This Super Moon will occur on March 19 when it is in its closest position to the earth this year. This one happens to be a full Moon, so it is time to prepare now. Full Moons in general can cause havoc, and this one for sure will not go unnoticed by anyone.

Get ready for what could be moderate to severe weather patterns, increased seismic activity, tsunamis and more volcanic eruptions than normal. This phenomenon includes the days leading up to March 19 and the days after until around March 22nd.  Japan is a very likely candidate for a whopper!  As a result, it will be in the news around the world.

We experienced extreme weather conditions under the last Super Moons in 1955, 1974, 1992 and 2005. Hurricane Katrina is one example which happened in 2005 under a Super Moon’s influence.  The moon has such a strong gravitational pull on the earth it can control the tides and under certain conditions causes extra strong tidal patters as in the Indonesian tsunami.

The well known astrologer, Richard Nolle coined the phrase, Super Moon and he is predicting just such occurrences this March in particular and could continue well into April of this year. The Moon exerts gravitational pull on the earth and the closer it is, the more influence it has. Super Moon’s have a particularly strong pull on the earth because they are much closer to the earth during these phases.

This March may prove to be one of the worst months for severe weather and seismic activity yet this year. This may be because the Moon has not been this close to the earth in 18 years. The coastal regions should prepare for especially strong and high tides and possible earthquakes.

This will be the second of three Super Moons this year. One occurred in February, again in March and April. These three months should mark a noticeable change in earth activity, along with gas leaks or explosions and earthquakes. Get your camera out because this particular Super Moon will appear extremely large at it rises after the sun sets, because it will be the closest one of the year.

Just after the Super Moon, get ready for more financial concerns world-wide, especially the European bond market, an increase in oil and gas disruptions and the price of everything going up and into panic mode. Many power outages are likely to occur, especially if earthquakes hit densely populated areas. Stock markets may also be in for a wild ride.

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