Clearly, the combination of celestial chaos during the last week appears to be a kind of cosmic synchronicity to focus our attention on what is occurring on the planet. The thunderbolt (lightning plus a clap of thunder) that struck the Vatican is, in fact, related to the meteor strike in Siberia and the close encounter with asteroid DA14 (not to mention the upcoming fly-by of Comet Ison in late November/early December 2013). None other than Plato, in his work, Timaeus, suggested that thunder and lightning were the resultof a close approach between two heavenly bodies.

Lightning has long represented a kind of illumination or awareness to the reality that exists. This knowledge can radically alter not only perceptions but actions as if suddenly coming awake from a long, dark dream. It has also been linked with shocking turns of events; certainly the resignation of a Pope fits under this category.

Saturn is sometimes called The Great Leveler. Discipline, restraint, and limitations are its hallmarks. Saturn entering into Scorpio brings this focus on financial and interpersonal matters. We will be called to truly examine the “whys and wherefores” of decisions that have been made in the past.

This will be a time that old debts, of all kinds, will come due-whether we are ready for it or not. During this retrograde, the awareness of conflicts, particularly where finances are involved is heightened and confrontations are likely. The thunderbolt striking one of the most traditional symbols of authority and power at a point clearly advises us that karmic debts will come due and must be paid.

It is a certainty that the next few months will bear witness to some dynamic events that could, and most likely will, alter the reality that we have come to know. The cosmos will continue to illuminate the truth; how we use that knowledge remains to be seen.

Lastly, but most importantly, lightning heralds changes beyond our control and a transformation that the old and outmoded ways are coming to and end-whether we are ready for it or not. The meteor and asteroid events support this as both are harbingers that dramatic changes are in the offing and are already in motion. Significantly, these three events occurred just a week before Saturn went retrograde on February 18.

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