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Unusual floods will take place in areas that do not usually get flooded – look out for March and April in the US.

There are more alarming earthquakes that happen in the Alaskan region including the Aleutian chain and Japan. Southeast Asia and New Zealand will also be in the news for more and severe earthquakes above 6.0.

Japan will once again be in the  news, however, although we may not hear even a fraction of the news from there, expect more news on the ‘residue’ from the nuclear meltdown at Fukushima radiation.  There is more news that will rise out of those ashes of destruction.  My fear is what I see another earthquake which will further damage this nuclear facility.  The risks and danger that this imposes is much bigger than at first it appears.  If Japan is not out of the woods on this one, the rest of the world isn’t either.

Stronger earthquakes above the 6.0 level will be on the rise and expect another major airline crash in the news in the first few months of 2013.

This will a year where more and more people will be feeling uneasy about the future of their own personal safety and well being.

My psychic predictions for 2013 are a bit of doom and gloom regarding this year.  I would expect the unexpected as we move toward the late March and early April days.  I see more top government officials and bankers resigning or retiring early…hmmmm….the financial problems we face will be looming ever larger.  However, to diffuse that news regarding the US, we will be hearing lots more about the financial woes of Spain and Greece.

Nobody is yet talking about the Japanese financial issues but you will begin to hear rumblings about it in 2013, especially in 2013 psychic predictions.  Remember, they are the world’s third largest economy and this doesn’t speak well to global financial health but rather the opposite.

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