Astrology Compatibility by Sun Sign

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Feb 01 2008

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Astrology Index - Astrology Sun Sign Compatibility  

Sparks will fly when two headstrong and independent Aries get together. Your shared fire sign energy makes this at first a very exciting relationship. It can work if there are other points of compatibility between you. IF you have similar values and interest you can be a very dynamic duo. The relationship will be active and physically oriented. Often this is a grand romance that falls apart over time.

Aries with Aries may also be a case of too much of a good thing. Someone is going to have to take the lead. Your best course is to “play nice” and take turns. A shared willingness to compromise is necessary. If this isn’t possible, you may have to consider going back a step to being good friends.

This can be a case of mutual admiration. Aries is active and direct. Taurus is sensual and practical. You bring very different energies to the relationship. There is a great deal you can teach each other. Impulsive and physical Aries can open a world of new possibilities that encourage Taurus to break up the usual routines. Taurus has a deep love of nature and a powerful connection to the world of the senses that can ground and enrich Aries point of view. This can be a highly romantic and successful connection. Great things can be accomplished when you work together. Aries provides the spark to start and Taurus brings the ability to stick with things and follow through. On a bad day Aries will seem too selfish and Taurus to stubborn and inflexible. You must be willing to see the other person’s point of view.

Gemini and Aries are excellent friends. Chatty and social Gemini enjoys Aries direct and independent way of doing things. Gemini will bring new interests and friendships to the relationship. Aries has a delightful sprit of adventure and is more physically oriented. Gemini is a person of ideas. This is a relationship where Gemini will be making most of the compromises as Aries naturally takes the lead. Aries will be quicker to want a lasting commitment. Gemini tends to want to keep things light and his or her options open. Gemini will need to run around visiting and can bring a delightful liveliness to the relationship. You will be happiest if you have shared interests you can do together.

This is not the easiest combination. It will take some strong harmonious points of contact from other planets in the chart to make this work. Aries is fire and Cancer is water: both are very strong willed and like to manage things. Headstrong and direct Aries can become impatient with Cancer’s moody and often indirect style. It is easy for Aries to hurt Cancer’s feelings without realizing this is happening. This can lead to a feeling of “walking on eggs” that stops an easy flow of communication. When hurt, Cancer tends to withdraw. Unless Aries has a strong interest in home and family, Cancer can feel a bit neglected. Over time, it may be more and more difficult to appreciate the other persons’ point of view. Considerable compromise on both sides will be necessary.

This can be a romance made in heaven. Aries and Leo are both dynamic fire signs. On the best days, there is a shared joyful happiness that is the envy of all your friends. You encourage a joie de vive in each other Playful and c creative Leo brings great warmth and humor to the relationship. Aries encourages stubborn Leo to be more impulsive and adventurous. Together you have a powerful chemistry that creates more possibilities than if you were doing things separately. Although there will be heated arguments at times, the making up can be very rewarding. You are both capable of great loyalty and devotion. Aries should remember that Leo needs lots of sincere admiration and proud Leo remembers to let Aries take the lead occasionally. If there is humor and you can be extremely happy together.

Calm, sensible Virgo and powerful, impulsive Aries are very different people. If there are compatible planetary combinations between you, this can be a stable and lasting relationship. Virgo will admire the courage and drive of Aries. Aries appreciated Virgo’s down to earth and service oriented focus. On a bad day, Virgo will see Aries as too selfish. Aries may accuse Virgo of being too picky and critical. It is a relationship that will take conscious effort and compromise. But it can be well worth the effort. Aries will always need to take the lead with Virgo providing a broad base of support. It is vital to keep talking about what is important. If you don’t talk, things can quickly fall apart.

Here you have an attraction of opposites. Aries is active and direct, going its own way with surprisingly little concern for the opinions of others. Libra is the most social and peace loving of signs, bringing gentleness and great personal charm to the relationship. You have much to teach each other for really you are on two sides of the same coin. Despite your differences, there is a sort of mutual understanding.

Libra has a very strong sense of what is fair and Aries can give the courage to stand up for themselves. Libra opens headstrong Aries to the idea of doing things as a team. In love, both can be very loyal and even self-sacrificing. It is a pleasant and exciting mix. Long-term success depends in large part on harmonious aspects in thinking and values shown by Mercury and Venus.

This can be one of the most intense attractions around. The sexual chemistry between passionate and emotionally feisty Scorpio and courageous, physical Aries can be extremely exciting. It is a combination that works best as a romance. Long-term success is more problematic. Aries is very direct and headstrong. Scorpio is secretive and stubborn. Unless there are some good Moon-Mercury harmonies, the chance of misunderstanding is strong. Terrible arguments can poison the relationship. Neither of you is comfortable with compromise. What starts our in a fever can end with stories to your friends about what a mistake this was. Take your time getting to know each other.

This is a wonderful combination, full of fun and excitement. You are both active and adventurous fire signs. There is a shared love of life and willingness to take a risk. You can have great fun together. Both of you speak your mind so the chances are good you can work out any differences. Aries likes to take the lead, so Sagittarius may find they are doing more of the compromising. This is a great combination for traveling together or sharing any sort of physical activity. You are both people with strong opinions and it will be helpful for long-term success if you share the same values. Sagittarius is more of a gambler and needs to feel the relationship is not limiting personal freedom. Aries likes to know their actions and ideas are supported and encouraged. Aries is more loyal in love and needs to be sure Sagittarius is ready to settle down.

This can be an excellent working partnership or a train wreck. Both of you are Cardinal signs and need to be in charge. Aries follows its own path with little concern for the opinions of others. Down to earth Capricorn needs to manage and organize things. After a short period of bliss, the relationship can fall apart with arguments over who is boss. It works best if the man is an Aries and the woman is the Capricorn. If you each realize you bring very different qualities to the mix, and respect the differences, then you have a chance. Aries will point the direction and Capricorn will provide the practical application. If you can work together, a great deal can be accomplished. There is a change of this relationship being less about romance and more about household chores.

You can be great and lasting friends. There is a mutual respect and ease between your signs that makes this quite a personally rewarding connection. Aries is more impulsive and energetic. Aquarius has a very mental and social orientation. Aries likes to get things done. Aquarius likes to talk about what you can do. In love Aries is hotter and more passionate. Aquarius is a bit like the Vulcan’s in the old “Star Trek” series: friendly, but with a bit of distaste for messy emotions. You both have the ability to bring new ideas and adventures into the other person’s life. Aquarius is more stubborn and tends to resist any change that isn’t their idea. If the relationship develops slowly with a solid base of friendship, it can be extremely long lasting.

Two signs could not be more different. One is very action oriented, physical and direct. The other is a highly intuitive dreamer who needs a good amount of time to rest and reflect. There is, however, a strong possibility of having shared planets in harmony. This can be an excellent mix with each person bringing strengths to compliment the other person’s weaknesses. It can be an amazingly romantic and loving relationship. What is necessary is a great deal of mutual respect. There is a risk with this combination of one person or another sacrificing too much. Usually it is the Pisces who compromises too much. This is a relationship that may feel like it has a strongly fated quality. It may not always endure, but will be always unforgettable.

Sensual Taurus and active Aries are a surprisingly good partnership much of the time. Aries has the spark to start things and Taurus has the good sense and determination to follow through. It can be a marriage made in heaven: if there is mutual respect on both sides. One danger is that Aries is very sure about things and does not really care much what other people think. Taurus is very stubborn and resists change that is not of his or her own making. This can mean a tendency to drift away from each other after the first excitement of romance. Also Aries is much more willing to have an affair. Taurus is looking for stability and something that will last. It is important for Taurus to be sure of Aries intentions before taking things to the next level.

This is an excellent working relationship. As a love match, there is always the danger of “too much of a good thing”. There may simply not be enough excitement and variety to make this work. The tendency is strong to fall into comfortable habits and never change. If there are other compatible aspects between the charts, it can be fine. But the danger remains of having it be so fixed that there is no room for growth or development in the relationship. You are both extremely sensual people. The sexual bond can be powerful and very satisfying. You will be happiest living in the country or having lots of plants around the house. It is a romance that needs flowers and perfume and time outdoors. For two Taurians to succeed together you will need to have a good sense of humor and realize that everyone here is quite stubborn. Learning to compromise will be your greatest challenge.

This can be very, very good or a complete disaster. It depends greatly upon the other planets in your charts. Gemini is so charming and mentally curious that it may seem like Taurus is the slow one. This is not really true. Taurus brings the relationship down to earth with loyalty and practical good sense. Gemini provides the suggestions for change. If you can respect each other’s differences, this can be a wonderful mix. Gemini will have to be patent and realize that Taurus does not easily change his or her habits. Taurus may be confused by Gemini’s strong need for change and conversation. In may cases there will be a find sense of understanding because you each have about a one in three chance of thinking like the other. On a good day, great fun and a powerful sexual chemistry are there in buckets! Visit in the neighborhood and enjoy the out of doors as much as possible.

This combination is potentially one of the best possible matches. The love of land, family and simple creature comforts is great. This is the mix of two Hobbits in a fairly tale world. This is love and loyalty and building something that will endure. Sentimental Cancer needs emotional security. Taurus likes to know where they stand and prefers the usual routine. Both have an interest in anything domestic. The placement of the Moon will tell much about the focus of the relationship. Taurus can be very stubborn and Cancer is moody and likes to take charge.

This is a mix that will need strong supporting planets and aspects for a successful connection. Both signs find it difficult to make a change and there can be a powerful train wreck of conflicting wills. Leo is proud, funny, warmhearted and playful. Taurus is sensual, serious, loyal and bullheaded. Leo needs a great deal of sincere admiration and appreciation for creative efforts. Taurus needs to know a person shares his or her values and is moving in the same direction. There may be problems coming to an agreement on issues. Good communication and willingness to compromise far beyond what is comfortable is key to success as a couple. It is a better working relationship with Leo providing the marketing and creative spark and Taurus the practical and long-term focus. If both people want this to work out, it would be wise to see and outside counselor occasionally.

You are both the most sensible of people. Being together will be wonderfully comfortable and easy. Things work best if you share a common interest or project. You are both very down to earth and like to see results for your efforts. There is a shared appreciation of nature and very likely in appreciation of both plants and animals. These are not people who want to be in the public eye. Rather this is a relationship that centers around personal interests and generally stays close to home. Taurus is much more stubborn and very much a creature of fixed habits. Virgo spends more time looking for ways to improve a situation and has a tendency to be worry and be a bit critical without realizing it. Both signs have a healthy sexuality and are generally quite loyal.

You are ruled by the same peace loving and gentle Venus. But your focus is rather different. Taurus looks for tangible results. Libra is all about social connections. Generally there must be other themes in the chart to tie these two together. Libra tends to live in his or her mind. They have a powerful and surprisingly rigid sense of what is fair and correct. Making a choice between two options is not the easiest for them. Taurus is usually very sure of themselves. If they share the same values as the Libra, this can be a good match. Libra will bring new people and events into the life of Taurus. Taurus will help Libra get in touch with more sensual things. There is a shared love of beauty and nice things that makes this a very comfortable and productive connection.

The attraction of opposites here is so strong. This can be one of the most sexually passionate of relationships. It can be a grand affair or the best and most satisfying of partnerships. It also can be a war of wills with the potential for great conflict. The difference between heaven and hell lies in other factors between the charts. Earthy Taurus is as stubborn as intense and secretive Scorpio. There must be willingness on both sides to compromise. Good communication is also very important. From the start you must say what you think with no holding back. There is a mutual understanding of resources and the possibilities for using them. You can go far together and have get satisfaction along the way.

This is a blend that must have strong support from other parts of the chart if it is to last. It is not an easy combination. Free spirited and adventurous is much more focused on action than sensible and sensual Taurus. There is a shared love of nature that can make walks in the country and camping together quite fun. Sagittarius has very strong opinions and is not afraid to say them. Taurus is more diplomatic, but actually has more strongly held values. Sagittarius can be a gambler or a philosopher and tends to be a bit of a know-it-all. This can seem rather “high maintenance” to the more no nonsense Taurian. Taurus tends to repeat the same patterns over and over. It may seem to Sagittarius like they are an old stick in the mud. The positive aspects of this are that Sagittarius can expand and enrich Taurus’s world. Taurus brings the discovery of earthly delights and a very useful good sense to anchor some of the Sag highflying ideas. It will take a huge dose of patience and mutual respect on both sides to make this work.

This is a wonderful match. Capricorn provides the leadership and Taurus the foundation for a relationship that can be both very satisfying emotionally and very successful in the real world. You are natural allies, willing to work together on long-term projects that will bring success and material security. Although it may start off a bit slow, it can be one of the most romantic connections, far away from the eyes of the world. Capricorn can seem rather serious and bossy. But underneath are a tender heart and a wonderful sense of humor. Taurus understands how taste, touch, smell and the joy of nature enrich our senses and our lives. If Taurus can let Capricorn take the lead and Capricorn can appreciate that Taurus is stubborn for good reasons, you can be the best of friends. It is a potential life long love match as well.

Why even go here? As a love connection, for this to work, the Aquarius would have to have a chart full of earth planets (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) and the Taurus would have to have a chart full of Air planets (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius). Otherwise this is best left a friendship with lots of space between. It works in family relationships where stability is valued. But as a romantic affair, the potential for misunderstanding and disaster is great.
Aquarius is a future oriented and emotionally cool person who lives in the world of thought and ideas. Taurus is sensual and practical, focused on real results and very much a person of regular habits. It is really a matter of not speaking the same language. Both signs find it difficult to compromise and only like change when it their idea. The potential for frustration and hurt feelings is great.

An excellent mix of emotional sensitivity and earthy sensuality. Excellent for friendship, working relationships and love affairs, Taurus and Pisces have the ability to enrich and brighten each other’s lives. Taurus grounds Pisces in the real world. Pisces gives Taurus a window into the realm of imagination and compassionate care. Taurus needs to understand that Pisces is much more sensitive to the psychic and feeling quality of our lives than most people. As a result, they need some time alone or extra sleep just to rest and recover. Pisces needs to appreciate that good-hearted Taurus is looking for people who share their values and habits. What you see is what you get with Taurus. When making plans, Pisces would be wise to listen to Taurus. This is a relationship that does well outside, in the country or near the sea. Mutual respect for each other’s gifts can make this the best of connections.

This is one of the most delightful combinations possible. Chatty and variety seeking Gemini enjoys the impulsive and direct way Aries approaches life. Both are willing to try new things and enjoy being active and adventurous. Aries likes to take the lead, so Gemini may do more of the compromising here. There may be arguments, but they will be short-lived and the making up can be very rewarding! A solid friendship is possible here with each admiring the other’s interests and strengths. Gemini tends to live more in the world of ideas and needs to collect and share information. Aries is more physical and
Intent on following personal interests and goals, Gemini can bring a new circle of friends and an interest in neighborhood activities. Aries is generally more loyal. Gemini may take longer to decide this relationship is “the one”.

The energy of these two signs is very different. Taurus is down to earth, slow to change, sensual and loyal. Gemini is charming, loves variety, tends to live in the world of the mind and is not in a hurry to settle down. Why, you might ask, can this possibly work?
Because these are adjoining signs, there are often other aspects in the chart that bring these two very different people much closer together. Gemini needs to make no promises they are willing to keep. Taurus needs to be willing to occasionally compromise and do things in new ways. This can be a very rewarding combination. Taurus can help Gemini bring their plans into reality and can bring a greater appreciation of the joys of the flesh. Gemini gives color and excitement and a youthful happiness that is never dull. It is worth the effort to understand and respect each other.

This can be too much of a good thing. As a grand romance, it is more the attraction of looking in the mirror and seeing something very familiar and comfortable. You may be great friends and have a wonderful time talking and visiting together. But it is more a sibling relationship than a grand romance. There would have to be good Moon (emotional) harmony and mixed with a strong sexual connection of at least one Venus conjunct the other’s Mars for this to work long term. The best of relationships needs each person to bring something different to the mix. Since variety and change is a major need for Gemini, the potential of someone getting bored and restless is great. Take your time about making a commitment, have fun together, and don’t hide what you are thinking.

Like Gemini-Taurus, this mix of adjoining signs can work out surprisingly well. You are both people with a strong attachment to familiar friends and places. Gemini is vivacious and will help get Cancer out of the house. Cancer can help Gemini focus and get things done. Gemini can seem like the stronger personality on the surface. But really Cancer is better equipped to take the lead. Gemini needs to realize that Cancer is very sentimental. Where Gemini may just speak up directly, Cancer tends to talk all around the real issues because they feel so vulnerable. Cancer is extremely loyal and loving. They can enrich the life of Gemini in wonderful ways. Gemini can brighten and bring excitement to the relationship. If Gemini is willing to make a commitment, this can be the happiest of connections.

Fun City. Here is a wonderfully romantic and exciting mix. Leo is great fun and can bring a depth of feeling, courage and a joy in life to butterfly Gemini’s romantic nature. You both love going out and having fun and make great traveling companions. Sexually this can be an unforgettable and rewarding match. The chemistry is excellent. Gemini needs to understand that Leo is rather stubborn and proud. Ultimately Gemini will do more of the compromise in this relationship. Leo needs a good deal of sincere admiration and compliments for their work. They have a temper and may occasional “roar”, but very soon, all is forgiven and forgotten. They have a wicked sense of humor and are extremely loyal. Leo needs to give Gemini room to do their own thing. They must be willing to be patient and let Gemini share a variety of ideas. Gemini should not let it appear they are more committed than they really are.

Often this is a good working partnership. But as a romance it is often difficult to hold together. There is a tendency for Gemini and Virgo to irritate each other when you spend too much time together. Gemini will see Virgo as too critical and maybe too dull. Virgo will see Gemini as too flighty and unreliable. Gemini may simply make Virgo nervous.
Mercury rules you both, so the mental connection is strong. You do best in the world of ideas. Virgo can help Gemini put their plans into motion. Gemini can help Virgo see the world in new ways. There will have to be strong Moon and Venus-Mars aspects between the charts to keep this going as a romantic connection. It is a better friendship. Very often, what starts as a flirtation can settle down into a solid and supportive relationship that is not true love.

There is a terrific compatibility between Gemini and Libra. There is a strong mental-emotional connection that can deepen into true love. Friendly and social, you both enjoy visiting and spending time with friends. Libra needs a peaceful and pleasant live. Gemini is more adventurous and curious. Both signs have great personal charm and are easy companions. Gemini tends to scatter their energy more and ultimately Libra will take the lead in the relationship. Gemini may be surprised by Libra’s rather rigid sense of what is fair and correct. Libra also has a more difficult time making choice between two options or talking about difficult issues. The “peace at any price” tendency of Libra can mean problems simmer just under the surface. It will be important for Gemini to keep the lines of communication open. This has all the elements of a grand romance.

This is one of the most magnetic and romantic attractions possible. It is the meeting of two complexly different people who find each other fascinating and sexy. While it may work best as an unforgettable romance, more than one successful marriage has been built on the Gemini-blend. Gemini, of course, is light, sparkling, chatty and on the move. Scorpio is feisty, loyal, emotionally intense, self sufficient and secretive. This relationship is one of those Astrological mysteries. It should be a train wreck, but very open works out wonderfully. If there is good humor and mutual respect for each other’s differences, you can be very happy.

Famous Couples:
American actress Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco.

Here opposites attract. Both signs are adventurous. Charming Gemini is more focused on hometown activities and opinionated Sagittarius likes seeing the world. Sagittarius is more adventurous and expansive. Some born under this Fire sign are gamblers and some are philosophers. Gemini loves the world of ideas and needs a great deal of variety. This is a combination that makes for great traveling companions. If there are earth sign planets (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) between them, this can be a stable and long lasting relationship. There is always the risk of break up with this restless and independent combination. Sagittarius does not always want to make a commitment. Gemini starts out with the best of intentions, but then gets distracted by the next pretty face. You will be smart to take things slowly and build a solid friendship first.

Gemini- Capricorn
It can work, but there will be a clear division of labor. Practical and ambitious Capricorn needs to manage things. Gemini needs talk and information and to be on the move. There is some risk that serious Capricorn will think Gemini is unreliable and insincere. There is an equal risk Gemini will think Capricorn is bossy and arrogant. Misunderstandings and hard feelings are possible. Gemini must realize Capricorn has a great sense of humor and can be very loyal and supportive. Capricorn must appreciate the charming and chatty Gemini style. Gemini has the ideas that Capricorn can translate into reality. This is an excellent working partnership. As a romance, it is unstable. If Gemini has an earth sign Mercury (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) and Capricorn an Air sign Mercury (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) you will have a better chance of seeing things eye to eye. Patience and a willingness to negotiate nearly everything will be necessary for this relationship to succeed.

This relationship will never be dull. There will always be something new to talk about. Gemini and Aquarius can both be great flirts. There is some risk in the early stages here of “being in love with the idea of being in love”. Some of these compatible Air signs are not looking to settle down any time soon. It is important to state your intentions at the beginning. You can be life long friends, but as lovers, you may find it is not what you want after the first excitement begins to fade. You both tend to live in your heads. Aquarius gets nervous when pushed into emotional waters. If you connect when very young, this can be delightful and long lasting.

Two very different perspectives will have difficulty finding common ground. Rarely is there even enough attraction to get things started. Pisces is a very imaginative and sensitive dreamer. There is often a theme of suffering or self sacrifice in the life of Pisces. Their energy comes in waves and they need a great deal of time to retreat, rest and reflect. Gemini is much more active, and in Piscean terms, more practical and superficial. For a Gemini to be considered practical is saying something! The chances of mutual self-deception and hard feelings is great here. You simply do not speak the same language. It is most dangerous for the Pisces, who can easily come out of this romance with a broken heart.

This can be one of the most difficult of relationships to successfully maintain. In your own ways, both signs what to be in charge and take the lead. The chance of a standoff causing a breakup is huge. Cancer is emotionally vulnerable and very sentimental. Loyalty to home and family are the bedrock of their lives. They need to nurture and protect those they love. Aries is headstrong, brave and very independent. They do not really care what others think of their actions and tend to move forward without consulting friends, family or lovers. Aries may find Cancer too clingy and possessive. Cancer may find Aries too selfish. If you are considering getting involved, please think twice. Cancer will be the looser in this mix.

This is one of the best possible combinations for a happy domestic life. Both signs have a deep attachment to home and the land. Both enjoy familiar routines. Both have a deep appreciation for the simple joys of a good meal, the touch of a beloved hand, and the beauty of the day. It can be a romance made in heaven. Taurus is more a creature of fixed habits and Cancer has a stronger need to manage things. If you can appreciate the different qualities you bring to the relationship, you can make this the best of romantic and working partnerships. Unless there are difficult personal aspects in the charts, both signs are very serious and loyal about relationships. Let things develop slowly and naturally. This person can be “the one”.

With adjoining signs, there is a chance that you may find you have more in common than first would appear. It is important not to rush things here. Be sure in the first excitement of romance that you do no go to far or promise too much. A playful and emotionally sensitive connection is possible if there are other compatible points in your charts. Cancer needs to realize that Gemini needs a lot of moving around and tends to get distracted. Gemini needs to appreciate Cancer’s need for emotional safety and loyalty.
Cancer can carry the memory of a Gemini lover long after the Gemini has moved on. So it is important for the Cancer to be cautious in the early stages. Be sure you have the same goals concerning the direction this relationship is moving.

This is a combination that can be very secure but not very exciting. It often never gets off the ground because it feels more like being with a brother or sister than a grand romance. You both share a deep love of family and home. You both are naturally nurturing and protective of those you love. You both like to manage your home. It can be” too many chiefs and not enough Indians.” There can be conflicts that simmer just under the surface. It is sometimes difficult for Cancer to talk about their deepest feelings. When you have two people in a relationship who both tend to move sideways concerning conflicts there can be problems. It is vital to speak your mind. Anything can be negotiated if you are both willing to work it out. If you have similar interests and goals, you can be very happy together.

The Moon and the Sun: so different but so complimentary. Cancer is the one who holds the home and relationship together with care and devotion. Leo is the one who inspires and warms the heart with a rich and playful nature. Cancer needs to realize that Leo has a deep and real need to be admired and appreciate for their creative efforts. Leo needs to understand that Cancer is emotionally sensitive and can be quite vulnerable once they give their heart. Leo is more high maintenance: stubborn, proud and prone to short bouts of bad temper. Cancer is more steady and focused on the practical task at hand. In love, this can be a surprisingly good mix. It is important that the Cancer stands up for themselves and not always be in Leo’s shadow. Leo will never have a truer friend. Be sure this is really what you both want.

This can be the best of friendships and the happiest of marriages. Under a very practical and down to earth focus, this couple can find a lasting love that is more solid and romantic than many of their more flashy cousins. Cancer and Virgo love staying close to home. There is often a shared interest in pets. Virgo is very loyal and can give Cancer the emotional security they crave. Cancer seems both charming and sensible to Virgo. The sexual chemistry is excellent with a calm and very affectionate interchange of energy. Both signs can be a bit reserved or even shy. It will be important to say what you are thinking. Cancer will need to know that Virgo can be a bit picky and critical and somewhat of a worrier. If Virgo is tolerating your moods, it really is a fair exchange. This is a match that needs very little outside help to be successful.

You both are people who prefer a peaceful and easygoing life style. There can be issues as Libra is much more social and has a powerful sense of what is fair and correct. Cancer approaches things from a much more emotional and self protective place. Both signs are very strong and like to take the lead. There is the potential for significant conflicts. Because Cancer has difficulty being direct and because Libra is too polite unsettled differences can simmer until there is a big fight and hurt feelings. This is a match that will be improved by additional planetary aspects that are more compatible. It will be important for you to keep the lines of communication open. Be willing to see things from the other’s point of view.

This is a wonderful mix. Cancer holds the core of the relationship while Scorpio tries to dominate the mix. This may seem like a recipe for trouble, but actually things usually work out well. A strong emotional bond and a respect for each others’ separate interests and areas of expertise goes a long way in maintaining harmony. Cancer protects and supports Scorpio. Scorpio appears not to need Cancer as much, but this is really not true. The deeply emotional and sometimes tortured sensibility of Scorpio finds a nurturing and safe haven in Cancer’s arms. You can be the best of friends. You can achieve much more together than you ever could alone. It is an excellent combination for having children. Cancer will have to be a bit patient with Scorpios stubborn and sometimes biting opinions.

This is a mix of very nearly two different species. One has powerful ties to home and family and needs to manage these areas. The other is an adventurous and outgoing person who is not afraid to express his or her opinions in a very blunt way. Sagittarius can feel misunderstood, managed and smothered by Cancer. Cancer can feel neglected, abused and injured by Sagittarius. Sagittarius needs to explore and plan new things. Cancer may see this as impractical and selfish. Cancer needs to feel emotionally safe and build a solid home base. It may be difficult for Sagittarius to support these needs to the degree that Cancer wants or to tolerate Cancerian moods. Misunderstandings can lead to hard words on both sides. Think twice before getting too deeply involved.

Opposites attract in a way that focuses on both home and career. The relationship has a polar focus on one’s place in the world and creating an emotionally save and nurturing place to return to. It can be the best of working teams. Capricorn is generally the one who will focus on practical work in the world and Cancer will create a wonderful nest. It is a very traditional division of labor. Capricorn is much more sensitive than may appear on the surface. Cancer is much stronger and more competent than those who value outside work more than home and family might judge. In love, these two are excellent helpers and can accomplish much. The romantic side is low key but very real. There is quite a “mushy” tenderness that only improves with age.

This is an area where Cancer is skating on thin ice. It may seem very exciting at first, but disappointment is very often the result. Aquarius is very friendly and outgoing with a genuine interest in Cancer’s concerns. It can be a good friendship. On more intimate terms, problems can appear. Aquarius is a very mental sign and does not feel particularly sympathetic with the emotional moodiness that colors Cancer’s world. Cancer may come to think of Aquarius as selfish and unfeeling. Aquarius is a future oriented dreamer with strong opinions and a focus on the needs of the group. This can distract him or her from the more personal needs and domestic focus that are the heart of Cancer’s world. This is a romance that often does not last and leaves Cancer with a broken heart.

Pisces has the rare capacity to meet Cancer in the most vulnerable and beautiful part of their world. This is a wonderful combination, full of genuine caring and real understanding. It has the quality of soul mates who find a heart’s home in the beloved. Pisces has a more dreamy and imaginative nature. Cancer is the loyal and down to earth one. Very often this just feels right and it is. These two will share a private world that does not need analysis. Both need time on or near water and do best where there is time to rest and reflect. Since both are sensitive the negative energy, it is important to choose friends and activities carefully. Pisces can be a bit more unstable than Cancer. Cancer will be smart to let this relationship develop slowly.

A wonderful and exciting mix. These two dynamic and active fire signs know how to have fun. Leo is generous and joyful. Aries is physical and impulsive. Together they tend to bring out the best in each other. This makes a “power couple” who will stand out in any group. Working together they have the ability to make a big splash and achieve nearly any goal. It can be a highly dramatic and sexually charged connection. Generally things are very harmonious, but there is the potential to bring out the best or the worst in each other. An occasional argument will clear the air. You may find making up is more fun than just getting along! Aries needs to understand that Leo is very proud and often stubborn. Just dismissing their opinion is NOT way to work things out. Leo must be willing to let Aries take the lead. If you can respect each others differences, this can be a happy and long lasting connection.

The Lion and Bull do not always find it easy to be together. Both signs are very set in their ways. Both tend to initially say no to any suggestion that is not their own. The potential to slide into separate armed camps is great. Neither of you like to compromise and this is a relationship that can only work if both sides are willing to stretch beyond what is usual or comfortable. It is rarely worth the trouble. Sensual Taurus and romantic Leo can be pulled by a powerful attraction. But in close quarters things start getting tense. Do look before you leap. This is often a case of two great people who just cannot seem to get along. There are better choices.

You can have a great deal of fun together. The lovely charm of Gemini mixes well with the humor and good spirits of Leo. Leo needs to be in the spotlight and Gemini does not mind letting them shine. Gemini’s curious and charming nature brings all sorts of interesting ideas and information that gets Leo’s creative juices flowing. Playful Leo makes the running around Gemini enjoys all the more pleasurable. As lovers this can be a rich and rewarding mix. Leo will tend to dominate the relationship. This is because Gemini has too many interests to focus on just one person, no matter how dear. Gemini needs to remember Leo needs romance and candlelight dinners. Leo needs to listen to Gemini and marvel at the changes.

Leo tends to dominate Cancer but really it is Cancer who is running the show. If you have other compatible planets, this can be a happy mix. There can be issues of who is boss and who is not appreciating whom. Living with a Cancer means being sensitive to sudden changes of mood. Cancer will give his or her all for Leo if they feel protected and understood. Leo will return the loyalty if they are admired and respected for their creative efforts. It is a difficult mix if there is a tendency to arguments. Leo comes across much more strongly and Cancer tends to retreat. This can lead to a dangerous standoff where no one is really communicating. It is a relationship that needs careful handling to be successful. Seeking the help of an outside counselor can keep you on track.

Everyone is on stage here. This is something that starts with a powerful and often incredibly romantic attraction. Unfortunately, both sides have the same strengths and weaknesses. As a result it is not always the most stable of connections. You are better friends than life mates. The fights can be terrible and it is important for each side to forgive and forget as soon as possible. On a good day, you can have more fun together than with almost any other person. There a shared and childlike joy in this mix. But you are also both very stubborn and set in your ways. Each one needs to feel they are the best and most special. This is not a weakness. The compliments and admiration of others are like sunshine on a flower for the Leo personality. It simply may be difficult for both sides to keep up the level of adoration necessary. A grand romance but a problematic marriage.
Famous couples:
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

This can be a surprisingly successful match if the initial attraction is there. If Leo is not interested in the Virgo, Virgo would be better to look elsewhere. Reserved, refined and helpful Virgo is much more interesting and sexually active than appears on the surface. Leo can enliven and encourage the tendency of Virgo to fret and worry. In return, Virgo will support and admire Leo’s creative process. The only danger here is if our Virgo is one of the very picky and critical types. Too much “helpful” criticism can shut down Leo’s generally sunny and optimistic disposition, bringing bad moods and a worse attitude. It is important to let Leo shine. If Virgo is wise, this can be the most rewarding, fun and exciting of love affairs.

This is one of those highly harmonious mixes that can start with an instant attraction across a crowed room. Sunny Leo finds the gentle charm of Libra quite beguiling. Libra enjoys the playful and outgoing side of Leo. It is a case of mutual respect and admiration. Libra needs a companion and Leo needs an audience. I don’t mean that Leo is all ego, but they do need positive and sincere feedback in order to be at their best. Libra may be a bit put off by Leo’s occasional tantrums. It is important to know these are as short lived as a summer storm. If you let Leo vent, peace will soon be restored. There may be some negotiation necessary for long term success. Libra needs to take the lead and Leo is best at providing a solid and loyal foundation. Never forget the little things that declare your love and affection and things will be fine.

Because you are both so intense, there is the potential for an explosive and unforgettable encounter that is as powerful as it is unstable. Love and Hate can grow in equal measure. You are both so powerful and willful in your own ways that once the joy and passion begin to die down, two equally stubborn and opinionated people will realize it isn’t so easy to be together. Be warned. This is a recipe for frustration and horror stories about your ex. Two perfectly fine people will tend to bring out the worst in each other. Emotionally intense Scorpio will loose patience with Leo’s need to be center stage. Leo will not understand the moody, self contained and secretive Scorpio style. Misunderstandings can lead to fights where all the wrong things are said. Be cautious.

This is a happy mix of two people who both have a great zest for life. Outgoing and adventurous Sagittarius can expand and enrich Leo’s world. Leo knows above all how to have fun and can bring Sag along for the ride. You are both people of strong opinions and sometime inflexible positions. It will be important to respect each other’s differences. Leo will find a true and interesting friend in Sagittarius. The humor and creative impulse that is natural to Leo will be sincerely appreciated by Sagittarius. Be sure you know how to fight constructively. Don’t go to be angry. Leo may be more ready to settle down so it is best to give Sagittarius a lot to space and room to make a decision about the relationship. Leo should be cautious about making too deep a commitment until you know Sagittarius real intentions.

The one thing you share is a wicked sense of humor. This can be the saving grace when sunny Leo and serious Capricorn try to make a go of it. You have to be willing to hold things lightly. Capricorn is bossy because they have a clear idea of how to manage and organize things. They deal very well with practical reality. In love they are slow to give their hearts and very loyal when they do. Leo is equally loyal but not necessarily as concerned with being conservative or sensible. For Leo life is to be enjoyed and manipulated in creative ways. Leo needs Capricorn to admire his or her interests and projects. Leo needs romance, not something no nonsense and serious. There is the potential to work things out here. But each side will have to actually tell the other what they expect, want and need. No assuming or guessing allowed.

This can be a very romantic attraction of opposites. But ultimately for Leo, it may not offer enough candlelight and kisses. There is a kind of recognition that happens between dramatic, warm and sunny Leo and cool, quirky, socially concerned Aquarius. Both are very friendly people who see the world in unique ways. Both are very stubborn, but a great deal of personal pride. Both will try to take the lead in a relationship, protesting they are not, all the way. Aquarius needs a great deal of personal space, even in the closest of relationships. Leo needs a great deal of sincere recognition and praise. If they do no recognize this about the other then trouble is sure to come. This makes an unforgettable romance but can be difficult to maintain long term. Aquarius may tell Leo they would rather be “just friends”.

This can be a magical combination. Pisces receptivity and sensitivity absorbs the courage and joy of Leo. Leo in turn finds a person who will adore them with a full heart. It can be a mutual admiration society full of romantic moments and great personal generosity. Mutable Water and Fixed Fire seem to bring the best out in each other. Leo will naturally be the stronger person in this mix. Pisces does not mind taking a back seat: they have a rich inner world that takes more attention. Leo will need to realize what a treasure they have in Pisces. This is a person who has the ability to sacrifice everything for love. There is great imagination, fun and friendship in this mix. It seems like it should not work, but has produced many happy and lasting matches. If it does not “click” at first, there are likely other conflicting aspects between the charts. Don’t force what is not there.

This is a rather odd mix with a change of working for awhile. Long term will take a sincere effort on both sides to understand the other. Virgo is calm, hardworking and tends to take the supportive role in this relationship. Aries is the confident, headstrong and physical one who naturally takes the lead. Aries knows what they want and will find it more difficult than Virgo to change. Virgo admires the brilliant enthusiasm and confidence of Aries. It is so comforting to be with someone who does not have to worry and analyses everything. Virgo can help Aries with the practical details of any plan. Both signs can be very loyal to the right person. They can be a surprisingly passionate mix. There must be mutual respect for your difference. Otherwise this can end in a great deal of mutual impatience for the other’s habits.

This is a very stable combination. Both have a practical focus on the real world. These are signs that love nature and do very well living in the country. Taurus can open a world of unexplored sensuality to cool and reserved Virgo. Virgo’s attention to detail helps Taurus get things done. For this to work, it is important for Virgo to share Taurus’s values. Taurus finds it much more difficult to compromise; what you see is what you get. It will be Virgo doing most of the adapting here. This can be an excellent working partnership, a natural friendship or a calm and loving romantic connection. It is best when you have a shared project or interest. Animals and plants can play an important part in the relationship. The simple joys of day to day life can take sublime proportions.

Both are ruled by Mercury and there is a nice mental connection. It may not be the best sexual chemistry. You have very different approaches. Virgo is much more down to earth and has a deep devotion to those they care about. Charming and talkative Gemini likes Virgo but needs more variety and movement in order to be happy. It is important for Virgo to take this slowly. Gemini may start out in a glorious infatuation that fades with time. Virgo can love with a white heat, almost to the point of obsession. This fascinating and fun person may not have the stability to accept such adoration. It is a better friendship. Take your time if it starts moving to be anything more.

This is a wonderful, fortunate and happy mix. The temperaments are extremely complimentary. There is a genuine liking that can ripen into true love. It is easy to speak each other’s language. Both enjoy the quiet life with a focus on the needs of home and family. Cancer is more moody and takes the lead without actually realizing it. Virgo provides a foundation of helpful support. There is some risk here of misunderstanding due to poor communication. Cancer tends to talk all around a subject that is closest to their heart. Virgo can disguise the real issue behind a mask of criticism or worry. If trust issues come between you, it would be smart to get an outside counselor to help work things out. This is one of the happiest combinations possible and well worth fighting for.
You have the ability to create a wonderfully happy and rich home life together.

Two very different energies can be the best of friends. Leo will be taking the lead in most things with Virgo providing the hard work and critical analysis. As these are adjoining signs, there are often strong points of compatibility despite the differences in temperament. Leo is creative, stubborn and needs to know Virgo adores them. Virgo will adore the courage, warmth and heart of Leo. For Virgo, things are never dull. There is a strong and enduring bond between you. It may not always be sunshine and roses. Virgo can be rather picky and their attempts to reform Leo may be seen as a lack of support. On a bad day, Leo can seem a bit selfish and self centered to Virgo. Virgo may find Leo’s occasional temper a bit scary. All this can usually be worked through.

This is a calm and very pleasant connection. There is a shared appreciation of the quiet life at home with the pets. There is some risk that it is too much of a good thing. Sometimes there is simply not enough “spark” or chemistry to maintain a romantic attraction. As friends, this is a wonderful mix. Virgo’s are all rather unique people. Some are very focused on hard work, a clean house and service to others. Some are quite self sacrificing. Some are rather critical and exacting. The expression ‘still waters run deep’ is quite true in this relationship. On the surface it may not appear that much is happening. Beneath are deeply passionate fires. Virgo women can be some of the most sexy with their combination of reserve and caring. Virgo men are generally true and helpful with a real concern for the partner’s needs.

This is often a good blend. Social Libra tends to be more abstract and live in their minds.
Virgo brings common sense and a willingness to support the relationship. Libra sometimes has a difficult time making a decision. Virgo can be full of good advice. Virgo is a bit reserved and Libra’s friendly and social nature draws them out. Both signs like a peaceful relationship. Libra is more focused on things being fair. Virgo wants the world to live up to very high standards. There can be differences of opinion. In many ways, Libra is the one who will take the lead. It is important to keep sharing feelings, ideas and opinions. A willingness to work things out on both sides can lead to lasting success.

Passionate and emotionally volatile Scorpio finds a safe haven in the friendship and support of Virgo. Both can be a bit repressed in matters of the heart. Sometimes the relationship never seems to start. The two just seem to circle around each other with no result. But over time, with growing trust, this can be one of the happiest of mixes. Although you are very different, it is a complimentary difference. It is easy for you to work together. In love, this can be sublime. Both can love with a white heat that is not always apparent to the outside world. Scorpio pushes Virgo beyond what is comfortable and can be rather cutting and mean on occasion. In most cases, Scorpio does dominate, although they will deny it. Their unwillingness to change can be a deal breaker. Virgo supports the more intense Scorpio with a cool and less emotional point of view. Their hard working and helpful nature is appreciated and admired.

This is better in very small doses. You have the ability to make each other crazy. If there are other points of attraction that draw you together, it still remains a relationship that will take a great deal of work and compromise. Sagittarius is very blunt and can injure sensitive Virgo without even noticing. For Sagittarius, Virgo’s fears and criticism may seem just too irritating to bear. In some ways it is simply you are speaking different languages. Sagittarius sees the big picture and looks at life in a very expansive and outgoing way. Virgo’s focus is on the small details and has a more serious and conservative approach. There is a strong possibility of misunderstandings and frustration in this mix. Great differences must be accepted. It may be more trouble than it is worth.

This can be the best of connections, calm, steady and reliable. Capricorn needs to be in charge with Virgo providing much needed support. Sometimes it is a better friendship, because there just isn’t’ enough passion between you. If it feels more like siblings, there is not much you can do to supply the necessary sexual chemistry. This could be meant to be a supportive working relationship. But if the planetary chemistry is right, this can be a wonderful love affair. It may start off slowly so don’t be discouraged at first. There is a
Shared interest in creating something real and lasting. You will enjoy shared projects. It
can be a romance of great depth and passion that is mostly hidden from the eyes of others. You will feel comfortable and safe. Virgo must not let Capricorn be too bossy.

This is the owl and the pussycat. Two very different natures who can enjoy each other so much. Aquarius tends to take the lead. Both will look at the other like they have just adopted someone from another planet. Aquarius is very focused on ideas and is quite cool emotionally. Virgo appears equally cool, but actually has a deeply romantic and passionate side. This can be one of the most romantic of affairs and a life long friendship. Aquarius loves to talk and Virgo is willing to listen. Virgo will “put up” with the endless stream of Aquarian ideas. Virgo will also be much more adaptable. Aquarius is much less willing to change and tends to dominate the relationship. Virgo may end up going his or her own way with Aquarius not even noticing. Someone has to be sensible.
If the Aquarius has Mercury in Capricorn this will help bring a measure of stability. Still, this quirky and often close connection is rather like herding cats. No one wants to be directed.

This is a connection of opposites that can be very rewarding or very frustrating. Virgo is detail oriented sensible and hard working. Pisces is intuitive, imaginative and has a much wider sensitivity. You both tend to be self sacrificing and are both willing to make compromises to make this work. Virgo is focused on more practical concerns. Pisces lives in a world of emotional and spiritual connections. Virgo may think Pisces is lazy. Pisces may think Virgo is just too picky and critical. It is important that each side respect the other’s differences. If this is possible, then a lasting bond can be created. It is best to be cautious. Do not take this to a deeper level until you are sure this is the right person for you. You can fall into the most romantic and unrealistic of love affairs: only to be disillusioned in the cold light of day. Be careful and let this develop slowly. Do you have the same long term goals? Does the other person’s habits drive you crazy?

The great life lesson between you is the dynamic between being a separate and independent individual and living as a cooperative team. These are two sides of the same coin. Libra and Aries have much to teach each other. It can be a happy match, but will take a “live and let live” attitude on both sides. Aries is very direct and sure of themself. They tend to take action without considering another’s feelings. Libra wants a close mental and romantic connection where everything is shared. Libra can see Aries as selfish and inconsiderate. Aries can see Libra as inflexible and simply irritating. It can work if there are other planetary ties between the charts. Charming and social Libra can introduce Aries to a new circle of friends and activities. Aries can encourage Libra to be braver and help them make decisions. It can be a great deal of fun.

Both signs are ruled by Venus and this can be one of the happiest and most pleasant of matches. Taurus will help Libra get in touch with the more sensual side of life. Libra brings a happy social element into the Taurian routine. Libra sometimes gets stuck making decisions, but never Taurus. It will be important to have the same interests and values. You are both rather inflexible so it’s best to get along from the beginning. This can be a very romantic match. Libra must be sure this particular Taurus likes to talk and is willing to be a partner rather than always go his own way. Both signs are very peace loving, but neither is a pushover. Taurus can be “bullheaded” and Libra can get fussy about what isn’t fair in a relationship. It will be important to respect your differences.

This is not always the easiest match for a long term commitment. It can be a wonderful friendship. Feisty and stubborn Scorpio can be very irritating to Libra with their intense emotions and secretive ways. Libra needs to work as a team, and although Scorpio can be very loyal, they tend to be a bit closed and self sufficient. The famous sharp toungue of and irritated Scorpio will be very disturbing to peace loving Libra. If they share Mercury in the same sign, it can mean a fine meeting of the minds. For this to succeed, Libra is going to have to let Scorpio set the tone and basically be the boss. Libra can bring a welcome lightness and social awareness to the sometimes brooding Scorpio. Don’t jump into this. Be sure you know each other well before you take it to a deeper level.

This can be a very happy partnership. You are both outgoing and have strong opinions. You can be excellent dating partners or traveling companions. Sagittarius helps Libra see the world in new ways. Libra’s gentle and funny style is comfortable and welcome to adventurous Sag. The big issue here can be Libra’s need to settle down and the Sagittarius love of personal freedom. It may not seem fair that such a great relationship should not be enough for happy and bouncy Sagittarius. Remember that the Archer loves the chase. He/she will be most interested if there is an element of uncertainty in the relationship. Libra needs to be a bit less exclusive than is natural. You can be very helpful and supportive of each other. Sagittarius will tell you exactly what they think. Libra tends to avoid confrontation. It will be important to be honest.

This is not an easy combination. You rarely see two people of these signs finding each other across a crowed room. Even on a good day, with compatible sexual aspects, this is a bit stressful. Capricorn likes to be the boss. Libra wants a peaceful and equal relationship….and to take the lead! Capricorn may seem rather selfish and cold hearted to Libra. It isn’t’ true. Capricorn has a tender heart and terrific sense of humor. They are just very responsible and slow to warm up. Libra is much more like a butterfly…but an iron butterfly at that. Capricorn may not realize how strong willed Libra really is. It can work, but will take lots of checking in and a habitual willingness to compromise. This will not be easy for either person. I would suggest you pass on this one.

This is a wonderful meeting of the minds. Libra can bring an appreciation of harmony and beauty into the life of Aquarius. Aquarius is full of new ideas and plans. They can be a true friend to Libra and give lots of helpful advice. You are both very friendly and social people. It is important, however, to understand each other’s differences. Aquarius is rather stubborn and needs some independent time alone. It is important for Libra to realize this is not because there is anything wrong with the relationship. Libra needs to feel part of a close and equal partnership. Aquarius will need to be more generous about doing things in partnership. Taking the time to do romantic things together will enrich the relationship.

Unless there are other strong points of connection, this can be a difficult combination. Libra is more of a realist and although this Cardinal Air sign is pleasant and easygoing, life with a Pisces will be confusing and may bring out the steely and unbending quality in Libra. Pisces is more imaginative and understands things without words. Libra needs to be out and about with friends and an active social life. Pisces is a bit of a recluse and needs much more time alone or far from the crowd. There can be conflicts over what do together. Pisces will find they are doing more of the compromising in this relationship. You both do like a peaceful and polite relationship. It is possible you will neglect to ask for what you need or say what you really think. Pisces can become a martyr and Libra will feel they have been treated unfairly. Be cautious about getting too involved without there being other harmonious aspects.

This relationship can start with great hope and excitement. Both partners are extremely passionate in very different ways. Scorpio respects the direct, forceful and physically energetic style of Aries. Aries is attracted to the intensity and strength of Scorpio. If there are other complimentary aspects within the charts, this can be a successful match. If Scorpio is too secretive or controlling, things can deteriorate to a very unpleasant standoff. Aries needs to take the lead and will not be told what to do. If Aries is allowed a good deal of freedom and respect, they can be the most loyal and romantic of mates. Scorpio’s emotional nature and sharp tongue may be a bit of a mystery or a pain to fiery Aries. Scorpio may get tired of a person who is so headstrong. You must respect each other’s differences. This will work best if you each have independent areas of interest and control.

This is an attraction of opposites and can be a wonderful match: if you are both willing to compromise. Sensual and down to earth Taurus shares Scorpio’s love of pleasure. They draw Scorpio out to play and enjoy the beauty of nature, the enjoyment of good food and appreciation of what we taste, touch and smell. Scorpio’s loyalty and depth of feeling resonates with the Taurian desire to create something stable and lasting. Both are very possessive signs. It can be a relationship with many fights. But you will stand together against the world. Taurus is a person who clings to fixed habits. Scorpio is interested in power and control. They both tend to be negative about any new idea that is not their own. When making decisions, look for solutions that give both sides what they want.

This is an almost legendary mix that breaks all the rules of attraction. Restless, changeable and chatty Gemini is often fascinated by the quiet and mysterious emotional depths of Scorpio. In turn, self sufficient and intense Scorpio is energized and inspired by Gemini’s love of ideas and information. It is almost like an interspecies love: the owl and the pussycat. Sometimes you will bounce of each other and never connect. But if there is a connection, this can be a lasting and incredibly loving and romantic mix. Scorpio gives mentally focused Gemini more feeling and stability. Gemini brings variety and better communication to stubborn Scorpio. There is a mutual appreciation of each other’s interests and gifts. Gemini Prince Rainier of Monaco and the Scorpio American Actress Grace Kelly created a fairy tale love affair from this mix.

This blending of two Water signs is one of the most harmonious combinations. There is a feeling of comfort and harmony between you. It is very easy to set up a happy domestic life together. The biggest risk between you is your shared hesitation to talk about your deepest feelings. If you really care, you must be as open and honest as possible. Scorpio needs to realize Cancer is very sensitive and cannot take too much verbal sparing. Cancer needs to understand Scorpio is stubborn and headstrong: sometimes taking extra time to see your point of view. But Scorpio can give Cancer a wonderful feeling of emotional security. Cancer can give Scorpio deep love and support a base of operations. This is a romantic mix, but you must take time to do romantic things just for yourselves alone. If you both work to let the other person know how much they mean to you, this can be the happiest of relationships.

Don’t even go here! At best this is a passionate and highly unrealistic affair. Both sides are very proud and unwilling to compromise. You may not find this out until you are already deeply involved. It is the sort of mix that you should consider when you hear someone talking about the ex from hell. Leo is one of the funniest and most warm and fun loving of signs. Most Scorpios are terribly loyal and wonderful friends. What’s not to like? Well the fact that Leo IS royalty and needs to be admired. Scorpio does not easily give compliments. In fact they are more likely to make well targeted and cutting remarks. Scorpio’s’ quiet intensity may seem like disloyalty and disinterest to Leo. While it can work as a friendship, if you are too close or too intimate, fights over who is in control will come. This really is a situation were you are best advised to look but not touch.

You can be the best of friends. Virgo is very tolerant of Scorpio’s quirks and appreciates their serious and passionate feelings. Scorpio will take the lead in this mix. Virgo does not mind playing the support role in this relationship. They have plenty of their own interests and don’t feel threatened by Scorpio’s insistence of having things their way. There is an easy flow of feeling between these two signs. Both have a practical and no nonsense approach to life. Both enjoy domestic concerns. Both can love with a white heat that others may not see. There will be fights: but usually these are short and not deeply disruptive. There is some risk as a couple of this being all work and no play. Take time to have fun together on a regular basis.

If there are other harmonious aspects in the chart, this can be a wonderful and deeply loving combination. Libra brings an appreciation of beauty and an interest in getting out among people. Scorpio brings depth of feeling and a results oriented focus. This can be a highly romantic mix full of fun and good humor. Like all relationships, it will take some patience and compromise. Scorpio can find Libra’s inability to make a decision rather frustrating. They may also be surprised at how strong and unbending their gentle and cooperative friend can be. Scorpio’s stubborn insistence on doing things all by themselves rubs Libra the wrong way. Libra needs to live and work in partnership. As an Air sign need lots of verbal feedback and communication. They may accuse Scorpio of being unfair. Because this has such good potential, it is worth going to counseling to keep things on track. Your differences can enrich both your lives.

This can be the most passionate and memorable of affairs. Longer term, the change of things spiraling out of control is great. Usually this is too much of a good thing: cats in a box. You can’t out-Scorpio a Scorpio. The intensity, reserve and emotional passion you each bring to the relationship can create an explosion. You have the same weaknesses and strengths. On a good day this can be heaven. When in a verbally destructive standoff, this can be the lowest depths of hell. Full disclosure without attack and willingness to compromise are your only hope of success. This highly charged combination takes lots of work. It may start well, but it can easily deteriorate as hard feelings and old grudges begin to pile up. Be good friends before you try to make this something more.

Adjoining signs are sometimes quite compatible. They may share similar values and a harmonious attitude about life and love. In this mix there is more potential for something to go wrong. Sagittarius is very opinionated. Scorpio is uncompromising. Some Sagittarians run from commitment like it was a bad disease. Scorpio can be very jealous and possessive. They will not appreciate flirty and uncommitted Sag. So take your time if there seems to be a good attraction. It is very important to talk about what is important in a relationship and what sort of future you are expecting. When this does work, it can be the best of relationships. Sagittarius is adventurous and can expand Scorpio’s horizons. Scorpio is very caring and focused. They can bring a welcome anchor to high flying Sagittarian plans. If the chemistry is right, this can be one of the most loving and passionate of connections.

You are both serious, ambitious and no nonsense people. This is one of the best combinations for friendship and it can turn into a lasting love affair. Scorpio will be surprised that they cannot dominate Capricorn. Practical Goat will mange things and this actually frees up Scorpio to focus on their interests. Capricorn appears very serious and conservative. Scorpio may discover a wonderful sense of humor and a deeply sensual nature under all that stuffiness. Generally these are both very loyal signs and you can build a happy life together. Scorpio brings emotion and passion into Capricorn’s life. There is a great deal of harmony in terms of how you feel when you are together. Scorpio will be smart to let Capricorn manage things. Capricorn needs to understand Scorpio is very stubborn and cannot be pushed into something they do not want to do. If you keep talking with a willingness to find solutions that work for both of you, this can be a relationship your friends will envy.

This is dangerous ground. Many times there is a powerful initial attraction between Scorpio and Aquarius. You can find yourself deeply involved before you realize you have absolutely nothing in common. Because both are Fixed signs, there is a great unwillingness on both sides to compromise in any way. Scorpio will become more and more reserved and uncommunicative or else lash out. There can be terrible arguments. Scorpio will think Aquarius is an idiot. Aquarius will be very uncomfortable with the emotional quality of Scorpio’s arguments. Aquarians are thinkers and tend to live in their heads. Scorpio “flies under the radar” of know-it all Aquarius who assumes if you are talking about it, that is all there is. You can be excellent friends and enrich each other’s lives to a high degree. But I do recommend against romantic or intimate connections.

This is one of the finest combinations for a happy and lasting relationship. Both are highly intuitive water signs. There is a shared understanding of the depths of feeling people share. There is also much that goes on unspoken but very much understood by both sides. Pisces is more imaginative and compassionate. They have a tendency to loose themselves in love. Scorpio is more no-nonsense and goal oriented. Scorpio tends to take the lead in this mix, although Pisces can have a very public life outside the relationship and Scorpio can be more reserved and closed. This is a relationship where the best parts will be behind closed doors. The sexual chemistry is excellent and you both will enjoy creating a special world all your own. As a couple you will be able to do more than you ever could alone. Everyone wins.

This blend of active and adventurous Fire signs is one of the best combinations for an exciting and satisfying relationship. As a romance it is hard to beat. Sagittarius is always willing to see and do more. Aries needs to be active and on the move. This is a combination where both people will be happier if you are physically active. Walking, traveling, dancing, hiking or playing sports are all excellent choices. Needless to say, the sexual chemistry is usually excellent. There are, however a few possible pitfalls. Sagittarius is very opinionated and some Archers have a phobia about commitment. Both of these qualities can cause problems for Aries. Those born under the sign of the Ram are very headstrong and tend to want to take the lead without first consulting their partners. There can be arguments over who is in charge here. But overall, both signs are willing to have a good fight and move on to the next interesting activity.

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