What is Happening in the Stars for the Week of January 22-28, 2012?

The Sun enters innovative Aquarius on Sunday. Monday is the New Moon and Chinese New Year: the year of the Water Dragon. Powerful, emotionally sensitive, and strong minded Dragon sets the tone for a potentially turbulent summer. Many things that seem to be starting now will demand additional review and revision through September. Patience, humor, and determination will see you through!

Aries Health concerns should not be ignored this week. This is a powerful time to establish healthy habits concerning diet and exercise. Don’t believe everything you hear. Do your own research. You are likely to find the most support for positive change if you join a group of friends with the same intention.

Taurus This is a wonderful time for enjoying simple pleasures. The beauty of nature can help you feel more balanced and upbeat. You may have to face down a partner or close family member over what is truly fair. Stand your ground. Hard work and a genuine desire to make things better will see you through.

Gemini You may be feeling you are at a crossroads concerning your work, your family, or your place in the world. Do not be overly critical of yourself or others. This is a week to trust your heart. Good friends will stand by you. Don’t be stupid. It’s better to delay impulsive choices.

Cancer Your closest relationships, or mentors you respect, can present you with certain stressful, but necessary choices. A gentle, almost magical energy is yours to claim. This is a lucky time to expand your horizons, travel, or share your dreams. Some things may continue to be slower than you would like, but be patient.

Leo What do you value most? Now is the time to follow your dreams, not based upon pleasing other people, but based upon what gives your heart the most joy. Even Leo’s have a blind spot sometimes. A chat with your dearest friend can put things in perspective.

Virgo Be cautious of acting impulsively or without thinking: there is a chance of accidents. It would be a big mistake to measure yourself against another, especially in matters of the heart. Believe in your own value and goodness. The August born can attract opportunities by confidently sharing your skills.

Libra This can be a very creative or romantic week for you. Do not hesitate to talk about your feelings. The more you are willing to go with the flow, and the less you try to orchestrate events, the better outcome you can expect. It’s a lucky time for making a good impression socially.

Scorpio It’s a mixed bag this week. Some, especially the October-born are moving into a low energy period that takes patience and wisdom to keep your personal demons at bay. At the same time, there is a beautiful and sublime energy that is lucky for love, or making the dreams of children come true.

Sagittarius You have a powerful opportunity this week to change your habits with an eye to making your life more stable and secure. This is no time to ignore health issues. Be realistic about anything that is troubling you. There is some risk you will lie to yourself, or exaggerate with others.

Capricorn Have the courage to surrender stubborn ways of thinking that are no longer serving you. Friends and groups who share your interests will be sources of support and assistance. Have the humility to ask for help where it is needed. Be open to setting realistic but more limited goals.

Aquarius You are likely to be energized as the Sun enters your sign. If your birthday is this week, it is a powerful time to set some new long term goals for yourself. This can be a lucky week for improving things at home or making peace in the family. Speak up with confidence.

Pisces The energy this week is supportive and positive. You are likely to see other people’s attitudes soften and become more hopeful. Some situations that may start off in a negative way are likely to hold the seeds of something much better. Follow your natural curiosity. It’s a great time for adventures close to home.

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