As the election cycle ramps up the energy on all aspects of the political spectrum, everyone is concerned about ‘the message’. Whether delivered through attack ads on television, blogs, during coverage of the debates, or a part of the daily news cycle, communication of the intended set of ideas is the goal of the players in order to win the hearts and minds (and more importantly the wallets and the votes) of the body politic. However, there is another player in the game which will have a powerful effect on both the selection of the candidates and, ultimately, the election itself. That player is Mercury, The Messenger.

There are three times this year that the Messenger dances in reverse going retrograde; March 12, July 14 and November 6. Mercury in retrograde can bring to all kinds of communications. Messages become garbled or lost, electronic snafus render all our ‘smart devices’ ‘dumb. Relationships, particularly those that were in a state of fragility to begin with, turn into a hotbed of emotional chaos making the ability to get a simple idea or thought across turn into a herculean task.

The first of these backward waltzes occurs on March 12. Certainly seeming like a benign date until one looks at the political calendar for the upcoming primary season. March 12 is the much heralded Super Tuesday when ten states will hold their caucus/primary which should solidify the picture of who is going to run. With the Messenger in full reverse mode, the specter of miscounts, bad timing, fumbled speeches, hidden agendas, and assorted communication breakdowns could play a cosmic ‘joker’ which could trump any of the cards in the decks of the candidates.

Clearly, what comes out of ‘Super Tuesday’ may have a far different slant than anyone may have believed going in. With Mercury staying reverse until April 4, the communications chaos will not lessen even as the ‘winners’ (who ultimately may not be) and the ‘losers’ (who may not be done) try to spin their way out of Mercury’s web.

While the second Mercury retrograde period will be discussed in a later article, the cosmic irony is apparent that, in this year, of all election years, with the focus on the spiritual impact of 2012 (the Mayan Long Count ending, etc.), that Election Day 2012, November 6, is also the start of the third and, certainly, penultimate Mercury retrograde of the year.

The entire election spectacle is convoluted enough with the Messenger’s reverse adding its chaotic energy to the mix. Votes may be miscounted, lost, or misreported. Breakdowns in electronic media and computerized systems may well add to the turmoil. Those who are observing our elections outside the country may misconstrue what is happening as a kind of threat or negative response which could heighten tensions internationally as well.

On the personal and emotional side, the disruption of communications (both physical and intuitive) may result in arguments, conflicts and discord on various levels. Even more daunting is the fact that during these last retrogrades there is also a total solar eclipse on November 13 which will add to the shift in belief and values already skewed by the Messenger’s reward dance.

Once again, the cosmos will demonstrate that one cannot plan against the arbitrary and that the Universe will, as always, have the last word. It is our challenge to try and hear that ‘word’ even as the static of these Mercury retrogrades cloud our spiritual ears.

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