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What is Happening in the Stars for the Week of February 19-25, 2012?

Tuesday brings the Pisces New Moon: the challenge is to be especially sensitive to subtle undercurrents all around you. Ask and an answer will come. Your inner psychic will help you make wise choices. Shared dreams, music, and compassion for others will help you feel more connected. Continue to review and revise what is already started.

Aries Expect to enjoy an exciting and romantic week! Plan parties, apply for a better job, decorate your home. Anything that is fun, exciting, and social will be especially satisfying. Be flexible when working with other people. Good ideas are everywhere. Those born near April 4, can be especially lucky in love.

Taurus This is still a time of opportunity for you. Talk about your feelings in important relationships. Refuse to let others undermine your confidence. Slowdowns or delays give you a chance to reconsider your plans. If your birthday is near April 25 courage and setting specific goals help build for a more secure future.

Gemini It can be a confusing week. You may feel you are at a crossroads where you have very little say in what matters most. Do your best to keep things simple. Doing too much right now will only drain your energy. Go with the flow, get enough sleep, and avoid negative people.

Cancer You may feel things are beginning to settle down. Emotionally charged relationships can be more positive if you trust your intuition. This is an ideal time to next at home enjoying your favorite creature comforts. Tuesday is a lucky day for any new start, especially if it is of an artistic or spiritual nature.

Leo This can be a very exciting week for you! Your creative imagination may be working overtime. Polish any artistic skills. Other people will appreciate your warmth and enthusiasm. If you are a July-born Lion, be on the alert for opportunities to improve your life: but be cautious about spending more than you can afford.

Virgo You are in a period of preparation that demands patience and a cool head. It’s a great time to clean, sort, and get organized on the job or at home. Be sure you are taking good care of yourself. This is a powerful week to learn more about healthy eating and necessary exercise.

Libra Do your best to keep things in perspective. You may have so many things going on right now that it is difficult to set priorities. Be patient and simplify. Make to-do lists for outstanding projects or promises you have not kept. Avoid blaming yourself or others if things seem out of balance.

Scorpio It’s vital to get enough quality sleep. Do not allow stress to undercut your health and serenity. The more regular daily habits you establish, the easier things will be. Those born near October 24 have an opportunity to tap deep welling of intuition. Listen to your dreams and trust your “hunches”.

Sagittarius This can be one of those weeks where you know you need to make a choice, but things seem too unsettled to know what to do. Things do not have to be perfect. Approach people and events with an open mind. Get enough sleep and be gentle with yourself. Relax and trust your intuition.

Capricorn Rather than be too practical, be open to letting the flow of feelings and ideas lead you. Your best ideas will come from networking with highly sensitive or compassionate people. If there are areas of your life you have been avoiding or ignoring, now is the time to clean house.

Aquarius Things may not be going as well as you would hope. The energy this week encourages you to turn your mind and heart to deeper spiritual truths. When you are more centered and quiet, other things will begin to sort themselves out. Old friends will stand by you or give important advice. Share your concerns.

Pisces This week the Sun and Moon move into your sign. If your birthday is this week, you are at point of critical decision making. It’s an ideal time for a clean start in any area close to your heart. Put your dreams into writing and have the courage to believe they can come true.

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