At the stroke of midnight on December 31st, we will find ourselves entering what promises to be a penultimate new year. Between the upheavals around the globe as old orders and governments seem to be changing almost daily, the uncertainty of the entire, seemingly too-fragile world economic picture, our own politics of gridlock and positioning, and the specter of the Mayan prophecies, 2012 has captured the attention and focus of psychics, astrologers and esoteric practitioners (such as those found on Psychic world-wide.

Keeping all this in mind, I believe it is fitting that we actually look to the heavens at midnight, January 1st 2012 to examine the portents which are there. Since the eyes of the world are focused on Washington D.C., watching what tone may be set that could impact the globe at large, I have cast what is known as a combined chart for that place and time.

A combined or Davison chart takes two charts, blends them, and finds the midpoint between the two to understand the relationship as a whole. Since New Year’s is a time for both reflection and anticipation, I have used the birth chart for Washington D.C. and the chart for the Capitol on January 1, 2012 at 12:00 a.m. In truth, we need to understand the impact of where we came from to help forecast where we are going.

Two significant points jump right out when the chart is cast: Venus, Goddess of Love, has an aspect to every planet, the Ascendant, and the Midheaven. Only the Sun, Old Sol, and the North Node of the Moon are free from her influence. Secondly, Uranus, the Sky God, also touches almost all of his planetary companions; the exceptions being Saturn, Neptune and the North Node.

The prominence of these two celestial voyagers cannot be overstated. The Uranus, The Sky god, is the planet of revolution and has moved to the sign of Aries The Ram which is ruled by Mars, The God of War. The worldwide turmoil we have witnessed during the past year will continue and even as noisemakers herald the change of the year, the battle for liberation of restraints will heighten. The trine (120 degrees) between Old Sol and the Sky God reinforces the courage to plunge ahead into the unknown; The Moon, Luna, opposes Uranus and brings the innermost feelings and desires bubbling to the forefront, both personally and on a global scale.

The squares between the Uranus and Venus and Uranus and Pluto, are both points to heed. With the former, defying convention (both in personal relationships and global ones) will challenge everyone to accept their role in what is going on and more importantly how to direct it positively. Additionally, unexpected events could take everyone off guard. The latter aspect is a generational and international one as it emphasizes new governments, new leaders. New policies will emerge but not without the destruction and removal of the old; perhaps not in a orderly fashion.

The Venus has her power as well. In addition to the square with the Uranus, Venus also squares the Moon, Pluto and the Midheaven. With the Moon, this aspect highlights the bickering and irresponsibility between two factions on financial matters. One only has to look on the internet or any electronic or print media to see this being played out to an uncertain (and probably not very beneficial) conclusion.

With the Pluto, Dark Lord, it’s all about power games, an overload of passion and hidden agendas. The stroke of midnight could also deal heartbreak due to manipulation and underhanded maneuvers by those we have trusted, particularly with our financial lives. The Midheaven square reminds us that some of what we value may actually be at odds with what is needed at this time, particularly in personal matters.

Two other aspects bear attention: Mars Square Uranus gives too much physical energy and the thirst for action. This could denote some ill-advised foreign adventure, particularly if involves an out-of control-response. Restraint will be needed and, hopefully, cooler heads can prevail.

It is the second of these two aspects; Neptune, The Sea King, in opposition to Jupiter, the King of the Gods, which we should pay particular attention to. This relationship points out that there is a tendency to promise more than can be done and lack of practicality that could damage both business and finances. It would seem that those in the various capitals around the world would do well to heed the warning that the planets provide.

Combing the charts of Washington D.C.’s birth chart with the birth chart of the coming New Year provides a glimpse of the energies in play that begin at the midnight hour and may have impacts throughout the twelve months to follow. Yet, just as the celestial dance of planets and stars is ever in motion, so too, does the wheel of destiny continue to revolve spinning the future out before us all.

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