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Today, a new moon blesses all you lucky people born under the sign of Sagittarius. All of you have dreams and sometimes that is all you do. But, this is the time to put some action into your dreams from the smallest to the biggest. It is up to you what you do with this wonderful new moon blessing on you. Taking action is key in the next couple of weeks toward getting what you really want.

Don’t give up! Now is the biggest opportunity you have had all year so make it count. Write down what it is that you truly desire and decide to put some energy toward getting what you want. The best time to launch your desires is from December 2-9.  Whatever you decide to start, can positively affect your life for an entire year, so get started now.  You only get one chance this big each year, so make it count.

You are currently in a period of unexpected surprises, so take advantage of it and put yourself out there. This could mean new love or a burst of positive energy in your current relationship. Your social life is also about to pick up more after the new moon on December 2.  Expect more of getting together and having fun during this boost in your personal life. Getting out and socializing will become important this month as friends and relatives join in the festivities.

The full moon of December 17 clears the fog you may have been experiencing.  You will begin to get rid of the emotional flu about those areas of your life that have been stalled up until now.  It is time to knock your old routine out of balance and start moving in a direction that puts you in the position of getting your dreams moving toward your target – getting what you really want.

This period will expand your point of view and point you in a direction in your personal life as well as, in your career.  Your new ideas will get the attention they deserve.  Don’t dally in decision making during this period.  Just go with the flow and be ready to jump on any ideas in your closet.  This is the time to bring them out and shed some new light and perspective as the obstacles begin to disappear.

Pull those dreams out of moth balls and put some action behind them. The Universe is currently supporting you in all new things coming. This is the time to make hay when the sun shines.  Expect the unexpected with an element of surprise this month as you blast toward a creative and busy and fun times ahead.  The lack luster that has been clouding your life over the past few months is about to dissipate giving you clarity and more energy.  Luck is on your side and there really is a silver lining behind those clouds.

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