I wish I had more positive things to say about the coming winter 2011 through the winter of 2012, however, it is not looking good.  This is an over-view of what I see happening in 2011 and continuing into 2012.  I feel that major earthquakes could strike – Japan comes to mind.    Alaska will see stronger seismic activity than usual and India will experience similar activity.   I see danger in seismic activity and an earth quake that will affect the world and this will create a tsunami and a big one.   There will be residue and danger involved in this one.

Very strong weather patterns will predominate the 2011 year, especially in the Carolina’s and the north east coast line; possibly New York and New Jersey.  They are going to get very wet and there will be flooding.  Basically, there will be major drought in the southwest and wildfires will predominate and devastate a lot of land.

There will be more social unrest in the mid east and people will be killed by their own governments.  Oil prices and gasoline will become very expensive and many people will suffer in January and February well into 2011 with continued job losses .   There will be many more social up-risings in the middle east.  There will be violence in the streets on a major scale.

Europe, Greece, Italy, Ireland and Portugal will also be in the news as their economies face a major financial crisis.  The US will get involved one way or another.  Europe in general will face a financial crisis much like happened in the US in 2008.  The US will face the same credit issues – possibly a downgrade in our own credit ratings.  Watch the stock market when it is announced.

Mexico will continue to have major problems between the government and the drug cartel.  Expect the President of Mexico to appeal to our Congress to ease tension.   Oil will be one of the focal points to watch as the cartel continues to steel more of it from their own pipelines in Mexico.  Their pipelines could undergo damage from the rebels and at considerable cost to the Mexican people.

Generally, prices will continue to rise for food and most everything we buy here in the US.   Many people will have a strong sense that the government is intentionally lying to us about the ‘jobless recovery’ and ‘no inflation’.  More and more mistrust of the government will be evident as the year progresses.  The housing market will continue to lose ground over the winter months and will be under reported by the media. As more jobs are lost, a feeling of anxiety, insecurity and depression will permeate the USA.

There will be more scandals coming up in 2011 in our government. The general public will become even more aware of wasteful government spending because the people suffering are getting no relief at all. The Congress will be facing gridlock on many issues, including healthcare, medicare and our deficit problems which will remain a topic much of the year. The main issue will be government spending.

There will be ridiculous compromises in the Congress just to get bills passed. And yes, they will have ear marks. All will include more spending even though the general public is fed up with mis-spending of their tax dollars and hard-earned money.  It will be apparent that it is more about power struggles in the Congress than it is giving the American people what they really want and desparately need; jobs and a safe home to live in.

We are going to hear more rumblings about a change in social security which will affect millions of people who depend on it. It will become apparent that much of the social security money has been tapped for other uses.  Basically, it is bankrupt.

The price of commodities such as gasoline, heating oil and natural gas will be on the rise over the winter months well into the year. There will come at a time when people will feel it the most; especially right after a lean Holiday Season for many in 2011. Oil shipments may be delayed in the colder regions due to snow, especially in the UK. We will begin to see inflation more and more as the year 2011-2012 rolls forward. Everything you buy will cost more. Food will be no exception. Be prepared and stock up now on the things you use the most; you’ll be glad you did.

States will see many cuts in services, such as police and fire departments. Cities finally have to cut spending because they cannot print money; only the Federal Government can. Keep this in mind as you hear that some of these services will affect you and your neighborhood. The public will become very, very upset.  Demonstrations start in a major city on the east coast – New York will be a hotspot for that.  Dissension will heat up in the latter half of 2011 and well into 2012.  This will be the start of visible social unrest here in the US.

I see more prisoners being let out of jail early mainly because the states, especially on the West Coast and namely California, have run out of money to support the existing system and there are no plans to build more facilities. This will increase the crime rate in densely populated cities, especially in California. This, too, will be under reported in the main stream media.  Expect robbery of things we don’t normally think of like copper wire.  Anything metal that can be stolen will escalate like never before.


  1. brahmajnani says:

    Are we slowly approaching end of the world 2012 predictions? Does 2012 truly spell doom of mankind in coming times? Will mankind truly suffer at hands of God Almighty or is it a man-made calamity, resulting from our actions of past… negative karma indulged by humanity in past few decades!

    If doctrine of karma dominates in cosmic system… sufferings undergone by Japanese at hands of nature in present earthquakes and tsunamis… does it result from karma performed by masses in past! The awaited doom of mankind in 2012… Is expected to be almost 1000 times more than what is suffered by Japanese in present… with death of 1200 million people!

  2. Deseiree says:

    I needed to thanks for this nice read!! I definitely having fun with every little little bit of it I’ve you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post. I do feel things are going to get worse, too. Every time I go to the grocery store the prices go up. I really hope we don’t have food shortages in the coming year, or summer.

  3. MickeyD says:

    Some of this stuff is already happening……2012 should prove to be interesting. At least these posts are much more realistic than the WAAY out there stuff! Really enjoy reading your future predictions. Scary stuff indeed.

  4. AnonymousPsychic says:

    I see tremendous hurricane activity in FL and NC. Pensacola will be hard hit as well as Cape Hatteras. Scandals at the State Department and Attorney General’s office will cause high level headaches for Obama. Civil insurrection in NYC based on a rumor..

  5. Foxy says:

    These are some interesting predictions – obviously, some of them have already happened. I do believe that we are heading for a double dip recession – and that prices are not coming down at the grocery store in my lifetime. I just hope that things will turn around.

  6. ssofono says:

    Hi, this is a great post! Thanks..

  7. AdrianHals says:

    Hi, this is a great post! Thanks..

  8. Coxy says:

    OMG, you are soooo dead-on!!! It’s almost October of 2011 and you predicted Japan, copper wire, Greece, and a bunch of other shit perfectly. AMAZING, Dude! Kit Karson is amazing…….

  9. Randy Griffin says:

    I urge everyone to read what it says in the Bible in the four gospels about what Jesus said about the end times…. In the gospels of Mark chapter 13 read the whole chapter about what Jesus says about the end times. As a matter of fact read the entire New Testament in the Bible and you will see what Jesus says about the end times. Man cannot predict what God has placed in his own hands.

  10. Charlotte says:

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