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Uranus, the planet of revolution, also has some dramatic transits that will further open the floodgates of change. The Uranus square to Pluto denotes a time when existing political structures are shaken so that new forms can take their place. Also square to Mars, this Uranus transit reflects the desire for freedom to act with any restraint. This type of frenetic energy is filled with accidents waiting to happen; the likelihood of some transportation accident during this Olympic cycle is greatly increased.

The opposition with Venus and the quincunx with Mercury retrograde highlighting the emotional volatility and communications confusion that will play out especially during the first two weeks of the games. Misunderstanding the message could cause emotions to boil over regardless of the consequences. Expect some kind of political blunder obscuring the actual content of what was being said and which leads to an over-wrought emotional response by a much larger audience than expected.

Mercury the Messenger has a unique role to play during the games beyond the synastry of the two charts. For the great majority of the time, the Messenger continues to run in reverse; it does not go direct until August 7th. During this time, both Neptune and Pluto will form quincunxes with the Messenger. This most difficult of aspects will definitely be under affliction from the Mercury retrograde.

Expect lots of time to be wasted on planning things which are not realistic or obtainable. The continued interference with communications will only add to this problem. Promises, particularly from those “in charge” will be hollow and will not be able to be kept. Trying to keep track of the correct order of things will also result in some political missteps and possibly add to an international problem that currently exists.
Mixed messages from the realm of finance will only serve to confuse and anger those trying to make sense of what is going wrong.

Even the weather will seem as if it is out of control. Expect an unusual meteorological event to take center stage right in the heart of the Olympic Games; possibly even affecting them. There is also the chance of an earthquake along the Ring of Fire that could catch everyone by surprise.

In ancient times, the Games were a time to measure the athletic talents of competing cities or regions to see which one would triumph. Later, this event expanded to nations and became as much of a political statement as an athletic one. In this year of 2012, with so much in flux and so much uncertainty, this series of athletic trials has become a focal point for attention across the globe. With that kind of focus, the energies of the astral bodies also becomes magnified and lends an enhanced meaning to the phrase: Let the Games Begin and hopefully end on a good note.

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