The urge to race ahead and get on with things is going to be bouncing off critical realities that demand a slower, detailed, and thoughtful approach. Make lists! Get outside next weekend, anytime after 7:00 PM, when the cats-eye moon is high in the sky. Look to the East: you’ll see Mars, a brilliant reddish star, on its closest approach to the earth.

Aries Sunday can be frustrating, but things should begin to open up as the week progresses. Keep your sense of humor! Take time to enjoy simple pleasures with good friends. Those born in mid-April will enjoy a lucky time for romance and making a good impression where ever you go.

Taurus You may be standing on the sidelines of a conflict you didn’t start, and really do not want to be a part of. Remain calm and refuse to be part of the drama. Simply do your best, working toward specific goals that will help you and your family be more secure.

Gemini If you don’t get into some sort of major conflict or argument by the end of the week, consider yourself lucky! Those born near June 4 will be especially vulnerable to emotionally charged criticism. Watch what you say in the heat of the moment. Retreat and regroup getting things clean and organized at home.

Cancer This can be a very positive week for you. Your inner psychic is awake and alert. Get enough sleep in order that your intuition is as sharp as can be. This is a great time for research to improve the health and fitness of your family. Changes you make now will be lasting.

Leo Some are going to fall into a romantic haze that is not based in reality. It is likely to be quite lovely: while it lasts. If you have any interest in music or visual arts, this is a lucky week to polish your skills or explore new creative venues.

Virgo If there was ever a time to begin the habit of meditation, or simply taking deep, slow breaths, now is the time. Nothing is going to break through without a few steps backward first. Those born near September 6 could be in the crosshairs of a conflict as the week progresses. Think less, relax more.

Libra The September born have a wonderful opportunity to make new friends. Volunteer with groups who share your interests. Be ready to try new things. Those born in the second half of October must continue to be patient. Focus on finishing what you have already begun. Additional preparation now will pay off later.

Scorpio This can be a week of ecstatic highs and equally dismal lows. Trust your inner psychic and do your best not to lash out if frustrated. Old friends can be your best sounding board. This is a lucky week for those born October 31-November 1. The more you network, the more opportunities you will discover.

Sagittarius Other people can be extremely irritating. Do not let irresponsible or critical people get to you. Say what you think in as direct and diplomatic a manner as possible. Refuse to be drawn into an argument the first days of March, especially if born near December 5. This too shall pass!

Capricorn Repeat, review, repeat, review. This is a powerful week for actions to put your literal and emotional house in order. Some things you thought would always be there may be passing away. The more relaxed and open you can be to what is possible, the better your chances of shining for all.

Aquarius It’s a mixed bag this week. You are not the center of the action, and those that are can be especially erratic or emotional. Be open to the support and advice of friends. Take time to review your diet and exercise habits. Changes made now will support your achieving ambitious goals.

Pisces It’s a high energy time, but unfortunately not entirely easy. If your birthday falls next weekend, that powerful Virgo Mars is likely to spark conflicts. Unfinished business is the name of the game. Be prepared to do a few things over. Avoid letting fear undermine your serenity. It’s no time to blame yourself, or others.

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