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Sheanne is a psychic Tarot reader with decades of professional experience. She tunes into your feelings and vibrations, and this translates into a straight-to-the-point Tarot reading on love, career and more.

Sheanne has been reading the Tarot for many years for friends, family, and private clients. She has read for several bookstores and psychic fairs. She has studied and worked with runes, Astrology, and Numerology.

Sheanne has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology focusing on Humanistic Psychology. She is caring and empathetic. Using her intuitive abilities along with common sense life experience, she can give you a down-to-earth, practical psychic Tarot reading. She can help you with any concerns you may have.

"About 99% of the things Sheanne has predicted has come to pass (the good and the bad, lol). Thank you so much for your insight! xo"
- Lisa, Los Angeles, CA

"She is compassionate, insightful, honest and real. Sheanne doesn't tell you what you want to hear, she tells you what she sees in the cards and doesn't sugar coat it. She has gotten me through some of the lowest points of my life with her experience, wisdom, accuracy and friendship. There is no other reader for me."
- Kristin, Fairfield, OH

"Sheanne is so helpful and kind - she is very accurate. If there is a question you have, you can be sure to get an ontarget answer from her. Thank you, Sheanne!"
- Ladyosd, New York, NY

"Thank you from the depths of my heart! I do hope you know how much i appreciate it!!!!"
- Roberta, Miami, FL

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