While the world’s attention has been focused on the events in Washington and the looming August 2nd deadline, there is another “deadline” that is also approaching which, in its own way, could be as chaotic on an emotional and romantic level as the failure to raise the debt ceiling. I am speaking, of course, of the Mercury Retrograde which is upon us all and manifests in full force starting on August 2nd.

Mercury Retrogrades are well known for their disruptive impact on communications. Whether electronic, written, or interpersonal, the Messenger in reverse truly reflects the observation of Marshall McLuhan that “the medium IS the message”. Calls can be dropped, emails lost (or worse,”reply all” is hit), checks lost in the mail, computer glitches abound, social media such as Facebook and Twitter (@PsychicCosmos1) become the unintentional vehicles for social gaffs of all sorts, and on, and on.

The inability to conduct civil communication or even express coherent thoughts has been on display in our nation’s capital in the two week run-up to the actual beginning of this Mercury Retrograde. While there are those who feel that this is the result of strong ideological differences, the not-so subtle “push” of the Mercurian chaos can clearly been seen as having left its mark over the entire process.

Perhaps the one area that can be most dramatically impacted by the Messenger’s rearward flight is the realm of love and relationships. With the myriad of pressures that we all have to contend with in today’s world, communication is the one area that is most susceptible to the negative flows.

As the transmitter of spiritual and emotional energy to the material realm, Mercury in retrograde transforms from a beacon of enlightenment and shared thoughts, to the trickster and deceiver whose misdirection of communications can (and does) lead to additional stress and arguments as well as, creating mistrust and doubt between even the most stable of couples.

How can love flourish (or at least survive) during the Time of the Messenger? The first thing is to acknowledge that, during the retrograde, the two of you may find yourselves missing or misunderstanding communications. If you both are aware that the Messenger’s energy is impacting your perceptions, it will be much easier to take that important step back before drawing a conclusion that may be based on a communication snafu.

The second thing is to remember that words (written, spoken, electronic, tweeted etc) have a heightened impact during this time. Taking a fraction of a second to make sure of what you are trying to communicate can help to mitigate a potential retro-snafu. Similarly, keep in mind that the tools of communication, themselves, may well be malfunctioning during this time. Try to keep your frustration with these “glitches” in check as taking it out on your partner will only add to the problem.

Lastly, if truly important issues can be tabled for the fortnight of the retrograde, it would be wise to do so. If something major must be dealt with, try to make communications on a face-to-face basis as much as possible.

Again, this can help lessen the impact of the Messenger and reduce the element of misunderstandings. During this time, psychics and astrologers, such as those at do experience higher than normal requests for advice but are more than willing and ready to help those whose path and relationships are under affliction from the Messenger’s backward dance.

6 Tips on Keeping Your Relationship Intact During a Mercury Retrograde:

1. Try to have face-to-face discussions


2. Take a step back during misunderstandings


3. Keep your perception of reality during this time


4. Be careful how you say things to others


5. Be aware of misdirected emails and texts so you don’t hit ‘send all’


6. If emotions run higher than normal, take a big step back until things seem normal again



Seek them out, if needed, and know that the heavens continue to move and that on August 26th Mercury again pursues a forward course through the heavens.

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  1. daraberry says:

    This was a very interesting article on relationships and Mercury Retrograde. Lou’s other articles are also well worth reading. Really enjoyed this! Well done!

  2. Suzanna says:

    I find during a retrograde that a little stepping around your partner and avoiding huge decisions helps a ton.

  3. Jeannett says:

    Good info on Mercury Retrogrades – don’t find many like this! Loved it!

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