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Espanol & excellent English. Dansefir's warmth and compassionate nature combined with decades of experience will give you an extraordinary accurate psychic or personal horoscope reading! He is excellent on time frames! Dansefir es uno de los mas famosos y exactos astrologos con poderes psiquicos y con mucho don de amistad en el mundo entero de hoy.

Dansefir is fluent in Spanish and English. He is a certified Astrologer with psychic abilities. Dansefir is an experienced Psychic Astrologer with more than a decade of professional reading expertise. He is gifted with psychic reading ability since childhood and combines his capabilities in Astrology in every situation. He aslo does compatibility reports in love and relationships. His bilingual skills in Spanish and English are additional talents so that natives of both languages can receive his expert psychic astrology readings.

His highly accurate psychic astrology readings give wonderful glimpes into the future for people seeking information about their love life and future mates. His psychic astrology advise on career and finances is well known for pin-pointing time frames and details. Dansefir is definitely one of the friendliest and most precise psychic astrologers in the world.

Dansephir also does Astrology Email Readings


Dansefir es un extraordinario astrologo que combina todos sus regalos como psiquico y guia espiritual y ofrece al cliente tanto personal como profesional una extensa vision de la situacion y respuestas exactas.

Este es un gran psiquico y astrologo que sin duda no solo le ofrecera una lectura precisa y real sino que tambion le dejara huella en su forma de hablar y tratarlo ya que es un ser de luz que lo motivara a consultar periodicamente.

Dansefir también hace lecturas del email de la astrología


Certified Astrologer, Astrologer Center, Pasadena,TX
Metaphysical Studies, Boston, MA

Astrólogo certificado, centro del astrólogo, Pasadena, TX
Estudios metafísicos, Boston, MA

"Dansefir is extremely accurate and helpful.Very easy to talk with and very understanding. His connection with angels is without question! Thank you Dansefir!
- Gwen, NM

"Dansefir is the best psychic on psychiccosmos! He gives a very clear and accurate psychic readings. This is my second reading with him and everything he had said has come true. Thank you!!!"
- Kathryn

"Dansefir is very direct, yet gentle and positive. His voice is soothing and comforting. He connected easily to my situation and got straight to the point. I had a wonderful reading with him and I will certainly call him back as things develop. I highly recommend him! Thank you very much, Dansefir!!"
- MK, Argentina

" Dansefir es muy directo, con todo apacible y positivo. Su voz es calmante y el confortar. Él conectó fácilmente con mi situación y consiguió derecho al punto. Tenía una lectura maravillosa con él y lo llamaré ciertamente detrás como las cosas se convierten. ¡Lo recomiendo altamente! ¡Gracias mucho, Dansefir!!"
- MK, Argentina

"Dansefir is one of the most exceptional psychics I've spoken with in a long time. He picked up on my situation right away and he knew exactly what was going on in my life without me saying anything! Highly recommeded to anyone who wants the truth. He's great and I will be back for another reading!!!! Thank you so much!!
- Kathy, Pennsauken, NJ

"Amazing! Dansephir is amazing! He forecasted the birth of my new born baby and also told me the new house that I was going to buy."
- Judy, El Paso, TX

"Dansephir es un excellente siquico y astrologo su lectura me dio la sensacion que hablaba con un viejo amigo pero lleno de respuestas tan precisas que me quede asombrada. Es increible, muy bueno!"
- Laura, Guadalajara, Mexico

"I was frustrated and confused when I called Dansephir and after a few minutes of talking to him and asking him questions, I felt not only different but rewarded of his insight and spiritual guidance. He is gifted and accurate!"
- John, Austin

"I had an accident and I wanted to know a lot of details. Dansephir was great! He told me everything I needed to hear and more. I can't get away from him, I consult him very frequently."
- Sandra, New Orleans, LA

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