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Lou is a skilled Psychic, Clairvoyant and Tarot Master who uses his combined skills to give you a total view of your issue, the challenge that you are facing, and the path of destiny to come. Lou's new books, 'The RuneChest' & '2015 Stones and Stars'' both hot off the press for Kindle e-readers, exclusively at Amazon.

Lou has been deeply involved with astrology, numerology, personal horoscope readings, tarot, compatibility reports and runes for nearly half a century. He has investigated paranormal occurrences in many states and has written articles detailing these investigations. Lou has been heavily involved in divination since he was a teenager

Developing his own unique form of playing card reading (Cartomancy), Lou later branched out into Astrology and Tarot. He also has mastered the art of Rune casting and will consult the Runic Oracle upon request. His unique gifts provide guidance on the issues raised, a deeper understanding of the challenges behind each issue, and a view of the path that is coming to be.

Lou was one of the online readers for the online psychic networks in the early and mid nineties and continues to be available for email readings as well as consultations. Lou can also prepare detailed natal astrological charts with interpretations.

Lou Raedwulfe is the author of Stars and Stones – A Look Forward with Astrology and Runes, 2013 An Astrological Overview and The RuneChest. All books are available at Amazon for Kindle and Barnes & Noble for Nook from $12.97. He is also a psychic advisor, clairvoyant, tarot master and rune master. Get a reading today on the site. Weekends.

"Lou,I have been reading your weekly horoscope's forever it seems like,to say the least. I look forward to them every Sunday to see your column and very appreciative of your good work and dead on with me.You're very colorful and extremely articulate. Thank You for making my week!"
- John C, TX

"Hi Lou, thank you so much for sending me an email. I loved your reading. You were so soft. I would like to talk to you again......I'm trying to be patient and gather the gems from my journey ..... and there are many.... I'm just a bit lost right now. I've been lost before and I always find my way, but this time I decided to get some help from you. So again Thank you.... you really helped me. God Bless You!"
- Tracey, Desmoines, IA

"Very talented reader - great info!"
- Kathy, Seattle, WA

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