What is Happening in the Stars for the Week of September 18-24, 2011?

In the hours before midnight, bright Jupiter rises before the Moon in the Western sky. This is a time to have fun, appreciate beauty, and be of service to others. We slowly roll into a change of the seasons on the September 23 equinox. This is time to reap what you have sown. Wisdom advises a slower pace, and more quiet reflection.

Aries Expect periods of intense activity followed by moments of major romantic distraction. Be very honest about your intentions. This is a great time to do something special for someone you admire. The more outgoing you are, and willing to take a risk, the greater the payoff in terms of satisfaction and personal growth.

Taurus You may sense that things are finally beginning to settle down. Even if there are still some unanswered questions, or unfinished business, you are well on the way to establishing yourself in a much happier and more stable situation. Do all you kind to be especially kind and compassionate to those closest to you.

Gemini You may have made some promises that now can be difficult to keep. Difficult but not impossible. You will find enormous power in keeping your word. This is a great time for renewing friendships and bringing others together to have fun. Hard work can help relieve stress and anxiety.

Cancer Life is good! You have every reason to surrender past or current resentments in favor of a more relaxed and trusting attitude. This is a lovely time to bring friends together or to help in community efforts to feed and house people who are struggling. Your strength and encouragement gives others hope. Accept change gracefully.

Leo You may become more feisty and demanding as the week goes on. Be sure you are not simply feeling unappreciated. This is a time to translate your creative ideas into practical plans. Attend to any unfinished business. This will put you in a better position for success later in the month.

Virgo If you allow people into your life, you will find you are much more valued and appreciated than you might imagine. Be willing to share what you are doing and enjoy the feedback you receive. Your tendency to work when others place is admirable, but must be balanced. Spend more time doing things you enjoy.

Libra Venus and the Sun in your sign promise good luck.  Although some still juggle the powerful stresses of a grand square, this week, challenging events are here to help you. Be open to making some big changes. If in doubt, talk to down to earth people who can help you make useful connections.

Scorpio You are likely to be feeling that a long period of tension is at last beginning to make sense. Brighter days are definitely just ahead. Collaborative projects and being willing to ask for help from friends and family will support anything you care deeply about. Speak up to defend those less able.

Sagittarius There is a real possibility you may be criticized or feel you are not being heard. In part, this is simply the cosmic weather. Keep your sense of humor! A relaxed attitude that encourages everyone to be more fair and balanced will see you though. Do not hesitate to do things in a dramatic fashion.

Capricorn If you have particular ways of looking at things, not generating any personal reward, or positive feedback from those you love, now is the time to reconsider your thinking. Be open to examining your assumptions. This is a powerful time to take responsibility and improve any long standing situation where you know you can do better.

Aquarius Get your house in order! This is likely to be the start of a very social time. People who share your interests or goals will enjoy spending more time with you. Avoid insisting that yours is the only way to do things. Collaborative projects require more consideration for other people’s feelings and respect for their opinions.

Pisces You may sense a change in the air, not entirely tied to the weather. If you want a life that is more fulfilling, it is vital to be true to yourself and honest with others. Be open to sincere advice or suggestions. Ask yourself why if you automatically resist something without actually thinking about it.

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