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With over 20 years experience and thousands of satisfied clients, Jackie offers her fun, focused forecasts on just about anything! Accurate readings that happen! Psychic Paranormal Investigator, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, USA Today News, Radio Show Host, EMAIL READINGS

Jackie's interview in USA Today is worth the read! Click on the News tab for her latest ventures!! Jackie's gift of clairvoyance has been with her for many years. She first noticed her talents in her teen years, but did not fully embrace them until her early twenties. With encouragement from her family and friends, she took her talents to a professional level twenty years ago.

Her objective in your reading is to tell you exactly what she sees, not necessarily the same as what you may want to hear. If time permits, she always likes to end a reading with what you "need" to know.

In addition to the Tarot, she also works with a pendulum. Jackie is the founder of a Psychic Development and Paranormal Research organization. Much of her time is spent with her team members fulfilling her passion of paranormal investigations and filming for The Discovery Channel. Jackie had her own radio show and has appeared on internet radio, as a guest of Michelle Caporale. This is a newsletter of psychic development, paranormal, metaphysical, and holistic healing circulating across the United States to like-minded people.

"Jackie is an amazing reader and fun person to talk to! She tells you like it is! Very to the point, too, and was extremely accurate when describing certain individuals. I give this girl 5 stars!"
- Joanna, MX

I thoroughly enjoyed your reading - not only was it accurate but your articulation was fantastic! You are very easy to talk with and don't waste anytime giving your a answer. Highly recomme nded."
- John, Texas

Jackie was extremely positive. She predicted that I would get a telephone call by the end of next week with two seperate interviews for the position. She felt that it was a strong possibility that I would be selected for the position. I would be notified by the end of March 2010. I am anxiously awaiting the results of her predictions. In addition, she stated that the relationship with my daughter would be rough for the next 6 to 8 months. I believe that her predictions were accurate and will yield positive results with the desires of my heart."
- Anonymous

"I just wanted to thank you for my reading and will keep you posted! Thank you, Jackie!"
- Bert

"The absolute BEST I have ever found! What would I do without you!"
- Shelly, Pocono, PA

"AMAZING! The amount of detail provided with little or no information. An A+ in my book!"
- Lind, Fort Lauderdale, FL

"All I can say is AMAZING! So very accurate I will call again!"
- Leslie, Minneapolis, MN

"The absolute BEST I have ever found! What would I do without you!"
- Ellen, Pittsburg, PA

"She was kind, sincere, honest and accurate with information. I will return for an update!"
- Steven, Houston TX

"Jackie is awesome! She picked up on my situation very quickly with no information."
- Stacy, Las Vegas NV

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