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Psychic, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient

Emah is a gifted Channel and Psychic. She is both Clairaudient & Clairvoyant & can help you find the good in most situations. Guides and Teachers work through her to give you the insight you are seeking about love, relationships and more!

Emah has been blessed with these talents since birth. Her close communication with the Angelic Realm has been a constant support to her thruogut her life. Emah wishes to share this wonderful support with others. Through what she hears, feels and sees she gives the guidance of the Ancients. Their wisdom can be used to help with questions about love, relationships and career paths, creating abundance in your life. Emah has found that their wisdom will always answer any questions you have. The Guides, Teachers and Angels that Emah connects with will help you discover how to create a life you love.

Emah has been a professional Channel and Psychic for many years. She is also an animal communicator, so if you have questions about your pets or about Totem animals, call today and find out what gifts these creatures bring to you. When Emah is not working she is out doors enjoying nature.

"Thank you...I feel that your reading helped me open gates between worlds."
- Sage, Santa Fe, NM

"I appreciate how profound your information was."
- Lisa, Phoenix, AZ

" Emah's accuracy sent chills up my back. I would recommend consulting with her for life changing events."
- Liz, North Carolina

"I have found Emah's guidance to be extremely helpful to me in a few really important situations, including a health crisis with a beloved dog. She is caring, astute, spiritually grounded and inspiring, yet practical in earthly matters. She can provide a delightful sense of levity that is a balm to the soul. I would ask her about any really important circumstances and take her advice to heart."
- Jenni, Santa Fe, NM

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