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What is happening in the stars for the week of April 15-21, 2012?

Expect an unsettled and potentially frustrating week. Don’t blame yourself. What happens is no more your fault than when your joints ache when the weather is cold and damp. Be courageous and speak your truth! You don’t want to die wishing you had been more honest to the world about who you are. Saturday’s unsettled New Moon enters with much unfinished business and missteps in the mix.

Aries You may misplace tools, find everything requires doing over, and generally hit walls where smooth sailing should be the order of the day. Keep your sense of humor! This is simply a stormy and unsettled patch of astrological weather. Be patient and also willing to look at things from a fresh perspective.

Taurus Keeping thing simple will help you fly under the radar and avoid unnecessary drama. The Sun enters your sign April 19. This makes it a great time to enjoy good food, supportive friends, and the beauty of nature. Be willing to review your money situation. Make practical plans to protect your interests.

Gemini All kinds of unwelcome situations can test your patience and maturity. You may be especially critical of yourself or others. Worse, you may be the target of some unpleasant opinions no matter how good your intentions. Be prepared to surrender a relationship that no longer works. Slow down and shorten your to-do list.

Cancer If things seem especially unsettled, or disappointing, remember this too shall pass. This week’s energy challenges you to say what you think, even if you are in a very uncomfortable situation. There is likely to be an explosion if you hide your feelings and pretend nothing is bothering you. Pamper yourself more.

Leo You may be sailing along wondering what is wrong with everyone else. This is an ideal time to focus on personal health and fitness. This is a good week for brainstorming ideas that will need to take practical form later on. Help others see the bright side and be more confident.

Virgo Don’t blame yourself for anything that comes your way this week. Things can be stressful and disappointing. It’s not the end of the world. This is the messy, chaotic stage before a rebirth. Some will be able to at last make a decision about something that has been unsettled for several months.

Libra This week you are going to have to deal with people, even if it’s unsatisfying and messy. Keeping up appearances may have worked in the past, but right now, it’s about the last thing you need to care about. What comes up right now holds the potential for healing old wounds.

Scorpio This is a time when you may notice you are seeing the results of commitments made in the last few months. If you have been seriously working to become more stable emotionally and practical financially, things may begin to show a silver lining after a long dark period of challenge and change.

Sagittarius With the astrological weather so unsettled, do your best to be upbeat and flexible. Be ready to adapt your approach, especially where finances and close relationships are concerned. Remember other people may be reacting to temporary stress. Accepting a breakdown could be the path to healing. Don’t give up on your dreams.

Capricorn Who said transformation was easy? Your feelings are likely to continue to be especially intense. The biggest power struggles are likely to be in your own mind and heart. The more you can accept yourself, warts and all, the quicker you will be truly empowered. This is a slow process of letting go; be kind to yourself.

Aquarius You may not realize how stubborn you can be. Your best approach to challenges and conflicts will lie in being less attached to your usual habits and approaches. Good luck appears when you are willing to embrace the unexpected and untried. Your natural and spontaneous creativity can help you make wise choices.

Pisces You may be challenged this week to surrender people, situations, feelings, and things that no longer serve your best interests. Stressful situations you encounter this week can actually open the door to reorganizing your life in a more effective and satisfying way. Be open to learning and growing from the feedback others give you.

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