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Psychic E-Mail Readings

Email readings are a great way to get a psychic reading from one of our accurate psychic readers. Some people enjoy getting a very personal psychic email reading in their email box that has been written specifically for them.

You get to choose the topic and we'll do the rest. It's fun to get a psychic reading by email and we make it easy! Just a click of the mouse and you are on your way to getting a personal reading from one of our accurate psychic readers that likes doing them!

Our Advisors that do email readings have done them for years for hundreds of people just like you! They are experienced in online phone readings as well as email readings. Our experts have spent years mastering this art and they specialize in reading and understanding the special bond which connects us all. They are, quite simply, the best in the will be amazed by their stellar psychic reading ability.

For those of you who want email readings, we have a list of advisors that like to do them. Choosing your psychic reader is an important part of getting your questions answered. Some of our psychic readers do Tarot Readings. If you choose a psychic reader that also does Tarot readings, you will be choosing a psychic reading that is done using a Tarot deck.

If you prefer a Psychic medium to do your email reading, then please choose an advisors that has the words, "Psychic Medium" in their Bio (you must be a Member and log in to see most bios).

There are other psychics that have clairvoyant or clairsentient written near their picture. Some clients prefer a psychic reading from an advisor with those gifts. It will say in the text beside their pictures – Email Readings – only if they do them. Please choose an advisor that has those words near their picture.

Your personal questions are very important to us and we take our email reading work seriously. There are some basic tips to get the most out of your psychic email reading from one of our top-notch, skilled readers.

To get the most from your personalized psychic email reading it is very important to give us a very clear question, explaining the circumstances around your situation. The more details you give, the more accurate and specific your psychic reading will be in your personal psychic email reading. It is very important for you to be very specific so that our Psychic Reader can get more information for you.

Below are some examples of what we like to see when your questions come in to us:

  • My boyfriend and I have been broken up for 6 weeks because he said he needed space. We did not end it on good terms, but, I still love him and want to know if he and I will get back together again.
  • I met a guy two months ago and we have been seeing each other about once a week. I really like this guy and I think he likes me, too. Will this relationship lead to a commitment?
  • I met a guy and I want to know if this relationship is going anywhere. I ended my last relationship and he said he was leaving his wife but he is still married and I'd like to know if he is going to divorce his wife? He says he stays because of the children. Is that true? Will he ever really leave her?

The three examples above give the psychic enough information so that they can give you the most detailed answers. So, give us the details so we can do the best psychic reading job possible. The more information you give our psychic readers, the more accurate and detailed your psychic email reading will be.

Please allow 48 hours for delivery of your psychic email reading right to your own email box. We do not share your personal information or email address with anyone. We contact the psychic reader through our company email system, they do your personal email reading, send it back to us and we then forward your psychic email reading to the email address you have made your request with. You are safe with us!

To purchase a psychic email reading, simply log into your account, click on 'Purchase Minutes', and select the Psychic Email Reading package to purchase. Then, let us know via email which Psychic Reader you would like to have do your email reading. Be sure to pick a Psychic Reader that does Email Readings. Each psychic email reading will be up to 600 words.

Advisors that do Email readings:

Lou, SpencerDawn,  Maggie,  Julia,  Sheanne,  Dansefir, Kit, Rosemarie, KayMary,  Cheril, Randy, Margaret

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