which means that they do not necessarily see things for what they truly are. They don’t usually worry about the bills that pile up and the bill collectors calling, which is why you don’t see them in some of the more ruthless money making high dollar jobs.

They tend to dream of making music, painting the master piece or writing that play instead of diving in and really doing it. They do have amazing and often unused talent though most of them never develop to full potential. This is what keeps them from really making their gifts work for them; the illusion that never comes to fruition.

Most people born under the sign of Pisces have amazing memories and can shock others with details of long forgotten memorabilia. Memory is not one of their problems and if they could really apply themselves as children in school, they could do amazingly well. Unfortunately, they have a lazy streak which keeps them from attaining the grades they think they deserve. They may dream of straight A’s and know that they are capable but cannot focus on getting the job done.

Pisces are extremely sensitive people and can easily be hurt in relationships, especially if harsh words are used. They do not recover well from stinging comments and rude behavior.

You may find them locked in their rooms rolled up in a ball because they cannot understand the harsh realities of the world and the people in it. They can easily get depressed by relationships that are rocky and pull way back inside of themselves.

They tend to make good parents although not in the strict sense of the word. Pisces love their children and all of their friends, too; the more the merrier.

They can be very domestic but they are not strict disciplinarians and their children can get the best of them. They are very forgiving people and tend to see only the good things in others.

Their children usually like them because they seem to have more freedom than their peers. It’s not that Pisces people ignore their children’s wrong-doings; they simply don’t really see them for what they are. They tend to see the good or interesting things in others and that can be an admirable trait, as they are seldom judgmental.

They like to mind their own business and are known for keeping secrets; sometimes forever. Pisces people make very good friends and are deep thinkers; often the masters of satire. They are known for covering tears with laughter and fall apart by themselves somewhere is a dimly lit room.

They can be extraordinarily humorous at times and highly creative with ideas coming out of no-where, which keeps life interesting, to say the least. They’ll take good care of you but often neglect them selves.

Pisces people are the masters of romance. They wallow in it, dream of it and if they are alone they are not very happy people. Pisces sun signs are born for love and want to fuse with their mates. This can feel smothering to some signs, but, if you want to truly receive the emotion of love from your mate, choose a Pisces.

They are extremely sensitive, highly intuitive and can feel your every mood, as well. The problem is that they are so intuitive they are like sponges and if you are in a bad mood they can pick it up like the flu and not know why.

Their psychic antennas are always picking everything up so, if they come home in a less than good mood, it is likely they picked it up from someone else. They do not like drama at home; instead they consider it their sanctuary. If you love the artist, actor or musician, you have probably fallen for a dreamy ride with a Pisces.


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    I saw a lot of website but I think this one holds something extra in it. This is an excellent post on Pisces and you hit the nail on the head. This year should be interesting for all of us Pisceans!

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