The position of the planets within the houses, and the aspects that may be formed can provide addition insight as to the direction that a new relationship may be heading. Naturally, all of the planets impact human interactions both positive and negative. However, I believe that there are five which merit particular attention. While the interactions of Venus and the Moon are obvious factors in looking at a relationship’s potential, three other planets also need to be considered: Mercury, Neptune and Pluto.

Mercury, the Messenger, controls communications verbal and non-verbal in nature. When the messages between a new couple are clear and mutually understood, the relationship can thrive. When there is a distance involved, the importance of being understood on all levels is multiplied. When the lines of communication become jumbled or blocked, such as during a Mercury Retrograde, when arguments, misunderstandings and confusion can alter a potential long term relationship into a short-term fling even if this was not the intention at the beginning.

Neptune, the Sea King, controls dreams and illusions, as well as, the oceans. In a positive aspect, our dreams can manifest and become the reality that the heart longs for. When the aspect is negative, we can be fooled by the illusion of what we think (or hope) is real and have the desire to escape the truth overwhelm our sense of emotional preservation.

Pluto, the Dark Lord, is the planet of transformation; positive and negative. It has long been associated with dark or hidden desires and sexual matters. Not surprisingly it is also associated with the Eighth House. Aggressive passion and regeneration are also under the purview of the Dark Lord. If the aspects involving this planet are powerfully placed, the relationship will be intense, transformative but not necessarily of long duration.

Positive aspects, such as sextiles and trines, reinforce the best energies of these planetary relationships and, as such, add strong support for a new love relationship or long-distance relationship to blossom from attraction to passion and then onto a deeper exploration of how the two of you blend into a single spiritual being. In contrast, negative aspects such as oppositions or squares, place the darker side of these planets’ influence directly in the path of a budding romance. Then passion becomes just an excursion of the body without the connection of the heart, minds confuse a passing fancy for true love, and the message and the medium both become distorted causing confusion and heartbreak especially in online dating with virtual love relationships.

Matching your natal chart to that of your prospective love interest is the best way to examine what energies and influences are in play that could make or break the relationship. Where a distance between you two is involved, obtaining a shared astrological chart is a way to build a unique bridge that you both can cross as you explore the possibilities. There are a variety of charts that can be cast by skilled astrologers and interpreted by esoteric advisors and psychics who can explain the importance of the interrelations between your planets and your love relationship.

Like everything in life, there are no guarantees since destiny always has the first move in love and relationships, especially with soul mates and long-distance relationships. Yet, the gentle fates do permit glimpses into the potential of new romances so that you can decide how to proceed. There is no right path between love and lust; both are gifts from the Universe. It is up to us to measure what is best for our times and our hearts.

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Lou Raedwulfe is the author of Stars and Stones – A Look Forward with Astrology and Runes, 2012 An Astrological Overview and The RuneChest. All books are available at Amazon for Kindle and Barnes & Noble for Nook from $12.99. He is also a psychic advisor, clairvoyant, tarot master and rune master.  He is available for readings on the weekends.

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