This can be a week of important transformation: if you are not afraid to be practical and strong willed. If your mind is racing with “what if” scenarios, do not fear. Things will have a way of working out for the best. Expect a passionate Full Moon in Scorpio this Saturday.

Aries Much of what you have been doing that has made things so busy will begin to slow down. Mercury in your sign means talk is just as important as action. This is a lucky time for sharing your interests. Get out more and enjoy making contacts around the neighborhood.

Taurus The Sun in your sign makes this an especially lucky time to relax and indulge your favorite creature comforts. The more time you spend outside, the more balanced you will feel. If your birthday is this week, it’s a power packed time to make major changes. Be willing to surrender what no longer works.

Gemini Venus in your sign guarantees pleasant relationships with people. It’s lucky for bringing friends or family together. If you want to improve your looks, or find a better job, this week can help you achieve your goals. Be sensible when it comes to romance. Do not make assumptions just because you like someone.

Cancer This is a powerful week to take a stand for the sort of life you know you want, need, and deserve. Do not allow the need to take care of others stand in your way. Often things that seem most impossible can be resolved. Just set a goal and believe in yourself.

Leo What do you enjoy most? This is a lucky week for sharing your interests with friends, old and new. Not everyone may appreciate you as you would like. This does not have to dim your confidence or enthusiasm for life. Good things are coming your way! Unexpected news can open the doors of opportunity.

Virgo While this can be a powerful week to get things done, emotionally things can be dicey. Some may be in the grip of powerful obsessive thoughts that are not pleasant. They are also not based in reality. Refuse to let fear or worry take charge. Center yourself in calm and simplicity.

Libra This week demands you take stock of your life. If you work too much, feel unappreciated, or simply do less enjoyable things in favor of what you think you “should” do: stop! You have the power to rearrange any situation. Look for practical solutions to get more fun and pleasure out of life.

Scorpio Transformation is your bread and butter. This week pushes you out of the nest and towards a better and more effective way of being. Emotions can be running high. Saturday’s Full Moon is a time for reaping what you have sown. A positive attitude will help you find solutions to any problem.

Sagittarius It’s never too late to start over. This is a powerful week to face the more practical aspects of your life with an eye to making necessary changes. Avoid blaming yourself or others for situations that have not worked out as you would like. Be extremely honest about your feelings and needs.

Capricorn You may feel up against a wealth of old habits or emotionally trying attitudes. This is because you are on the edge of some important breakthroughs in your life. Do not isolate yourself. Share your adventures, good and bad, with someone older who loves you unconditionally. You are on the cusp of a brighter future.

Aquarius Do your best this week to focus on down to earth matters. There can be major transformations in areas that support both your serenity and security. Spend more time focusing on budgets and the way money flows in your life. Relax with good friends to improve your spirits. Be especially patient next Saturday.

Pisces Your sympathy for others will make you especially well liked. Neptune in your sign increases your natural psychic awareness. This is a powerful time to make a good impression that will help you with business or political interests. If you have a sweetheart, take time to plan something special under next weekend’s Full Moon.

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