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Karen H
Karen gets to the heart of your concerns with her clairvoyant, clairsentient & clairaudient abilities. Her readings feel as if she is living your life. She has been a professional psychic for over two decades giving accurate, clear and heart-warming readings on love, career and family issues.

Karen has been a gifted clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient from birth. She can reach into your past, present and future as if she has lived your life. She can see, feel and hear what is most important to you. Her down to earth, direct, warmhearted approach and will leave you feeling as though you have met your long lost best friend. She is compassionate, kind, witty and fun as a psychic reader and feels compelled to be able to share her gift with others.

Karen has been a professional psychic for over 20 years. She has given accurate psychic readings for thousands of people all over the world. People are deeply astounded by the depth in which she is involved in her readings. Recently back from tour in New York, she is excited to be able to read for you.

"Karen is truly amazing! She seems to be living your life and her descriptions are vivid! She even knew my children's astrological signs and I didn't mention them. She knows what you are feeling, your situation and gives you insight. She has an uncanny ability to tune into your situation and she never forgets details.....she is the best! beautiful inside out. Thank you Karen"
- Linda, VA

""Karen - you ROCK! Great reading!"
John, Kileen, TX

"Karen - Thank You for an outstanding 30 minutes. Every time I talk with you it gets better than ever.Anyone need a good medium or psychic call on Karen H, been talking with for almost 5 months and she is dead on."
- Thank You from John C.

"What a great reading! She picked right up on the situation and reassured me that what I feel is really what is going on. Thanks so much, Karen!"
- Shelly, VA

"Until today, I have never experienced such a passionate psychic medium. She was quickly in tune with me. She is direct, yet very soft....She was fantastic!"
- John, Dallas, TX

"Karen is outstanding! She described my relationship to a tee and all I asked was, "What can you tell me about myself?" It was if she knew all about me. I had a chance to speak with her directly and she is genuine and truly cares about the people she reads for. Thanks Karen!"
- Troy, Arvada, CO

"Karen you are the most amazing woman I have ever met. Your psychic readings are right on the money. I was amazed at your response to my questions and how clearly you read me. I know I will be calling you for more readings because you are truly gifted. Thank you for your answers, help, great gift. THANK YOU!"
- Shari, Mesa, AZ

"The first time I talked with Karen, I was shocked and and amazed. Everything that she said was right on point. The more I spoke with her, I realized how truly gifted she is. I consider it a true blessing to have crossed paths with this wonderful lady!"
- Michelle, Tulsa, OK

"I have never called a real psychic for help before, but I sensed with Karen, that I could trust her and go to her for guidance and help. She was a God-send. Thank you for your kindness and wonderful gift."
- Clara, Denver, CO

"“We all have those moments when we wish that someone would just give us the answer, usually it ends up being the answer is within us. I may have not gotten the exact answer I was hoping to hear but what Karen offered was even better, because it was what I need to hear. The anxiety I had regarding the issue at hand was totally removed by the direction her reading provided. What her reading also provided was an ‘Ah Ha’ moment and more than that, it provided a peace of mind that prior to her reading, I was lacking. I highly recommend her services to anyone. Thank you!”
- Lizzy, Des Moines, IA

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