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Psychic, Clairvoyant, Channeling, Tarot, Radio Show Host

Smitty specializes in readings concerning love, money, career, lost objects, pets and finances. He loves working with the Tarot and is highly clairvoyant. Personality plus! Available evenings.

Smittie has been fascinated with the paranormal since childhood. As a child, he often imagined himself visiting places like the pyramids and Stonehenge. They seemed like such magical, mystical areas of the world.

He was born and raised in Washington, D.C., however, he spent most of his life in New Mexico. The nickname of that state is 'The Land Of Enchantment'. And what a perfect nickname it is. This is no doubt where his psychic abilities became fine-tuned and pushed to the forefront.

Smittie has over 15 years experience professionally and had his own radio show in the South West doing psychic readings. He excels in psychic readings using the Tarot in love, money and career issues.

Smittie has a great good sense of humor and is a warm, passionate psychic advisor. He has thousands of people around the world he has read for. We are honored to have him on the site.

"I have been a client on this site for a while now. For the past year I have been talking to Smittie and I have to tell you, all his predictions have come to pass! I am so thankful to have found him because he is kind and very gifted!"
- Nia, CA,

"Don't miss out getting a dynamite reading from him....You won't regret it!"
- Sarah, Atlanta

"Words cannot express my gratitude to Smittie and the way he uses his spiritual gifts to help out people such as myself, who might be going through very challenging times. He is incredibly accurate!"
- Nicole, UK

"Smittie has to have more of a 95 percent accuracy rate, at least for me. If you get a reading from him, you are bound to be extremely satisfied. He is very gifted!"
- Genesse, GB

"I was desperately trying to find out what happened to my dog and after about 10 minutes or so, Smittie pinpointed the person who had taken my dog, gave me the person's description, location, and told me that the dog was unharmed physically. I will be forever grateful for his assistance in this matter. Thank you forever and ever Smittie!"
- Josey, Tulsa, OK

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