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Lou Raedwulfe has once again applied his skills and knowledge as an astrologer and runic consultant to provide a unique insight on the upcoming year with his newest book, 2013 Stones and Stars-A Runic and Astrological Forecast. This just released volume is now available exclusively for all Kindle e-readers. As he had done in the past, Lou provides a glimpse of the upcoming year and the potential impact of astrological relationships on earthbound events and activities, both nationally and internationally. Divided into quarters, Lou takes the reader through the entire year highlighting “hot spots” which await us.

Lou also provides a different perspective by examining the coming months through the lens of the Runic oracle. For those unfamiliar with Runes, they are an ancient oracle whose origins can be traced to Northern Europe pre-dating the Roman Empire. Lou has been a long-time practitioner of Runecraft and has recently released a book The RuneChest: A Runic Oracle with Interpretations for the 21st Century which is also available on Amazon.

Unlike other forms of prophecy (such as Tarot) the Runic Oracle addresses the future in terms of issues which confront us and provides guidance as to the challenges which those issues bring and possible pathways forward as those challenges are faced and dealt with.

Lou’s skill with Runes is on display here as he casts a one year reading. Viewing the year 2013 in this fashion provides a unique and provocative illumination of what we face in this most important year. This casting also provides a good introduction to the Runes for those who have never encountered this ancient form of wisdom. Both provocative and insightful, the one year reading works in concert with the astrological overview to give readers an opportunity to view the future through a prism they may not have known existed.

Whether your interest in the predictive arts is casual or serious, 2013 Stones and Stones-A Runic and Astrological Forecast is both entertaining and informative. Viewing the upcoming year through the eyes of a skilled esoteric practitioner and psychic makes this a timely read that you will refer back to during the entire path of 2013.

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